Sunday, June 5, 2011

Mob Wives: Carla Facciolo's Scars, Michael DiLeonardo

Mufasa's power hungry brother Scar, no relation to Mikey Scars.
Let us assure you we aren't talking about 'The Lion King' Scar either.  Though I couldn't resist posting his picture. Boy oh boy, Carla Facciolo gets little love around this place.  For the record, I think she's an attractive woman.  She also has a beautiful head of hair.  See, I can be nice.  Chiara and an anonymous reader gave me a new blogging assignment.  What neither one knew is I had picked up on Karen Gravano's  Twitter hint well over a week ago.  I am a miserble often bitchy wife who also happens to be extremely lazy when it comes to this blog.  It's a hobby folks, not my life.  So I post when I have time to spare.  My head is spinning with information about mistresses, crimes, illegitimate offspring, informants, mob families, crimes, arrests, sleeveless furs, murders, etc.  Did I write secrets?  Anyhow some weren't happy after episode 6 and a bit of insults followed amongst our beloved or hated Mob Wives on Twitter.  The things I do for this blog; I hateth Twitter.

We love Karen Gravano and her Twitter game!
What the hell am I blogging about?  Oh yeah, it isn't a what but more of a who.  The who is none other than Michael "Mikey Scars"  DiLeonardo who is allegedly Carla Facciolo's former lover.  Or should I write Carla was allegedly his former side dish a.k.a. goumada?  Come on now, don't play shocked with me.  By most accounts goumadas, comares, mistresses are par for the course in mafia life.  Mr. DiLeonardo was quoted as saying, "We don't really socialize with our wives.  When we go out and commiserate, we don't take our wives to mix among gangsters and killers. We take our girls.  You're an oddball if you didn't do it."  I will go further and write that any wife of a mobster who thinks her man is faithful is a babbo or in heavy ass denial.  It's my opinion and I am sticking to it.

Michael DiLeonardo
When Michael was 8, 9 or 10 years old he got stuck with the nickname "Mikey Scars" after he was bitten on the face by a dog, poor kid.  He grew up in Bensonhurst, a neighborhood mostly inhabited by Italians.  Mr. DiLeonardo comes from stock most mobsters would envy.  He is the grandson of Jimmy DiLeonardo, one of the co founders of the Black Hand.  The Black Hand was the predecessor to the Costra Nostra in the states.  Their specialty extortion, SURPRISE! SURPRISE!  The group or gang if you will, dates back to the early 1900s.  You know I've always thought that royalty and socialites were all about the breeding.  However, I am seeing that they are not alone.  The mafia seems to be all about the breeding too!  Michael "Mikey Scars" DiLeonardo seemed to get around.  I am not writing about all of his mob shanigans either.  Michael married Antoinette Marie "Toni" Fappiano who just happened to be the cousin of Frank DeCicco, the Gambino family's Underboss @ that time.  Toni and Michael had one son Michael Jr. (the Jr. is a guess) during their union.  During his marriage to Toni his goumada was Madeline Fischetti & maybe Miss Facciolo. Once divorced from Toni, he married Madeline.  They have one son together Anthony.   I don't know; I am not the walls.  At the very least we believe she was allegedly his companion @ a couple of parties.  I mean platonic buddies go to parties with one another all the time, right?  Frankly, I lean towards they were most likely getting it on.  But hey that's just my opinion.  I'll add I don't come from a judgemental place.  People roll how they roll.

During the 'good years' Michael "Mikey Scars" DiLeonardo far left.
Court transcripts show that Michael DeLeonardo testified against his friend John Gotti Jr. in front of District Judge Shira A. Scheindlin.  Is she related to Judge Judy?  I am sorry; I have to ask.  Anyhow I think that trial ended in a mistrial.  All the information is swirling in my head; I am confused.  I also refused to reread the tons of information on this once upon a time made man.  By the way, he became a made man alongside John Gotti Jr. on Christmas Eve 1988.  If my memory serves me right I think Salvatore Gravano was the one who conducted the ceremony.  But do not quote me on that tidbit.  In the early 2000s Mikey Scars went to jail where he discovered he had be stripped of his capo title and income.  Now, I am just thinking out loud if you want a guy to keep his oath of Ormeta; why in the fuck cut him off?  Why should he keep his word when you cut him off @ the knees?  Come on folks!  Discovering he had been essentially disowned from the Gambino family, he turned snitch.  He testified Peter Gotti ordered the failed hit on Karen's father, Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano.  Man the history and entanglements of the Mob Wives' husbands, fathers, uncles and lovers, etc. run deep.  I mean deeper than a deep dish lasagna. Jennifer Graziano is a fucking genius.  I am sure if she wrote a script and green lighted for a series she'd put The Sopranos to shame.  I would personally tune in for "Goumada" or "Women of the Mob" with actors.  Jennifer and her crew must have a wealth of stories for season after season, no?

I really could go on and on about Scars and his crimes.  However, I am on mob overload.  I research something to write one blog and discover information for ten more.  It's such a tangled web.  Right now,  True Blood is on.  Lucky for me this episode has my all time favorite scene and line of the entire series.  The pyscho path vampire Franklin is about to kill his beloved Tara.  He states, "......I will moan you to my marrow...."  Tara cusses him out the way any self respecting African American woman would.  He cries. Seconds later the dimwit of the HBO mega hit series Jason Stackhouse saves Tara.  He shoots the stalker vampire with a wooden bullet.  I get that you don't care.  But I do.

Oh and before I forget a new episode Mob Wives will NOT be airing today on VH-1.  So do not get your hopes up.  I guess Viacom doesn't want the MTV Movies Awards to compete with their hit series on VH-1! Smart call, however irritating none the less.  Well Chiara is off the review hook tonight so good for her.  She does hold it down around here when I take my holidays.  I <3 her!  May I suggest catching up on the story of Louis Facciolo who we believe is (click either suggestions) Carla's daddy or the great music we're all listening to as we watch Mob Wives every Sunday except this Sunday, June 05, 2011.  E-mail us hate mail, love mail and/or tips @  No worries we aren't the least bit sensitive around here.  When we write, "We do NOT care."  We truly mean it. 

Back to Karen Gravano's Twitter activity, we disagree with her about Carla's Uncle Bruno.  From what we gathered he was a hit man & chef.  He died a horrible death for allegedly being an informant.  However, many sources say Bruno Facciolo was no snitch.  He was just accused of being a canary by a dirty cop.  That's our opinion and we're sticking to it.  Toodles.


Chiara Soprano said...

Love the blog! Mikey Scars has quite a history, I was doing a little reading earlier and I cam across this quote from a blog, don't know where they got their info:

"The younger Gotti also gasped at the defense table yesterday as DiLeonardo described how both he and Junior both brought girlfriends to the witness' 40th-birthday celebration 10 years ago. "John, for a surprise, he got a yacht in Battery Park City," DiLeonardo testified. DiLeonardo, who was also married at the time, said a woman named Carla came as his date. "John had been going with this girlfriend named Mindy ... he knew from Howard Beach," DiLeonardo said. Gotti,42, would have been married for between five and six years at the time."

It doesn't "prove" anything, but I found it interesting. Great instincts, Mob Mistress, on Karen's tweeted hint too!

Mister Sister said...

It kinda explains why Carla married later in life. It also blows her "biography" that she didn't know she was marrying into anything- or her herself had anything to do with the mob.

Mister Sister said...

Carla was arguing with a fan, i saw today, he was bashing her husband for
stealing from widows-
honestly, if they didn't fight back, you might not even see it!LOL

I have searched high and low, but I can't find anything on Lee- picture or him on a state list for prison, he's not in the BOP list, so it must be state. For some reason I was thinking Maine, but all I can remember is that he was what, 8 hrs away?

I have a life- but still going through MOB WIVES withdraw!!!!

Chiara Soprano said...

Ro, Lee has been searched for, no picture or records to be found, at least not yet. Carla's fan page seems to be getting the most action. I hope she was prepared for some of the flack.

Mob Mistress said...

Someone shared what prison he was in, I believe it was state prison. I forget.


It's neverending for these people.

Jnettemariee said...

Here ladies, this link gives you all the info on Lee.

Anonymous said...

Carla was Mickey Scar's mistress for eight years while he was married to Toni not Madeline. Carla was always a mistress.

MadSam said...

WOW, looks like Carla likes her "wiseguys"! She comes off as a silver spoon spoiled brat, she has no back bone, the way she gripped to Karen at first, Carla's going to have her hands full if her and Drita decide to take on Karen and Ramona, Drita talks a big game, and so far, she's gone toe to toe, and blow to blow with any and every body, she's got my respect, let's just see what happens when it's one on one, and nobody breaking it up, these ladies need to start acting like LADIES! Great show love it, can't wait for the Chicago version!!

Anonymous said...

It could be this man's wife that has her own tell-all book coming out as well as her own show about her marriage and how her husband is now in witness protection.

Rumors are going around that there is a strong possibility that Carla will be mentioned in the book too.

Again, I do not know if it is this man's wife mentioned in this blog or another man's wife entirely but I heard it on pretty good authority that Carla has been seen out and about with a married person in the past (and the wife harbors much anger towards her for this reason and wants an opportunity to tell her own story).

Anonymous said...

Stay tuned!

NATASHKA M said...


sKILLz said...

I'm just coming up on this blog post now. I must have missed it the 1st go round.
This is ALL bullshit, who fucked who, if Carla lied in her bio, which I'm sure we all thought to begin with anyway.
People NEED to remember, no matter being women or not these females have been around liars, killers, and criminals their whole life.
Don't you think just a FEW traits would rub off on them?

On the other hand I'm looking forward to the new season of I married a mobster. I REALLY think they should stop with so many commercials and just give more info on the ladies. IMO as always!!

NanciDeee said...

YES! I have been telling Discovery ID to update their shit! The website still has last season's ladies. Glad someone else noticed that they have one commercial running and no other info. Promotion sucks.

Makeup3840 said...

Louis is Carla's dad and ran around with Paul vario. His brothers too.