Thursday, April 24, 2014

Mob Wives: Season 5 Needs a Casting Call ASAP

The New Blood has bled out!

By now Mob Wives fans have heard the news that Alicia DiMichele, from Philly, has recently resigned from Mob Wives due to her legal troubles. If you haven’t heard, you can get details all over the internet. Natalie, who was never really a Mob Wife, but a cosmetician for her grandfather’s funeral home (the dead can’t complain), may or may not return . . . but common sense tells me the chances are slim she will. Her behavior during season four, on and off the show, her leaking of information concerning the show and other factors make me think she killed this opportunity. Renee has been throwing out hints that she could be getting her own spin off and is tired of Mob Wives drama. So who is left? Drita, who has so little of a storyline that they had to make up a few scripted ones for her this season like the “stalker,” Aleeya’s “bully,” that ridiculous rap song. Big Ang, who brings comic relief to dramatic situations, but never has a storyline of her own. Please don’t mention the “build your own baby” storyline, because I outgrew fairy tales when I was seven.

Now what? The New Blood has bled out. The show needs a transfusion. We need more new blood, or better yet some old blood. Old blood worked. Old Blood was the best. We miss the old blood. There was chemistry, there was history, there was drama . . . real drama, not the scripted lies that were peddled all of season 4. Why fix something that wasn’t broken?

I never liked the New Blood. Alicia, wise gal and wholesome mom of four boys who struts around half naked in front of them and the world. Alicia who was such a liar that she made Carla Facciolo look like Snow White. Alicia who whined all season long. I’m innocent, but pled guilty, what if I go to jail? Boo hoo, boo hoo. Eddie is the love of my life, I’m divorcing him. If I go to jail who will watch over all my jewelry and new Cartier bracelet? And remember how she came in like gang busters with Karen’s name coming out of her mouth over and over for no reason at all? She was happy to attack Karen and her family as long as Karen wasn’t there to defend herself and put out the reality of what really happened.

Alicia admitted to committing a crime on the show, now she has withdrawn her guilty plea. Why? The Teamsters Union thinks $20,000 doesn’t begin to cover the restitution she needs to pay back, they say the amount is closer to 3 million. I guess Alicia would rather take her chances pleading innocent and see what happens, rather than pay off that bill.

I’m not wasting any time discussing Natalie, except to say she was never a mob wife and should have never been on the show from day one.

Where does that leave us for season 5? We need more real mob wives to be cast in the show. I can imagine the people at VH1 scrambling around right now looking for old resumes and vetting new women. Maybe they are even looking at the old blood that they so easily let go. The ones who made the show the success it is. The ones they dropped like hot potatoes. Who knows? I’ve heard the door has remained open for Karen Gravano to return, and I can only pray the powers that be make the right call and get her back. I also loved her cousin Rena. I would love to see her regularly on the show. As far as the others, Jenn made it clear that they burned their bridges. That’s too bad. I guess time will tell.

Meanwhile,  if you are a mob wife, or know of a mob wife, now would be the time to get your resumes polished up and submitted for consideration. You just never know, you may be on season 5 . . . if there is a season 5.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mob Wives: Alicia DiMichele Resigns from Show

Exhibit A

News of Alicia’s resignation from VH1, and the show Mob Wives, is circulating on the internet. It is also being reported that she is taking back her guilty plea to the embezzlement charges from the trucking company she owned with her husband. This maybe because the restitution amount of $20,000 is being contested by the Teamsters Union, which calculates the amount should be  more than 2 million. There is supposed to be a hearing today, the outcome is yet to be reported.

If you would like to read the full story and all the details as it is being currently reported check out the New York Daily News and Radar Online (also includes court documents).

What do you think of this newest development? Who will be left in the cast? Oy Vey!

Picture Credit: Alicia's Twitter Account

Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S6 E7

Heather and I expected "fireworks" 
and all we got was a lousy "F" bomb!

It’s the fourth of July, and this week’s episode is appropriately entitled “Fireworks.” I had a feeling this title had nothing to do with cherry bombs and more to do with screaming and “F” bombs. I was half right, it had nothing to do with cherry bombs and the expected drama was just a fizzle. If you want to quit reading now, I don’t blame you.

Here we go! First we have a lame scene of Ramona, who had a photographer over her house taking pictures of her with her dog for Avery’s wall . . . yeah right. Sonja shows up ranting about her legal and financial problems. Sonja and Ramona both give Sonja credit for handling it all so well, especially the bankruptcy. But in the confessional, Ramona confides in us that Sonja is spreading herself too thin with all her projects, once again proving she is a good and loyal friend . .  . NOT!

Heather and her husband take their son, Jax, to the doctor, it seems he isn’t hearing as well as he was and they need him checked. The doctor has him take a hearing test. The doctor tells them Jax hearing loss may be able to be surgically repaired. Jax has several medical issues. Of course this is taking it’s toll on Heather, who always tries to be strong for her son.

"Shut the f*ck up," says Aviva
in front of her darling daughter.

Aviva and Kristin take the kids out for a play date. Why? I don’t know. Kristen is Heather’s friend and doesn’t like Aviva. I figure the producers stirred this pot. Anyway, Kristin tells Aviva about the clam bake in the Hamptons. Kristin makes fun of Ramona’s eyes and it irks Aviva. Aviva tells her to shut the “F” Up. This “F” bomb was the best part of the episode, it came out of nowhere and for no good reason. I think Aviva has been hanging out with Renee Graziano and some of her language is rubbing off on her. Maybe we will see her on season 5 of Mob Wives next? Kristin is shocked and appalled. Aviva wants her to decide if she wants to get involved in her skirmish with Carole or not and she keeps repeating the question like a broken record. Kristin says everyone told her Aviva was crazy and now she is proving it. Kristin was trying to tell her she wants to be her friend and not get in the middle, but Aviva is yelling at her and really can‘t hear anything Kristen says. Aviva apologizes for cursing and she is done talking about it.

Heather is on the beach with her family for some 4th of July weekend fun. Carole joins them. They catch up on Aviva news. Heather tells “us” that she thinks Carole should let go of the “book thing,” she is obsessed. She tells Carole about Jax’s hearing issues and possible surgery. Heather gets emotional, she just wants to fix one thing for Jax. Heather and Carole seem to be genuinely good friends at this point.

LuAnn and Jacques play tennis with Ramona and Mario. Ramona and Mario are there to win, Luann is just there for fun. Kristen shows up in track shoes to play tennis . . . Mario and Ramona are shocked she is wearing the wrong shoes.  Speaking of “wrong” things, Kristen confronts Ramona about not going to Heather’s party, it was wrong for her not to come. LuAnn says Heather has every right to be upset with Ramona for blowing off her party and not coming. Ramona was upset that Aviva wasn’t invited. Ramona tells Kristen to mind her own business, it wasn’t her party and Heather can fight her own battles. Kristen says she isn’t getting involved in this any more, but Ramona was fighting Aviva‘s battle. Swoosh! The pretty, “dumb-blonde,“ model housewife get’s in a slam dunk! Heather gets a call from the doctor. The doctor is pretty optimistic that they can restore Jax’s hearing. Heather is cautiously optimistic.

Excuse me Ramona, you are fighting 
Aviva's battles with Carole!

Ramona’s house in the Hamptons and that is where everyone is headed. Kristen shows up, then Sonja, then Aviva, then LuAnn . . . Ramona corners Kristen like a rat to tell her it wasn’t her place to say anything to her about her not going to Heather’s party. Kristen says Heather is her friend and she was defending her just like Ramona was fighting Aviva’s battles. Ramona was rude, loud and belligerent. I guess the truth hurts? Now Heather and Carole show up and Carole wants to avoid Aviva. Kristen doesn’t trust “cray cray” Aviva after the episode on the play date. Heather confronts Ramona nicely about blowing off her party after RSVPing. Heather wants to know why she didn’t come. They call each other hypocrites, blah blah blah. This is some party, everyone has a stick up their ass.

Aviva to the rescue!
Kiss and make up, you love each other.

Ramona and Sonja discuss her burlesque show . . . Ramona heard it was a little raunchy. Sonja says it’s art. Ramona thinks Sonja is overextended with all her business ventures, she is over her head. LuAnn admires Sonja, but adds she could have used a little more “polish.” A highly insulted Sonja wants to leave to go to 4 or 5 better parties with nicer people who appreciate her. Sonja is annoyed with Ramona saying she is doing too many things at once. Sonja wants to see Ramona support a household as a single mother. Ramona is sorry she upset her. Aviva defends Ramona. Sonja says “Singer couldn’t handle a day in her life,” she doesn’t know what overwhelmed means, she doesn’t need Ramona making negative comments. Aviva tells them they love each other and that we all know Ramona puts her foot in her mouth every chance she gets. Then she makes them hug and make peace. They make up. But Sonja’s boa feathers are still quite ruffled by the negative comments about her burlesque show by both Ramona and LuAnn and isn‘t in much of a forgiving mood.

We are ¾ of the way through the show and I am dying for this episode to be over already. I keep hearing Judy Collins playing in the background, “Send in the clowns, there ought to be clowns.” This episode reminds me of when I was a kid and would light a firecracker and watch the fuse go all the way down, but it didn’t explode. We called those “duds.” and that’s what I call this show. Lots of hype about fighting and fireworks, but nothing really happens.

Aviva is flaunting Carole's book in
her face! 

Still waiting for the fireworks that Bravo promised. All seven ladies are on the beach for the clam bake. Sonja is ignoring Ramona and it is getting under Ramona’s skin. Lots of drinking and eating going on. Heather tells Aviva to talk to Carole so they can move on. What the hell is Heather doing? Heather is supposed to be Carole’s friend, so why is she egging Aviva on to go make peace with Carole? We know how Carole feels? Carole is going to be blindsided. Aviva goes over to Carole and literally pulls her away from her conversation with Mario. They sit in the sand to discuss their issues. Carole doesn’t understand what she said at the lunch that got Aviva riled up enough to slander her career and Bill Whitworth’s career. Heather goes over to mediate, like she had nothing to do with this setup. Carole clearly isn’t in a conciliatory mood and nothing was accomplished. Aviva says she thinks Carole is a great writer and she read Widow’s Guide, which hadn‘t been published at the time. “What do you mean you read it?” asks an very annoyed Carole. Apparently, Aviva got an early copy of it, a galley copy. She congratulates Carole and takes the book out of her bag and waves it around. Carole was not happy to see she had a galley copy of the book and says the binder was not cracked, she didn’t read it. Frankly, Carole should get to the bottom of who gave the book to Aviva, I’m thinking Andy Cohen did or one of the producers. Maybe even the same producer who told Heather to get Aviva to talk to Carole?

This was the worst episode of the season. The episode couldn’t have been more scripted, except for the parts about Jax. The only redeeming value it may have is in Carole’s hilarious blog, which I am going to read right after I post this.

P.S. Am I the only one who thinks Ramona actually brings the show down? It was better before she came back from her vacation.

Picture Credit: BRAVO

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Real Housewives Of New York: What the Hell Moments, S6 E6

“Unhappy Anniversary” is the title of episode six . . . but who’s anniversary? It seems Jonathan and Heather are having an party for their 10th anniversary, but some of Heather’s “friends” are boycotting . . . shall we guess who? Hopefully, no one will be discussing books and ghosts in this episode.

I just came back from Africa and saw 
a lion humping another lion twice!

Ramona is back from Africa and looking a little haggard for the wear. Heather is having an event for her charity with Karen Karch, a designer who is making jewelry designs of “organ parts.” Yes you read right, hearts, kidneys and eyes. Heather corners Ramona and fills her in on Aviva’s behavior, but Ramona, whose head has marinated in Pinot Grigio for years,  doesn’t think that it’s nice of Heather to exclude Aviva. Ramona talks about her trip to Africa, the highlight apparently being that she saw one lion humping another lion twice. Luann steals the best line of the night, “shouldn’t what happens in Africa stay in Africa?” Always late to the party, Sonja, finally shows up. Sonja thinks Aviva should be invited to Heather‘s anniversary party too. Heather thinks Ramona should give Heather time to process their request since both she and Sonja were not happy with Aviva for a year. Remember they wanted to get a hotel room on vacation so they wouldn’t have to see Aviva and Reid?  Heather really doesn’t want to invite Aviva to her anniversary party.

Heather, Carole and Kristen chat it up. Heather says she isn’t mad at Aviva, she just doesn’t like her behavior.

Suddenly Aviva’s new best friends are Ramona and Sonja.  Ramona hasn’t even been around for most of the feuding, but she has chosen sides. They are all out shopping. Ramona feels peaceful after her lion humping experience, and wants to spread it around. Humping lions will create an aura of calmness in a person . . . it‘s common knowledge. Ramona calls Heather from the store and tells her she wants everyone to get along. Heather doesn’t understand how Sonja and Ramona are Aviva’s bff’s all of a sudden after a year of ranting and raving about her. Heather is badgered into meeting with Aviva and as she agrees, Aviva says she is afraid of her. Heather is only too happy to tell Aviva what bugs her about her behavior.

There’s a caviar tasting…Carole and Kristen are there meeting Heather’s husband, Jonathan. He is getting caviar for her for their anniversary and he invited her friends there to try it and help him decide on which one to get. Why is the waiter wearing a plaid shirt at a very fancy caviar tasting? I’ll never understand the posh lifestyle. They taste the caviar and give their opinions . . . the first one is best. Twenty-five people are coming to the party, Aviva is not invited as far as Jonathan knows.

It all goes downhill from here!

Heather and Aviva meet for wine. They start off on a cordial note, but don‘t get used to it, they hate each other's guts. They set some ground rules: no yelling, no cursing, no name calling. The cordialness wears off fast as Aviva confronts Heather about verbally raping her. Heather explains to Aviva that the things she says about people are vile, like Sonja is on a downward spiral like Anna Nicole Smith, that’s not a compliment Aviva! Heather says Aviva is “f*cking dramatic” and Aviva immediately wants an apology. Heather used the “F” word! But Aviva has been hanging around with none other than Renee Graziano, of Mob Wives, and I happen to know that Renee holds the record for most “F” bombs in an episode. What’s the big f*cking deal Aviva?  Heather says Aviva has no respect for people who have careers.  They finally agree they don’t like each other. Duh. Oh no she didn’t! What the hell did I just hear? Aviva asks if Carole and Heather are lovers because of how she defends her? No apology is forthcoming on either side, the ground rules are out the window. Heather says, “let me ask you a question, do you give a shit about me?” Aviva thinks a minute and says yes. Heather thinks Aviva is insanely jealous of her friendship with Carole. I don’t think so, I think it’s a matter of choosing sides for the season’s battles. Aviva says when it comes to me and Carole can we agree you are not impartial? Heather agrees. Heather brings up her anniversary party and says she wants to talk to Jonathan about it inviting her and Reid to join them. Aviva agrees, she should talk to Jonathan. What the hell just happened? I feel like some big piece of the puzzle was cut out…nice job editing department.

You are f*cking dramatic and I'm sick of it.
But, I might invite you to my anniversary party.

Hmmm what have we here . . . Kristen and Carole are at a restaurant and in come Yolanda and Brandy of the RHOBH. Brandy tells a stupid Elvis story about Kristen making out with “him” in Vegas. Carole is relieved not to have to be talking to or about Aviva for a change. They talk about each other’s sex lives. Carole just broke up with Russ, Kristen’s sex life is good. And Yolanda’s wearing white pants . . . I have it on good authority, from a fashionista, that she wears those boring pants everywhere! Where is the makeover man, Tim Gunn, when you need him? Why was this scene even included? Don’t we have enough or our own wives without borrowing a couple from another franchise! What the hell is Andy thinking? Maybe he is drinking too much Pinot?

Aviva tells Ramona and Sonja that she ended on a good note with Heather. They are happy to hear it. But, Aviva tells them she isn’t invited to the party. The incredulous looks on Ramona and Sonja’s faces are priceless. Aviva explains that Heather texted her to tell her there was a lot of water under the bridge and she wants to leave the water under the bridge for now, it’s too soon to have her at the anniversary party. Sonja and Ramona aren’t down with this. Their delicate feathers get ruffled. Who does Heather think she is to disrespect their new bff like that? There is only one thing for them to do! Sonja isn’t going to the party, and Ramona isn’t going either. Why is Heather making Carole’s battle her battle. They don’t get it, they are shocked. Now the three bff’s aren’t going. I want to know why the hell Ramona and Sonja are making Aviva’s battle their battle? Now that’s a better question.

Kristen and her husband argue over who cares about what, before going into the party. Luann gets a text from Ramona and Sonja saying they aren’t coming to the party and now she is stuck telling Heather. An hour and a half into the party, Heather asks where are Sonja and Ramona . . . here’s Luann’s cue to explain that they are boycotting the party because Aviva wasn‘t invited. Heather says it’s rude to RSVP and then not show up. Heather says it was too much too soon for her to have had Aviva over. The other ladies agree that the drunken duo did not do the right thing. Heather says Ramona is the shit stirrer. Heather never liked Ramona and should have trusted her gut instinct when she met her. “Who’s to blame for all this? It’s that Stinger Singer!” says Heather. Heather doesn’t need them there anyway. Heather makes a nice little speech to her adoring husband. He hands Heather a tote bag full of caviar! Heather is thrilled with her treat . . . Jonathan will get his later.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S6E5

Clearly Carole is Queen and her costume is stunning!
The others are as tacky as can be!

“Everybody Thinks We’re Drag Queens,” is the title of this episode. Why? Because Carole, LuAnn, Sonja and Kristen attend a parade on the boardwalk of Coney Island in Mermaid costumes, but it is all for a good cause.

First Amanda is threatening to deck Heather!
But, when Heather calls her bluff...

She gets in Carole's face...
Carole quips, "I don't even know you Mindy!"

Meanwhile, “Ghostwriter-Gate” lives for another episode! Are we milking this “What The Hell Moment” or what? We continue where we left off, at Luann’s house in the Hamptons, with a showdown between the annoying image consultant, Amanda and Heather. No one seems to know Amanda, or as Carole likes to call her “Mindy,” except for Aviva and yet the two rarely speak to each other. Amanda wants to deck Heather, but when Heather calls her bluff she wanders off to go annoy Carole, who is still trying to have it out with Aviva. Amanda gets in Carole’s face, and an irritated Carole says, “I don’t even know you Mindy.” Heather comes to Carole’s rescue and tries to get rid of Amanda by telling her to leave. Then Heather asks Luann to tell Amanda to leave. Meanwhile Amanda continues to harass Carole…until Luann, using her most royal Marie Antoinette “Let them eat cake” flair, pulls her away and convinces her to have some cake. Carole and Aviva continue to battle the Ghostwriter-Gate. Aviva wants more support from her. Heather doesn’t like Aviva, and says she manipulative and dangerous and f*cks with people’s careers. Heather gets in Aviva’s face. Heather calls Aviva a liar, slanderer and a character assassinator. The chivalrous Reid gets angry, no one talks to his wife this way! He says he was there when three people told Aviva that Carole had a Ghost-Writer. Reid doesn’t like Carole or Heather attacking his wife. No sir! Sonja tries to defend Aviva. She seems to say that Aviva didn’t write a novel after all, she wrote a memoir and that doesn’t take much talent. Eight minutes of nonstop squabbling and I have a headache. Heather tells Aviva off one more time on her way out the door…and at one point says, “Don’t tell me anything you Mother F*cker!” All of a sudden Heather has a “street” reputation with the girls because she used the “F“ bomb a couple of times. Maybe Heather could cross-over to Mob Wives?

Heather drops an "F" bomb with the best of them!

Sonja has a brunch and flirts with Harry because she can’t stand his current girlfriend. Heather and Carole can’t make it, so Aviva catches a break. Sonja is very sympathetic to Aviva’s plight with her issues with the girls. Then Sonja loses a tooth. Luann is not impressed with the denture adhesive talk. I would leave this out but frankly, a toothless Sonja makes me laugh.

Finally we get to the big event, the Mermaid parade on Coney Island! Carole is the Queen! She will lead the parade. The parade is to raise money for the community for the losses it suffered during storm Sandy.  The girls, Carole, Kristen, Heather and Luann are at a costume store. They all need mermaid costumes. They chat about the fight between Carole and Aviva while trying on costumes. I mean who can get enough of this fight?

Later, Carole and Kristen meet to get made up for the parade and Carole brings in a custom made costume. After all she is the Queen. Sonja has a friend who will literally throw something together for her. Why do I have a feeling that Sonja will show up as a burlesque Mermaid? Sonja has a red wig and lord knows what else she will be wearing.

The parade! Carole loves being part of the parade, Kristen and Luann end up on the wrong float. Instead of going to the float with high school teens, they decide to hop on the float with drag queens, so they will fit right in. Sonja broke another tooth. I am nicknaming Sonia “Snaggletooth” for this season. Bravo please send her to the dentist! Sonja’s homemade costume is falling apart. They announce “Karen” (Carole) as queen of the parade. Someone couldn’t get their one line straight! I have to say, much to my surprise, Carole’s gold shimmering costume was stunning and she wore it well, all the others were tacky. Can Bravo please help Sonia finance real costumes for burlesque shows, parades, and all other events? If you can’t afford to buy her one, please rent one.

The "machine" from the accident

Aviva gets an email from the Becky, the girl who still lives at the farm where Aviva lost her leg when she was six. Becky seems to be carrying a burden all these years concerning the accident, but hasn’t kept in touch with Aviva for 35 years. Reid and Aviva plan a drive up to the farm. Apparently a chauffeur is driving them up there so they can chat for three and a half hours about the accident, how exhausting. Aviva tells Reid the story on the ride up, like he hasn’t heard it a thousand times before and again when he helped her with her book. Aviva meets Becky. Reid graciously disappears to go work on the internet while the girls catch up. Aviva senses Becky has been feeling bad all these 35 years. Aviva tells Becky that she saved her life, she turned off the machine. Becky feels guilty because they were playing together. Aviva asks to see the machine that took her leg. We get a close up view and explanation of exactly how the accident happened. Aviva wants to turn it on to face her fears. Aviva thanks Becky for her cathartic experience. I think this would have been a great storyline to spend more time on…especially the catching up part. Oh well.

After thoughts:
I have to say, Aviva always seems much more likable when she isn’t around the other women and producers of the show. I can’t wait to read Carole’s blog, it’s always better than the show! Carole looks great in red hair. Heather can always start a bodyguard guard company if YummyTummy fails. I don't miss Ramona, but if they get rid of Amanda, I would welcome her back with open arms. Sonja needs to stop being so cheap when it comes to her teeth and costumes. Kristen seems lost in a corn maze, never knowing what the hell is going on. Luann is so low key she is actually likable!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments S6E4

Sonja's top is just a little loose, oops.

They are calling this episode “Holla in The Hamptons,” which makes me think it’s about Heather, but who cares? I want to see more about Ghostwriter/Book-Gate!

Sonja is late for her burlesque rehearsal. What the hell is she thinking? She says she is hosting a show for charity but really, is she serious? She is screaming like every move is causing her pain…maybe she is too old for this activity? All the others seem to humor her. It reminds me of the kid’s story, The Emperor’s New Clothes, where no one wants to tell him he is naked and ridiculous.

Carole and Kristen drive to the Hamptons, and Carole is not a fan of the Hamptons but wants to support Sonja. The ladies, Carole, Heather and Kristen, are on the beach with a bunch of young surfing instructors. They have a hell of a time getting into their wetsuits. Heather and Kristen seem to be surfing pretty well, but Carole just can’t stand up on the board. However, she did enjoy her 19 year old instructor Charlie and she didn’t drown.

Carole got out there, it's more than I would do!

Sonja is driving to the Hamptons with a car-full of interns, the kind who aren’t smart enough to open a door when a guest rings the bell. Even Kristen suggests Sonja should get one competent intern and maybe even pay them, rather than have an entourage of ignoramuses. The Mercedes seems to be falling apart so they have to stop. Sonja is not at all prepared for her performance tomorrow. Big surprise. She doesn’t know what she will wear, what she will perform, or what she is doing. Ramona is in Africa on vacation, so she is no help. She decides to use vintage 1920’s costumes and she throws something together because she is too cheap to buy a real costume. They sold 500 tickets for this event, can you imagine? Sonja decides she doesn’t want the professional girls behind her for the show, she will do the show alone. She clearly doesn’t know what she is doing, but she’ll do it all alone. Great idea.

Harry must have something, 
but I'll be damned if I know what it is.

Sidebar: Kristen doesn’t get Harry’s appeal. Thank goodness someone else is on the same page as I am. Basically, she disses his looks. I find myself agreeing with Kristen more and more…maybe she is the “smart” one?

Luann and Aviva are paired up…because they both have a strong dislike for Carole. Heather greets Luann. This girl Amanda is in the mix and seems to be irking everyone by intruding into their group. Aviva is “catching Luann up to speed.” The good news is she made up with Ramona, the bad news is she is at war with Carole. Luann can understand that because Carole never had a good thing to say about her. Luann and Aviva are BFFs now...or at least for a minute…or until Luann writes a book.

BFF's until next week?

The seating arrangements are a bit off. Sonja must have a sense of humor putting Carole next to Aviva. Carole was not going to sit next to Aviva, so she and Heather find better seats.

Sonja walks out on stage. There is a wardrobe malfunction almost immediately. I don’t think she filled up her costume very well and was putting on more than a burlesque show. Heather is increasingly annoyed with the rudeness of Amanda, who is talking throughout the show. Carole comments on the show saying, “there is a cringe factor, it’s not Moulin Rouge…but it’s Sonja Morgan.” I’m not as nice as Carole. I think the show was beyond pathetic…maybe I just don’t get burlesque or Sonja?

Amanda: Not the best image I've ever seen!

Amanda turns out to be an image consultant and Aviva’s friend…who is rumored to have been brought in by BRAVO to help Aviva…but the other girls don’t like her. I don’t like her either, so maybe she needs to overhaul her own image? Just sayin’.

Sidebar: I sit here, through all this, patiently waiting for a Ghostwriter-Gate brawl! Bring it!

Luann’s house in the Hamptons…they are grilling steaks. Amanda shows up “like a bad rash” says Sonja, “every time Harry is around.” All the ladies and spouses are there. Can Carole and Aviva avoid each other? Heather dislikes Amanda, she was rude at Sonja’s show and now she wants to “crawl up her ass.” Carole feels awkward at Luann’s house since their past was a little hostile. Carole wants to clear the air and apologize for some of the things she said in the past. Carole and Luann make amends and move forward. They hug. So now what? Luann can’t be Aviva’s BFF?

Who said what? Damned if I know.

Aviva says she was called seven names by Carole, and Sonja can’t imagine it. Sonja supports Aviva about her book. Kristen thinks the whole thing should be let go.  Luann is dumbfounded. Heather and Carole pop into the conversation. Heather says Aviva won’t own what she said. Aviva says Heather threatened her. Heather says Aviva character assassinates everyone and she isn‘t going to be next. Everyone starts talking all at once! Who the hell knows what they are saying? Luann breaks it all up and says they are going to leave Carole and Aviva alone to talk. But they don’t. Luann felt totally out of control in her own house. Amanda continues to irritate the others. She wants to deck Heather. Heather tells her to bring it on! Holla!

Next week more Book-Gate, the story line that keeps on giving! They even drop “F” Bombs, like Mob Wives! Now this I can relate to!

All in all , not a worthwhile episode. How fitting for April Fool’s Day.

Picture Credit: BRAVO

Monday, March 31, 2014

"The Walking Dead" Season Finale Recap

Carl and another boy open the prison gate. A car comes through and it’s Rick, Glen, Maggie and another survivor. Maggie and Glenn embrace Hershel, who is waiting for them. Meanwile, Tyrese and Carol seemed to have been busy slaughtering walkers through the fence. Rick joins in. Of course, this is just a flashback playing through Rick’s troubled mind as he sits outside a truck in the woods, his face scratched up and his bloody hands shaking.

Rick, Michonne and Carl are in the woods making a campfire. The group is extremely hungry so Rick takes Carl and Miconne out from their camping spot to find food and set a trap. They walk down a trail and decide to stay just one more day to rest. The group is close to Terminus. Carl wonders if they will tell the new people of Terminus all they’ve gone through. Rick says they will tell them who they are. “Who are we?” Carl asks. Before that question can be answered, a walker walks out ready to get slashed. Rick goes to a trap set up and picks up a rabbit. Rick is teaching them how to make traps when tey hear a man screaming. Carl rushes to the scream, the two following. A stray man is in the open and is surrounded by walkers. But before Carl can shoot it, Rick stops him and they watch the man get devoured by the walkers. The three take off the other way and back on the tracks, the group of walkers following them. There are more walkers in front of them.

Hershel draws back the curtain from Rick’s cell room. It’s early in the morning. Beth walks in and takes baby Judith to tend to her. Rick straps on his duty belt.

Rick, Carl and Michonne slash theI walkers but keep on running. They walk down a street, hoping to find some neighborhoods or store. Instead, the find a beat-up old pickup truck with only one walker nearby. They settle at the truck. By nightfall, Rick and Michonne sit in front of a small fire as Carl sleeps in the truck. But before they can settle in for the night, HH (Head Hoodlum) and his band of merry hoodlums surround them, putting guns to their heads. HH is hellbent on getting revenge at Rick for killing their friend.

HH feels like justice will now be served. Before HH can make the countdown to zero, Daryl steps in, telling HH that “these are good people” and just to let them go. HH slighly disagrees with Daryl. Daryl says if HH wants blood, to take his. Daryl drops his crossbow. Two of the henchmen begin beating Daryl to death. The other one grabs Carl out of the truck and holds a knife to his throat. HH says he will kill off Daryl, Carl, Michonne and then finally, Rick. The hoodlum knocks Carl down and tries to sodomize him. Rick headbutts HH, allowing HH to shoot the gun right next to Rick’s ear. The two ensue in a fight. Michonne knocks off one of the guy’s hands. As HH holds Rick down, Rick bites into HH’s neck. This is Michonne’s perfect opportunity to grab a gun and shoot Daryl’s assailaints and Rick heads towards the hoodlum that attacked Carl. Daryl recuperates, while Michonne holds onto Carl...whose staring at his dad repeatedly slashing the attacker.

Hershel talks to Rick about the pigs in the woods and about domesticating them. He also suggests planting seeds for the plants. Rick tells Hershel he needs to go outside the prison but Hershel suggests Rick stay at the prison to make it permanent, most importantly, because Carl needs him. Hershel expresses his gratitude and wants the group to focus on a new start at the prison. Daryl revs up the bike.


Rick still is sitting outside the truck with Michonne inside looking over a sleeping Carl. Daryl walks up to Rick and wets a towel for Rick to help clean up. Daryl sits down next to him. Daryl admits he didn’t know who the hoodlums were. Daryl told him he and Beth got out together but now that Beth is gone. Daryl knew they were bad but he had to join for survival. Daryl also admits that the three of them were targeted and Daryl wanted to leave but he was conflicted. Rick puts no blame towards Daryl and welcomes him back in open arms as a brother. Daryl tells Rick that anyon would’ve acted the way Rick did to the HH. Rick’s way of violence and brutality is solely for the protection of his son and the rest.

The four continue on down the tracks. They stumble across a sign....its the map to Terminus. Rick thinks it’s best to go into the woods and to observe Terminus from the distance. They observe it through a barbed-wire fence. Rick thinks the best course of action is to spread out but also stay close to surveillance the area. Daryl and Rick go together while Carl tags with Michonne, which even baffles Michonne. Michonne tells Carl he never asked how Andre died. Michonne and baby Andre, along with Michonne’s boyfriend Mike and his best friend Terry, ran to a refugee camp. Michonne said things at the camp grew unstable, with people leaving and giving up. Michonne was coming back from a run and saw the fences of the camp were down. She heard the walkers. Mike and Terry were high and were bitten. Michonne let them turn purposely and cut their jaws and arms. She chained them up so she could drag them around sadistically. It was out in the world when Michonne realized the walker friends made good camoflauge. Andrea, Rick, and Carl saved Michonne. Carl confesses that he feels like a disappointment and like a monster. Michone hugs Carl.

Rick drops down his bag full of equipment and loads his gun. Meanwhile, Rick buries the bag just outside the fence. The whole group jumps inside the fences of Terminus. They breach inside one side of the building. The group infiltrates what looks like a gym made into a communications room. One man walks up to them, asking them if they are there to rob them. Rick and the rest hold down their weapons. The gentlemen named Gareth welcomes them to Terminus. Both groups seem nervous and tense. Gareth breaks the ice and tells them they found a sanctuary. Gareth asks them to lay down their weapons and a man named Alex would take them to another part of the building. Rick and the group lay down their weapons and are patted down. The men, surprsingly, give them back their weapons. They follow Alex.

Alex leads them outside. A woman named Mary is there grilling food. Michonne asks them why they let people in. Alex says the more people, the more chances of survival. Rick notices Hershel’s pocket chain in Alex’s pocket. Rick walks up to Alex, grabs him and holds a gun to his head, demanding to know where the watch came from. Now everyone has their weapons up, all in different directions.

Back in C-unit, Carl, Beth and Patrick are in the cell. Carl is sitting at the table assembling his gun, Beth is tending to Judith and Patrick is playing with Legos. Rick tells Carl to come with him and leave the gun behind.

Rick yells where the watch is from while Alex demands everyone to put the guns down. Gareth walks up. Alex says he got it from a dead guy and one guy got the riot gear from a dead cop. The poncho was from a clothes line. Gareth asks Rick what he wants. Shots are fired. Rick and the group escape, stopping a few times to take shots. The doors begin to close. Rick and the group find an open door and are still being shot at. They pass an area covered in bullet holes and burns, as well as train carts with people yelling for help, and then pass an area full of human remains. They find a strange room lit with a thousand candles and writing on the wall. They try to escape the fence but they are all surrounded.

File:A DRMC Boxcar.png

Gareth yells at them to drop their weapons. The group does. Rick is demanded that he goes to the train cart. Then he tells Daryl to go. Then Michonne. Carl is left standing alone. “Ring leader” “Archer” and “Samurai” stand in order at the cart. Then he tells Carl to go. He tells Rick to go in the cart. Rick slides open the cart and walks inside. Daryl , Michonne and Carl follow. They huddle inside the dark cart. Glenn, Maggie, Sasha and Bob appear, along with Tara, Abraham and his gang.

Rick, Carl, Hershel, Beth and baby Judith are back outside the prison yard, digging into the ground. Rick jokes Carl needs a farming hand and puts Carl’s hat on Beth.

 “They are going to be pretty stupid when they find out...” Rick says. “Find out what?” Abraham asks.

Janes Notes: For starters, it has been my own version of March Madness in the life of Jane. Life’s priorities and a vacation to Vegas (no mob museum *sad face*) took up my life. It took me awhile to play “catch up” on  “The Walking Dead” but I HAD to tune into the finale and recap it. “The Flowers” made me cry and made me think of John Steinbeck. WHY OH WHY didn’t we ever know what caused the virus. Where is Beth??

My friend mentioned last week that Terminus was a HUGE trap for human cannibals and I thought that was kinda far-fetched but hell, I don’t put anything pass this show anymore. However, I knew something was off about Terminus BECAUSE of the actual name Terminus. The word itself makes me think “Terminal” or “the end”, whether it‘s the end of a line or the end of the life (Terminal at an airport, Terminal illness, etc.). Being an Ancient Rome geek, I also knew Terminus was the god of “boundaries” and from what I recall, stones were set at borders. Sacrifices and offerings were made to the god Terminus.

I decided to dig into this a little further. Terminus had a holiday called Terminalia;

The Terminalia is celebrated in honor of the god Terminus, who ruled over boundaries. His statue was merely a stone or post stuck in the ground to distinguish between properties. On the festival the two owners of adjacent property crowned the statue with garlands and raised a rude altar, on which they offered up some corn, honeycombs, and wine, and sacrificed a lamb. It is the traditional end of the Roman year ( 

Let's take a look when Rick and the three try to escape. They first run through a disheveled scene where tere are cars and walls filled with bullet hols and burns, along with many crates big enough to hide people. They then pass next to a place of human remains and then past train carts with people trapped inside. The come across building "A", pictured above. There is what looks like a bust of the Virgin Mary. "Never Again. Never Trust. We First, Always" are written on the walls as well as many names. Hundreds upon hundreds of candles are lit. Flowers and small statues decorate the names. This is the end of the season. This is where apparently, many lives have ended. The candles and flowers...or garlands...and such are in the middle of the memorial and serve as an altar. But instead of lambs being sacrificed, it is the survivors being sacrificed to some sort of deity. That and I think the Terminus Cult are too busy sacrificing because I will tell you one thing, they sure as heck haven't been practicing shooting! 

Picture Credit: The Walking Dead Wikia

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Friday, March 28, 2014

Mob Wives: New Baby for Grandma Big Ang!

Grandma Big Ang and Grandpa Neil
with new arrival, AnnaBella

We are thrilled to congratulate Big Ang and Neil on their new born granddaughter, AnnaBella. She is really a beautiful baby and may God Bless her and her family.

AnnaBella, granddaughter #1

Maybe now Big Ang and Neil will be able to satisfy their craving for a baby of their own. AnnaBella is the daughter of Neil's daughter, Brianna. Ang's son, AJ, is also expecting a baby girl, Angelina, very soon, so the new grandparents will have their hands full. Baby girls are high maintenance! Ang is already buying them expensive gifts so they are off to a great start. Check out the OK Magazine video below!

And Baby #2 - Angelina is born! 

Proud Parents Gabriella and AJ

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Real Housewives Of New York: What The Hell Moments? S6Ep3

 The real writer

Episode three is titled, “Model Behavior,” and that points to new housewife, Kristen.
But I say who cares? Right now I want to see more about Ghostwriter-Gate!

And my wish is granted! The fight continues where it left off, at Aviva’s party. Aviva still insists, or should I say lies, that she didn’t hire a ghostwriter. Her blog says she used a “village." The cover of her book doesn't say written by Aviva Drescher and The Village People. And Aviva says, “word on the street,” is Carole used a ghostwriter for What Remains? What street is Aviva walking on? Carole quips “word on the street” must be dialogue from a bad cop movie Aviva saw and Aviva “doesn‘t have a leg to stand on.” Carole, the real writer, works closely with her editor, period. Ramona and Mario manage to sneak out of the party, like thieves in the night, after Ramona starts the whole fight by telling Carole that Aviva was talking about her. Aviva says to Carole, “at least I’m not 50 years old.” True, Aviva is not 50...she is 46, so not very far from it. However, she still seems to have a bit of dementia even at 46 because, in a recent interview of February 14th, Aviva thinks she is still 40 or is lying again. That’s at least two lies she has been caught in. You know what Judge Judy says, “If you are caught in one lie, I don’t believe anything else you have to say.” Here is the excerpt:

“What made you decide to finally want to share your story and why is now the right time to tell it?

Well, I turned 40, and I think that at 40-years-old, you start to think about a lot of things in your life and you get a certain kind of sense of security and maturity about yourself – especially if you have children. It’s a time where you really start to officially grow up, and my growing up meant that I was done hiding. I’m done being ashamed of wearing a prosthesis.

There comes a point where you come to full acceptance – hopefully – in your lifetime. I felt ready at 40, and with the show falling in my lap, I felt that was an opportunity to do it. And I couldn’t just put it out a little bit because everything is so full force on the show.

It was a combination of being 40, having 4 children, feeling like a mamma bear, and feeling like a real complete grownup who was self-aware and secure. So it was important for me to come onto the show without really having anything to be ashamed of. Because I think that when you go on a reality show, you can’t really have any skeletons in your closet.” For the entire interview read Aviva's Interview here.

The fake writer (liar)

Carole once referred to Aviva as the “Benjamin Button of housewives,” because she just keeps getting younger…another one of my favorite quotes of hers. By the way, if you are going to read one housewife blog, read Carole’s. Her sense of humor is entertaining and enhances the enjoyment of the show.

Carole says Aviva is out of touch with reality, a sociopath. Aviva says it takes a village to write a book (she should know) and she thinks Carole is lying. I think we all know who the liar is, and it’s not Carole.  Sonja seems to be siding with Aviva, while Heather has Carole‘s back…and Kristen is caught in the middle. Carole decides to leave the party after telling Reid that his wife is not a nice person. Carole exits but not without a fond farewell to Harry Dubin, “Harry it’s great to meet you, I totally understand your divorce.”

Later, Ramona confesses to Heather that she ran out of the party. Heather says she can’t understand Aviva, her behavior was despicable and she doesn’t trust her as far as she can throw her. But Ramona seems to have an issue with Heather defending Carole. Hmmm, I don’t get why, she was the one who ran to Carole to tell her Aviva was telling everyone she used a ghostwriter. Ramona is a little sneaky.

Carole, in a calmer state, knows she shouldn’t have let Aviva get under her skin, but found it felt good to scream and she will probably do it more often. Good for her, these women make me scream every week.

Kristen and Aviva chat about the argument. Kristen says that Carole has a writing background. Aviva, gets snooty and says she also has a writing background she majored in English and wrote an essay. Wow, an essay for Chicken Soup for the Soul versus and 20 year career as a journalist and best selling author…yeah that’s about even. Kristen says she thinks it’s about jealousy. Kristen adds writing is Carole’s “everything” and it shouldn’t be messed with. Kristen gets it too.

Even Ramona "gets it."

Carole thinks Ramona is being used as Aviva’s little pawn. Ramona apologizes for setting the fight in motion. Carole says she was upset with Ramona and doesn’t know why she was in the middle of it. Aviva was talking about her in the other room knowing Carole was at the party. I think Carole felt blindsided and betrayed. Carole tells Ramona what she thinks of Aviva, the liar. Carole explains to Ramona that what Aviva said was about her first book which is about her late husband, and she has no children, so it’s all she has. Carole gets emotional. Ramona understands that for Carole, her work is everything. Even Ramona gets it.

You know, last season I sided with all the new wives because I was new as a viewer of the show. I tried to defend Aviva, when most other blogs tore her apart. But this is a new season and I am seeing a new side to Aviva that I don’t like. I have no patience for liars. Those of you who read my Mob Wives blogs know how hard I came down on Carla and Alicia for blatantly lying on and off the show. So, I am sorry to say that Aviva lost any support she had from me. She continues to slander Carole’s impressive, long-standing career as a writer and in the process makes herself look more ridiculous, jealous and petty. How could this kind of behavior on the show help the sale of her book? I mean, that’s the whole purpose right? To get people talking about her book so they will buy it? Frankly, it sounds like everyone, except Aviva, wrote her book. I think Aviva has succeeded in turning people off to her book, and despite her lies about Carole’s books, she has managed to create an interest in them…at least for me.

Here is a little song dedicated to Aviva…(Good-bye) Leggy Bonde…

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Real Housewives of New York: The Ghostwriter-Gate Liar?

Did you hire a writer? 
No, I didn't...
Did you write it yourself?
No, I didn't...

You decide…but it’s a no brainer.

On the show Aviva and Carole’s conversation:

Carole: Did you end up hiring a writer?
Aviva: I didn’t.
Carole: (appearing a little surprised) So no one’s ghosting it?
Aviva: No. It was like writing an email…

Then Aviva’s Blog posted same night as show:

“OK, I will once and for all, answer Carole’s burning question, "Did I write Leggy Blonde all by myself?" All by myself? No way. I wrote the initial draft then continued working on it with my own superb team, and I don’t think I could have written the book without them -- certainly it wouldn't be the same. I didn't thank them on the title page; I did in the Acknowledgements but still, regrettably, probably left out a couple of dozen. I admire Carole for doing her book all by herself; it’s a huge task. It was for me anyway.”

Now let’s see what Carole said on the show:

Aviva: You wrote a lot of essays. Right, right. Did you ghost your books?
Carole: (seemingly stunned) Are you kidding me? No, I mean I’m a writer, I don’t know.
Aviva: You didn’t?
Carole: No I didn’t.
Aviva: So even though What Remains was your first book, you did it yourself, right?
Carole: I did it myself. I’m a writer, that’s what I do for 20 years. I thought you knew that.

Carole’s Blog posted the same night as the show:

"1. Aviva Says: Bill Whitworth ghostwrites my books.
The Truth: Bill Whitworth is a real person, and an editor. He's not a writer and he's not a ghostwriter -- not mine or anyone else's. He's retired now, after a long and distinguished career, but still considered one of the best and most respected editors in the business. Bill makes a cameo on the show!

2. Aviva Says: Her "Publishing House" passed on my novel.
The Truth: They didn't pass, they made an offer. They were one of six publishers who bid on it, but they lost in a heated auction.

3. Aviva Says: Her "Publishing House" told her I hired a ghostwriter.
The Truth: Houses can't talk. Aviva hired a ghostwriter. I have a professional relationship with her "Publishing House" and no one there told her my books are ghostwritten. No one wants to talk to Aviva about anything – surprise, surprise."

Carole went on WWHL the same night as the show and once again she addressed all Aviva's lies with the facts. She has never used a ghostwriter. The mere thought of it is insulting.

So who was lying on the show? It’s clear even to the village idiot. It’s Aviva. She comes clean herself in the blog. Carole shouldn’t have to try to defend herself and her career against absurd allegations and lies. It constitutes slander. Maybe that’s why Aviva was very low key the day after the show and just retweeted the occasional tweets of support she got? Guilty conscience?

I really dislike liars. Carole’s Blog goes into much more detail about all the circumstances surrounding the lunch conversation and what preceded it. Maybe Aviva’s memory is faltering even at age 44? In any case, if this is going to come up again in future episodes, I like to be clear and have all the little pieces of the puzzle in place.

I encourage you to read Carole’s wonderful blog, she does a much better job than I ever could of setting the record straight.