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Mob Wives: BONUS Clip Ep 7 "Joint Custody"

The bonus clip from episode 7 is a little sitdown between Carla and Joe about custody of the kids. Carla went to see her attorney and automatically assumes she should get full custody of the kids. Joe wants to know why he can't have 50% custody. Carla tries to explain to him that if he has the kids half the time he will have to pay her more money. Joe tells "brains" that if he has 50% custody he would be paying less child support. Carla is lost in the legal verbiage. What else is new? Then Carla compliments the house and decor. Joe says Raquel decorated it. Carla makes a face as though someone just passed gas next to her. So much for her apology to Raquel in episode 7. Carla just won't give the girl a chance! And, once again Joe speaks negatively of Carla, yet the other day he said editing makes good things look bad...and I say, it's not the editing that makes Carla look bad, it's Carla.

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Mob Wives: Sneak Peek Ep 8 Time & Punishment

Ramona decides to announce her engagement to all her friends. She thinks joe will get bail and they can get married. Everyone is thrilled and congratulates her...everyone except Karen, who feels she is in the Twilight Zone. Karen's family has dealt with her father's incarceration and she doesn't want that life for Ramona. Karen is upset and exercises some tough love, trying to get Ramona to see the reality of what this decision means. Even Big Ang can't stop herself from agreeing with Karen because she knows the charges that are pending against Joe are serious. What do you think? Should Ramona take a second look before she leaps?

Meanwhile, if you missed it, check out Mob Mistress's thoughts about the engagement and wedding at Ramona Rizzo's Wedding

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Mob Wives: Drita Talks About Life With Lee

Drita is interviewed by ABC about how things are going in her life. She talks about how well things are going with Lee. She explains how and why she has made an effort to change in season three. And, she says she is working on a book which will be full of surprises. What struck me most is how happy and relaxed Drita is these days. When she jokes about fighting, she is really joking. It's very refreshing to me to see her as this "new and improved" person and I am enjoying it. What do you think of the new Drita? Is this a permanent change? I tend to believe it is. In any case best of luck to Drita in her marriage, her new book and all her business ventures. Looks like she is going to keep her promise to her girls and build that empire for them.

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Mob Wives: Joe & Carla Unhappy With "Reality?"

It seems that after episode 7, “No Love Lost” aired Sunday night, both Joe and Carla were venting about editing. According to them, editing is slanted to show the negative, but not the positive, in an effort to create “drama,” which is what the viewers want. So even though Joe had some pretty negative statements to make against Carla on the air, on Twitter he often comes to her defense. Carla was also a little vocal about the way a particular scene went down, indicating that she said some positive things to Drita that were cut. Here is what Joe had to say:

There is no question that after filming hours of video for 40 minutes of television, a lot is going to get cut. The question is, does the editing change or manipulate the “reality” so we see what they (the producers) want us to see OR are the cast members playing up the drama for more air time, even if it’s not how they really feel. Joe seems to talk about Carla one way on television and another on his timeline. It’s confusing. Maybe it’s a little of both. Maybe editing doesn’t give a balanced view, but a skewed view of certain situations. It could be a time issue, a drama issue, or a storyline issue, if producers want things to go a certain way. Here is what Carla had to say:

I’m sure this is the case with all reality shows and every cast member has probably been a victim to editing at one time or another. I specifically recall one scene that I found totally unbelievable and I blamed it on editing. It was the scene where Karen had a sit down with Carla and she went from angrily getting in her face to saying let’s be friends in a couple of minutes. Something was definitely cut out of that scene because it was so uncharacteristic of Karen and it made her look ridiculous. It would be interesting to have cast members talk about their issues with editing, but I’m sure that subject is taboo. Besides, if they complain, it’s comes down to biting the hand that pays them. Meanwhile, we always have their “vents” on Twitter to rely on. Who will be editing’s next victim? Stay tuned.

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"The Walking Dead: I Ain't No Judas" EP recap

Inside the prison, the crew regroups after a surprise attack by the Governor. Daryl and Merle have joined the crew. Rick and Glenn think that they should stay at the prison and Hershel disagrees. The crew is debating what the best course of action is. Merle is locked in a separate cell, telling the group they should’ve left when they had the chance and that the Governor probably has scouts set up along the road. “I ain’t scared of that prick,” Daryl chimes in. “You should be,” Merle replied.  “That truck through the fence thing? That’s just him ringing the doorbell!” Maggie yells that they should put Merle in a separate cell since it’s all his fault. Beth says it doesn’t matter whose to blame at this point and to just come up with a conclusion. Hershel says they can’t sit there and wait for more people to die. Rick storms off before Hershel gets up and yells at him to get back. He tells Rick that he’s slipping away and they all know why and understand; “You once said this isn’t a democracy, you have to own up to it! I put my family’s life into your hands….so get your head clear and do something!” Rick goes outside in a gated small area to check the prison. He takes out his binoculars and looks at the yards and in the woods….he thinks he sees something go behind a tree. Carl comes out. “Dad, can I say something and promise me you won’t get mad?” “I won’t get mad,” Rick replies. “You should stop….stop being the leader,” Carl explains; “Let Hershel and Daryl handle things…you deserve a rest.” Carl walks away, with Rick taking in what he just said.

The crew looking on....
Back in the Governor’s officer, Milton is filling out paperwork. “We have several people with chronic conditions…it gets us about 26…” “Include men and women over age 13,” The Governor demands. “That’s about 35-36 then,” Milton replies. “Make sure they all have sidearms and ammo. We’ll have Martinez train with them when he’s ready.” Andrea pops in the room and demands to know what happened at the prison. “You said no retaliation!” she yelled. “They shot us…I don’t know who these people were when you were with them but they’re bloodthirsty!” Andrea demands Milton if he knew. Milton said he didn’t know anything until this morning. The Governor warns Andrea not to drag Milton into this. “This is between you and me….” Andrea continues; “I am sick of the lies, and I’m not going to watch this town and my friend gun each other down….I don’t know what you’re trying to prove but enough is enough!” The Governor said it was too late. Andrea says she’ll go to the prison herself and needs one car. The Governor said the roads are blocked and it’s too dangerous. “Andrea, you go to that prison, stay there.” The Governor warns. Andrea walks outside and observes the guards are supplying equipment to the people. A woman is arguing with Martinez on how her son is only 14 and has severe asthma. “The Governor wants everyone with a gun in front of the town hall, now!” Martinez commands. The woman calls Andrea over. “They want Noah to fight,” The woman told her. “What fighting?” Andrea said to Martinez; “I thought you’re teaching these people to defend themselves?” Martinez tells Andrea to wake up and they will defend with an army.

Back in the prison, Rick commands Maggie “eyes up, head down,” as she takes her gun and goes on guard. Rick said the yard they once cleared is infested with walkers. The crew is debating what to do next. “We can’t access the field without burning through our bullets,” Hershel said. Glenn says that they are trapped with little food and ammo. “We’ll go through this again,” Daryl said. “That was before there was a rat in the nest!” Glenn spews back. “Merle is staying, he’s with us….get used to it, all y’all!” Daryl snaps as he walks away. Glenn and Rick argue about Merle living with them. Hershel tells them that not only does Merle have military experience but also has his loyalty to Daryl. Glenn still thinks of using Merle as a bargaining chip to trade off with the Governor in exchange for a truce. Back in Merle’s cell, Hershel hobbles in to talk to him. “You’re the farmer, Hershel.” “And you’re the black sheep, Merle.” Merle asks about his leg. Hershel said he was bit and Rick hacked off his leg to save his life. “He gave me more time with my girls and gave you more time with your brother,” Hershel said. Hershel pulls out a pocket Bible he found in a cell. Hershel admits to losing his way in faith and began quoting: “if you’re right hand defends you, cut it off, and cast it from you; word is profitable that one of your men lose…..” “And with that, their bodies should be cast into hell…Matthew, 5:29 and 30,” Merle finished: “Woodbury had a damn fine library…one of the only things I miss about it.” Merle explained that if the Governor returns, he will kill everyone one by one and save Rick for last. “This is who you guys are dealing with.”

Back in Woodbury, The Governor observes a small group of Woodbury citizens. Milton tells the Governor about an old woman: “This is Mrs. McCloud, she’s the one with the arthritis.” The Governor tells her “thank you dear, we’ll find another way you can help us.” Andrea chirps that Noah has asthma. The Governor asks him if he ever shot a gun. He says he had a BB gun but his mom took it away. “Then you’re going to learn from the best!” The Governor replies.

A new Merle?
Back in the prison, Carol walks over the Daryl’s cell. “Haven’t had a chance to say glad you came back!” Carol said. “To all this?” Daryl said. “This is our home,” Carol said. “It’s a tomb,” Daryl replied. Carol said that T-Dog said the same thing and she thought it was the same until Daryl found her. She also advises him that Merle isn’t good for him and to not let Merle bring him down because he’s come so far.

Back in Woodbury, Andrea demands Milton about whether or not that he knew about the prison incident. Andrea asks Milton to cover for her because the Governor can’t know about it. Milton says he doesn’t want to get involve and it’s not worth getting into. Andrea tells Milton Woodbury has turned into an armed camp with child soldiers: “is this what all your work is for?” she asks. “Please, help me get out of here! I can’t take a car, they won’t open the gate…I need to speak to Rick!” Milton says that it’s a betrayal. Andrea says it’s to keep the peace and prevent more people getting killed. Back in the officer, the Governor checks out his severely scarred eye. Milton knocks on the door and walks in. “You asked me to keep tabs on her,” Milton said: “she’s going back to the prison and has requested my assistance in escaping, her words, not mine.” The Governor tells him to help her. Milton asks if this is some sort of test. The Governor tells him to help her anyway and that he did good work on keeping tabs.

In the woods, Milton is hiding behind a tree, trying to bait a walker in with a pole “walker holder”. He calls for Andrea. As Milton holds him down, Andrea hacks off both the walkers arms. She then puts a rock under the walkers mouth and uses her boot to smash off it’s jaw. Another walker walks towards them before Andrea hacks it. Andrea grabs the walker holdin’ pole and uses it to defend her and Milton as another walker approaches. Tyrese jumps out and stabs it. The rest of Tyrese’s crew follow.

"Oh, that's naaastay!" (copyright Cleveland Brown)
Back in the cell, Michonne is working on her pushups and Carol is getting food when Merle takes a seat next to her. “Smart to stay fit,” he remarks. Michonne continues working out without saying a word. Merle continues that if they are going to be living under the same roof, that Michonne has to understand that Merle hunting her down was strictly business and he was just following orders. “Hmph, like a Gestapo?” Michonne asks. “Exactly,” Merle replies. “I’ve done a lot of things I’m not proud of, before and after…anyways, hope we can get past it…let bygones be bygones,” he says.

Back in the woods, Milton explains to Tyrese and crew that the walker bait was used as a tactic. One of Tyrese’s men asks if they have a camp. Andrea and Milton talk about Woodbury. Tyrese asks if they take people in. Milton says he will take Tyrese and the crew back to Woodbury and Andrea will go onto the prison. Tyrese asks Andrea if she needs an extra hand. “Nope, I’m good!” she replies and heads to the prison.
Taking a page out of Michonne's book
Back in the prison, Carl is using binoculars to help Maggie patrol. He tells Maggie there’s something “weird out there”. Maggie looks through her scope and sees that it’s Andrea. Maggie tells Carl to get Rick and the others. Andrea walks through the yard up to the prison gate in a sea of walkers. Rick and crew immediately run out, guns drawn, ready to attack. “Are you alone?” Rick demands. Andrea yells to open the gate. Daryl and Merle open the gate and immediately, Rick tells her to turn around, searches her and makes her kneel with her hands up. Andrea says she’s alone. Michonne is taken aback at the sight of Andrea. “Welcome back, now get up,” Rick tells her. Andrea walks in the prison cell and is greeted by open arms with Carol. The whole crew surrounds Andrea as Andrea takes in her new surroundings and the state of the group. She asks about Shane, Lori and T-Dog. The group remains silent. Hershel tells her that Lori did have a baby. “You all live here?” Andrea asks. She asks if she can go in. Rick refuses to let her in. “We had that whole yard and area cleared until your boyfriend drove through with a truck and shot us all up!” he exclaims. “He said you fired first!” Andrea said. “He shot first,” Rick said. The crew tells her he also shot Axel, whom they’ve come to like. Andrea says she didn’t know anything and as soon as she found about the shootout, she came to the prison as soon as she could. Andrea then storms to Michonne and asks her what she told the group. “Nothing,” Michonne replies. “I don’t get it…” Andrea remarks. “I’m the odd man out?” “He almost killed us and Michonne…” Glenn remarked. Andrea points the finger at Merle and how he almost beat Glenn to death. Andrea says she cannot excuse what “Philip” has done but Rick doesn’t want to hear it. “We’re going to kill him,” Rick says. “I don’t know how or when, but we will.” Andrea still thinks they can settle this. Merle says she should know better. Hershel asks Andrea about the possibilities of Philip negotiating. Andrea doesn’t know. Daryl chimes in that one of them will take out his other eye and that they are ready to take him down. Andrea tells Rick that if he doesn’t attempt to sit down with the Governor, she doesn’t know what will happen and the crew has already lost enough. Rick says that if she’s want to help, to help get the crew in and Rick storms off.

The once quiet prison yards filled up again
Back in the prison, Andrea is seething at Michonne and is accusing her of “poisoning Rick”. Michonne just said she was telling the truth. “I didn’t choose him over you, I wanted a life! You became hostile!” Andrea said. “Because I could see it,” Michonne replied; “you were under his spell from the moment you laid eyes on him…you still are…what about these people? I didn’t realize the Messiah complex was contagious.” “Go to hell,” Andrea said. “He sent Merle to kill me,” Michonne continued: “He would’ve killed you too if you came along with me. You chose a warm bed over a friend…that’s why I went back to Woodbury. Exposed him for what he is. I knew it would hurt you.” Andrea glares at her as she walks away. Andrea then begins breaking down.

Back in Woodbury, the Governor welcomes Tyrese and the gang to Woodbury and provides them fresh clothes, food and water but mentions that they need to keep the equipment and ammo to “gear up for war”. One of Tyrese’s friends noticed that the town recently took a hit. “It wasn’t by biters, it was by dangerous people out there,” The Governor remarked. “They came at us a few days ago.” Milton mentions that there were fatalities. The crew mentions they ran into a “whackjob at a prison”. “You saw him?” The Governor says. Tyrese said everything was okay until the “leader” came back and shoved a gun in his face. The crew tells the Governor how they found the prison and used it for shelter but Rick screamed at them to get out. The Governor suggests they get some rest and talk it over.

Back in the prison, Andrea walks up to Carol, whose holding Judith, to hold the baby. Andrea holds the baby in her arms and coos to her. “What happened to Lori?” Andrea asks Carol. Carol said Maggie had to do the C-Section and Carl had to shoot her. She also tells her about how T-Dog risked his life for Carol and that back at the farm, all hell broke loose when Shane tried to kill Rick. “But Shane loved Rick!” Andrea remarks. “Shane loved Lori,” Carol replied. Carol suggests to Andrea to give him the night of his life and while he’s sleeping, she can end his life. Andrea has to go back to Woodbury so she gets in a car and tells everyone to take care. Rick gives Andrea a handgun and tells her to be careful. Merle opens the gates so she could drive off.

A secret plan 
It’s nighttime in Woodbury when a vehicle approaches the guarded gates. One of the guards shines a light at Andrea and commands her to have her hands up. They notice it’s Andrea and let her in. Andrea walks back in the Governor’s room where he’s sitting in a chair. “I went to the prison. They’re broken, living in horrible conditions.” Andrea says. “Michonne and Merle there? Rick?” The Governor asks. Andrea says they are. Andrea said her coming back to Woodbury was her call. The Governor asks why. Andrea doesn’t reply. The Governor gets out of his seat and caresses her face. “It’s because you belong here,” he replies, embracing and kissing her.

Back in the prison, the crew are sitting and standing around a lantern. Rick comes out holding Judith. Beth begins singing a song. Rick walks up to Hershel and Daryl. “Some reunion, huh?” Daryl mentions. Hershel acknowledges they are on in a jam. Rick wants to go on a run and tells Daryl to stay and keep an eye on  Merle. Rick mentions that he’s very glad that Daryl is back but if Merle causes problems, it’s on Daryl. Rick wants to include Michonne and Carl in his run and gives Daryl the role of holding down the fort.

In Woodbury, Andrea is in bed with the Governor. She wakes up in the middle of the night, the Governor still asleep. She gets out of bed and grabs a knife. She tries to stab him but all she can do is stand and look at him, knife in her hand. She backs off and walks away to the window, pondering what she should do next. 

Jane's Notes: I need to keep this short and sweet because I have a little less time on my hands today than usual. 

Andrea needs to have a talk with Big Ang and the rest of the Mob Wives to discuss what loyalty is....let's just say if you looked up the word in the dictionary, Philip's picture won't be in it! I also think that Michonne knows how to give someone a verbal smackdown. I think Merle is cooling down a bit now that he's with his brother. Although it was interesting how he accepted Michonne's comment on relating him to a Gestapo and he didn't make a smart aleck remark on her race...maybe he knows she won't take kind to his racism the way he spewed it in Season 1? Maybe he's learned his lesson? I'm on the fence about Merle. 

I think next week though will be one hell of a sh*tstorm so I'm looking forward to it! :D 

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Amazing Race 22: Recap "Loose Lips Sink Ships" Ep 2

Get Ready, Get Set, …Go…This is the Amazing Race 22 featuring 11 teams with pre-existing relationships who race around the world and compete for a chance to win one million dollars.

The cast includes the following teams:

        Team - Relationship                     
 Idries & Jamil - Twin Doctors                 
Max & Katie - Newlyweds           
      Mona & Beth - Roller Derby Moms                
Bates & Anthony - Hockey Brothers
Chuck & Wynona - Married               
David & Connor - Father/Son Cancer Survivors          
Caroline & Jennifer - Friends/Country Singers                  
Joey & Meghan - Friends/YouTube Hosts          
Pamela & Winnie - Best Friends                   
Jessica & John - Dating                  
Matthew & Daniel - Best Friends/Firefighters


Recap to date:
In the first leg of the race, teams fly from Los Angeles, CA, to Bora Bora. The winners of the first leg of the race, Jessica and John, win an express pass and an opportunity to give an express pass to another team.

Anthony Battaglia shows us his missing teeth – apparently lost in a hockey game.  Ironically, his grandfather’s nickname,  ‘Teets’, supposedly comes from the fact that Sam Battaglia, a former member of the Chicago mob, allegedly threatened to knock out people’s ‘teets’.

In Episode One: The first roadblock involves skydiving. Anthony takes a whack at sky diving while Bates rides with the skipper in the water taxi.

The next roadblock involves searching for the next clue through hundreds of sand castles. The Battaglia brothers arrive in 6th place and leave in 2nd place and are on the lam to the next destination.

The teams must now assemble a Polynesian Outrigger and sail to the pit stop.

Bates and Anthony are Team number 2, and like their grandfather will try and claw their way to the top.

Question to Anthony Battaglia –
What is the accomplishment you are most proud of?
‘I’ve played in 600 pro hockey games and won a championship this past season with the New Jersey Outlaws.’  The New Jersey Outlaws???  Really ???  I guess that’s better than the Chicago outlaws that Sam Battaglia played with.

This week: the racers are still in Bora Bora and are rumored to go to New Zealand.

Jessica and John depart first and travel by water taxi to look for a wedding chapel to receive the blessing of the priest. The quote of the episode is made by this couple.

Bates and Anthony do not seem to be forming bonds with any of the other teams. As the second to depart, they have a bit of a lead. Not wanting to be the babbo in this race, they pull out all the stops to try and gain the lead.  Hopefully this won’t put a target on their back.

David & Connor are the first to arrive at the chapel.  They neglect to bring their swimming gear and go from first to last place. In Detour A racers, (Hockey brothers Bates and Anthony) must retrieve two red pearls from an underwater pearl farm before receiving the next clue.  In Detour B the racers have to dive and snorkel and locate a treasure trunk where they have to set up an underwater picnic. 

The twins (Idries & Jamil ) are having major issues with the diving. They seem to have a fear of water. Hello ??? have you ever watched this show before???  Pam and Winnie are also having water issues.

Teams must now take a water craft where they have to use a map to head to the island of Motu Tapu to get their next clue. Joey & Meghan finish first and Connor & David are making up a lot of time. Bates and Anthony are surprised on how quickly Joey finished the last task and are giving them the evil eye.

In the next detour, a Road Block, teams must balance on traditional Polynesian sparring stilts and kick a coconut across a beach in order to receive the next clue. Anthony does this challenge and thinks that his balancing skills will help his crew into the lead position. Can he take over this territory?

Connor and Anthony finish the challenge at the same time and David hurts his foot.  This makes Bates and Anthony Team number one and capo di tutti capi. Connor and David are Team number two. Jessica and John are Team number three and may not give the promised express pass to Connor and David. It actually would make sense to give it to them, knowing that if they used it they probably still wouldn’t win. However, their strategy is to hold on to the pass and perhaps make a pact with another team.

Joey & Meghan are Team number four, Chuck and Wynonna are Team number five. The twins have to be rescued from the water. 

Mona and Beth are Team number six. Caroline and Jennifer are Team number seven. Max and Katie are Team number eight. Pam and Winnie are Team number nine.

Idries & Jamil are the last team to arrive and they have been eliminated.

Next week: Dave has torn his muscle and the racers head to New Zealand.

 Written By: Cousin Vinny

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Mob Wives: Recap “No Love Lost,” Ep 307

                                First what we didn't see! Why was this cut?

What did you feed him? asks Carla

Drita continues telling Big Ang and Carla about how she found Lee in her house holding Giselle in his arms. She was shocked because she had just been to visit him and he never said he was coming home. She “bugged out.” She said he went walking around the house questioning everything he saw. Then he asked her where was his buzzer, for a hair cut. They ask her if she fed him and Drita says yes. Carla asks what did you feed him? Drita grins and says, “Me!” She explains, when a man is in prison, it’s like he is being kept in a freezer, nice and fresh. But, Lee is in the half-way house for now. Carla wants to know where he will live when he is done at the half-way house. Big Ang thinks Lee should come home because Carla didn’t let Joe move in and he found himself another girlfriend. Carla thinks Drita should wait and see if it will work out before moving him back in, she shouldn’t do it right away. Drita is torn.

There is a big charity/art event that the girls, Love, Karen and Ramona, are invited to. Michael Bell is doing an unveiling of his first of seven paintings, for Toni Marie’s book. Karen says that she and Toni Marie go way back, her ex-husband, Michael DiLeonardo, was in Sammy’s crew. Ramona has a moment to tell Karen that someone from her past has returned, Lee is out of prison. Karen says she thinks it’s good that he is out of prison for his kids sake, they need him. Karen wants nothing to do with him and she is sure he wants nothing to do with her. She and Drita are in a good place right now.

Renee says: I'm feeling stronger, smarter & focused on what's really important.

Renee is home from rehab and she misses everyone. She is in her new home which doesn’t have much furniture yet. She calls Drita. Renee is happy and feels everything is amazing. Drita is happy for Renee and then tells her Lee is home. Renee is thrilled for Drita, she thinks this is what Drita needed. Drita still can’t believe it. Drita says she is glad that Renee is supporting her and is being so positive. Renee announces that she wants to get all the girls together and she wants to stay on track. She tells her Karen and Ramona have already agreed to the get together. Drita is on board too.

Karen: I'm single and ready to mingle.

Karen meets up with Storm, her business partner in the studio business. He tells her she is the boss and calls the shots. Karen says she likes to watch him work. She finds it a turn on because he is smooth and mysterious. She tells Storm she hasn’t been on a date in a long time. She is single and ready to mingle. Karen says she has been lonely and she senses a mutual attraction between her and Storm.

Drita to Big Ang: You're not giving birth, your throwing a ball!

Renee chooses the bowling alley as the get together for all the girls. She enjoyed bowling in rehab. Ramona, Karen, Drita and Big Ang all show up. Renee looks awesome. Drita is really, really happy to see Renee. Karen says she is proud of Renee and she seems in a positive place. In fact, the rehab did Renee so much good that they all want to go there. Big Ang can’t bowl, she throws the ball like a four year old. Renee asks if everyone is friends now? They say yes and Big Ang wishes Carla could have been there. Renee is happy that everyone is friends and adds “except for Carla.” (Hahahaha)

Big Ang and Neil walk down the street to the hair salon. He is officially back home (again) and she thinks he needs a new look. He gets in the chair to have his hair styled so he looks like the “young stud” Big Ang needs him to be. Bg Ang supervises the haircut and makes fun of the shape of Neil’s head the whole time.

Karen: Anytime we go somewhere and lay down and not lay each other out, it's a good day.

Karen, Ramona, Drita and Renee plan a spa day together, but only Karen and Drita show up. They laugh over it. Last year they wanted to kill each other, now they are at a spa getting massages together. Karen says they have put their differences aside and are in a good place now. Karen tells Drita about Dave’s new girlfriend and how she hopes it doesn’t interfere with her relationship with Dave, the father of her daughter. Drita tells Karen that Lee is home and Karen hopes he does the right thing for his family. Drita doesn’t trust that he will stay out of trouble, but Karen tells her Lee loves hard and his kids mean everything to him. They laugh and joke together.

Meanwhile, Renee and Ramona blew off the spa day to take a trip to Little Italy. They both love it there, it brings them back to memories of the past. It’s Thanksgiving time and the two ladies reminisce. Ramona says she was not happy with the way her grandfather was portrayed in the movie “Donnie Brasco.” Renee recalls that last year at this time, her father was arrested and taken back to jail. Ramona’s grandfather, “Lefty Guns,” died at this time of the year. Renee’s dad, T.G. and Ramona’s grandfather were great friends. Ramona says she wants to have a memorial for her grandfather on the anniversary of his death. She wants to do something special in his memory, and shed a tear of joy instead of one of sadness.

NO, you better wake up!  says Big Ang

Carla and Big Ang meet to shop for lights. Big Ang loves to spend money. While there, Carla asks Bg Ang if she got full or joint custody of her kids when she divorced. Carla says she and Joe have started the divorce process and she thinks she should have full custody. Bg Ang eggs her on so much that Carla feels she should get everything because Joe cheated the whole time they were married. Carla says she never even met Raquel. Big Ang tells her to wake up, she needs to meet Raquel, who is spending so much time with her children.

At Big Ang’s house, Neil is cooking a special dinner for his wife. He asks someone how to make broccoli rabe. Big Ang feels Neil is trying very hard. He even has roses, cheap ones, on the table for her. She finds him in the kitchen and there is so much smoke it set off both smoke detectors downstairs and upstairs. The dinner was delicious and he tells her there is another surprise in the bedroom.

In this lifestyle you suffer loss, you suffer pain-it's all we know, says Karen.

Ramona is having the prayer service because she had no closure when her grandfather died. She wants to celebrate his life and she wants his soul to rest in peace. She doesn’t want her children there in case she cries, she doesn’t want them to see her cry. She plans to have just her close girlfriends there. Big Ang says wise guys should be remembered with good thoughts. Amazing Grace is playing in the background. Each one of the ladies expresses their thoughts. Renee says a few touching words in his memory, then Karen and Love remember him. Ramona is proud of her grandfather, he raised her and loved her. It’s a very emotional ceremony.

I wouldn't want you bringing Ho's to the house, says Carla

Carla meets Joe and Raquel at the café. Joe seems to be dreading it because Carla can be difficult. He hopes “it’s a good Carla day.” Carla says she wants to make sure that her kids are comfortable with Raquel.  Joe says he feels the tension in the café. Raquel says she was concerned about meeting Carla because she has heard that Carla has said nasty things about her. Joe tells Carla she doesn’t choose her words carefully. Carla is still harping on Joe moving too fast, she wants him to spend time with the kids. She didn’t want him bringing “Ho’s” into the house. (Whoa!) Joe and Raquel are shocked at her choice of words. Raquel tells Carla she loves the kids. Carla apologizes, but Raquel doesn’t believe her apology is sincere. Joe tells Carla to pay for the coffee, but she makes him pay for it.

Middleman is a jerkoff, says Drita

Karen, Love and Drita meet for drinks. Love jokingly tells Karen she thinks Karen was more upset about her breakup with Drita than she was about her breakup with Lee. Drita and Karen tell Love about the spa and bowling get togethers, Love feels left out. Then Love brings up Carla to Drita because they are close friends. Drita is adamant that she does NOT want to be in the middle. Love says she has an issue with Carla. She heard from other people, that Carla has been calling her fat, ugly and accusing her of stealing her boyfriends. Love says no one is pulling a butter knife on her, if they do they will be leaving stabbed 12 times. Love says Carla is 12 pounds and she could easily take her on. Karen adds that Carla has talked about everyone at one time or another, she is not a fighter, but she loves to run her mouth. Drita just keeps saying she will not get involved. Carla stood up for her and was loyal and she needs to be loyal to her in return. However, Drita did say she was concerned about the way Carla was talking about and treating Renee. Drita adds, if Love as an issue with Carla, she will have to meet her by herself because Drita wants peace in her life.


Oh how to break this down! First of all, the title No Love Lost is pretty good, but may I suggest a little change to “Carla Get Lost?” Just sayin’, everyone has an issue with Carla on some level. Even Big Ang, who is easy going and forgiving, isn’t likely to forget how Carla threw the word “junkie” around at her house. And poor Drita is really stuck between a rock and a hard place because she feels she has to be loyal to Carla, but Carla has treated Renee, who is also a good friend of hers, badly.

Okay back to the show and the main situations. Lee is back home and Drita has a big decision to make. No one can really tell her what to do. Personally, I think she is going to risk everything and let him come home for the sake of the kids. Drita wants to make her children happy and give them a normal family life. That has to be the biggest factor weighing on her mind. And it’s clear Drita still loves Lee.  No one knows what Lee will do. Maybe being in prison this last time made him realize what is important in life. I hate to say it, but maybe Carla is right. There is no way Drita is going to know how sincere Lee is, after him only spending 30 days in the half-way house, so it’s a big gamble. I’m sure the decision has been made by now, since this was filmed a while ago. Hopefully things are going well for the whole family. By the way, still loving the "new" Drita!

Karen’s love life might be heating up because I see a “storm” brewing. There is definitely a few sparks between Karen and her new partner. Everything else in her life seems to be going well, especially financially. She has had many business opportunities. Hopefully, Karina will decide to move to New York. I really think it should be Karen’s decision because Karina is still very young. I think they will work it out soon. We will see what develops between Karen and Storm shortly!

Carla Meets Raquel. Carla decides it’s time to meet Joe’s live-in girlfriend because she spends so much time with her kids. Good idea. Maybe they should have met a lot sooner, like before Carla had so many negative things to say about her? Neither Joe or Raquel seemed happy about this little sit down. Joe seemed to be expecting the worst and looked as tense as could be. I guess that’s been his personal experience with Carla…expect the worst and hope for the best. Joe tries to “help” Carla by telling her she doesn’t always choose her words wisely (that’s the understatement of the year). Then Carla proceeds to say how she didn’t want Joe parading “Ho’s” in and out of his house in front of her kids. Joe is insulted and says if the kids didn’t like anyone he was dating, that person would be out. Bravo! Raquel looked a little shocked at the “ho’s” comment. Raquel is a smart lady and I am impressed by the way she handled things. She told Carla she loved the kids. Carla apologized. Raquel doesn’t feel the apology was sincere. I have news for Raquel, nothing Carla says is sincere. Now that Carla has seen Raquel face to face and has spoken to her, maybe she will choose her words more wisely. I did see Carla in an interview recently and when asked about Joe’s girlfriend she said she was a nice girl. That’s progress.

Love has an issue with Carla. We have heard it before. Carla is running her mouth around Staten Island and, as usual, it always gets back to the person she is talking about. Carla knows it will, that’s “the word on the street” policy in this small community. Nevertheless, she allegedly told people Love is fat, ugly and tried to steal her boyfriend. On the show she called her the “new comer into their little click.” Love never had any interactions with Carla, so why all the negativity? Love decides to share her issues with Drita, since she is the closest to Carla. Maybe Love wants Drita to send a message to Carla that she knows what is being said about her and she is prepared to confront her about it? Drita, true to her word this season, refuses to be a middle man, a peacemaker, or take sides. She makes it clear she owes Carla her loyalty, but doesn’t exactly condone how she treated Renee. I have to hand to Drita, she played this hand right! This brings up a discussion I had with one of our readers and Mob Mistress about loyalty…

The way I see it is this, when Carla was “ride or die” loyal to Drita and defended her, Drita wasn’t doing anything wrong. Drita was sticking to her convictions. Drita thought her friendship with Karen was over in her eyes. Drita didn’t want Lee in Karen’s book because she thought he would be bashed and it would hurt her family. Drita really believed she was being set up on the balcony and she defended herself. So when Carla is loyal to Drita, she is backing up Drita’s right to her own opinion and feelings. However, in this situation, for Drita to show the same kind of loyalty to Carla she would have to defend Carla’s treatment of Renee. Clearly Drita is not comfortable with the way Carla has been acting towards Renee. Renee has also been a good friend to Drita. Drita has compassion for Renee. What is Drita to do? For me this is not the same type of situation because Carla is clearly in the wrong. Does the “ride or die” loyalty still apply in this case? Can Drita go to bat for Carla under these circumstances? And if Drita defends Carla, does she risk alienating all the other women? It’s no wonder that Drita get anxious every time Carla comes up in the conversation.

I think Drita should have a little one on one sit down with Carla, as a good friend, and tell her how she feels about the way she has been treating Renee. It bothers her and she feels it’s wrong. She is putting Drita in a difficult position of defending her without a leg to stand on. That would be a very interesting conversation. What do you think Drita should do or is going to do? Can she stay totally out of it? I can’t wait to see how this storyline develops.

Video Credit: VH1

Favorite Quotes of the Episode picked by Carmela Corleone! Thank you!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Mob Wives: "I'm Not Getting Involved," Sneak Peek Ep 7

I'm not getting involved.

Well VH1 has released an excellent sneak peek for episode 7, "First Look:No Love Lost" airing Sunday at 10 PM/9C. I cannot wait to tune in. Drita gets together with Karen and Love to discuss Carla. Drita, sticking to her word about no fighting, says quite emphatically that she is NOT getting involved with whatever drama is going on. Drita says she would like there to be peace, but if not she is not getting involved in anything. She needs peace in her life. Drita feels that she has been placed in the middle of every situation and she hates it. Love goes on the explain that Carla got "lippy" with Karen, who exercised great self control. Karen adds, "there were many occasions where she wanted to get up and smash her f*ckin' face in." (Who could have imagined that Karen and Drita would be chatting about Carla?) Everyone agrees that Carla is "not a fighter, but she does run her mouth." Love is prepared to knock all of Carla's teeth out if she talks about her. Drita has to speak up on Carla's behalf because she says Carla has always been good to her and stuck up for her. So she feels they should understand her position. Love says, "We have all defended the defenseless."  Drita agrees. But Drita is concerned because of the way Carla has treated and spoken to Renee. Love brings up the Carla/butterknife incident and says she would have made Carla "eat it. No one is picking up a knife to me or they are leaving stabbed 12 times. It's just not happening."

It seems to me that Carla has really turned everyone against her. Can Drita be far behind? Deep down even Drita knows that there is going to be some tension and drama for what Carla has done to Renee. Is there any way Drita can defend that? Carla has really placed Drita in a difficult position of either defending her or defending what is right. What will Drita do? Meanwhile, has anyone caught the little snarky tweet Carla sent to Drta last episode? Carla to Drita, “@DritaDavanzo love ur facial expressions .Is it because of all the bullshit ur listening too. Lmaooo”  

What do you think?

Picture & Video Credt: VH1

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mob Wives: No Love Lost Sneak Peek Ep 7

What did you feed him?  Me.

Drita has a little something to share with Carla and Big Ang. Lee has been living at home, like he never left. Seems like they both have a little adjusting to do, but one thing seems to be "just like riding a bike." Drita looks very happy, but will it last? Be sure to catch episode 7, "First Look, No Love Lost" at 10 PM Sunday night!

P.S. Carla will be having a little sit down with Joe and Raquel and I, for one, am really looking forward to that scene!

Picture & Video Credit: VH1

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"The Walking Dead: Home" Ep Recap

The scene starts off with Rick moving wood at the bridge of the prison, with Michonne keeping watch in prison yards. Something then captures Rick’s attention so he grabs his binoculars to observe. He sees Lori in a pure white dress standing in the prison’s “graveyard”, where three crosses stand (Lori and T-Dog’s burial spots). Rick walks over to the cemetery and Lori disappears. He looks around and sees her standing outside the prison gates. She walks away as Rick goes outside the gates to chase her. Michonne is rather alarmed at Rick’s behavior and looks on as Rick goes after Lori. Rick finally catches up to Lori, who is standing on a small bridge. Rick slowly walks up to her, speechless that he’s standing in front of his dead wife. Lori reaches out to caress Rick’s face. The two share a tender “reunion” at the bridge. Michonne can only see Rick standing on the bridge by himself.

Rick wandering in the green....
Back in Woodbury, the guards are on patrol once again at the wall. Andrea is in a room when she hears a door knock. It’s the Governor. “May I?” he asks. Andrea lets him in. “That was…quite a speech you gave them...exactly what these people needed to hear,” he told her. “What about the prison?” Andrea asks. “As long as they leave us alone, we don’t have a problem,” the Governor lies assures her. “So no retaliation?” Andrea says. “I need to go see them.” The Governor explains to Andrea how he failed as the leader of Woodbury: “I’ve done some terrible things…I’m not right for these people…but you are…” “So you’re abdicating?” Andrea asks. “I just need time…to get myself together.” The Governor says as he sits down. He reassures Andrea that she has Martinez (guard) and Milton. “We need you.”

Out in the woods in the middle of nowhere, Daryl and Merle are scavenging for food. “Ain’t nothing but mosquitoes and ants out here,” Daryl remarks. “Patience, little brother!” Merle replies. Daryl and Merle debate whether to go through houses and what their next plan of action is for food. “I think you’re just trying to lead me back to the prison,” Merle remarked. “You got shelter, food, a pot to piss in…might not be a bad idea!” Daryl replies. “It won’t be no party for me,” Merle said. Merle and Daryl continue on into the woods to search for food.

The angel and devil....

Back in the prison, Glenn draws out the prison map and asks Carl about the area where he found Tyrese and the gang. Carl points it out and Glenn tells him that the area was already secured. “He thought he came through here,” Carl points out. Glenn concludes there’s been another breach and the front of the prison is vulnerable. “What makes you think he’ll attack us?” Beth chimes in. “Maybe we scared him off.” Michonne tells the group about the fish tanks full of human…and walker….heads that he kept as trophies. “He’s coming…” she predicts. “We should then take off now…he won’t expect it!” Glenn suggests. “we’ll sneak back in and put a bullet in his head!” Carol tells him they are not assassins but Glenn disregards her and tells Michonne they can sneak into the Governor’s apartment. “I’ll do it myself!” Glenn said. Michonne doesn’t respond. “He didn’t know you were coming last time and look what happened,” Hershel recalls. “You were almost killed, Daryl was captured and you and Maggie were almost executed.” Glenn decides to pull an attitude at this point and tells him no one will stop him. Hershel reminds Glenn that Rick wouldn’t cooperate with this when Glenn reminds Hershel that Rick isn’t in the best frame of mind. “Think this through; T-Dog and Lori lost their lives here, the men lost their lives…it’s not worth anymore killings,” Hershel said. Hershel suggested too that if the Governor comes, that the group might be out of the prison and will survive on the road again like they did in the winter. “That was different,” Glenn said. “You had two legs and we didn’t have a baby crying every 4 hours!” “We can’t stay here….” Hershel says. “We can’t run!” Glenn says. Maggie walks back up to her cell. “Stay put, were going to defend this place and make a stand….Carl, we will go down to the tombs…..(to Michonne) you stay here….” Glenn plans when he realizes something; “whose on watch??”

Glenn trying to play the leader
Back in the lab, the Governor sneaks up to a concentrated Milton, whose listening to alpha rays to meditate on. Milton goes to get the Governor his radio. The Governor sits in his seat; “you’ve been invaluable…you intend to stay?” Milton replies: “leaving has never crossed my mind.” The Governor tells him he considers him a friend. “Thank you….I feel….me too,” a nervous Milton replies. The Governor tells him he relied on Merle but that didn’t work. “Martinez is a good soldier,” the Governor tells Milton; “he would take a bullet for me….would you?” Milton seems nervous at the question. “I would…” he nods. “Andrea…I’m not sure where her loyalty lies.” The Governor says. Milton acknowledges her past association with Merle and Rick and crew. “You keep tabs on her for me,” The Governor commands Milton. “Of course,” Milton replies. Back in Woodbury, Andrea walks up to the guards and asks a guard named Karen where the Martinez has been. “I don’t know,” she replies. “Did you see him leave?” Andrea asks. “Karen, you can tell me…” Karen cuts her off: “I don’t know anything.” Andrea sees Milton and runs up to him. She asks Milton about the Governor. “He’s out on a run….” Milton nervously replies. “Where is he?” Andrea asks. “I’m not sure where he….he ran for supplies…..” Andrea demands to know where he is. “On a run?” Milton replies. Andrea walks away. “I bet he’ll be back soon…”

Governor thinking he's Clint Eastwood
Glenn and Carl come in to tell the crew that the prison is once again, infested with walkers. Hershel thinks they are wasting time. Carol tells the group that they are stuck between a rock and hard place under the circumstances. “Once again, running isn’t an option!” Glenn reminds the team. “Glenn, if the tombs are filled up again,” Carol tells him, “it’s only a matter of time before they push their way in here.”  Axel suggests staying in the prison since there might be herds of walkers outside the prison. Carol says they can’t take them all out with their numbers. Glenn says he’ll clear them out again and take the car. Axel suggests going but Glenn says he’ll take Maggie. Glenn goes up to where Maggie is lying down in a cell. Maggie is unresponsive to Glenn’s presence. “Where have you been?” Glenn asks. No response from Maggie. “We need to find out how the walkers are getting in the tombs….are we going to talk about this? Maggie, you need to talk…” “I do, or you do?” Maggie replies. “What do you want me to say? How he made me stand naked in front of him? How he pushed himself against me? Put his hands all over me? Slammed my head down and bent me over the table?” Glenn begins to ask her a question but Maggie knows the question already and answers. “Did he rape me? No…” she sits up and glares at Glenn. “Do you feel better? I had a choice. Either take off my shirt or take off your hand. I just listened to Merle beat the shit out of you in the other room. What could I do?” Glenn tries to lean in to hug her but Maggie pushes him back. “Now go away! You got your answer!” Glenn walks away.

Carol and Axel are on the bridge where Rick us and are setting up wood and metal tables as an extra shield. “Guns scare the bejesus out of me!” Axel confesses to Carol. “I robbed a bank and had a toy gun on me. Had it in my pocket.” Carol is perplexed. “You said Oscar was the thief and that you were here for pharmecuticals.” “I didn’t want you to think I was a violent man,” Axel replies. “So you’re in here for a toy gun?” Carol asks. Axel explains how the day after the robbery, he was parked out at his brothers house when the police came and did a thorough search of the brother’s house and found the brother’s .38 and said it matched the police’s description. “To tell you to truth, I don’t even know how to use this damn thing,” Axel confesses while holding a pistol. Carol takes out the fully loaded mag, loads it again and gives it back to Axel. “You’re quite the lady!” he tells her.

Back in the woods, Daryl and Merle are talking about what direction to go to next. They hear a strange squeal and cry. “What’s that?” Daryl asks. “It’s wild animals getting wild!” Merle responds. “It’s a baby….” Daryl said. “You might as well piss in my ear and say it’s raining!” Merle remarks back. Daryl is still convinced it’s a baby. They walk towards the sounds near a body of water and see that on a bridge, there’s a couple cars, a couple humans and a herd of walkers going after the humans. A woman and her baby are hysterically crying. “It ain’t worth it, little brother!” Merle complains while Daryl immediately runs up to the bridge. Merle decides to be of absolutely no use and yells at the guys to “jump”.  Two Hispanic men are on a barricade shooting walkers while another herd of walkers are surrounding a red car, where a Hispanic woman is praying and holding her crying baby close. One of the men drops his gun and the other drags him back so he doesn’t get bit. The walker is shot with an arrow. Daryl arrives on the scene! 

Hubba hubba! 
He is taking out walkers, getting arrows and stabbing walkers. Merle is watching on. Daryl asks the men to cover him. Daryl sees the car and a walker is frantically in the backseat, trying to get at the walker and the baby. Daryl pushes the walker back and slams his head with the trunk. The brothers and the men are taking out walkers. The men are yelling in Spanish. The men follow the brothers’ cue and stab the walkers in the head. Merle opens the backseat of the car as the man yells at Merle. Merle points the gun at him. “Slow down, beaner!” Merle replies, not learning ANYTHING when it comes to the consequences of being a racist douchenugget back in Atlanta. The man keeps talking to Merle. “Let him go,” Daryl tells him. Merle feels entitled to get their stuff in the car. Daryl draws the crossbow at Merle and tells him to get out of the car. “I know you’re not talking to me brother!” Merle says. Daryl tells the men to get in the car and to get out. Daryl continues pointing the bow at Merle. The brothers walk away. Merle isn’t too thrilled at Daryl pointing a bow at him back on the bridge. “They were scared.” Daryl said. “They were rude! They could’ve shown a token of gratitude…” Merle said. “They owed us nothing,” Daryl replied. Merle is getting on Daryl for helping strangers out of the “goodness of his heart” and possibly being killed in the process. “There was a baby!” Daryl finally yells back. “Oh! So otherwise, you would’ve just left them to the biters?” Merle asks. “Man, I went back for you! You weren’t there!” Daryl strikes back, referring to Atlanta. “I didn’t cut off your hand either, you did that…and you asked for it!” Merle laughs about Daryl and Sheriff Rick and drops a bomb: “you didn’t tell Sheriff Rick we were planning on robbing the camp, did ya?”. “It didn’t happen…” Daryl replies. Merle smirks: “because I wasn’t there to help.” Daryl snaps: “Like you did when we were kids? Who had who then? You lost your hand because you were a simple-minded piece of shit!” Merle grabs and tears Daryl’s jacket, revealing a back full of scratches and scars. Merle is taken aback. “I didn’t know he…didn’t mean…” he starts saying. “Yeah you did, he’d do the same to you, that’s why he left first.” Merle responds: “I had to man, I would have killed him otherwise….where are you going?” Daryl walks away from Merle. “Back where I belong!” Merle yells at Daryl that he can’t go with him. “I tried to kill that back bitch, and that Chinese kid!” “He’s Korean!” Daryl replies. “I may be the one walking away but you’re the one that’s leaving…again!” Daryl takes off in the woods, leaving a stunned Merle.

Back at the prison, Glenn is walking to the truck when he’s stopped by Hershel calling him. “You’re not going back to Woodbury, are you?” he asks Glenn. “How can you possibly go out there by yourself?” “I can’t just sit on my hands!” Glenn says. Hershel reminds him of what happened last time Glenn tried to take charge and it got him and Maggie nearly killed. “You’re saying it was my fault?” Glenn asks. “No…she’s one of the two people most precious to me in this world and I trust you with her life…I still do. This rage is going to get you killed,” Hershel warns. Glenn tells him that Daryl is gone and Rick is taking a trip to crazytown. Glenn still goes in the truck and drives off. Hershel notices that as Glenn is driving off, Rick is still wandering around outside the prison gates. Back inside the prison, Beth walks into Maggie’s cell with Baby Judith. Beth asks Maggie to help her feed the baby so she can cook for her father. Beth teaches Maggie how to properly feed her (enter tender music).

Maggie ready to take action
Outside the prison gates, Rick is still wandering around when Hershel calls out to Rick from inside the prison yard. “You know I wouldn’t hobble all the way down here if it wasn’t important…are you coming up soon?” Hershel asks. Rick doesn’t respond. “Glenn is on a warpath. He’s a smart kid but he can’t fill your boots. I’m afraid he’s reckless. We need you now more than ever.” Rick responds coldly; “if you’re so worried about him, then leave yourself.” Hershel asks “what are you doing out here?” “I’ve been….I’ve got…stuff out here…. Rick replies. Hershel asks him how much longer does he need. “I don’t know,” Rick mumbles. “Anything I can help you with?” Hershel asks. Rick stares at Hershel and walks up to him. “I saw something….I saw Lori…I’m seeing Lori…um…I know it’s not really her….but there’s got to be a reason….it’s got to mean something.” Hershel asks if it was Lori on the phone. Rick said it was her, Shane and the town. “You see them now?” Hershel asks. He tells Rick he’s looking for something. But Rick said he’s waiting for “something, an answer”. Rick knows it doesn’t make sense but in time, something would reveal itself. Hershel tells Rick to come inside the prison to get rest and that Rick isn’t in a safe area. “I can’t…” Rick replies and walks away. Hershel looks sadly on at Rick. Michonne is looking on too.

Michonne ready to strike!
Carol and Axel are watching Rick from the prison walls. Axel asks Carol about Rick. Carol tells Axel that she can’t blame him. Axel explains how he saw many people in prison “just crack”. “I think I’ve gotten better on the inside, things made more sense, you know?” Axel explained. “There were rules, life was more simple.” Carol asks if Axel misses his brother. Axel jokingly replies “hell no, he had a real money problem; he didn’t lend me any!” Carol and Axel laugh but their moment of joy is cut short when Axel takes a round to the head. The Governor has arrived….The gun shot wakes Rick up out of his trance. Rick is taking fire from Martinez and takes cover. Hershel falls to the ground. Carol hides behind Axel’s dead body and Carl and Beth run for cover. Michonne shoots towards the Governor. There’s a mystery guard taking shots from the tower too. The two crews ensue in gunfire. There is a moment of silence. Maggie runs out with extra firepower and the shooting begins again, with Maggie taking charge. Carol grabs a gun from Maggie. Rick and Michonne take shots at the Governor and Martinez. A vehicle is heard from the distance and coming closer to the prison. A big orange and white van breaks through the prison gates and parks in the middle of the field. Rick crawls up to the gates. Michonne takes cover behind a bus. Hershel is still lying in the field. The back of the van opens up a gate as a herd of walkers pour out in the prison yard…where both Hershel and Michonne are. A mysterious shooter pops out to take more shots. The firefight begins again and Rick yells at Hershel to get out. Martinez tries to sneak in shots at Rick. The Governor stands on, watching the battle and taking out a walker or two himself. Walkers keeps pouring out of the van. Maggie finally takes out the guard at the tower. The walkers are closing in on Rick. Rick shoots a few rounds but is out of ammo. Walkers are growing larger by the numbers as the gunfire attracted them to the prison. Hershel gets out his gun and takes shots at the ones coming towards him. 

The Governor gathers his guards and they drive out to leave the weakened crew to fight the walkers. As the Governor drives off, Glenn drives past him just in the nick of time. Carol, Beth, Maggie and Carl go out in the yard to take out the walkers. Michonne gets out her blade and goes on a slashing spree. Meanwhile, Rick is held against the fence by two walkers when an arrow shoots one in the head. Merle and Daryl join the crew. Glenn gets out of the truck as he and Michonne help carry Hershel back in the truck. Glenn drives the truck back inside the prison and secures the gates. Daryl, Merle and Rick are still outside the prison killing walkers.They see walkers are still in the prison yard. The prison yard full of walkers stands between Rick, Daryl and Merle and then Carl, Maggie, Hershel, Glenn, Carol and Michonne. Unfortunately, one of the prison gates is open and walkers sneak inside the prison…but with Rick being the leader, this war isn’t over…

Jane's Notes: Oh goodness, where to begin? I had some "I was RIGHT!" moments but also had some not-so-right moments. I did NOT see Daryl and Merle saving the strangers coming. Nor did I see a retaliation so soon. I figured Rick would go back to the telephone booth. And I yelled out a NO when Axel got shot. At this point, I'm not really sure the road the show/story is going and I'm sure the creators purposely gave that feel to the viewers (that are like me and don't know what happens in the comics). Will the group disban and will one after one be killed off? Is there any hope for civilization in mankind? Will any sort of order be restored? 

Andrea ONCE AGAIN proves that she is not the brightest crayon in the box and, ONCE AGAIN letting the male anatomy of the Governor cloud whatever common sense and judgement that girl once had. Yes, the crew accidentally left Andrea behind at the farm. But she's also alive because of Rick. She's also alive because of Michonne. Is the Governor that great in bed that she has to STILL trail him around? I would've said "Eff this!" and gone on to the prison. Maybe bring Milton along. Or even better, SHOOT the Governor. Andrea reminds me of that chick whose only your friend when she's single but as soon as she gets a taste of a salami sandwich, you never hear from her again. Anyways, was that her or another girl that was the mystery shooter driving the van? I don't think it was her but I'm wondering if anyone else caught that....

I also don't get the Lori thing. I honestly don't. Yes, her and Rick were married and have a child but RIGHT before the zombie apocalypse, they didn't know if they even loved each other. THEN Lori has a bit of Shane's salami sandwich, Rick comes back, Shane goes maniacal and it causes A LOT of tension among the three. Lori was always trying to chime in with whatever decision Rick would make. So why the lovey dovey, tender apparition scenes all the sudden? I would get it if Rick and Lori were still in the honeymoon phase. But last time I checked, their relationship was very strained. But I think when you put the couple's history aside, the apparitions offer a tender, almost light moment in a very dark story. So it's 50/50 with me. 

Speaking of ghosts, I really like how this show is adding a bit of ghoulish "spice" to this! I WOULD comment on Daryl and how we are kindred spirits....and I'm starting to believe even more so after my giddy, ghoulish heart laid my eyes on this gem; 

No words necessary. 

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The Amazing Race 22: Recap Business in the Front/Party in the Back, Ep 1

Get Ready, Get Set, …Go…

This is the Amazing Race 22 featuring 11 teams with pre-existing relationships who race around the world and compete for a chance to win one million dollars.

This season’s cast includes the following teams and their relationships"
Idries & Jamil - The Twin Doctors                 
Max & Katie - The Newlyweds           
Mona & Beth - The Roller Derby Moms                
Bates & Anthony - The Hockey Brothers           
Chuck & Wynona - The Married Couple            
David & Connor - The Father/Son Cancer Survivors          
Caroline & Jennifer - The Friends/Country Singers                  
Joey & Meghan - The Friends/YouTube Hosts          
Pamela & Winnie - The Best Friends                  
Jessica & John - The Dating Couple                  
Matthew & Daniel - The Best Friends/Firefighters        

In the first leg of the race, the teams fly from Los Angeles, CA (Griffith Observatory) to Bora Bora (French Polynesia). The teams watch a video clue that will lead them to their next destination. The winners of the first leg of the race win an express pass and an opportunity to give an express pass to another team. The Express Pass, provides the team who earns it, the opportunity to skip a task – a crucial time saver.

Anthony Battaglia shows us his missing teeth – apparently lost in a hockey game.  Ironically, his grandfather’s nickname ‘Teets’, allegedly was given to Sam Battaglia, because he allegedly threatened to knock out people’s ‘teets’.

There are two available flights to Bora Bora and Team Battaglia is on the second flight, which will cost them, in terms of time.

The first roadblock involves skydiving. A Roadblock is a task that only one team member may perform. There is a certain limit on the number of roadblocks that any one person can perform throughout the race.

One member must skydive from a helicopter while the other takes a water taxi to the landing destination in order to receive the next clue.

The brothers muscle in and get their name on the helicopter list for the second crew that arrives. Anthony takes a whack at sky diving while Bates rides with the skipper in the water taxi.

At this point in the race, Jessica and John, the Dating Team, are in first place.

The next roadblock involves searching for a next clue located in one of hundreds of sand castles. Apparently it is very hot and working on the beach seems to be a daunting task. The Battaglia brothers arrive to this task in 6th place and leave in 2nd place and are on the lam moving on to the next destination. They definitely seem to be stand up guys.

The teams must now assemble a Polynesian Outrigger and sail to the pit stop.

Jessica and John are team number one, and win the express pass and the second express pass for another team of their choosing.

Bates and Anthony are Team number 2:
I bet that they have agita after this.

David and Connor are Team number 3:
If Jessica and John stick to their word, this team should get the 2nd express pass.

Pamela and Winnie are Team number 4.
Mona and Beth are Team number 5.
Joey and Meghan are Team number 6.

Chuck and Wyonna are Team number 7:
Wyonna is the late John Wayne’s grand-daughter.

Idries & Jamil is Team number 8.

The following three teams quit their task and two of them will take the penalty:

Max & Katie – team number 9

Caroline & Jennifer:
Caroline is Daniel Boone’s descendent – team number 10

Matthew & Daniel – have been eliminated from the race having ‘technically’ arrived in last place.

Next Week: Episode 2: Loose Lips Sink Ships (or you better follow the Omerta Code of Silence) You know what I mean - you big jamook.

Stay tuned to see if Jessica and John keep their promise to David and Connor or will they be double crossers?

Connor has an accident – can he continue with the race or is he a gonna swim with the fishes?

Watch the Amazing Race next Sunday on CBS, 8/7c.

Written By: Cousin Vinny

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mob Wives: Recap After The Storm, Ep 306

"The ocean just took the houses out," says Drita.

The episode opens with a lot of storm Sandy footage and the Mob Wives all taking turns reacting to the devastation and loss in their community. They refer to Staten Island as the forgotten borough and it’s clear that they were all affected by this disaster. They take turns talking about what they witnessed or heard about, including loss of lives, homes, businesses. They describe what they see, it’s like a bomb was dropped on Staten Island and it looks like the end of the world.

Drita speaks to Aleeya about the aftermath of the storm. Drita explains that she and her daughters stayed at her mother’s house the whole time. They live near an evacuation zone. When Drita went back home she saw massive destruction everywhere, but her house was fine. Drita and Aleeya go through their home collecting whatever they can find to donate to Sandy victims. It is really heartbreaking. Many families have nothing and have to start from scratch. People were cold, hungry and homeless. It’s a nightmare. Karen mentions that she was happy her daughter, Karina, was not there to see it or experience it.

"I was thinking I was living in the twilight zone," says Karen

Carla visits Big Ang and says it’s disastrous, not normal. Big Ang tells her she will be cooking and bringing people food, she doesn’t know what else to do. Big Ang tells Carla she lost the salon she opened just two months ago, but she doesn’t care about that after seeing how much others all around her lost. Carla says she collected things for the victims.

"New Yorkers always survive," says Love 

Love says she had to throw everything in her house out, her car was damaged and floating around. Drita says she doesn’t recognize the area as she drives down the street, and is upset that so many innocent lives were destroyed.

Ramona calls Renee, who is in rehab, to tell her about all the destruction. She describes it as a bad war movie. Karen and Ramona are buying things to donate to victims. They say people were on their roofs for a day and a half waiting for help. Families lost their homes and everything they owned. Karen and Ramona were going door to door to help people with whatever they needed…clothing, food, money. Karen offers her extra bedroom to someone.

Bg Ang and Neil go down to one of the shelters to help out. People are taking whatever they need. She says she is helping people feel better by talking to them and trying to make them laugh. Ang brings hot food and talks to the victims and gives them hope and encouragement.

Drita returns home after the storm and the kids go back to school. Lee is going to the halfway house, but she tells Aleeya they need to clean the whole house. It has to be in perfect condition for when Lee comes home. According to Drita, Lee is OCD psycho. He likes everything neat, clean and in it’s place. He is unpredictable and she doesn’t know how he is going to behave. Lee’s father was killed by the FBI when he was seven. Drita thinks he took a left turn when his father was killed and that’s where his dark side comes from.

Love says, "No matter how many times I terrorize by boyfriends they come back for more."

Love is on the phone talking to her ex, Joey. They have been seeing each other off and on for years. They have been back together for two years, but have broken up again. She jokes that she has not been with the butcher, baker and candlestick maker, like some women. She has been with a car thief, a home invader, a robber and attempted murderer. She says she stabbed Joey so many times that she lost count. Love doesn’t know what is going to happen, as much as they break up, they always seem to get back together.

"God really does remove one from a certain situation cause I would have lost it," says Renee

Renee feels bad that she isn’t in Staten Island to help Sandy victims. Maybe it’s for the best because of how emotional she gets. But she explains that it is making being in rehab that much harder for her and she feels these are the kinds of things that make her need pills.

Karen and Ramona have been helping people everyday, but now Ramona needs to focus on her and her children. Ramona finds herself an apartment, a smaller place that is easer to maintain. Karen is walking around looking at all the rooms and Ramona gets annoyed because Karen won’t take her shoes off. Karen tells her she is acting like Karen stepped in a pile of sh*t before entering the apartment. Karen looks at Ramona and tells her she looks depressed. Ramona says she is happy to get a new home and if her boyfriend Joe gets out of prison, he will like it. Ramona feels bad she hasn’t told Karen about the engagement yet.

"I took off my bra there were my brass knuckles-they fell out, chipped my toe and now I need a new pedicure." says Love 

Drita meets Love at a restaurant. The conversation begins with Love’s boobs, Drita can’t get over them. Love jokes and tells her she jiggled them one day and brass knuckles fell out and broke her toe. Love tells Drita about her boyfriend, Joey, who she stabbed in the chest, but she didn’t know his mother was standing behind him at the time. Drita says if she ever stabbed Lee she would have to make sure she killed him because if he ever got up, she would be dead. Love tells Drita that Lee and Joey know each other and were in a terrible fight years ago. Drita says Lee is getting out of prison in three months.

"You have to love yourself before you can love someone else," says AJ

AJ flies down to Florida to meet Renee and have some family counseling. Renee tells the therapist that AJ doesn’t understand about addiction. AJ says he feels bad for his mother because of what his father did and because of what happened to her father, but insists there is no good reason to take drugs. He says Renee sleeps a lot and slurs her words. She is another person when she is high. He wants her to get clean for her own sake, not his. He wants her to love herself and put herself first. Renee admits she has not been there for AJ because she has been self-medicating and she feels like a complete loser. AJ wants a normal life, like his friends have. Renee apologizes to AJ and AJ hugs her and tells her he forgives her. Renee doesn’t want to hurt AJ any more and knows she has to do better.

Big Ang is collecting things at the Drunken Monkey to help Sandy victims. The place is full of boxes that were donated by fans and people in the area. Trucks were needed to help distributed all the things collected. Big Chip, from Mama’s Boys of the Bronx, was there with his truck, to help out.

Renee says she has to learn forgiveness. She graduates from rehab and has a touching send off from the people still there. Everyone wishes her well and it give Renee strength. They really all seem to genuinely care about Renee, many of them are young and see her as a mother figure. It gets emotional when they have to say good bye.

At Drita’s house, both Big Ang and Carla arrive. Drita is excited and looks like she s going to burst. She can’t wait to tell them her big news. She tells them yesterday, while she was at the store she gets a call from Aleeya, but the call drops. So she gets in her car and drives home. She says you will not believe who was on the other side of the door when I opened it! It was Lee in my house!


Well this was one hell of an emotional episode. I am not even sure how to tackle my two cents this week. The devastation of Storm Sandy affected all New Yorkers. I am blown away by the immediate response of most of the Mob Wives to go out and help victims. It was touching to see them reach out to their community and do whatever was in their power to do. I saw Jennifer Graziano tweet about what each of the ladies did: Love rebuilt an entire home, Big Ang made tons of food, Renee raised money with her Mob Wives Saving Lives Foundation, Karen and Ramona came out strong for hurricane relief…no mention of Carla that I saw. In fact, not for nothing, but Carla was conspicuously absent for most of the show, just sayin’. But, to be fair, I checked her Twitter timeline, and Carla’s PR agent tweets, for what it’s worth, that Carla went around town picking up bags of supplies from family and friends and took them to donation areas. That’s good to know, but why wasn’t it filmed and included?  And ask me if I am surprised? Oh, and saw a snarky comment from Carla to Drita, “@DritaDavanzo love ur facial expressions .Is it because of all the bullshit ur listening too. Lmaooo” Could there be trouble in paradise here?

The other emotional scenes were about Renee in rehab. This was difficult for family, friends and fans to watch. I’m sure that the whole rehab process wasn’t easy for her, but Renee really looked wonderful when she was ready to leave. The scene with AJ was very touching. He is such a strong and mature young man, who has had a difficult life in many ways. He loves his mother and I think he is taking a tough stand with her because he wants her to get well for herself and to find happiness. He may have felt that he needed to parent her when she wasn’t herself and couldn’t be there for him. I hope Renee and AJ have many more heart to heart talks in the future. Anyone can see how much they love each other and what a fine young man she raised despite all the problems she has had to deal with in her life.

I have to be honest when it comes to Ramona’s engagement, I do not understand why she hasn’t at least told Karen. Maybe that’s why she looked depressed? It’s hard to keep something like that from a “best” friend, even if you can keep it from everyone else. I wonder if Ramona was afraid to hear what Karen might have to say under the circumstances. It is Ramona’s decision, but many would say this s not the ideal time or her to consider marriage. Her boyfriend may not even go to trial for a very long time and if and when he does, he may be sentenced to years in prison. I find myself wondering how Karen will react to this news when she hears it, because we know Karen loves Ramona and wants to see her happy. Will Karen think this is a good move?

As for Love, I have to laugh. She jokes about things that would horrify most people. Stabbing her boyfriend, Joey, is almost like a sign of affection, and she says she has done it many times. It never stops them from getting back together. But Love makes it clear, she hasn’t exactly been dating businessmen all her life, so maybe a little stabbing, poison and a few gun shots are in order from time to time. She certainly has her own style and is very different from the other mob wives. If Love says she is coming for you, I would do exactly what Karen advises and RUN. Love isn’t one to fool around by pulling out hair extensions. From what I have seen, Love means business. Could it be that her hand being in a cast right now has something to do with the show? I am keeping an eye on this situation! Meanwhile, please follow Love on Twitter @Lovemajewski so you don’t miss her tweets, which are very entertaining!

Welcome home Lee! This happened sooner than anyone expected, and the show seems to have kept in under wraps pretty well. Drita seemed very happy telling the girls and hopefully, we will see what develops through season three. I think Drita will most definitely give Lee another chance, unless he says or does something to burst her bubble. I hope he realizes that as much as she s happy to see him, she has been burned by him and hurt deeply, so her guard will be up. In any case, I wish the D”Avanzo family all the best. I hope they can put the past behind them and create a new future together.

Now, the scenes from next week’s episode are OFF THE CHAIN! Looks like Carla is having a sit down with Joe and Raquel while Love is getting extremely irritated with a certain someone (Carla) for saying things about her behind her back. Some people just don’t take a word to the wise! Those are the two scenes I am dying to see next week. Until then, everyone have a good week!

A special thank you to @carmelacorleone for gathering some quotes for my recap!