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Mob Wives: Drita D'avanzo Arrested

Drita stands by Lee D'avanzo in court appearance.

We're baaaaack!

Not really, I don't know where Chiara is.  Yes, I do.  She's in the holiday spirit making meat sauce for the lasagna.  Why am I on this blog?  Oh yeah, a little birdy gave me a call to see how I've been doing.  Then told me, " I know you don't care but Drita and Lee got busted."

Drita and Lee who?

Oh, snap, the D'avanzos were allegedly arrested on December 20, 1019, just days before Christmas.  I'm not happy to hear guns and drugs were allegedly found in the home.  I guess the neighbors didn't like the extra traffic.

Drita exiting the courtroom. It must be cold outside.

I saw a clip on YouTube.  And I love YouTube comments alongside the best of them.  And who do I see?  One of our former blog readers/ former Renee Graziano fan/ blogger extraordinaire Lizzy a.k.a. Lizzard commenting.  Boy oh boy did she have a lot to type about the Graziano sisters and pills. 

She has a theory that one of Drita's former castmates must've ratted the dynamic duo out. 

A viewer sharing her opinion on who snitched.

What the f@ck?!  I am of the mindset that Karen Gravano, Carla Facciolo, nor Renee Graziano have the inclination to call the cops on anyone let alone Drita.  But hey maybe that's just little old me.

Everyone has a right to their opinions.  It's definitely okay if we disagree with her take.  Moving along, I stand by my opinion that it was most likely neighbors, concerned about their neighborhood.  I'll end with this, Drita D'Avanzo put a capital S on standing by her man.  Good news she's made bail.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Mob Wives: Recap "The Last Sit Down" Finale, Ep 611

The Final Sit Down

Frankly, I feel a little sad. Not only is this the last episode of the last season, but it seems to me that this season was very rushed and 10 episodes wasn't enough to accomplish what needed to be accomplished. I was under the mistaken impression that the Reunion Show would be at least two episodes, but it seems that this is all there is . . . a one hour reunion recapping six seasons and with new footage we have never seen. Even the Reunion has been short changed. I don't know why they had to bring things to an end so fast, it doesn't feel right. We've invested so much in the show and cast and I just hope we all feel satisfied after tonight's episode. I have my wine and laptop and I'm ready . . .  so bring it on.

Six Epic Seasons of Mayhem!  Mobsters! And Madness! All Comes Down! To The Reality Behind The Scenes! When Unseen Footage is Revealed! The Truth Is Exposed! All Bets Are Off! In The Final Sitdown!

Renee can't believe the footage!

Everyone meets at the hotel to get ready to film. Hair, makeup and wardrobe. Renee wants to know if she ever got as angry as some the girls she is watching? She must have forgotten those "crumbs." Carla says the way she [Drita] makes up stories is pathetic. Karen is excited to get to the Reunion. The women are told to watch old footage and footage that has never been aired before. Theses to rile them up before The Final Sit Down.  It works. Karen says she is glad fans are finally going to see what goes on behind the scenes, they deserve to know the truth. I just wish the show had been longer and we were able to see a lot more footage!

Karen watches footage of Drita talking about her father
which she claims she never did @@

Karen sees a video of Drita saying Karen brings up her father and he is too involved.  Drita really looks miserable to me. Things on the show didn't turn out the way she expected. They have footage where Karen says "Everybody in the neighborhood went to jail because of her [Drita]." Drita is shock that this footage will be aired and she is fit to be tied. "That's not gonna be on tv is it?" Now she refuses to talk at the reunion and has decided to resort to fighting. The main issue seems to be the ongoing drama that has existed between Karen and Drita for 5 years. Karen says Drita is a psychopath who thinks she runs Staten Island. Renee says the only people who can't hear the truth are the people who lie.

That's not gonna be on tv is it?
Hmmm, yes it is.

Warehouse!  Karen and Renee enter and take a seat. They reminisce about how the show started. Jennifer Graziano's idea for a television show of four women who had men in prison and had to keep the family together and the day to day struggles they faced in the lifestyle. Karen says Drita told her how happy she was that they were talking again. Karen felt nervous being on the show and opening a can of worms. Karen say when they named the show Mob Wives they all flipped out. Karen reminds Renee she wasn't too happy to see her back in Staten Island when the show started and how she blamed her for what her father did. But Karen also says she understands Renee was feeling she would be judged for associating with Karen because of the show. Karen says Drita has had a problem with everyone and tries to divide and conquer. She keeps harping on the problem Karen and Renee had. Renee says there is no divide and conquer. They are both still sitting there together in the end and the best of friends.

Angela giving advice 

Angela walks in and looks fantastic. Karen brings Ang into their reminiscing conversation. When approached to do the show Ang said she couldn't do it. Ang says people told her if she does the show they wouldn't talk to her. Karen said before Ang joined the cast they were gonna kill each other. Ang doesn't like to hurt people's feelings. She was known as the peacemaker on the show. Except for the season she was having an issue with Renee. Karen makes reference to Drita causing problems and Ang calls her an "instigator." Then we see a clip: Drita is yelling at Ang because she never speaks up for herself and she tells Ang she is controlled by the puppet master. Too bad that didn't air when it happened, I could have had a field day with that.

Drita arrives at Hotel

Being bombarded by old footage, Drita is at the hotel complaining to producers she just wants to see Karen Gravano without security. She is really riled up.

Carla arrives at the warehouse all dressed in red. She doesn't know what will happen, but she wants some answers. Karen says she is just going to be real and whatever happens happens. Renee says you can't make up some situations that were shown, like the biggest mob bust happened during the filming of the show. What are the odds of that happening?  Then to find out Junior turned informant and Renee's father was arrested because Junior wore a wire. Karen says their primary goal was to get on the show to make money for their families.  Karen now feels all the things they fought over seem so ridiculous when Ang is fighting for her life. Ang says nothing was that serious. Ang says she has to leave. She tells them to behave and act as good as they look. (Note, Ang passed two weeks after the filming, may she rest in peace). Still seems so surreal to me that Ang is gone.

They put a live feed in Drita's room so she can hear and see everything that is going on in the warehouse. She just gets more pissed off, if that's possible.

Drita runs for Karen

Karen says they all had fights and they were superficial. But, her fight with Drita was deep. A lot of it had to do with Lee.  Karen asks where did it go left? When she makes up stories and tries to affect her money and makes up lies about her father? Drita is watching this and threatens the producer. She wants to fight, that's it. Get the cameras out of her room. She says they are all trying to get her arrested. Drita is going down in the elevator, security is told to get in place. The girls are told this is their last chance to say what they want to say to Drita. Karen says she is a jerk off, she's not real, she's a television character.  Drita is on her way. She wants to break Karen's jaw or wire it shut. Of course she does, she doesn't want Karen to tell any truths about her. Security is in place. Uh Oh! Drita walks in and runs over trying to get to Karen. Poor Carla was in the path of the tornado and got thrown on the table by security. They pull Drita away and Karen laughs at her for the theatrics. Drita yells at Renee "what are you looking at?" Renee is yelling they were supposed to have a conversation and not raise hands. Drita is running her mouth and Karen is aggravated. Karen has to sit in the back in order for Drita to sit down at the table. Drita says she will not sit down with Karen because she talks about Lee. Just another excuse not to face Karen. She is a coward! Drita yells she doesn't talk about her [Karen] baby's father.  Karen is pissed and yells "you started it b*tch!" Drita gets her way. Karen says she has no balls to talk to her face. She even tried to sucker punch her. Karen tells Renee she did not get hit.

With Karen out of the room, Carla and Drita start talking. Carla said they were good friends for 3 seasons and then Drita changed. Drita acts shocked and says "I changed?" Come on Drita, millions of viewers saw how you turned on Carla (We're not friends like that and she's a mothball. Remember that? Of course not, you never admit to or remember anything you said or did). Carla says she never explained why she had an issue with her all of a sudden. And Carla adds she knows because of how Drita acted when she walked into Renee's party. Carla said fans didn't hear what went on when she left Renee's party, but she did. Clip. Drita said she is quitting the show a couple of times saying they wanted to make her look like a "f*ckin' jerk off" by blindsiding her with Carla's appearance. rita is in denial mode. Carla says she can't ever get anywhere with her because she always says she didn't do it. Karen is in the back and can't even hear their conversation, she is frustrated. Drita accuses Karen of being the biggest liar every season. Renee tells Drita she wants Karen in there to talk. They have a very big problem. Drita says she doesn't like it when people talk about her husband, the prize package.

Lee at his best
Drita can have him, no one else wants him

Renee says everybody's family got talked about. Drita says she never talked about anyone. Another Lie. Karen starts yelling liar in the back. I know how Karen feels, it's hard to argue with a liar who makes things up and denies the truth. But then Renee tells Drita they have it on tape, she was talking about Sammy Gravano. She just saw it. We all saw it and heard it. Drita talks about Karen's family. Drita still insists she will not talk with Karen. Drita says "rats are always protected." Drita tells the producer she cannot sit with Karen at the table. She mentions Lee for some reason or excuse. I wish we could have heard a few words other than Lee. Drita says Karen makes up stories and Karen screams from the back that Drita made up stories about her father.

Drita off in the corner, talking about Sammy
and telling lies

Drita sits down again and says Karen lies so much she can't sit with her. But now we are going to see who the real liar is. The producer finally brings Karen back into the warehouse. Karen walks in and sits down next to Carla across from Drita. Karen wants to know why, in season 5, Drita is in a corner telling production she can't work with Karen and she shouldn't be on the show. Drita says "who told you that ? It's bullsh*t."  Meanwhile we all saw the video tape and it's up on Karen's timeline.  Drita brought up Karen's father and said she can't work with [the threat of] Sammy The Bull. He's gonna come out of jail with nothing and try to kill people. She won't put her family in harm's way. She says she will quit the show. You can see the video on Karen's twitter. Drita tells Karen she said she couldn't work with Karen because she brings up men. She even denies what's on tape! Karen says Drita is the one bringing up the men. Drita lies and says she didn't say it. Big surprise there. Karen said she heard it (and so did we, it's in the video tape). Who should we believe, Drita or our lying eyes and ears?

Marissa enters. Karen wants Marissa to clarify what was said about the men. Marissa says she never said Karen said anything. Marissa met with Drita and said she heard that Drita told someone that Lee talked to O.Z. and told him the girls should play nice. Marissa wanted to know from Drita if the conversation took place between Lee and O.Z. Drita never gave her an answer. Renee says Drita jumped the gun and accused Karen of saying it when she didn't. Brittany walks in. Why, I really don't know. This is going to be a waste of a couple of minutes we don't have to spare. Brittany says Renee has done nothing but talk about her family from day one. Renee says it's the way she is and it's something she has to work on. Renee says Brittany did the same thing, she talked against Drita one minute and then they are best friends the next. Brittany talked against Drita in the Hamptons without knowing her. Brittany says if Renee hadn't brought up her family maybe things would have gone differently. Marissa says through all the drama, at the end of the day, she had fun and wouldn't mind working with them again. Then Marissa and Brittany leave.

The Producer wants the four of them to do one more thing to wrap things up. Karen brings up Angela and her fight with cancer. Renee says Ang gave them a lot of laughs and she has a good spirit. They all miss Ang at the reunion and they all agree on one thing, they will all be there for Ang. Certain people will no longer be friends, but hey will all always be connected because they were on this show together.

There you have it!  Five years, six seasons of unbelievable drama. Many of us have been there from day one. We are going to miss our guilty pleasure. It's with sadness that we must close the book on a great show that was not only entertaining, but brought many of us together as friends. Jennifer Graziano had the vision to create an epic show and hopefully she will give us another before too long.
Here is a recent tweet if you missed it . . .

So stay tuned. If I know Jenn she will be making an announcement before very long!

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Mob Wives: First 5 Minutes of Reunion, Ep 611

And you can bet Karen will!

While the ladies are getting hair, makeup and wardrobe done, they are instructed to watch packages of footage. In the footage are clips from prior shows and things that did not make the cut for the show. As they watch, some can't believe what they are seeing for the first time. Karen, for one, is happy that fans are going to see some the real things that have been going on and hopefully it will expose some for the losers and liars they are. Drita says Karen got her father way too involved, which sets Karen off. Carla is disgusted and says Drita just makes up story after story, it's pathetic.

When Rock'em Sock'em Drita arrives, the security is told to be in place. She goes directly to her room, where her producer is waiting. Drita watches the package and sees Karen angry about being called a rat when she never ratted on anyone in her life. Karen says, she wants to talk about ratting, why not mention how everyone went to jail on account of her. Drita asks the producer, "what is that doing on there. That's not going to be on the show is it?" As she listens more closely she says, "OMG I didn't think they would air that." Then she gets very agitated and jumps up from her chair. She is ready to go to the Reunion. She doesn't want to watch people rip her apart. Instead she will go in there ready to fight.

Renee says the only people who don't like the truth are the ones telling lies. Karen says who is Drita, a fraud gangsta b*tch, who thinks she is the Boss of Staten Island. Drita says Karen is getting her face f*ckin' broke. Drita says, "You ain't gonna have no Reunion today, I will promise you that." It ends with Drita looking and sounding very nervous and in attack mode.

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Mob Wives: Recap "Season 6 Finale of The Last Stand" Ep 610

and Carla, Karen and Renee walk off to the Big Big BANG

while the cheese stands alone

I cannot believe this is the last show of the last season of Mob Wives! We started this blog almost 5 years to the day, just before season one premiered in April, 2011. It's been a long, long ride. It started with two friends who met online and wanted to write something together for fun. We got a whole lot more than a hobby out of it. We met and spoke with all the Mob Wives at one time or another, and the show's Executive Producer, Jennifer Graziano. We made friends with other diehard fans who shared our views and opinions and with many who didn't. It's been quite an experience to say the least. Thank you to all our loyal readers for sharing your thoughts on the show and it's cast week after week. We appreciate all of you. And now for the recap . . .

And away we go!

It's the last night of Renee's Ballroom dancing so she invited the girls to her recital. This is the new, improved Renee. In come Carla, Marissa, and Karen with a bouquet of flowers. AJ and his girlfriend arrive. Renee comes out with her instructor and they are doing the Rhumba! Renee seems a little nervous, but she performs flawlessly. Everyone is impressed with Renee's dancing skills. Renee is proud of herself. She is proving she can do anything. She thanks everyone for coming. It's great to see Renee really happy and enjoying life after all we have seen her go through. AJ's dancing idea was brilliant and I'm glad she listened to him. Now, if we could only get Dancing With the Stars to give her a call, we could get Renee back on our screens and give me something to blog about!


Ang's House. Drita arrives. She has that Orange Glow (not the furniture polish, at least I don't think so). Ang is making her coffee. Ang finds it hard to breathe since the lung surgery. Ang says she is trying to keep positive now that she found out she is cancer free. Without skipping a heartbeat, Drita tells Ang about the things Brittany told her that Karen said about Lee. Drita is "really really really pissed off." Ang says Marissa swears she never told Drita it was Karen who said the men (Lee and OZ) talked to each other about the girls playing nice. Drita is even more angry and thinks Marissa is out of her mother f*ckin' mind. Drita insists Marissa told her Karen said it. Too bad the world saw Marissa tell all the ladies, and then Drita herself, the story of the men talking and Karen's name did NOT come out of her mouth . . . it came out of Drita's! In fact the way I remember it is, Marissa tells Drita word on the street is the men were talking. Drita says, who could have put that out there? Not Renee, not Carla. I'll tell you who did it . . . Karen Gravano! Then Drita really loses it! Drita says this is my f*cking island [Staten Island]. Karen has to move and she says she will torture her until she moves. She's gonna kick her the f*ck out. Drita is screaming about Karen and Marissa like she is out of her mind. Now she is done with the two of them. Poor Ang. Does Drita ever think of anyone but herself? Seriously? She wants to go ape sh*t about Karen and Marissa in Ang's kitchen when she is still recuperating from her surgery, dealing with cancer and hates fighting? How about taking the petty problems that you created in your imagination, to Dr. Phil and leave Ang in peace? Maybe Dr. Phil can shrink her head?

Karen and Karina go driving. Karen wants Karina to get some practice parking. Karina isn't taking it too seriously. Karina looks at Karen more like a friend than a mother. Karen wants to know how she got her permit, she doesn't understand some of the basics, like parallel parking. Karen seems a little stressed, like my father when he tried to teach me to drive. Karen says because Karina is in the same school as Aleeya she is concern that this war with Drita is going to spread to the next generation. Karen here's a tip, send Karina to Driver's Ed and then get her extra driving lessons before you try teaching her anything.

Is this Marissa?

Drita's house. She even more orange now if that's possible. Maybe she ate too many carrots? Drita calls Marissa. When Marissa answers, Drita isn't sure who the hell she called because she is "bent." Who is this? Is this Marissa? she asks. Marissa is confused, the last time they talked they had a good conversation and now Drita is mad. Drita isn't even making any sense, just ranting on and on and on. Drita wants to meet up with Marissa, Brittany, Karen to find out who said what. Marissa wants to know why she needs her minion, Brittany, there? Drita calls Karen a rat. Marissa says you know you are hanging out with a family of rats, right? Drita is screaming in Marissa's ear the whole time with lots of cursing and threats.

Oooo you sound really mad, huh?

Marissa says her classic line "You sound really mad, huh?" All the 99 veins in Drita's head and neck are popping out. Marissa says she doesn't understand her Napoleon complex, if anyone should be mad it should be her because Drita has her name in her mouth. Drita goes on the rant of rants, screaming and cursing even more. All I know is someone in that crew needs to call 911 before she has a stroke. Drita wants the meeting to happen tomorrow and she is yelling at the cameraman and whatever crew happens to be there. I think they all should get hazard pay.

aka Brittany

"The Meeting." Drita and Brittany are driving to meet Karen and Marissa. Drita is bent out of shape. Still. She is going to show everyone what the f*ck Karen is all about. She is her boss. That's Drita's new game. Wait! What? Drita thinks she is Karen's boss? And get this, she is going to tell her what to do and what to say! Hell no! Karen tells Marissa that Drita can't win with her words because she is a liar, a fraud, and a snake. Karen says Drita will not disrespect her. If she wants to fight her she will fight her, but first they need to talk about it. They have a lot of history.  Marissa would respect Drita if Drita would say she thought she heard her say Karen's name, but if she didn't then it's her bad. I can guarantee that will never happen. Drita was the one who concluded it had to be Karen and we all saw it. And Drita can go back and rewatch the episode if she has any doubts now.

Meanwhile, Carla, who isn't at this meeting, is worried about the outcome, she thinks they are going to kill each other. Drita tells Brittany she is taking it old school, no more nice guy. Drita makes all kinds of threats on the way to the meeting. Tonight they are going to find out who the boss is. Karen says Drita can't deal with he truth. Karen says Drita doesn't want to fight Karen, she wants to fight the truth and she can't win. They all arrive at the restaurant.

Drita tells Brittany she welcomed Karen with open arms years ago. She is so mad now. Karen has been backstabbing, lying and talking about her and her husband. Karen says she let Drita into their world and the fact Karen knows her all too well terrifies her. Drita starts screaming as soon as Karen walks into the restaurant and calls her a rat. Marissa wants to have a conversation and tries to get one started about who said the men were talking. She barely gets started when Brittany starts verbally attacking Marissa trying to goad her into fighting. No one can get a word in with Brittany screeching and then Drita joining in. Karen and Marissa remain calm waiting for the conversation. Drita keeps yelling across the table at Karen. Karen keeps calling Drita a "dumb b*tch," saying she called the meeting but doesn't talk.

Drita screams at security that she doesn't need them there. She starts screaming at Karen. The "Fight" breaks out with Drita lungeing at Karen over the table and Brittany making a dive at Marissa. Security guards jump in and grab each of the women. Karen says the fact Drita just wants to fight and not talk proves she can't handle the truth. She doesn't want to hear the truth, she is a disloyal b*tch. Karen tells Drita she never ratted on anybody, if she did Lee would be in jail. Karen says no one likes Lee, they talk bad about him on the street, he cheats on Drita. Karen says she isn't scared of the truth. Karens yells to Drita, "You are irrelevant B*tch, I showed up to tell you that." Karen says Drita is all about the theatrics. Karen says she created a fake persona, fake green screen monster, gangster b*tch, lady boss. "She's a fake, fraud, rat b*tch." Drita says Karen came back to SI to make trouble and to talk about Drita and Lee. She is going to smack her and call her out every time she sees her. And then everyone goes their separate ways since no conversation will be happening.

Well, nothing came out of that at all. Drita is all worked up about things that never happened. She made up her mind Karen started the rumor between Lee and OZ, when she made it up. Karen did not come back to Staten Island to talk about Drita and Lee. She came back to be on the show to help her friend Jenn out because her name was the big draw for production and viewers. She came to have a platform and exposure for her book. She came back at great personal sacrifice of having to leave her daughter behind in order to be able to give her daughter a better life. She didn't come back to talk about Lee and Drita. If you read her book, they are barely mentioned in it. They are insignificant in the overall story of her life. I don't know how Drita can believe Karen would care enough about her and Lee to come back to Staten Island? In fact, all Karen tried to do was to talk to Drita and try to reestablish their friendship, but Drita wasn't having it. I think Drita felt jealous and threatened by Karen and maybe even guilty because she married her ex and never had the decency to tell her. But what do I know? Anyway, the finale tries to wrap up the loose ends in the last minutes. Frankly, we needed at least two more episodes to give us satisfaction and closure. This season was just too rushed.

Two months later.  Time to wrap things up.

Karina has been booked for a huge modeling gig and Karen has been focused on her daughter.  Karen says they are very close and she considers her her best friend. Karens says she doesn't speak to Drita since that night. Drita knows nothing about loyalty. Karen says she grew up in the lifestyle and now she understands it is about loyalty, a brotherhood and protecting your family. Those are the core values in life. She says she is connected to Renee, Ang and Carla by the lifestyle they grew up in. She wants her family to come together and be successful. Karen's crime? Giving the wrong people respect.

Renee is in the best place in her life that she has been in the last 6 years. She is going to keep moving forward. She says the group girls have been through so much, good times, bad times, ups and downs, some will remain friends and others won't. AJ is her entire world. She is impressed by her son. Renee says her crime is falling in love with the lifestyle that was made for men.

Carla says her life has changed so much the last 5 years. Her kids are her life. They are 13 now. She doesn't regret growing up in the lifestyle, but she doesn't want it for her kids. She just wants them to be successful and smart, and be their own person. Carla says she is extremely loyal. Her crime, being loyal to a fault.

Drita calls Lee down to dinner and we see a man come down the stairs, but they don't show his head. I think we've seen enough of Lee in the parking lot, don't you? Drita feels her family has been in the best place it's ever been. Drita says it's all about protecting your family. Drita says Karen is a back stabbing, story telling b*tch is irrelevant to her life. Ang was always a true friend to her. She doesn't want to change anything in her life right now. Drita's crime, staying in love with a former professional bank robber. (Gag).

Ending with Big Ang and her family, talking about the difficult road ahead with her health issues.

What's done, is done. And the Big Big Bang scene with Renee, Karen and Carla walking down the street, they stop for a second and turn to look at Drita who is off to the side, then turn back and continue walking! Drita is left standing alone. Is it me or did anyone else think Drita was sad, maybe even crying, before that scene was filmed?  In those few seconds the show really summed up everything. That was brilliant!

We would like to thank Executive Producer, Jennifer Graziano, for creating this show and putting everything she had into it. The concept was amazing and puts the other "housewife" shows to shame. And, we would like to thank Karen Gravano, Renee Graziano, Carla Facciolo, Angela Raiola and even Drita D'Avanzo for sharing their personal lives with us for five years, on and off the show. Renee and Ang especially shared some of the most difficult life experiences anyone can ever go through and they did it to help others. Karen kept it real. She is an open book. Her story, growing up as the daughter of the most notorious underboss in New York crime family history, is compelling. Carla, what can we say, you are loyal to a fault, we've all seen it. Ang will be missed by many more than just Mob Wives fans. She touched so many hearts beyond just the show. It's hard to believe she is really gone.

Thanks too to Ramona Rizzo and Love Majewski, who have the mob ties and history and brought a lot to the show.  They were only in the show a season or two, but they were always missed by fans.

Thanks to my blog crew: Mob Mistress, Underboss, and Carmela for all the help behind the scenes. This show helped bring us all together and that will not change now that it's coming to an end.

There are too many people on Twitter to name that have become part of "our team" so forgive me if I left your name out, Thanks to: DonDig, Tweetpolice, SpeakingRoses, MobBaby, Melissa, HeyYou, Victoria, Debbie, Stacey, Queen of Bitchville, Lala, ZB, Deliajt, John Simon, TLKjustice, Margaret, Gypsy and so many more "friends of ours" who are hoping for a season 7!

Don't forget, we still have the Reunion Show to look forward to. Stay Tuned!

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Mob Wives: A Raging Drita D’avanzo Calls Marissa Jade

Not that any of you particularly care, I am giggling and giggling and giggling up a storm.  Pun intended.  I just caught a glimpse of Drita D’avanzo screaming into her cell phone.  She was yelling so loud I almost didn’t notice her orange skin, slob attire, stringy greasy hair, hot pink lipstick and veins popping.  Before you Drans get your Mob Wives’ feelings all in an uproar, I specialize in slob attire daily.  I wear it.  Therefore, I can type about it.  My initial reaction after viewing this gem of a clip I thought:

 Is Drita D’avanzo on drugs something?

I mean really what in Staten Island is going on?  Moving along to my favorite part of this video is Marissa's nonchalant reaction.  I don’t know about you folks.  I think she deserves the Cool As A Cucumber Award.  You think I can get Chiara to order a golden cucumber award?

Anyhow watch the video for yourself.

Soooooo what’s your take on this phone chat?  Is Drita’s reaction normal, logical?  Is Marissa giving us tank top cleavage or what?  And finally why in the mob’s pits of Hell does Brittany need to meet up with them?  I thought this all started because folks were telling Marissa that Drita claims Lee D’avanzo talked to Jamie O.Z. asking the girls to play nice this season.  Marissa was up in arms because felons aren’t allowed to talk to one another on parole, probation or whatever the deal.  She was pissed that Drita would tell people that nonsense.  Karen expressed she should talk to Drita about it.  Marissa addressed the issue with Drita face-to-face and is bombarded with, “Karen….. Karen……she needs to keep my name…..fat….rat….obessed with Lee…..”

I don’t know about y’all.  I am looking forward tonight’s Mob Wives finale on VH1.  Then right after Mob Wives as Chiara is slaving away on the Mob Wives recap, I’ll be slipping a coke or Sonic Milkshake watching Underground on WGN America 10pm/9pm central.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mob Wives: Did Andrea Giovino Flip for Feds?

On last night's Mob Wives, Episode 9, "Drittany," Karen said, "Who knew Drita would flip this b*tch faster than the Feds flipped her mother?" And, as one would expect, both Brittany and her mother, Andrea Giovino took issue with Karen's statement and had a hissy fit. Having been a fan and blogger of the show from day one, I have not known Karen to lie about anything, especially about a sensitive subject like this. I blogged an episode of "I Married A Mobster," based on the life of Andrea Giovino, back in July 2011. According to what I remember of "Working Mom," Andrea seemed to admit she cooperated with the Feds. In fact, according to other sources and from Andrea's own words in her book and to CBS News, she seems to admit telling the Feds whatever she had to in order to stay out of prison. Below are some excerpts with the links to the source so you can read and decide for yourself.  Maybe someone owes Karen an apology?



From our blog dated 7/21/11 Right from "I Married A Mobster"  Working Mom Recap

"One day her brother tells her that a guy won’t or can’t pay back the loan. It was for $20,000. Andrea gets extremely upset. She tells her brother to get that money and do whatever he has to do. Her brother understands, so does law enforcement. The DEA hears her 1982 conversations through wire taps. Andrea and 22 other crew members were arrested.

The Feds take Andrea into an interrogation room. They know her history and all the mobsters she had been with. She can’t play dumb. The Feds say either she tells them everything she knows or she will be facing 10 years in prison. They play her the tapes they have, including some that have recorded threats on her life. If she goes to prison she is sure to lose her kids. The mob wanted her dead. So , Andrea tells the Feds everything she knows. Andrea cannot go into the witness protection program because she shares joint custody of one of her children with her ex-husband, and that child would not be allowed to enter."


Andrea's primary concern has always been her children.  She seemingly admits to cooperating with the Feds to keep custody of her babies. Her full story, including her dealings with the Feds are in her book.

See pages 232 and 233 from "Divorced From the Mob" By Andrea Giovino

You can find excerpts at this Amazon link by clicking "Look Inside"


Here is the episode of "Working Mom" if you've never seen it. Andrea says, "I wasn't being no stand up person for any of those scumbags."  When she faces prison and losing her kids she makes the decision to tell the Feds everything (18:30). By the end of the episode it sounds as though she cooperated for $75,000 and relocation to Pennsylvania.

So did Andrea cooperate, strike a deal, inform on mobsters and talk her husband and brother into cooperating in exchange for money and relocation?  Is that flipping?  You decide.

MM’s 2 cents on the matter:

I’ve kept silent on this matter because frankly I hold a lot of respect for Andrea Giovino.  She’s a woman who had guts, hustle and smarts to do what she needed to do for her family, especially her babies.  I am aware that Andrea is big on charity; helping down & out women get on their feet or ensuring children don’t miss out on a holiday.

I’m sure there is an end game/goal for Brittany Fogarty joining Mob Wives.  On production’s end, blonde eye candy and maybe Drita D’avanzo having someone to talk to besides Big Ang who had way bigger fish to fry.  Brittany’s goal may be exposure for something bigger.  Do I know for sure? No.  Do I know the operation of Brittany’s mind? No.

Frankly, I was floored in learning of Brittany Fogarty joining the Mob Wives franchise.  For reasons I am not comfortable to share, out of respect for private conversations.  For clarity, I’m not referring to any conversation with Brittany.

My take on Brittany Fogarty in regards to her Mob Wives scenes only:

She’s seemingly has become Drita’s puppet.  It’s comical for me to see her one minute tell Karen, “….no one tells me what to do….”  Then see her with Drita slurping up  the advice to tell Carla this and Renee that. In conclusion, Karen Gravano isn’t lying about Andrea Giovino giving the Feds information.  It’s not a secret.  What I don’t understand is the denial about what has been well documented.  Oh the irony continues.

Mob Wives: Recap "Drittany," Ep 609

Another Steakhouse wasted, but I'm getting ahead of myself.

Carla and Renee go visit Ang now that she is home from the hospital, to keep her spirits up. Carla brings a tray of fish to warm up. Thank God it wasn't her escarole and beans dish.  Ang has her hair and makeup done. Karen arrives. Ang is in pain, but wants to cook for them. She tells them the doctors took more of the lung because it was deeper than they thought. She credits Neil for being there for her, sleeping the chair every night. She says it's so painful. They hope she doesn't need chemo. Karen tells them her father was denied early release. She has been stressed out going through this process all year. Karen feels the judge is just denying him because he is Sammy "The Bull" and nothing comes easy for him. They all enjoy Carla's meal. I hope she brought her Prosecco wine to go with it!

Giselle is turning 8 and all she wants is another puppy. Drita tells Lee she bought her a one and a half pound puppy. Aleeya and Giselle get home from school. Drita hides the puppy in all Giselle's stuff animals on the sofa. At first she can't even see it. She screams when she finally sees the puppy move. Drita is giving her full responsibility for taking care of the dog.

Brittany is at the park meeting up with Karen. Karen tells her about her visit with her father and how he was denied his early release. Brittany feels Karen has had it worse than she has, living in her father's shadow. The subject of Drita comes up. Again Karen explains how Drita should have come to her if she had an issue, not gone to Brittany. They made a pack at the warehouse not to talk about each other any more. But, of course, Drita is not true to her word and goes to Brittany to talk about her. Karen wishes Brittany would have shut her down and told her to talk to Karen about it. Brittany says she didn't realize they had a 25 year history. Brittany doesn't want to be part of any conflict between Karen and Drita. And Karen says the same way Drita should have gone to her, she thinks Brittany should sit down and talk to Renee and Carla about her issues. Brittany doesn't want to be instigated. Karen says their fathers are friends and she should sit down with the ladies and make this better. Brittany doesn't have a good attitude even though she says she will talk to them. Just what we needed on the show, a Drita wanna be.

Karen is motivated to do something with her father's artwork. She has taken all of it to the curator of a museum to look at. She really wants to show the world there's a different side to her father. The curator is very impressed with is work and the detail. Karen wants to do an exhibit and the curator is willing to show his work. She wants to select the pieces with Karen for a VIP opening. Karen is excited.

I wonder what Sammy was 
thinking when he painted this one.

Ang is at the doctor for a check up. The doctor says she will be in pain for a while. He goes over her pathology report. He says she had lung cancer, but no lymph nodes were involved so she doesn't need chemo or radiation at this point. She will have to get regular scans to monitor her health. Ang is so happy she wants to go celebrate being cancer free. I am still in shock over Ang's passing. Every medical report that we heard was positive and yet her disease progressed so fast. It's surreal to watch her on the show knowing she is gone.

Drita's still flapping her gums.
Who's immature?

Drita meets up with Brittany where she supposedly works, a pastry store. They talk about how great the fashion show went. Brittany fills her in about her meeting with Karen. Drita calls Karen a liar. Drita says Karen was cute when she was younger and got a lot of attention for being daughter the underboss. Drita says she will not talk to her about Karen. Brittany says she is going to talk to Carla and Renee. Drita says Carla is the most immature f*cking person. Well, as long as she doesn't talk about the ladies behind their backs, right? Brittany doesn't want Carla's face in her face giggling. Brittany says they have a stick up their asses because she is friends with Drita. I guess Brittany will never get that the others are trying to warn her to watch her back. They've all been burned in the past. Drita is not friend material. But, she will probably have to learn that lesson the hard way.

Renee goes for another ballroom dance lesson. She enjoys dancing, likes her partner and gets a few laughs out of it.

Sammy's Incredible Art

Carla doesn't know what Brittany's problem is

Ang thinks they have to resolve it

Karen tells the others Brittany wasn't invited
to the Art Show

The day of Sammy's exhibit arrives. It's a full house. Carla and Ang show up. Karina is there. Ang is very impressed with the sketches. Marissa arrives. Ang tells them she is so excited, she is cancer free. No chemo! Carla is so happy to hear Ang's news. They all have a drink. Storm goes over and kisses Karen. He always has her back. He supports her dreams and vision and he supports her supporting her father. Karen says she didn't invited Brittany so the exhibit would be drama free. After meeting her the other day she still has issues with Carla, Renee and Marissa. Ang still thinks this should be resolved with a little sit-down. Carla really doesn't understand how Brittany thinks she is an instigator. Karen wants Brittany to tell them to her face what her problem is. Time to break bread or break heads?

Here's Brittany

Carla's Bullet
Available @ MobCandy Store

The women, Karen, Renee, and Carla meet at DeStefano's Steakhouse in Brooklyn, to have a chat with Brittany. What a waste of a good meal. You know this isn't going to end good.  Carla is wearing a "bullet" on her necklace and Renee jokingly asks if she is "looking to shoot somebody tonight? Shoot to kill honey."  They are waiting for Brittany, who struts in a minute later. Renee wants to resolve their issues out of respect for Karen and Carla really wants to hear what she has to say before she takes a bite of steak. Karen is happy and pleasant, and tells Brittany she was telling the women about the fashion show and what Brittany did a great job. Renee adds her dig, "Sorry we missed it," knowing she wasn't invited on purpose. Brittany says it wasn't personal, she just wanted the experience to be positive. Renee says she was a little insulted.

Renee tries to break it down and explain to Brittany

Renee is annoyed because Karen asked her to accept Brittany and not cause problems, and she went against what she believed in because Karen is her friend. She welcomed her into her home and would have never caused a problem at her event. Brittany responds saying she just didn't want to hear anything about Marissa, her temper, and she feels every time they are together it's been brought up. Brittany implies that she fought with Marissa because of things that Renee and Carla said to her. Renee gets angry. There is no way Brittany is going to blame her or Carla for her wanting to fight Marissa. Brittany starts to mention the things Marissa called her and how Renee and Carla kept bringing it up, like the "flip-flopper" comment. Big Ang walks into the restaurant!

Who said "flip-flopper?"

I did. I said it.
Mystery solved, or is it?

Carla says Angela was the one who said that Marissa called Brittany a flip-flopper, not her. Am I wrong? I love when Carla uses that expression! Ang goes over to sit with the ladies and says she hears a lot of yelling going and wants to know what's up. She wants them to make up and move on, all this arguing is crazy. Carla is glad to see Ang because she wants to clear something up. Ang immediately admits to being the one who said Marissa called Brittany a flip-flopper. Brittany answers they both said it. Brittany asks Carla if she is acting like she didn't say it. Renee and Carla are frustrated. Carla thinks Brittany is dense and can't get it through her head that it wasn't her or Renee who repeated what Marissa said, it was Ang. Brittany says she gets the vibe that Renee and Carla instigated the fight. Carla says that doesn't make sense. Brittany says at the baseball game Carla made a joke about the fight saying that's what happens when you stand up. Carla says she wasn't making a joke. Brittany keeps insisting it's her right to decide who instigated her into wanting to fight Marissa. Carla said she was just trying to give her advice, not laughing. Carla adds, she, Karen and Renee were trying to tell her how to have a conversation with Marissa, not fight with her. Brittany says everyone thinks Drita pumped her up, but she says she felt most aggravated after speaking to Renee and Carla. Sounds like Brittany's mind is made up and no talking, explaining or common sense is going to fix that.

Karen tries  to get the conversation back on track
so they can accomplish something

Karen starts to say maybe this whole thing was a misunderstanding, but Brittany cuts her off saying maybe they just can't handle that she likes Drita.  Everyone says it's not about Drita at all. Renee says she doesn't care if Drita drops dead tomorrow. They don't like each other. Karen has a long history of bad blood with her. Renee says before making friends with someone and defending them you should get to know them first. No one cares if she is friends with Drita, that's not the point of this conversation. However, no matter what anyone says, Brittany is stuck on their issue being her friendship with Drita. They insist they don't care if she is friends with Drita. Carla mentions the word teacher. Brittany starts screaming who is my teacher? She turns to Carla and says maybe Drita was your teacher for three years. Carla gets irritated, she doesn't know anything about her friendship with Drita.

Brittany has had enough and walks out

Then Brittany says, "This is who I am you can takeout or f*ckin' leave it." Brittany gets up, things get louder. "Teacher, my ass." Everyone gets up. Brittany says to Carla, "you went hard for Drita for three years." Brittany says her friendship with Karen is done. Karen says she wants to tell Brittany something as she leaves. Karen says she should have listened to Renee from the get go. "Who knew Drita would flip this b*tch faster than the Feds flipped her mother?" Renee gets the satisfaction of being right.

Drita and Brittany meet in the park. Brittany is fed up and she is about to unload it all on Drita. Karen never told her not to like Drita. Drita says they always talk behind her back. Brittany tells her all the things Karen said about Lee in the boutique that ended with  "tell her, tell her, tell her." Drita goes ballistic. Drita promises to give Karen the beating of a lifetime. She is going to break Karen's jaw. Karen Gravano is dead, dead, dead. How many times have we heard that threat?

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