Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mob Wives: Drita D'avanzo a.k.a. Dooms Day

Drita D'avanzo of Mob Wives
Have you all noticed we don't blog a lot about Drita D'avanzo?  I have.  So, I decided before I call it a night to evaluate the reason why.

1. Drita D'avanzo all too often talks about bashing or pounding someone.

Frankly, it's a turn off for me.  Drita truly has a good personality when she isn't talking about breaking a jaw.  Now before the countless Drita goonettes get all hot and bothered, it's simply my opinion.  You can love her all you want.  You can dye your hair like hers.  You can get your breasts done by Dr. Heller.  You can take off your shoes too.  I really don't give a bird's dropping.  I am not here to bash the woman.  When I was reading about the show before Mob Wives aired I thought Drita would be my favorite.  I know she is definitely one of the stand out favorites among the Mob Wives' cast.  When it's about to go down, I am just not a talker.  I don't tell people what I am about to do.  I just scan my surroundings & make my move accordingly if need be.  The Mob Mistress doesn't have time for the jibber jabber.

Not too long ago we had a poll: Based off what you've seen on the show which Mob Wife do you believe demonstrates the best parenting skills?  Many of you voted and here are the results.

Drita    44%  WINNER!
Renee  31%  Runner up... I voted for Renee.  We are A.J. stans around here.
Karen  20%
Carla   6%

Considering many take parenting seriously, I thought this spoke volumes of the love many have for Drita.  I even have to admit I enjoy seeing glimpses of the Mob Wife with Aleeya & Gizelle.  Mrs. D'avanzo is most beautiful and charming when she interacts with her daughters. 

Fan artwork by Alicia Hall Bush
 Yet, time & time again we get her dooms day rhetoric of what she is going to do to someone if they disrespect her or Aleeya's father, Lee.  UGH!  Oh and while we are on the subject, Drita has explained her frequent, "...Aleeya's father..." comments.  Lee is the father of both her children.  She only mentions Aleeya because Gizelle doesn't understand what is going on.  Drita will not be on Maury's 'Who's Your Baby's Daddy', thank you very much!

Drita is tough.   There is no doubt about it.  By all appearances Drita seems to be a dedicated & devoted mother & wife.  Apparently she's a makeup artist on the verge of starting her own line of cosmetics.  Gretchen Rossi of 'The Housewives of Orange County' launched Gretchen Christine Beaute.  'Basketball Wives' star Jennifer Williams recently launched Lucid.  As a professional I know Drita knows the cosmetics business is filled with stiff competition; Make Up Forever, Bobbi Brown, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics, Kevyn Aucoin, Stila, Cargo, Yves St. Laurent, etc.  As you see I can go on & on & I did not even name the umbrella of Estee Lauder owned lines.  We @ The Mob Wives Blogspot wish her all the success she can handle.  Hell, you don't have to be my favorite for me to want the best for you and yours.  Actually I appreciate all four Mob Wives for agreeing to share parts of their lives with millions of strangers.  Strangers who like us may not be mindless cheerleeders agreeing with ridiculous behavior.  Example: I love my nephew.  Lord knows I do.  But when he calls from prison on his cell phone with some dumb shit, I go off.

As season 1 of Mob Wives comes to an end, I can only hope that season 2 focuses on the softer side of Drita.  She's a beautful woman.  I'd like to see more of her as a mother & business woman.  However, her constant fiery anger makes me think it's about to be Dooms Day for some unsuspecting soul or innocent telephone.  Who wants to do business with a woman who projects an anger management issue?  'Raging Bull' would be great name for a red lipstick by Drita, no?  For all those who love Drita D'avanzo let us know what you love about her.


Chiara Soprano said...

Great blog on Drita...just one thing though, I don't think "Raging Bull" will be used. Not that it's not appropriate, but she might feel it would be a reminder of Karen, LOL.

Mob Mistress said...

Raging Bull is a nod to Drita's temper & her situation with Karen. LOL

Sherry said...

I like Drita. I think I like her because while yes she does need help with anger. She is a tough one and she protects her own. She seems extremely sweet to her kids. Those girls will not be pushed around when they are older by anyone. I can appreciate that. Plus she admits she needs to reign it in. First step is admitting you have a problem. The next step is doing something about it. So we shall see.

I voted for Renee. Looks like with what her son has gone through and herself she raised one amazing kid. I have 3 boys, no girls. I kind of lean towards parents with only boys in a poll. lol

Mob Mistress said...


I see your take on it. I definitely agree that I understand why many like/love Drita including yourself.

I do disagree with "Those girls will not be pushed around when they are older by anyone."

I've worked with a lot of children who are timid, bullied or the bullies themselves when they have
parent(s) who rage or have anger management issues. I hope this doesn't not turn out to be the case for Aleeya & Gizelle. They both seem like sweet girls.

I am definitely not perfect. I have a temper. However, I do my very best to model appropriate behavior. I am a firm believer is do as I do, it's the same as my telling you. LOL.

Sherry said...

I can totally see your point. I guess I as basing it on how I grew up. I did not have angry parents. My mom as umm very, very laid back. She rarely stood up for herself. Hence, I got bullied extremely bad. I guess it also depends on the child. I am not like that now.

Thanks for the feedback.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more and like you find it disturbing she has so many fans...says alot about the reality t.v generation being desensitzed to violence. This isn't something we should admire in someone.
There comes a time when you realize "being touch" is being so out of control with your anger and out of touch with your emotions you have to beat the shit out of someone....being "touch is having the courage to talk about the stuff that is uncomfortable. Attackin someone physically shows weakness in my opinion. It shows horrible communication skills and rage issues.
and here's the reality and consequence to this behavior...this might e somewhat acceptable in your teens but while some people like this quality...In reality if you asault this many people and get into this many fights as an adult you'll be in jail and have a assault record. I find it a little hard to believe she has never been in trouble for this.Anyone lays their hands on me you can better believe they're going to jail. ALSO she's not really "tough" she's phoney and a bit passive aggressive...she smiles to her friends face but and talks about her anger for her behind her back...not impressive!Also in reality would you really want someone this unstable and explosive as a friend? It wouldn't work for most people I can guarantee it...this is all stuff for the younger viwers to consider!! GREAT blog and couldn't agree more.

Anonymous said...

I think Drita is a phony. She plays the tough card, but I think it's an act. And if it isn't, she probably is deeply disturbed and has some serious issues from childhood. I have a feeling her daughters will be bullied in school. I hope Drita gets some brains and goes back to school to get a bachelors. It may just save her life after her 15 minutes of fame is over.

Anonymous said...

Drita mentioned once that her dad taught her to fight and be tough. I had wondered about that, if she was a tough kid or not.

nak otroganov said...

Drita: You are the only one in the show , besides big Ange that is real, Renee is going through a horrible time as you understand, the rest of the girls just put them in their place ,specially Ramona . Be strong Drita things will get better beleive me. Good luck . Otroganov

zak otroganov said...

Drita: this is zak otroganov unfortunetly i have to go back to Durres , but i am recording every chapter, please do not let Ramona make you feel bad, she is asking for it, but Drita , you know what we say , the sh-t the more you stir it the more it smells. Please talk yo your daughters, the oldest one is the most adorable girl in the world , may the lord bless her and her sister. As of Karen and Ramona, they will instigate you until you explote , do not give them any attention, which is what Ramonas complex is lack of attention. Good luck Drita, and God bless you. Zak Otroganov

Mob Mistress said...

News Flash:

This is not Drita's site. Thank you and have a good day.

EsteeDarla said...

Drita is far far from reality she is so out of touch with it it amazed me they put her on tv a show like that she is a disgrace, all she does is talk how she send people to the hospital when did she ever even get into a fight now anyone of us can be talking big bad when we have security camra grew all around knowing as soon as a drink gets toossed they start breaking it up and thats jut what Drita does trying to make her self look so tought but from all the research i have done there not jaw breaking done by Drita ever, oh yeah she also tried to pull her Tough Girl act standing up saying just let everyone step back(knowing they wasn't going to ) and let me and Ramaona fight she knew better , when she seees Ramona she does a 180 so fast when cameras arnt rolling so she so fake it isn't funnny..