Monday, June 20, 2011

Mob Wives: Renee Graziano Gets Sweet

You ask and we shall delivery.  Though I admit to being a little concerned about this post.  The things I do in the name of blogging.  Readers have asked us to blog about the places the women go during episodes.  We do when we feel like it.  Readers have asked us to blog where the Mob Wives are going real time, as if we have a GPS system strapped to each of the four Mob Wives.  It's not going to happen folks.  However, when we catch a glimpse of the cast members making appearances or hosting we'll jump on it.

Mini Pork Tacos, YUM-YUM
Here's your chance to see Renee Graziano in person.  Note: I typed SEE.  I didn't write interupt her meal.  I didn't write harass her for photos or autographs.  I didn't write corner her in the powder room when she's touching up her lipstick.  On June 24th, 2011 Renee Graziano of Mob Wives will be @ Sugar Dining Den & Social Club.  Yes folks this Friday night.  Do NOT go if you are broke or short on cash.  Sugar is a business, not your local park.  You need to have a few drinks and/or eat a meal.  Water doesn't count.  Personally I'd start off with Sugar's Coconut Shrimp; then follow up with their Jumbo Lump Crap Cakes; Waffle Kabob A La Mode would polish off my wonderful meal.  Now if you are sitting @ the bar, may I suggest a Mojito de Cuba or a Sugar Sweet Cotton Candy to get your liquor on.  Now it's your wallet or purse so order what you like.  I was just typing & thinking out loud.

Sugar is located @ 246 Voice Road, Carle Place, New York.  If you decide to go please don't be bug-a-boos.  It's never a cute look.  I'll be @ home chowing down on some meatball & sauce.  I love the Graziano family recipe.  It's delish, click here to view the recipe!

Photo Credit: Yana Paskova


Chiara Soprano said...

I love this! This is the place to be Friday night!

jnettemarie said...

This place is rediculas! LOVES IT!

Thank for the post Mistress

Mob Mistress said...

You're welcome.

Gabrielle said...

Can I get a post about the evil eye tattoo that dita got? Whats the meaning behind it? I tried to reseach it today with no luck, I hear it's devil worship then I hear it's supposed to protect people from evil. I'm lost

Mob Mistress said...


The Drita Evil Eye Tattoo blog entry is to your right. It's not devil worship.