Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mob Wives: A Sweet Interview with Renee Graziano

Renee Graziano looking fabulous, now Bootylicious can be added.
Last Monday morning Renee Graziano of Mob Wives graciously gives me an interview for The Mob Wives Blogspot.  Unbelievably in the mist of preparing to go under the knife.  Yes, Renee is getting more plastic surgery. I know she didn’t sleep Sunday night from her tweet.  I barely slept myself.  I wanted to touch on the things that are near and dear to her heart.  Things we have heard about already & things we haven't.  I hope I will do justice to Renee, to the Mob Wives and to our blog.  Ok here goes, the phone is ringing, it’s Renee!

Hi Renee, I have to say that it was a thrill meeting you and your sister Jennifer at Sugar recently.  I want to thank you for doing this interview for The Mob Wives Blogspot. The show does not show the fun side of you, or the warm and loving side of you, the way your interviews do. I didn’t know what to make of all of you at first from the show.  Yet as I watched the Mob Wives series, the interviews, read and wrote articles about all of the cast; you have become my favorite Mob Wife hands down. First let’s talk about the show.

1a. Did you have any idea the show would be such an overnight success?
Yes, I truly believed it would be a success because there are no mob related shows that are told from a female perspective.  It’s very controversial.

1b. What was your favorite scene from season one?Anything with A.J.!  My two favorite scenes were at the Lake House, with all the girls, because that showed unity between the women. My other favorite scene is with AJ at the restaurant “Il Cortile.”

1c. Can you tell us anything at all about what season 2 might hold in store for you personally?Yes, I can tell you that you will continue to see me grow, you will see me dating, you will see my new body, and of course Jail Mail.

1d. I've noticed that you seem to do more promotion for the show than the other Mob Wives. Why is that?I am very personable in interviews, interviewers like me. I have a funny side, the gift of gab and I always, always tell the truth.

2. Jail Mail Inc. has gotten a lot of interest from viewers. Can you tell us if you will have a staff and office for your new company?  How involved will you personally be in its day to day operation, considering how busy your life is?Jail Mail Inc. is the most important project of my life. I have had the idea for about 10 years, but could never do anything with it because of things that were going on at the time. So I will be very involved and very hands on. Hopefully, we will find the right staff and I will have an office.

3. You recently said that you were working on a line of cookbooks. I think it’s a great idea! Can you tell us anything about the books, for example will each book contain specific kinds of recipes like appetizers, main meals, desserts?
The cookbook series is going to have a little bit of everything in it from the well kept secrets of the Graziano kitchen. Some really good food is going to come out of those books.

Renee with her buddy 50 Cent

4. You have worked as a wardrobe stylist and you recently did some work for Ghostface Killah’s new video on the show. If you could do wardrobe styling for any celebrity of your choice, who would you pick and why?
I would love to dress 50 Cent again. I am a huge fan of his and his music and also a friend. 50 has a great body and I love dressing him up. He makes the clothes look good.

If I could pick a movie star to work with I would pick George Clooney and Julianna Margulies. George Clooney would also make the clothes look good and Julianna because I love her.

5. It’s obvious you have great fashion sense and you always look like a classy lady. Do you have any particular stores where you like to shop or a particular designer you whose clothing line you prefer?
I love Tadashi’s designs, her dresses are fit for anyone. I’m an Annie Sez girl because they have a little bit of everything. I’m a smart shopper.

6. Your father will be getting released from prison this August. Can you share some of your feelings about that?
Yes, August 4th. I am so, so, so, so happy about that. AJ and my father are very close. He is my dad no matter what and I have so much respect for him. I would love to find a man who shows the same loyalty and smarts as my father, he is a great man. He is very good to his daughters and a great father.

We were pressed for time.  I wanted to tell Renee that I asked that question because I lost my father 11 years ago.  He passed away, after being ill with cancer. I miss him so much and would give anything if he were able to come back, even for a day. I am so happy for Renee and her family. She is getting her dad back and I understand how happy she feels about his release.

7. Mob Wives fans adore AJ because he is such wonderful young man. I’m sure he has made you proud of him many times in his life. Can you share with us a specific time or two when he made you especially proud?
Yes I can. The proudest moment was when my son AJ won the Triple C Award. They give this award to two children a year. He got it in fifth grade. The triple C stands for courage, commitment, and character and is one of the most honorable awards received. This was my proudest moment, because at 10 years old it was amazing to know that he possessed three qualities that many people may not ever have in their lifetimes. AJ, keeps me level headed. He is the one I get angriest with the most, he is the one I love the most, he is the one I trust more than anyone.

8. Sometimes as women get older they feel like they have turned into their mothers. Can you tell us about your mother and what lessons you’ve learned from her?
Renee laughs when she hears the question and then says, “I definitely turned into my mother, I am overbearing and neurotic.”

9. One of Mob Mistress' pet peeves in sleeveless furs. She wants to know what's the purpose of a fur without sleeves?
It’s just a fashion thing, and it’s for like in October when it’s not too cold.

Not a bad favorite dessert!

10. I am have been wondering, since you are such a great cook, what is AJ’s favorite homemade dish that only his mother can cook for him?
AJ hears the questions and chimes in “Chicken cutlets.” Renee agrees, “My chicken cutlets are delish.”

11.  Now I really can’t wait for the cookbooks to come out because my chicken cutlets need help!
I'd like to get some quick one or two word answers to "favorites" of yours that your fans might be interested in, ready?


Color: Green

 Meal to cook: Sunday Sauce

Brand of shoes: I’m not a “label whore,” they just have to look great and feel comfortable

Perfume: Insolence by Guerlain, but what I wear all the time is Hanae Mori

Vacation Place: The Bahamas, it’s always fun in the Bahamas.

Dessert: Oreos and milk

Movie: “Hope Floats” with Sandra Bullock and Harry Connick, Jr. and the Garth Brooks song from it, (“To Make You Feel My Love”)

Restaurant: My two favorite restaurants are Il Cortile and Mr. Chows.

Holiday: Birthdays, kid birthdays, because that’s the day God gave us life.

Season: Spring

Hotel: The Roosevelt in LA

12. One last thing, is there anything you would like our readers to know about you that hasn’t been asked?

I want readers to know that I am really, really nice and so far from what the show portrays.

Renee Graziano smiling as if a cat that swallowed the canary.
I can certainly vouched for Renee. Having met Renee and having talked to her in person and on the phone, she is one of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. In a couple of minutes you feel like you’ve known her forever. I’m sure Mob Mistress would agree.

13. One more question? If you don’t mind, can you tell us who this Mystery Man is that you tweeted about from the wrap party? Renee laughs. I tell her it’s all the buzz now and inquiring minds want to know. Renee says: I can’t tell you his name, but he is a long time friend and we are just friends right now, but we are both interested. He is an ex pro football player, a successful businessman, and he has a big heart---as big as mine. He is 6’ 4” extremely good looking, and highly intelligent. He is a wonderful guy and AJ likes him. I can tell you this, for me he is more than halfway there. AJ gives him an 85% out of 100, but probably no man will get 100% from AJ when it comes to his mom.

I think it’s wonderful that Renee has been seeing a man who is also her friend and I hope the relationship blossoms for both of them down the road. If he has AJ’s 85% then he is doing great! As much as I hate it, it’s time to let Renee go. Can you believe she was so nice she took her phone into the car and continued answering questions while driving to the hospital?

Renee, I’ve covered everything on my inquiring mind. Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to talk to me. It’s been such a pleasure to get to meet you and speak with you. I really do hope we get to chat again soon. I wish you well on your surgery and I will pray for a good outcome and a speedy recovery.

She thanks me for that.  So ends my first reality celebrity interview, in fact my first interview of any kind. I am an amateur, but Renee Graziano made it easy.  She has an uncanny ability to make you feel as if you are old friends reconnecting.  I can’t thank her enough. 

If you missed Renee's outstanding family recipe for Sunday sauce & meatballs read here.  As many of us know Renee's pride and joy is A.J. check out his interview here.  Well I've done my good deed for the readers.  We have just a week and a half to watch The Mob Wives Reunion airing July 10.  Reruns are just going to have to tie us over until then.


Mob Mistress said...

I really enjoyed the interview Chiara. Congrats on your first interview!

I laugh we I read we both wear Hanae Mori. I am still not getting the sleeveless fur thing.

I agree Renee is a truly a very funny & nice woman. She's genuine. One of the best things you can be in this crazy world.

Isabella Incarceracianelli said...

Great interview, Chiara! That must have been awesome to meet her in person and then speak to her again. Very cool.

One thing I didn't quite get that Renee said..."I want readers to know that I am really, really nice and so far from what the show portrays." I never thought that she was UN-nice! I think the show portrays her as a loving, caring, wonderful person that would give you the shirt off her back. She is so real, how could that possibly be misconstrued? You go, my main girl!

Chiara Soprano said...

Thank you both! Renee made it very easy, and considering the unusual circumstances, she is such a trooper! I was very happy with the way it turned out and I was able to get all my questions in too.

Isabella, to address your question, Renee doesn't feel the show highlights her fun side enough, she has a great sense of humor, but much of the show focuses on drama, where humor may not be appropriate. I think she wishes there could be more opportunities for her to show other sides of her personality more. I do agree with you though, Renee is always shown caring about family and friends on the show and she does get in a few great one liners LOL, like "someone better have an umbrella and fly away like Mary Poppins" in the finale.

MissCrop609 said...

Chiara, you have interviewing chops!! Good job!

Renee's mystery man is cute. Git it girl!

Chiara Soprano said...

MissCrop I do appreciate your comments! I took a chance and asked, Renee was graious enough to reply. She sounded happy about it too! I love Renee.