Monday, July 6, 2015

Mob Wives: Season 6 New Addition?

Marissa Jade newest cast member of Mob Wives?  What could this be about?  Will she be the new model for Renee's Mob Candy business?  So many questions and still no answers from the "top." I did notice there was a picture posted on Marissa's instagram of Renee and Karen, but it's been removed, hmmmm.

"Destiny" the Queen of Thieves

And who is this Marissa Jade?  She is an up and coming actress and model. More than that, she is the muse for the comic "Destiny," about a thief. "Destiny is a very wealthy, creative, sly, sexy thief from New York," Jade said of her character. "She sets up the mafia in the midst of their heists. In the process of them going in to do the job, she gets them pinched by the cops. When the cops come in to arrest them, she then comes in to steal all they were attempting to steal for herself to live the life of luxury." And they are trying to make this comic in to a movie in which Marissa would play the lead role. (Link)  Well at least her comic book character has some mob connections, but what abut Marissa? And what will be her role in Mob Wives? Who knows, still waiting for Jennifer Graziano to tell me something besides "Season 6 is going to be hot."

Read more about Marissa Jade HERE   And check out her Facebook page!

Shout out to my follwer @melissawisdom for tipping me off to this latest bit of information!

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Making of the Mob: Recap "King of New York," Ep 103

Lucky Luciano becomes "King" of New York's Mob,
organizing the Five Families.

Now that Lucky has killed both Joe Masseria and Salvatore Maranzano, Lucky becomes the King of New York's mob. It's September 11, 1931, Luciano and his crew (Meyer Lansky, Frank Costello, Bugsy Seigel, and Vito Genovese) send an army of hit men to kill all the old leaders which ended with the murder of 40 men across the country in just two days. They were ruthless killers. This was the biggest purge the mafia has ever seen. He spares a few who he feels are valuable. 

The murders are planned

Lucky calls a meeting with Maranzano's underboss, Joe Bonanno, and offers him the opportunity to head his own crime family. With Bonanno on board, Luciano has eliminated his competition. Luciano decides to prevent future mob wars, they need to be organized and have rules. In Sicily there were 100 crime families and each family has a boss who reports to the boss of bosses, "il capo di tutti capi." They have rules and are organized, it's a system that has worked for 100 years and is known as La Cosa Nostra. Luciano bases the structure of his organization on the Sicilian model. He keeps mafia membership limited to Italians. Lansky will remain Luciano's most trusted adviser. 

Luciano calls for a big meeting in Chicago of all the major bosses in New York and around the country. Until this time, there was no real mafia in America, just individual gangs operating the way they see fit. Luciano tells them he wants to end all the bloodshed and cycles of revenge and organize the American mob the same way the Sicilian mob was run. They may be criminals, but they aren't savages. We have to run our business like a business. He says they will have capos, crews, underbosses, and counselors. He says there will be no more boss of bosses, the days of the "capi di tutti capi" are over. Instead they will have a Board of Directors, a commission run by the heads of the five New York families, who will have final say in all matters including life and death. The members of the Commission are Giuseppe Profaci, Vincent Mangano, Tommy Gagliano, Joseph Bonanno, and Lucky Luciano. "To peace and profit." He creates the modern mafia.

The Commission divides territories and orders hits. It will be like an underworld court. They need to solve their own disputes peacefully to keep law enforcement out of it. They need and enforcement army to carry out any hits from unresolved disputes. Luciano turns to Meyer Lansky to recruit people from the Jewish mafia as hit men. These hit men recruits included: Benjamin "Bugsy" Seigel, Albert Anastasia, Abe "Kid Twist" Reles, and Louis Lepke, dubbed Murder, Inc. by the press. They are told to be like ghosts, nothing is left behind. Law enforcement would not expect Jewish guys to be hit men. They all have their own signature styles of murder. They transformed the art of killing into a science. They prepare for weeks planning their hits and were responsible for 100's of unsolved murders. They averaged one murder every three days. 

Although Luciano has organized the mafia he is unaware that the mob is about to face it's biggest threat from within. Dutch Schultz, a Jewish gangster becomes one of Luciano's biggest earners and not part of the five families. Schultz's numbers racket alone brings in 20 million a year. At this same time, Thomas Dewey, an assistant U. S. Attorney who becomes governor and later runs for president, becomes the mob's number one enemy. Dewey's inability to arrest Schultz causes Hoover to declare him "public enemy number 1." This all stemmed from the mob tampering with elections and, in doing so, Schultz caught the eye of Thomas Dewey. In New York City people were voting multiple times. Dewey went after Lucky Luciano to make a name for himself. He can't get to Luciano so he goes after Luciano's associates, and Schultz in particular. Schultz is their way into organized crime. Dewey declares war on the mob. Dewey has to find a way to prosecute Schultz. 

Years ago, Al Capone was arrested and convicted of tax evasion by Eliot Ness. He was sentenced to life in prison. Tom Dewey found his answer in that criminal case. He goes after Schultz on tax evasion. It takes months because Schultz stays one step ahead of Dewey. It becomes a national embarrassment. It ends up on Hoover's desk. Up until now, Hoover never took on the New York mob. The theory is the mob had pictures of him in dresses and threatened to reveal him as homosexual. But now Hoover decides it's time to go after the mob. Lucky becomes concerned by all the FBI's attention. It's not good for business.

Luciano tells Schultz to turn himself in, in order to take some of the heat off the mob. Luciano says he will get him the best lawyers. Schultz agrees in return for a guarantee from Luciano that he'll do everything possible to help him beat the rap. Luciano hires lawyers who successfully get Schultz's trial  moved 400 miles north to the small town of Malone, New York. There Schultz uses his money and charm to influence the outcome of the trial. He spreads money all over town and throws parties for officials. He actually convert to Catholicism to gain favor. The trial ends and the jury is unable to reach a verdict. Schultz gets off. Dewey is not happy that two years of work was wasted. But, just six weeks later, Dewey pins Schultz as the leader of New York's largest illegal gambling ring and he issues another warrant for his arrest. Schultz goes into hiding. Schultz feels the only way out is to kill Thomas Dewey.

Schultz asks the Commission to order a hit on Dewey, but the idea is shut down by Luciano. They realize Schultz is bad for business, it would bring all of law enforcement down on them. Schultz goes behind the Commission's back and tries to hire Albert Anastasia of Murder, Inc. to murder Dewey for him. He tells Schultz everyone is watching him and it will cost him double. However, Anastasia tips off Luciano, and a hit is ordered by the Commission, but not on Dewey, on Schultz. 

Now that Schultz is dead, Luciano has eliminated the mafia's biggest internal threat, but he has also made himself number one target on Thomas Dewey's most wanted list.

Note: All episodes can be watched on demand on AMC.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Making of the Mob: Recap "Equal Opportunity Gangster" Ep 102

Lucky Luciano takes Rothstein's death hard.

Episode two begins with Arhtur Rothstein, Lucky Luciano's mentor and father figure, having a streak of bad luck. Nothing is going his way. Rothstein loves high stakes gambling. He is addicted to gambling. Rothstein joins a three day poker game with big mobsters from out of town. He loses a great deal of money. He finally gets fed up and leaves the game, saying he isn't going to pay because the game is fixed. He is gunned down and murdered. Meyer Lansky gets the call that Rothstein is dead and has to tell Lucky. Lucky takes the news hard. He decides to put off his hit on Joe Mazaria for the time being. Dozens of gangsters come to New York for Rothstein's funeral. Many gangsters liked Rothstein because he helped everyone.

Rothstein's Funeral

A big problem for the mob takes place when the government raids speakeasies and arrests many gangsters. This is all brought about because of Al Capone, in Chicago, who is ruthless and out of control. He leads the big gangland murder called the St. Valentine's Day Massacre and gets the attention of the Feds.
St. Valentine's Day Massacre

The Feds get involved and the mob is losing money. Mazaria goes to Luciano, knowing he was friendly with Capone in his younger years. He wants him to rein in Al Capone and keep him under control so his acts aren't publicized and don't attract the attention of the Feds. The Feds are cracking down on the mob. There is a big meeting of the mob, all the important mobsters are invited, including Al Capone. They start complaining that because of Al they are losing business. Al gets mad, and says he isn't turning himself in. Lucky talks to Al and tells him this is about the greater good. The law isn't going to let up on them. Lucky tells him to plea to a minor charge and he will look after his business for him while he is away. He convinces Al to take the fall, and he is sentenced to just a year in prison thanks to mob connections. Lucky earns big points and respect with mobsters across the country.

The Stock Market crashes, worst economic disaster of the country. Luciano sees this disaster as a big business opportunity. They use the money they made in bootlegging during prohibition to give businesses loans at high interest rates. Loan sharking brought in big money. When people didn't pay the loans, gangsters were sent out to beat them. People learned to pay off the mafia. If they didn't pay the mafia, they would take 10% of their business. Luciano was earning 20% interest every week, but still had to give a cut to Joe Mazaria. A surprise attack in May, 1930 leaves one of Joe's warehouses in ruins. It's a rival mob boss from Sicily looking to start a war. They target Joe's operation in New York. Mussolini was doing away with the mafia in Sicily and imprisoning them. They leave Italy to come the United States to establish themselves here. Mazaria talks to his crew and wants them to watch every move the Italian mobster, Salvatore Maranzano, makes. In May of 1930 an all out war breaks out as Mazaria and Maranzano fight to take control of New York. The streets are turned into a battle field and it's called the Castellammarese War. Anyone in the street could be killed. One day the rival mob kidnaps Lucky Luciano as he walks the streets with Meyer Lansky. The sicilian boss, Maranzano, has his men give Lucky a beating and torture him for 8 hours, to send a message to Mazaria and his crew. Luciano is taken to Staten Island where he is dumped and left for dead. Luciano survives against all odds. His quick recovery earns him the nickname "Lucky." Luciano decides that Mazaria has to be removed because he feels he is the better boss and he wants to form an alliance with Maranzano.

Lucky goes to meet with Maranzano. He tells him he respects him and wants to work for him. Maranzano is skeptical because he works for Mazaria. Luciano tells him he will kill Mazaria himself. Maranzano says he respects him and he will give him a "cut" of Mazaria's money. Luciano says he doesn't want a cut, he wants it all. Maranzano agrees. And Luciano says, no more boss of bosses.

Luciano wants to put an end to the Mazaria-Maranzano war by killing Mazaria. Luciano needs to buy the loyalty of Mazaria's bodyguards so they can get close to Mazaria to kill him. There is no loyalty, everyone can be bought for a price. Luciano invites Mazaria to his favorite restaurant in Coney Island. Luciano leaves to go to the bathroom and two mobsters come in and shoot Mazaria in cold blood. Joe "the boss" is dead after running things for 10 years. Luciano inherits the empire, but still has to answer to Maranzano. Maranzano calls a meeting of the most powerful mobsters in New York. He announces the war is over. He wants all the bosses to serve under one boss. Maranzano declares himself to be "capo di tutti capi, the boss of all bosses." Luciano doesn't like this. Soon after the meeting Maranzano becomes paranoid and is convinced the other bosses are conspiring to kill him. He wants to kill everyone around him who he suspects might betray him. First on his hit list is Lucky Luciano.

Frank Costello learns there is a contract out on Luciano. They have to kill Maranzano before Luciano is killed. They have to figure out a way to get to him. Luciano gets an idea. He knows the IRS is investigating people for tax evasion. The IRS is going to be the one who will put gangsters in jail. Luciano, together with Lansky and Seigel, devise a plan. They disguise themselves as IRS agents and pay Maranzano a visit. In no time Maranzano is dead. In less than 5 months Lucky has taken out the two biggest mob bosses in New York and can now take his place as the king of New York.

Picture credit: AMC

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Making of the Mob: Recap “The Education of Lucky Luciano” Ep 101

Lucky toasts to the new and improved Mafia

Last night was the first of a series of an eight episode mini series called, “The Making of the Mob.” This docu-drama tells the history of how the five families of the New York Mafia got its start and it is narrated by Ray Liotta, of “Goodfellows.” Here is what we saw last night . . .

In 1931,  Charles “Lucky” Luciano, one of the most notorious gangsters in America, calls a meeting in Chicago of the most powerful men in the Mafia. He tells them things will be run like they are in Sicily, but there will no longer be a “boss of bosses.” Instead they will have a board of directors, a commission run by the bosses of the five New York families. They will have the final say in all matters. This is when the American Mafia, the most powerful crime syndicate, gets its real start.

Then the show takes us back to 1906, when Charles “Lucky” Luciano’s family arrives from Italy looking for a better life. Lucky’s father can’t find work, turns to alcohol and abuses the family. There are 100’s of gangs on the streets of New York City. The only way to survive is to join a gang and live a life of crime. The gangs terrorize citizens because they are always having turf wars and killing each other in the streets. When Lucky is 15, he develops friendships with two Jewish boys, Meyer Lansky and Bugsy Seigel. Meyer had the intelligence and mathematical ability, Bugsy had a bad temper and was quick to act on it. The three of them together were a force to reckon with.

One day Lucky’s little crew runs into Frank Costello, a gangster who was taking care of someone for his boss, Joe Mazaria. Frank kills the guy, but doesn’t have it in him to remove his gold teeth. Lucky offers to do it for him. Lucky tells Bugsy to take care of it. Frank is impressed and takes the boys under his wing having him do work for him. Frank decides to bring in a new soldier, Vito Genovese.

The U.S. government passes Prohibition with the 18th Amendment to the Constitution. This is exactly what the Mafia needed to make big money. With the huge demand for alcohol, 100’s of speakeasies opened up and millions of dollars were being earned on the sale liquor. Joe Mazaria becomes “The Boss” and his operation covers half of Manhattan.

One night, Lucky and his crew make the mistake of robbing one of Joe’s trucks. They had no idea it was his truck and have to go into hiding because they know this means certain death for all of them. Finally, realizing they can’t hide forever, Lucky makes the decision to go see Joe Mazaria himself and take care of the problem. Lucky explains that the robbed the truck by mistake and offers to make things right by killing someone for Joe. Joe give Lucky a good beating before taking him up on his offer.

When he returns to his crew, they thank him for taking the blame. Lucky tells them he had to make a deal to save their lives . . . they have to kill Umberto Valentini, one of the most dangerous mobsters in New York City. Lucky and his crew follow Umberto for weeks until they find the right opportunity to make their move. They see him out on the street. Lucky shoots him in cold blood. Joe is impressed with Lucky’s first hit and promotes him, putting him in charge of heroin sales. Heroin becomes a huge money maker for Joe, especially after the government makes it illegal for medical purposes. Lucky is doing well until he is arrested for selling heroin and has to serve six months in prison. While in prison, Lucky has time to think. He is angry that while he is sitting in prison, Joe is making a lot of money. He decides he needs to be his own boss when he gets out.

Meanwhile, while Lucky is in prison, Meyer Lansky makes a new “business” connection with a man named Arnold Rothstein. Rothstein was a very successful business man who was also profiting from the bootlegging business, thanks to Prohibition. Rothstein is also the man who allegedly “fixed” the game that lead to the Black Sox Scandal. He placed bets of his own, winning the equivalent of a modern day 4 million dollars. Meyer takes Lucky to meet Rothstein.

Rothstein likes the two young men and see their potential, so he takes them under his wing. Rothstein believes in selling alcohol to rich people, unlike Joe Mazaria who focused on the poor. Rothstein was making twice as much money. The only problem for Lucky and Meyer is that they have to hand over a big chunk of their profits to Joe. Lucky decides they need to kill Joe and he asks Rothstein for advice. Rothstein tells them it’s a big risk and if they do this they are on their own.

So far I am loving every minute. What did you think of episode one?

If you missed the first episode, you can watch it at The Education of Lucky Luciano and I see they posted episode two as well, so i will be watching that next!

Friday, May 29, 2015

Mob Wives: Big Ang, Couples Therapy, Wife Swap!

Big Ang and husband, Neil Murphy

As if being on Mob Wives isn't enough of a work schedule, Big Ang is going to be on the new seasons of Wife Swap and Couples Therapy, along with her husband, Neil.  

Wife Swap has paired the couple of with George Hamilton and his ex-wife. It seems like an odd situation since George isn't no longer married to his ex-wife and I doubt they are living together. But, the episode is bound to get some high ratings because who doesn't want to see Big Ang and George Hamilton interact? You can see a picture of Ang and George at TMZ and I have to say they look good together.

As for Couples Therapy, they have signed up Ang and Neil for season six's marriage counseling by Dr. Jenn. Who knew they needed that? They will be one of five couples and the only couple I would be interested in watching. If you want to read about the other couples scheduled for the new season check it out at VH1 Couples Therapy

Good Luck to Ang and Neil on both of these adventures!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Making of the Mob: New York


A NEW Docu-Drama

'Making Of The Mob: New York'
Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky,Vito Genovese, Bugsy Siegel, Frank Costello

Don't count the Mob out for summer! AMC has announced it will be airing a new docu-drama starting June 15th, 2015 at 10/9C. It's an eight part mini-series on five notorious mobsters who rose to power in the Mafia, in New York. It covers over 50 years of history beginning in 1905 and follows the five families that started the American Mafia. The show will be narrated by actor Ray Liotta, from Goodfellas.

It'll be good to see, or at least hear, Ray.

In addition to old footage of the mob, and special effects, the series will feature interviews with individuals who were part of the mob history and have first hand information, including historians, authors, actors, law enforcement personnel, and family members.

AMC is advertising this series as part of "Mob Mondays" as each episode will be aired after a well known iconic mob movie: The GodfatherThe Godfather Part IIGoodfellasAmerican GangsterDonnie BrascoScarface, Casino and Carlito’s Way.

If you are interested in mob history and the true stories of the men who made the New York mob so powerful, you will want to tune in to AMC Monday nights! I know I will.

Here is a little "first look!"

Monday, May 18, 2015

Mob Wives: Suzanne Corso's “Hello Hollywood”

Suzanne Corso

I’ve written about author, Suzanne Corso, on the blog before. I was intrigued by the first book in her trilogy, “Brooklyn Story,” after reading a short summary. “Brooklyn Story was followed by “The Suite Life.” The story is captivating and so is the fact that it is loosely based on the real events of the author’s life. In her youth, Suzanne dated mobsters and was off on the wrong track. It was difficult for her to get out of that way of life, surround herself with different people and become a writer. When she was 19, her boyfriend at the time had a strong hold on her. It seemed her fate was sealed. But one day he was arrested and convicted on some serious charges, and the judge in his case had a little heart to heart with Suzanne that put her back on the right track . . . to college and a successful career as a writer. Oh, and did I mention Renee Graziano was the maid of honor at her wedding and they are still close friends? Suzanne might have ended up a mob wife, but destiny had another plan for her.

On May 18th, 2015, Suzanne’s “Hello Hollywood” hits book stores. It is the last of this successful triology. I know many of you will be looking for some interesting reading this summer and I wanted to bring this to your attention. I am going to post summaries of all three books for you to get a glimpse of what to expect.

Book One

Summary: Samantha Bonti is fifteen years old, half Jewish and half Italian, and hesitantly edging toward pure Brooklyn. She lives in Bensonhurst with her mother, Joan, a woman poisoned with cynicism and shackled by addictions; and with her Grandma Ruth, Samantha’s loudest and most opinionated source of encouragement. As flawed as they are, they are family. And this is home—a tight-knit community of ancestors and traditions, of controlling mobsters, compliant wives, and charismatic young guys willing to engage in anything illegal to get a shot at playing with the big boys. Yet Samantha has something that even her most simpatico girlfriend, Janice Caputo, doesn’t share—a desire to become a writer and to escape their insular, overcrowded little world and the destiny that is assumed for all of them. 

Then comes Tony Kroon. He’s a gorgeous mobster wannabe, a Bensonhurst Adonis whose seductive charms Samantha finds irresistible—even when she knows she’s too smart to fall this deep . . . but Samantha soon finds herself swallowed up by dangerous circumstances that threaten to jeopardize more than her dreams. Grandma Ruth’s advice: Samantha had better write herself out of this story and into a new one, fast. - Courtesy of Simon & Schuster, Publishers

Suzanne's Video Brooklyn Story:    Excellent

Book Two


Growing up in Brooklyn, Samantha Bonti knew the writer’s life she was meant to live waited across the bridge in Manhattan. Summoning the courage to break free from an abusive mobster boyfriend, Sam finally leaves Bensonhurst and begins her new life, working as a temp in a Wall Street brokerage firm. Quickly, she’s swept off her feet by Wall Street player Alec DeMarco, a man of boundless energy, appetites, desires, and the wealth to indulge it all. In a whirlwind courtship, Alec showers Sam with exquisite gifts, the city’s finest cuisine, spontaneous weekend getaways, and, most of all, the love and security a girl from an unstable Brooklyn upbringing craves. But when the party’s over—when Alec’s high-flying career turns litigious and the big money is left on the table—will love be enough to sustain them? With her dream of publishing her novel still very much alive, Sam can’t back down now; she must choose the life that’s most true to who she really is inside. - Courtsey of Simon & Schuster, Publishers

Suzanne's Video Interview:

Book Three
Released May 18th, 2015

Summary: Samantha Bonti came from a humble background in Brooklyn and listened to her beloved grandmother’s advice: she wrote herself out of her story as a poor girl and into an affluent one as the wife of a Wall Street banker. Her glitzy life took a turn, though, when her husband spent the money faster than it came in and grew abusive and angry. After his sudden and unexpected heart attack, it turns out fate has dealt Sam another hand in her husband’s $15 million life insurance policy.

Now independent, Sam moves to Hollywood with her daughter to oversee the film production of her bestselling novel, based on her childhood. She thinks she has it all, but life has a lot more in store for her. The producer of her film (and her now-boyfriend) reveals a dark underside to all this Hollywood glamour—and soon, people from her past in Brooklyn that she thought long gone start showing up where they are very unwelcome. Amidst it all, a mysterious man named John has designs on Sam—and she’s not sure if this could be a new romance or another romantic misstep. Now she must ask herself: Is her turn in the spotlight worth all the real-life drama? - Courtsey of Simon & Schuster, Publishers

Suzanne Talks about Hello Hollywood:

Happy Reading!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mob Wives: Karen Celebrates Her Birthday!

Karen in her gorgeous birthday dress!

Karen has been doing a lot of celebrating this year for her birthday. She looks terrific! I'm glad her birthday falls between seasons so she can really enjoy it drama free. I found a few other pictures that show "who" she was celebrating with at the event. Can you guess?

Celebrating with long time friend, the beautiful Love Majewski


In red, her cousin Rena, who has appeared 
on Mob Wives

And since there was no drama, and this event probably was not filmed, there was time for delicious cake, which Karen says looked beautiful and tasted even better than it looked!

Happy Birthday, Karen!
See you on season 6 Mob Wives!

Picture Credit: Karen's Instagram

Friday, May 15, 2015

Mob Wives: Ramona Rizzo Back in Season 6?

Recent activity on Twitter and Instagram

This morning I posted that Wikipedia has announced the cast for season 6 Mob Wives (although no Official word has come from Jennifer Graziano or VH1). Wiki included Ramona Rizzo, but I was cautious about getting my hopes up. One of my readers directed me to Ramona's Twitter and Instagram which recently have posts regarding Mob Wives. I found that interesting. For example, the post above seems to suggest that Ramona is sending a message to her "haters," like "I'll be back." Then there is this . . .

The one liners we all love!

One of my favorite lines of Ramona's was when she called Drita a "flip floppin' floozie."  In the above post Ramona references her own line out of the blue. We have seen Drita flip flop in previous seasons, but never so much as she did in Season 5 where she went back and forth between the two Natalies. Drita also flipped on her friendship with Carla. And then there is that matter of the pact between Drita, Carla, Karen and Ramona at the end of season 3. No one was supposed to return unless they all got raises, and Drita sold them all out by flipping on their deal and signing on for season 4. 

Ramona's comment, "Korny" also out of the blue and shows
how her feelings towards Drita.

Karen posts this picture of the "dynamic duo"

Karen's picture doesn't really prove anything about Ramona being in season 6 because they have always been as close as family. However, I would keep a close eye on both of their social media pages for any hints or confirmation regarding the cast of season 6. Karen has confirmed a couple of times that there will be a season six. She indicates filming will start in June and the show will premiere in December, as of now. One thing I saw on Ramona's Instagram was "Blood of the Mob," which may be the title of Season 6 or not.

We'll have to keep a close eye on things and look for leaks until we get official confirmation. 

Mob Wives: Season 6 Cast According To Wikipedia

Click on pictures to enlarge

I don't know who Wikipedia talks to or if they just gather their information from Twitter and the rumor mill. I have not seen anything "official" from Jennifer Graziano, who I think would want to make an announcement and create a "buzz" for her show. So far I have heard nothing and I have reached out to Jenn a couple of times since season 5 ended. But let's have some fun and see what Wikipedia has to say.

"On April 15, 2015 it was announced that Season 6 of Mob Wives will begin filming in June and will be titled "Mob Wives: Bloodlines" airing in December. Graziano, Gravano, Raiola, D'Avanzo have all been confirmed to returned. Guercio has been let go from the series not being resigned, Facciolo, Rizzo have been signed to rejoin the main cast with the addition of DiDonato being upgraded to a main cast member."

That's a lot of information to put out there when the Executive Producer hasn't even acknowledged a season 6 let alone the season's cast. But, while we wait for something more, we have to fill in our hours with speculation and rumor. For the most part, I was already anticipating most of what they said in their article. The two surprises for me are that they are keeping Nat D, I can't imagine why. And, they have Ramona Rizzo returning, which I hope is true because I would be delighted!

Just a word of caution, Wikipedia can be rewritten and say something totally different tomorrow, but for now I am pretty happy with the season 6 forecast they have printed. I do believe there is going to be a season 6, or we would have heard the show was cancelled by now. Filming should be starting soon, so they wont be able to keep the cast a secret much longer.

Stay tuned for official news when it's released.