Thursday, February 28, 2013

Mob Wives: Sneak Peek Ep 8 Time & Punishment

Ramona decides to announce her engagement to all her friends. She thinks joe will get bail and they can get married. Everyone is thrilled and congratulates her...everyone except Karen, who feels she is in the Twilight Zone. Karen's family has dealt with her father's incarceration and she doesn't want that life for Ramona. Karen is upset and exercises some tough love, trying to get Ramona to see the reality of what this decision means. Even Big Ang can't stop herself from agreeing with Karen because she knows the charges that are pending against Joe are serious. What do you think? Should Ramona take a second look before she leaps?

Meanwhile, if you missed it, check out Mob Mistress's thoughts about the engagement and wedding at Ramona Rizzo's Wedding

Video Credit: VH1


Susanna said...

I LOVE Ramona. I truly do. BUT, for the life of me, I cannot understand why a woman this beautiful and amazing would bother hitching her wagon to a dude in prison.

This Joe is facing some SERIOUS charges. And if the Feds have their way, he'll be their guest in Club Fed for at least the next 30 years!

There are NO conjugal visits in the Federal Prison system, so basically Ramona will be married to a man she will only see through glass.

This IS NOT what she should be doing to herself or to her children. She and they deserve a whole lot better than Joe "I can't stay out of prison to save my life" Sclafani.

For those who don't know, Joe Sclafani is also the one who helped the late mob soldier, Gus Farace, avoid capture by the Feds after he gunned down an undercover DEA agent named Everett Hatcher back in 1989. Farace was later gunned down by the mob in his car -- coincidentally, Joe Sclafani was in the car with him when he was shot and killed. Sclafani was wounded in the shooting.

He got 33 months in federal prison for harboring Farace and helping him evade capture, and has been arrested again and again since that time.

This IS NOT a man worthy of Ramona. And if he had any decency, he'd break things off with her and allow her to move on and find a man who isn't going to spend the next couple decades locked up.

I hope and pray that Ramona sees the light before she makes this mistake.

My feeling is that she has had the men in her life let her down so many times -- her dad, her ex-husband --- and that perhaps the reason she's chosen to marry a man who is incarcerated is so that he can't let her down because he isn't available to her.

Again, I LOVE Ramona! And she just plain deserves better than this bum!

Anonymous said...

Love seeing Karen being a good friend. Not that she isn't ever a good friend. I see that in Karen; Karen is a good friend. This time tho, she is going against what everyone is saying and that takes courage and integrity. Love it! Don't know WHAT Ramona is thinking! It makes for good drama tho. Ang is thinking the same thing. This guy's not getting out, is what Ang is saying and I believe her. Ramona just got a little interesting to me, in a batshit crazy kind of way. Why marry him is the better question. The why nots are OBVIOUS. Caught a 20 year case. It won't affect the kids, lol. They will be grown adults when he gets out. Maybe Ramona gets money while he is away if she's married to him (from the family--the ONLY reason I see for marrying him). Interesting, interesting. Good for Karen for standing up for what she believes.

leah said...

I think ramona should defo wait and see the outcome.....i waited 4yrs for someone. They cant contribute financially, physically or be there to help with anything and ur basically shut in there with them just waiting!
Maybe if ramona was single but she has 4 kids. It must be hard she loves him wants a life with him but like karen says this is the reality!