Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mob Wives: Joe & Carla Unhappy With "Reality?"

It seems that after episode 7, “No Love Lost” aired Sunday night, both Joe and Carla were venting about editing. According to them, editing is slanted to show the negative, but not the positive, in an effort to create “drama,” which is what the viewers want. So even though Joe had some pretty negative statements to make against Carla on the air, on Twitter he often comes to her defense. Carla was also a little vocal about the way a particular scene went down, indicating that she said some positive things to Drita that were cut. Here is what Joe had to say:

There is no question that after filming hours of video for 40 minutes of television, a lot is going to get cut. The question is, does the editing change or manipulate the “reality” so we see what they (the producers) want us to see OR are the cast members playing up the drama for more air time, even if it’s not how they really feel. Joe seems to talk about Carla one way on television and another on his timeline. It’s confusing. Maybe it’s a little of both. Maybe editing doesn’t give a balanced view, but a skewed view of certain situations. It could be a time issue, a drama issue, or a storyline issue, if producers want things to go a certain way. Here is what Carla had to say:

I’m sure this is the case with all reality shows and every cast member has probably been a victim to editing at one time or another. I specifically recall one scene that I found totally unbelievable and I blamed it on editing. It was the scene where Karen had a sit down with Carla and she went from angrily getting in her face to saying let’s be friends in a couple of minutes. Something was definitely cut out of that scene because it was so uncharacteristic of Karen and it made her look ridiculous. It would be interesting to have cast members talk about their issues with editing, but I’m sure that subject is taboo. Besides, if they complain, it’s comes down to biting the hand that pays them. Meanwhile, we always have their “vents” on Twitter to rely on. Who will be editing’s next victim? Stay tuned.

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Zia Best said...

Madame Soprano, you have nailed it. I too think the worst editing job done on this show was the instance with Karen going from zero to sixty at Carla in the restaurant. Some things were definitely left out. Karen is a taurus like little ole me and I can tell ya that bulls don't stop charging that quickly...unless there is a sneak attack brewing. Hmmmm lol.

The hypocrisy of what we see on the show and read online between Joe and Carla actually has me a little pissed. Like what do Joe's tweets mean, that he is just playing up all of this drama because he is on the show and Carla is the "target" (mind you, this is all her own doing from what I gather). So he is giving credibility to the story that they don't get along all the time on the show and going online and acting like they are coochie crunch tight (don't ask me about that saying lol)! I don't buy something. Matter of fact, I buy nothing from Carla. I wouldn't be surprised if Joe is simply trying to help Carla because she has guilted him over something. One thing I don't see, is cheery exchanges online with Racquel and Carla. You would expect something, no? If Joe is saying they are fine, where does Racquel fit into it because I doubt that she thinks it's all cool at all. Rambling over...where's my tea???

Chiara Soprano said...

Hi Zia, thanks for commenting. It does seem like Joe is playing it up for the cameras and down on Twitter. I don't know his motives...could just be that he is on the show only if he has issues with Carla (drama) and that's a pretty lucrative gig. Carla was insulting Raquel from the moment she heard about her, on the show and on Twitter. I wonder why she waited so long to meet her? Because she seems ok with her now...but like Raquel I don't buy the apology.

Anonymous said...

Joe does play things up for sure. These shows play tricks like taking a bit of an interview about one thing and editing it in somewhere where it looks like it's about something else, but he's not stupid. He knows if he says something negative about Carla it will end up on-air somewhere.

I also love that Carla's whining about editing. She took full advantage of that scene with Karen knowing full well why Karen was upset. Carla was all over twitter and everywhere trying to make Karen look crazy and herself look like a victim. Karma bites.

vai said...

Oh shit i saw my lil post up there lol. Hi Chiara!! I had to jump in n gave my two cents to that nonsense. Carlas fans are so damn blind but anyway, for Joe to say "no Carla no show" bwahhahha. I forgot he was in jail for the first season and half of the second season (correct me if im wrong) so maybe he didnt see his ex then just barking at whatever to make herself useful on the show. I remembered lot of times editing was not on Ramona or Karens side, she got her laugh at the time now its her turn lol. And Joe, i get thats your ex wife but does it ever cross your mind how your girlfriend feels about you on her defense about every lil shit?..oh well . Oh n btw, great blog.

Chiara Soprano said...

Hi Vai! I got a laugh out of your comment to Joe! It's true Carla had no story line, her main thing is provoking everyone else and thinking about herself. What is her story line now? Joe wants a divorce?

Anonymous said...

All I saw in season 3 in the beginning was Carla pissing off Renee and her being pissed off at Joe and Raquel. The show would still be a hit without Carla.

Anonymous said...

I would be very surprised if it weren't in their contract to keep their mouths shut regarding dissing the show in any way including re: editing.

Chiara Soprano said...

Anon, I think those contracts are ironclad and include everything, so violating them isn't a joke.

Shred said...

Karen looks silly running the music studio. She looks so lost, its sad. Don't invest in a business you don't anything about it. Especially if you want to sleep with the guy running it.

The funeral for Lefty was a awkward. Especially in a church. That scene didn't sit right. Ramona is in a bad place right now.

Renee wasn't slurring for the first episode ever. That was interesting. She wasn't as angry either. Good for her. Bad for show.

The editing made Carla look evil non-stop. I don't think she is nearly as bad as it comes off. Sorry. But the storyline fades without the editing.

All in all the show has slipped since season 1.

Chira, which season do you like the best so far? I liked season 1.


Chiara Soprano said...

Hi Shred, thanks for commenting. Despite the fact that this season is only half over, I think I like this season best. I like the way Drita comes across now. I am enjoying the addition of Love Majewski to the show. And, think everyone is seeing Carla's true colors finally, and all at the same time.