Thursday, February 7, 2013

Mob Wives: Joe Wants A Divorce Sneak Peek

Carla shocked about the word "divorce?"

Thanks to VH1 we now have a glimpse into the conversation between Joe and Carla where he nervously, but emphatically asks for a divorce. Carla seems to be a little in shock, and then somewhat upset. Joe wants to make a nice clean break and move on in a positive direction with his this

Seems like Joe and Raquel just "fit"

But guess who else has already moved on with her life?  Yes Carla! So don't feel too sorry for her. Last week Carla and Handy were off in Puerto Rico for a nice little getaway...and I would think she would love to have her freedom, no? And by the way, who is watching the kids while the concerned mom is away?

In any case, when Joe compares his marriage to Carla to a "business arrangement" it's more than Carla can take and it leaves her with a sour taste in her mouth. Frankly, that was a poor choice of words for Joe to use if he was hoping for an amicable divorce. Carla starts telling him how hard she had it with him in prison, and gets no sympathy from Joe. He proceeds to tell her she needs to retain an attorney and get the process going expeditiously. Hopefully the scene will be longer than a minute on the show. Just watch Carla's facial expressions...

Picture and Video Credit: VH1 and Carla's Twitter


Anonymous said...

Love your blogs. Carla makes no sense. She wants a boyfriend yet wants to be married to Joe. That makes her look stupid. Good for Joe for moving on!! Carla is so fake. Let Joe be happy. Grow up stop being jealous. Joe is right, when he says she is cold. She judges everyone. But doesn't take a look in the mirror. Practice what you preach girl! Stay away from the married men that you so deny.

Leah said...

I feel for carla like she says Joe was out all the time when they were married then he went to jail left her with 2 kids, trying to pay the mortgage, look after twins, and hold it all down, she was doing things for him while he was locked up then she finds out he was cheating on her!! Of course she is bitter and angry. I would be too. i dont get my kicks out of seeing someone bitter and angry because behind it is hurt and fear.

Of course she still has some feelings for Joe its her babies daddy and she would be pretty cold hearted if she had none..
I hope she can get some peace from it all....its the kids who suffer when the parents arent happy.

donna said...

I wish Carla & Joe all the best. If they are meant to be, they will be. If not, then good with some one else.