Friday, February 22, 2013

Mob Wives: "I'm Not Getting Involved," Sneak Peek Ep 7

I'm not getting involved.

Well VH1 has released an excellent sneak peek for episode 7, "First Look:No Love Lost" airing Sunday at 10 PM/9C. I cannot wait to tune in. Drita gets together with Karen and Love to discuss Carla. Drita, sticking to her word about no fighting, says quite emphatically that she is NOT getting involved with whatever drama is going on. Drita says she would like there to be peace, but if not she is not getting involved in anything. She needs peace in her life. Drita feels that she has been placed in the middle of every situation and she hates it. Love goes on the explain that Carla got "lippy" with Karen, who exercised great self control. Karen adds, "there were many occasions where she wanted to get up and smash her f*ckin' face in." (Who could have imagined that Karen and Drita would be chatting about Carla?) Everyone agrees that Carla is "not a fighter, but she does run her mouth." Love is prepared to knock all of Carla's teeth out if she talks about her. Drita has to speak up on Carla's behalf because she says Carla has always been good to her and stuck up for her. So she feels they should understand her position. Love says, "We have all defended the defenseless."  Drita agrees. But Drita is concerned because of the way Carla has treated and spoken to Renee. Love brings up the Carla/butterknife incident and says she would have made Carla "eat it. No one is picking up a knife to me or they are leaving stabbed 12 times. It's just not happening."

It seems to me that Carla has really turned everyone against her. Can Drita be far behind? Deep down even Drita knows that there is going to be some tension and drama for what Carla has done to Renee. Is there any way Drita can defend that? Carla has really placed Drita in a difficult position of either defending her or defending what is right. What will Drita do? Meanwhile, has anyone caught the little snarky tweet Carla sent to Drta last episode? Carla to Drita, “@DritaDavanzo love ur facial expressions .Is it because of all the bullshit ur listening too. Lmaooo”  

What do you think?

Picture & Video Credt: VH1


MiamiGirl said...

I am not feeling this Love girl - I have known plenty of tough women, but this one thinks she is the incredible hulk. Now, she is going to pick on the only non-fighter in the group. Of course, what a bully.

Anonymous said...

OK Carla says stupid stuff. Carla called out Renee for being a druggie and didn't do it very nicely at all. She should have had compassion for Renee but that's a tall order given the way Renee treated Carla while Renee was using. Their tensions boiled with a BUTTER knife! OK, that is almost funny. Then Love chimes in with her "clean your clock about everything" mouth and goes off about the BUTTER knife! OK, fine. It's really a battle of whose mouth is really the best "clean your clock about everything mouth". For now, Love wins. I like Love. I love all the girls (well, I am trying to like Ramona--not there yet). For a while Drita had the best "clean your clock mouth" until she was doubled up on via Ramona and Karen (not fair, but shouldn't expect fair). They are just all so very hurt and it all come out as anger. Kind of sad, really. But oh, do I enjoy the drama!

Carla has stood by Drita forever. Drita should stand by Carla. Just a loyalty thing. I don't know what is "right". Loyalty is huge though and you can't have it both ways; you are either loyal or you aren't. That's very black and white to me. A little side note on Carla: if she did do the married husband(s) that is deplorable. If she is a different person today, she should be forgiven--except from the wives of the husbands she cheated with. Honey, they will never get over that shit.

There are so many double standards in that lifestyle. You have to be loyal to your "family" but not your wife. You wait on your husband to get home from prison, yet he is a cheater. You are married into the lifestyle knowing full well the husbands have mistresses--the only plus there is at least you know about it compared to the rest of society. Respect is confused with loyalty. You hate cheaters, yet the lifestyle is based on cheating. You stand up against bullying, yet bullying is what you do best.

All of this is tempered with the wisdom of Angela. She has been down this road before. She has a knowing. The other girls are not yet picking up on her wisdom. She has made all of the mistakes the others are making. She came out better for it. I hope the others do as well.

It's a hot mess and I like it!

Sam said...

It's going to be interesting to see what's going to go down next week.

More than likely, my guess is, Drita will probably tell Carla upfront how uncomfortable she was with the whole Renee situation whether it be in this episode or later episodes. Right now, I think Drita wants to focus on Lee, the kids, and her work. It speaks for itself because from what I could see she didn't reply to Carla's snarky tweet.

I don't think Carla has turned everyone against her. She seems to still be cool with Big Ang and Drita on twitter nowadays so I don't think the whole Mob Wives crew is against her.

I wonder though how/why Carla got lippy with Karen. Guess we'll find out!

Chiara Soprano said...

To the top Anon, I understand about loyalty, and feel the same way. But the way I see it is this: Carla stood by Drita, but Drita was only standing by her own convictions that she and Karen had drifted apart and weren't friends. She didn't want Lee in Karen's book to protect her family. In the current situation, for Drita to stand by and defend Carla, she would have to make herself part to wrong doing because Carla was definitely wrong to call Renee a junkie and show total lack of compassion. We don't know who started talking about who first on the street. Maybe Renee was set off by hearing what Carla was saying and retaliated with being with married men. One is a disease the other a choice. Now Carla also was party to spreading rumors about Karen being in the hospital after the rooftop fight, and now she is talking about Love. If she is not a fighter, then maybe Carla should not antagonize or provoke those who are?

Thanks for commenting!

Anonymous said...

Interesting perspective. Hmmmmm..... I definitely hear what you are saying but I think loyal friends have your back no matter what, even if you are wrong. That's the kind of friends I keep anyhow. The rest, out the door! LOL But seriously, I think Carla is completely wrong, an ass, etcetera and to do the married husbands, is well, I want to clean her clock. BUT! If there is a loyalty thing between Drita and Carla, Drita needs to have her friend's back. Just the way I see it. I am definitely not saying Carla is "right". I would say given, the rumors, I would say she is morally corrupt, wrong, sick--you get my point. I don't think loyalty is about right and wrong.

Now to your point, if Drita is just holding to her beliefs and never had loyalty to Carla, then fine. Loyalty out the door. As for Carla treating Renee the way she did. Another Carlerism.

I put myself in Drita's shoe, Carla's shoes, and the others' shoes. Really. I see all sides.

Friends are everything to me. And loyalty is a huge part of it. The opposite of loyalty is betrayal.

Rosey said...

Drita is concerned about Lee and her kids. She wants to make sure she keeps Lees' attention and an eye on him since he cheated.
Drita knows Carla is wrong for calling out Renee a junkie but Drita wants to have her back because Carla was the only one who had her back for 2 seasons. Lets see what happens

Chiara Soprano said...

Hi MiamiGirl, I remember Love saying viewers would either Love her or hate her...Maybe you will change your mind. I personally love her, but I have met her and spoken to her on the phone for interviews. As for picking on the non-fighter, Carla, the only reason Love has an issue is because she has been hearing that Carla is talking about her and not in a complimentary way. We will have to see more on the show. Thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

"I definitely hear what you are saying but I think loyal friends have your back no matter what, even if you are wrong."

I can agree with that, but what happens when you have more than one friend you owe loyalty to? Carla had Drita's back, yeah, but that's because she has no other friends in the group and no conflicted loyalties to worry about. (Plus, frankly, the only way she has any fans at all is Drita's fans, so not being loyal would be a stupid move, but whatever). Drita is different, she likes Love and she's friends with Renee, and Renee has been more loyal to Carla and Drita than she's been to Ramona and Karen, who are 100% loyal to Renee always. So what do you do when two people have had your back and now they're fighting and one of them is in the wrong? Just because the fans of the show tend to link Carla and Drita in their minds doesn't mean she's really a better friend than Renee, Drita must know who her friends are.

MiamiGirl said...

Does anyone know if we will see Lee in any of the episodes??? Personally, I would LOVE that!! I would also like to see more Joe.

Anonymous said...

To Anon above:
--me again--

I see Drita's predicament and I see your point. Drita IS in a tough spot. And CERTAINLY the editing, etcetera, makes it difficult for the viewers, like me to see, and have a clear, fair, understanding of all that is going on. Editing can make everything very skewed. But, I do think Drita has ground to stand on in defending a position of backing Carla.

In a perfect world, the problem and/or resolution really should be between ONLY Carla and Renee. If it can actually be between those two solely, then Drita can and should back down. If it is Carla in a lion's den, then I think Drita should back Carla. I sure as shit wouldn't back down to the rest of the group for the sake of everyone liking me. That wouldn't be an issue. I have to be okay with my own actions. SO--if I see my friend being bullied against, you bet I am going to defend her. I see it as Carla being bullied against. And a person can take so much before they start swinging back. I see Carla at that point.

Like I said, if it can just be between Carla and Renee, perfect. Drita's in a tough place, HOWEVER, if it is an issue of bullying, which I definitely view it that it is bullying, then Drita has ground to stand on defending Carla.

As for liking or disliking Carla in relation to Drita's coattails, for me, it is a non-issue. I can make up my own mind. I like Drita but she has very little impact on what I think of Carla. I like Karen, and not Ramona at all. I don't like Carla because of Drita, in fact, Carla was kind of "vanilla" until recently. My thoughts on them all:

DRITA-love her frankness and her heart, and her anger is what everyone is thinking anyway if they were in her shoes--and she is pretty clear what it's like to be in her shoes. Doesn't hold back. Love Drita.
ANGELA-She is wise. Honest. Loyal. HAPPY!! Cares about everyone. Is forgiving (Neil gets to move back in for the nth time). Lives up to her mistakes (hello-cocaine). Not angry. ummmm..The only one not angry. Love, love love her!
KAREN-Is angry. Looking for happiness. Confused about respect and loyalty. But Karen is interesting enough though to keep my attention.
LOVE-ANGRY. she is so hardened. She needs to soften up a bit or edited differently. It's hard to watch her with all of her violence. Would like to see her funny side and not her mean side. I am "over" her attitude. Gets old in a hot second. She's losing my interest.
CARLA-she's pissed now! I see Carla as fighting back. Lashing out against the chicks who are bullying her. She's past her breaking point. Carla's relevant and has become interesting. She was boring until now.
RENEE-angry turned...trying to not be angry. Kudos to Renee for getting help! Huge! That I respect. I like Renee a lot. She is so genuine. She is passionate. I like her genuineness when she isn't using. She was genuine using too though. "THERE'S CRUMBS ON THE FLOOR!"~~she was genuinely pissed about the crumbs on the floor. Love Renee.
RAMONA-angry. I'm "over" her. Boring. Why is she on here? I would be VERY interested if her Jordanian ex-husband made a visit. That would make good drama and she would be relevant in a hot second. Right now, not relevant. I can run and make popcorn when she is on or go to the bathroom. Don't miss much.

Those are my thoughts up to this point! As a viewer, I am open to changing my mind. I think there are too many people on there now. Need to cut back. Gets boring realllllly fast with repetition and the anger is very repetitious. No surprise why Angela got a breakout series. She's so happy and fun! Need a funny one now.

Geez, I'm blogging on a blog.

Anonymous said...

It's not about backing down for them liking her, it's about doing what you feel is right. I don't even like Drita, and I think she's the one, not Karen, who's seriously confused about respect and loyalty, but she's in a tough spot. Carla's not getting ganged up on, she's dealing with consequences of stuff she did. Drita's friends with Renee and doesn't agree with how Carla's dealing with Renee. It would have to be a really damn good friend to get involved to defend her against other friends when they're right and she's wrong. And since Drita does not want to get involved at all, it seems like Carla imaybe Isn't a good enough friend to be worth fighting for her in wrongness. As for Love, Renee was spreading rumors about her, but she, unlike Carla, had compassion for all Renee's problems and they worked it out like adults. If Love was just fighting for relevance, Carla is the least relevant. Love had a legit beef with Renee but she chose to squash it. If she and Carla can't work it out, maybe that's on Carla. Nobody seems to be able to work it out with her.

Anonymous said...

~~me AGAIN~~

Take a closer look at EVERY SINGLE reality tv show that has women on it. There is always one singled out. ALWAYS. It's bullying, singling out, whatever you want to label it. EVERY SINGLE reality show that's all women.

It's a veryyy interesting sociologic perspective. It is what it is.

So take your blinders off, and look again. For an easier look, I will label it "singled out" instead of bullying for the hotheaded resistance on the term.

Mob Mistress said...

Who has blinders on?

If someone's actions are perceived to be wrong & several people address it, where is the singling out or bullying?

The only character who hasn't seemed to have an issue with the ladies is Big Ang. Other then that Karen, Drita, Renee, Ramona & Love have had someone not like them or have an issue with them. I've never seen the Mob Wives collectively bully or single out one member.

Anonymous said...

Omg are you for real? No way, most reality shows feature an out group and in group? No way! That will come as a real shock to anyone who's under 7 with a single digit IQ who hasn't mastered dressing themselves yet. The rest of us, though, can see the obvious just like you, amazingly.

Reality show pattern, though, don't equal reality show law. The reality show police can't get a warrant for JG if she changes it up a little. Keep an eye out, though.

Usually when someone gets ganged up on it's because they're well-intentioned and easily pushed around and therefore susceptible to the villain edit. Not the case here. Carla isn't getting the villain edit. No one really is. Yeah, she's an instigator, but the focus of the show is not playing things up to make her look bad. Her problems with the other girls are made by her, and all she has to do to solve them is just stop continuing to keep poking the situation further. On the other shows, you'll note that the out girl always begs for forgiveness, which is denied. Carla never even acknowledges she's done wrong. Renee forgives her everytime, but she doesn't stop. It doesn't fit a traditional pattern at all.

Go do your own sociological experiment. Treat a bunch of people like shit, stir things up, make it clear you think you're better than everyone else, go run your mouth all over town on people who are stronger than you, and then when they give you a chance keep on insulting them and make it clear you don't care, and see what reactions this provokes, positive and negative. Then examine what this tells us about bullying and reality TV.

Anonymous said...

When has Carla been singled out?

Carla isn't some helpless victim with an alcohol problem crying in the corner while everybody gangs up on her. In fact, if it were up to her, that would be Renee, only problem is the other women won't follow her lead and attack someone for substance abuse.

Talk about hot headed resistance, if you want to convince anyone you need to explain how it's bullying. Karen and Ramona aren't doing anything to Carla. Renee has showed more loyalty to Carla than to anyone and has the shiv marks to prove it. Carla is attacking Love because Love once dated her boyfriend, and somehow that's Love bullying Carla? Drita and Ang aren't doing anything to Carla. Carla is getting on Raquel for no reason. How are those blinders supposed to show that Carla is the victim?

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but that is SO not true. Every single reality show with women does not have one singled out. That hardly ever happens. It's really mostly like this, there are groups and splits and shifting alliances, but not everybody against one, no. Even when you have one person who has beef with everyone they still don't come at her together usually.

And come on, if you're trying to make some kind of sociological point about women on reality shows being mean and cold, Carla should be exhibit A. She's total bros over hos, her whole hate thing with Renee stems from Renee not wanting to be touched by Handy Man. WHO does that? Who picks a nasty azz groper over their lifelong friend? What grown azz woman is SO insecure and weird that she wants to go to war with anyone who used to see her boyfriend or looks at her ex? Her friendships don't seem to go too deep because she's too into herself and too obsessed with making Handy happy.