Friday, November 28, 2014

Mob Wives: Natalie Guercio Can’t Stand Black People?

Gnat sees black people.

VH1 has a massive audience which includes a good portion of black people.  They may want to have a chat with a cast member or two.

Disclaimer:  I am not a voice analyst. I cannot put my hand on the bible and swear it’s Natalie Guercio a.k.a. Princess Funeral Home a.k.a. South Philly Molly a.k.a. Gnat.  In my humble opinion it sure in the Hell sounds like Princess Funeral Home.  My opinion doesn’t effect the truth or the lie.


Let me ask you, does it sound like Natalie Guercio to you?  Did the female voice call the lady burnt motherf@#ker before using the derogatory slur?

The Grazianos have some black family members.  Karen Gravano has a beautiful daughter Karina with David Seabrook who is black.  I wonder what Mob Wives Renee Graziano has to say about this?  We receive this recording from a young gentleman last year in December 2013.  I had interviewed the young man and in the process of typing up the interview when he had a tantrum about the interview not getting posted fast enough.  I don’t do disrespect well plus I do have a life beyond this blog.  So the interview never went up.  It’s slow around here.  So, I decided to revisit the use of the N-word due to season 5 airing soon.

Turn in December 3, 2014 to VH1 to catch Mob Wives season 5 and remember to Trust No One.  There is always a positive to a negative, she’s not a cop.  Oh Hell, but her brother is, right?!

Mob Wives: Natalie DiDonato is the Gnat Slayer!

Posing for MobCandy in the Super Trailer

Boxing and ready to "knock her chicklets out! . . . she's 
gonna need new teeth when I'm done with her!"

 . . . so who is this new Natalie?

If you watched the Mob Wives super trailer, you got a glimpse of a brand new Natalie! Her name is Natalie DiDonato and she comes from Philly. As far as I can tell from the clips we saw, Natalie appears to be the new model for Renee’s Mob Candy business. Natalie also seems to be a live wire and she is gunning for someone. I have it on good authority that she will be going after the “old” Natalie, or as we like to call her “Gnat.” If that’s the case, then we have even more to look forward to than I thought.

Natalie may redeem Philly!

Friends of Natalie have already been congratulating her on her new “role” on her facebook page. Here are a few tweets about the super trailer, see for yourself.

and Natalie's reply

She says she is bringing it, 
and we are counting on it!
(bye, bye Gnat . . .swat!)

So will we enjoy the new Natalie? I think so! What is her beef with the old "Gnat?" I don't know the answer to that yet, but she looks serious . . . serious enough to make even Drita sit up and take notice! We can't wait to "meet" Ms. Natalie DiDonato. And Natalie, if you are reading this, lets have a sit down!

Picture Credit: VH1, Natalie's Facebook, Natalie's Twitter

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Mob Wives: Season 5 PREMIERE Sneak Peek

Renee is packing and leaving

In this first sneak peek of season 5, Renee is packing and she has a lot to say about the cast, all uncensored. Renee is not speaking to any of the girls and says she has been stressed out all summer. Last time she talked to Drita she wanted to crack Renee's head for talking to Karen. That relationship took a hit. Renee says even Natalie, who she brought into the group and gave her a job, betrayed her and turned her own friends against her. And Ang, who has been in Renee's life for 20 years and is supposed to be family, is giving Renee the cold shoulder. They say "keep your friends close and your enemies closer" but Renee is walking away from everybody. She doesn't know who is her friend and who is her enemy. I think she does.

Renee is flying the friendly skies . . . 
but where is she going?

Pictures and Video Credit VH1

Mob Wives: Season 5 SUPER Trailer!

Karen doesn't want anyone f*cking with her family!

Who the hell is lying? Who's the f*ckin' rat? Where's the loyalty? Who can you trust? These are just some of the questions that will be answered in season 5 of Mob Wives. I asked Karen about season 5 before viewing the trailer and this is what she had to say . . .

So I say, "We can expect fireworks?"

So here we go . . . the Super Trailer!

Ang's cousin is facing life in prison
thanks to Junior's testimony!
(And her son, AJ, says he is going to jail)

Renee's son, AJ, has been in an accident, 
he can't walk from the pain!

Karen doesn't want any b*tches in her house!

Somebody got on Karen's last nerve!
I think it was the Gnat!

Big Ang goes to get advice from
Victoria Gotti, the boss of bosses!

A NEW Natalie who is gunning for someone!
I think it's Gnat!

"Rat" fight between Ang and Renee!!!

And now, the Super Trailer!

What do you think????  Stay tuned for Mob Wives Season 5 premiere on Wednesday, December 3rd at 9 PM ET! Do not miss this season, it promises to be the BEST!

Special thanks to The Don (@dondig) for the link!

Picture and Video Credit: VH1    

Friday, November 21, 2014

Mob Wives: Big Ang Promises Explosive Season 5

Catching up with Big Ang who says she is sticking to one location for the Drunken Monkey, it's just too hard to run multiple locations. As for her Big Ang wine, that doing great and eventually she will be doing a cookbook. She also has a charity for breast cancer awareness that is doing well. She finally realized having another baby is out of the question. Why? Because both her kids are having babies again and with 5 grandchildren she thinks that's enough. 

Ang says this season will be very different than all the rest. New faces! Fans can expect a lot of excitement, a lot of drama and a lot of arguing. 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mob Wives: Natalie's Talking, Who's Listening?

Karen is not impressed with Natalie . . .

and neither am I. I tried listening to Natalie's video twice so I could write a little blog on what she had to say. Sorry, I couldn't pick up on anything relevant. You'll have to listen for yourself, if you care. Natalie is not a Mob Wife. Natalie is a cosmetician for a funeral home. We don't even know if she does a good job at it. Her clients are dead, so they cant complain. Natalie's brother is a cop. How does a cop's sister belong on Mob Wives? She doesn't.

I am more interested in what Renee and Karen think about Natalie. Renee says she is "trash." Karen says she is a Fake Wife, a cheap imitation. She says, Natalie isn't a gangster, she's a f*cking fraud. But I don't think Natalie is Karen's target. Maybe Karen will teach her a little lesson about respect and not running her mouth. Maybe she'll help her pack her bags and ship her back to Philly?  Here is Natalie's video.

Mob Wives: Drita's Life With Lee

Married life agrees with Drita

Drita answers some question about season 5. Her life seems to be going well. She says she is getting along with her husband, Lee D'Avanzo. Now she has the family life she has always wanted. She is still rapping. Her stores, "Lady Boss" are doing well and it sounds like she is fulfilling her promise to her girls and building them that empire. As for season 5, Drita says there will be many surprises. We will learn things about the cast we didn't know and see another side of them. That should be interesting! 

If you want to know what Lee is doing since he got out of prison, he opened a store in Staten Island that sells sports trading cards and memorabilia. It's called Mr. Lee's.

And listen to what else Drita has to say:

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mob Wives: Renee Sees Real Betrayal

". . . and Natalie, what can I say, she's f*cking trash."

Renee definitely looks a lot happier this season. Why? She has Karen, who she can trust with anything and knows she is 100% loyal. Last season Renee had no one to turn to. Renee says she sees betrayal in the other girls, and that includes Big Ang. I'm not surprised. I always saw it. "Switzerland" was never neutral. Drita was always a flip flopper. And I have to agree with Renee when she says Natalie is trash. No one mentions Alicia, but I'll bet she shows up at some point. Things are starting to heat up. Stay tuned for the real "Supertrailer" Monday, November 24th.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mob Wives: "You Talked Me Up B*tches"

"You talked me up b*tches"

Well Karen is back and she is having her say about season 5! If this is any indication of what we are going to see in season 5 well just watch out! Karen speaks with total confidence and an agenda.

Karen doesn't like the way Renee was treated last season. Now she is back and is going to show them that the realest b*tch is back! The show is called Mob Wives NOT Fake Wives. She is not happy with "that f*ckin' chick had to ride on her coattails and pop her name" in episode one of season 4. We all know Karen is referring to Alicia. Karen says they all hate her but they can't stop talking about her. Karen doesn't know Natalie, but says she is irrelevant. She's a nobody that got lucky enough to get on a television show. Karen is going to make sure Natalie's 5 minutes of fame is up . . . like now.

Get More: Mob Wives 5

Mob Wives: JustJenn's Australian Spin-off?

Jenn's not just slicing eggplant!

Rumors have been circulating for weeks now about an Australian spin-off of Mob Wives. Who could imagine, with all the American cities and their mob history, that Jenn would go "down under" to produce a new show? Well, it's really starting to look like we are going to get a new spin-off. There is a facebook page already started for it Mob Wives Aussie Tour 2014. And right there, in black and white, it says the show is being produced by SGM, JustJenn Productions, and Merch-Me-Up. But, that's not all. Jenn just tweeted me today that she is going to Australia! No she never elaborates. She lets me twist in the wind and then speculate. Here is the brief exchange on twitter

And then she leaves me hanging!

But that's not all. It seems Renee also took a trip to Australia last year.

and how about this?

So is there going to be a new show starring Australian Mob Wives?  My guess is YES! Now, I after doing a little research I found and Australian source with some background information. Here is the link to their article: Hit and Misses!  Stay Tuned!

Mob Wives Season 5 premieres Wednesday, December 3rd at 9 PM ET . . . BE THERE!