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"The Walking Dead: Home" Ep Recap

The scene starts off with Rick moving wood at the bridge of the prison, with Michonne keeping watch in prison yards. Something then captures Rick’s attention so he grabs his binoculars to observe. He sees Lori in a pure white dress standing in the prison’s “graveyard”, where three crosses stand (Lori and T-Dog’s burial spots). Rick walks over to the cemetery and Lori disappears. He looks around and sees her standing outside the prison gates. She walks away as Rick goes outside the gates to chase her. Michonne is rather alarmed at Rick’s behavior and looks on as Rick goes after Lori. Rick finally catches up to Lori, who is standing on a small bridge. Rick slowly walks up to her, speechless that he’s standing in front of his dead wife. Lori reaches out to caress Rick’s face. The two share a tender “reunion” at the bridge. Michonne can only see Rick standing on the bridge by himself.

Rick wandering in the green....
Back in Woodbury, the guards are on patrol once again at the wall. Andrea is in a room when she hears a door knock. It’s the Governor. “May I?” he asks. Andrea lets him in. “That was…quite a speech you gave them...exactly what these people needed to hear,” he told her. “What about the prison?” Andrea asks. “As long as they leave us alone, we don’t have a problem,” the Governor lies assures her. “So no retaliation?” Andrea says. “I need to go see them.” The Governor explains to Andrea how he failed as the leader of Woodbury: “I’ve done some terrible things…I’m not right for these people…but you are…” “So you’re abdicating?” Andrea asks. “I just need time…to get myself together.” The Governor says as he sits down. He reassures Andrea that she has Martinez (guard) and Milton. “We need you.”

Out in the woods in the middle of nowhere, Daryl and Merle are scavenging for food. “Ain’t nothing but mosquitoes and ants out here,” Daryl remarks. “Patience, little brother!” Merle replies. Daryl and Merle debate whether to go through houses and what their next plan of action is for food. “I think you’re just trying to lead me back to the prison,” Merle remarked. “You got shelter, food, a pot to piss in…might not be a bad idea!” Daryl replies. “It won’t be no party for me,” Merle said. Merle and Daryl continue on into the woods to search for food.

The angel and devil....

Back in the prison, Glenn draws out the prison map and asks Carl about the area where he found Tyrese and the gang. Carl points it out and Glenn tells him that the area was already secured. “He thought he came through here,” Carl points out. Glenn concludes there’s been another breach and the front of the prison is vulnerable. “What makes you think he’ll attack us?” Beth chimes in. “Maybe we scared him off.” Michonne tells the group about the fish tanks full of human…and walker….heads that he kept as trophies. “He’s coming…” she predicts. “We should then take off now…he won’t expect it!” Glenn suggests. “we’ll sneak back in and put a bullet in his head!” Carol tells him they are not assassins but Glenn disregards her and tells Michonne they can sneak into the Governor’s apartment. “I’ll do it myself!” Glenn said. Michonne doesn’t respond. “He didn’t know you were coming last time and look what happened,” Hershel recalls. “You were almost killed, Daryl was captured and you and Maggie were almost executed.” Glenn decides to pull an attitude at this point and tells him no one will stop him. Hershel reminds Glenn that Rick wouldn’t cooperate with this when Glenn reminds Hershel that Rick isn’t in the best frame of mind. “Think this through; T-Dog and Lori lost their lives here, the men lost their lives…it’s not worth anymore killings,” Hershel said. Hershel suggested too that if the Governor comes, that the group might be out of the prison and will survive on the road again like they did in the winter. “That was different,” Glenn said. “You had two legs and we didn’t have a baby crying every 4 hours!” “We can’t stay here….” Hershel says. “We can’t run!” Glenn says. Maggie walks back up to her cell. “Stay put, were going to defend this place and make a stand….Carl, we will go down to the tombs…..(to Michonne) you stay here….” Glenn plans when he realizes something; “whose on watch??”

Glenn trying to play the leader
Back in the lab, the Governor sneaks up to a concentrated Milton, whose listening to alpha rays to meditate on. Milton goes to get the Governor his radio. The Governor sits in his seat; “you’ve been invaluable…you intend to stay?” Milton replies: “leaving has never crossed my mind.” The Governor tells him he considers him a friend. “Thank you….I feel….me too,” a nervous Milton replies. The Governor tells him he relied on Merle but that didn’t work. “Martinez is a good soldier,” the Governor tells Milton; “he would take a bullet for me….would you?” Milton seems nervous at the question. “I would…” he nods. “Andrea…I’m not sure where her loyalty lies.” The Governor says. Milton acknowledges her past association with Merle and Rick and crew. “You keep tabs on her for me,” The Governor commands Milton. “Of course,” Milton replies. Back in Woodbury, Andrea walks up to the guards and asks a guard named Karen where the Martinez has been. “I don’t know,” she replies. “Did you see him leave?” Andrea asks. “Karen, you can tell me…” Karen cuts her off: “I don’t know anything.” Andrea sees Milton and runs up to him. She asks Milton about the Governor. “He’s out on a run….” Milton nervously replies. “Where is he?” Andrea asks. “I’m not sure where he….he ran for supplies…..” Andrea demands to know where he is. “On a run?” Milton replies. Andrea walks away. “I bet he’ll be back soon…”

Governor thinking he's Clint Eastwood
Glenn and Carl come in to tell the crew that the prison is once again, infested with walkers. Hershel thinks they are wasting time. Carol tells the group that they are stuck between a rock and hard place under the circumstances. “Once again, running isn’t an option!” Glenn reminds the team. “Glenn, if the tombs are filled up again,” Carol tells him, “it’s only a matter of time before they push their way in here.”  Axel suggests staying in the prison since there might be herds of walkers outside the prison. Carol says they can’t take them all out with their numbers. Glenn says he’ll clear them out again and take the car. Axel suggests going but Glenn says he’ll take Maggie. Glenn goes up to where Maggie is lying down in a cell. Maggie is unresponsive to Glenn’s presence. “Where have you been?” Glenn asks. No response from Maggie. “We need to find out how the walkers are getting in the tombs….are we going to talk about this? Maggie, you need to talk…” “I do, or you do?” Maggie replies. “What do you want me to say? How he made me stand naked in front of him? How he pushed himself against me? Put his hands all over me? Slammed my head down and bent me over the table?” Glenn begins to ask her a question but Maggie knows the question already and answers. “Did he rape me? No…” she sits up and glares at Glenn. “Do you feel better? I had a choice. Either take off my shirt or take off your hand. I just listened to Merle beat the shit out of you in the other room. What could I do?” Glenn tries to lean in to hug her but Maggie pushes him back. “Now go away! You got your answer!” Glenn walks away.

Carol and Axel are on the bridge where Rick us and are setting up wood and metal tables as an extra shield. “Guns scare the bejesus out of me!” Axel confesses to Carol. “I robbed a bank and had a toy gun on me. Had it in my pocket.” Carol is perplexed. “You said Oscar was the thief and that you were here for pharmecuticals.” “I didn’t want you to think I was a violent man,” Axel replies. “So you’re in here for a toy gun?” Carol asks. Axel explains how the day after the robbery, he was parked out at his brothers house when the police came and did a thorough search of the brother’s house and found the brother’s .38 and said it matched the police’s description. “To tell you to truth, I don’t even know how to use this damn thing,” Axel confesses while holding a pistol. Carol takes out the fully loaded mag, loads it again and gives it back to Axel. “You’re quite the lady!” he tells her.

Back in the woods, Daryl and Merle are talking about what direction to go to next. They hear a strange squeal and cry. “What’s that?” Daryl asks. “It’s wild animals getting wild!” Merle responds. “It’s a baby….” Daryl said. “You might as well piss in my ear and say it’s raining!” Merle remarks back. Daryl is still convinced it’s a baby. They walk towards the sounds near a body of water and see that on a bridge, there’s a couple cars, a couple humans and a herd of walkers going after the humans. A woman and her baby are hysterically crying. “It ain’t worth it, little brother!” Merle complains while Daryl immediately runs up to the bridge. Merle decides to be of absolutely no use and yells at the guys to “jump”.  Two Hispanic men are on a barricade shooting walkers while another herd of walkers are surrounding a red car, where a Hispanic woman is praying and holding her crying baby close. One of the men drops his gun and the other drags him back so he doesn’t get bit. The walker is shot with an arrow. Daryl arrives on the scene! 

Hubba hubba! 
He is taking out walkers, getting arrows and stabbing walkers. Merle is watching on. Daryl asks the men to cover him. Daryl sees the car and a walker is frantically in the backseat, trying to get at the walker and the baby. Daryl pushes the walker back and slams his head with the trunk. The brothers and the men are taking out walkers. The men are yelling in Spanish. The men follow the brothers’ cue and stab the walkers in the head. Merle opens the backseat of the car as the man yells at Merle. Merle points the gun at him. “Slow down, beaner!” Merle replies, not learning ANYTHING when it comes to the consequences of being a racist douchenugget back in Atlanta. The man keeps talking to Merle. “Let him go,” Daryl tells him. Merle feels entitled to get their stuff in the car. Daryl draws the crossbow at Merle and tells him to get out of the car. “I know you’re not talking to me brother!” Merle says. Daryl tells the men to get in the car and to get out. Daryl continues pointing the bow at Merle. The brothers walk away. Merle isn’t too thrilled at Daryl pointing a bow at him back on the bridge. “They were scared.” Daryl said. “They were rude! They could’ve shown a token of gratitude…” Merle said. “They owed us nothing,” Daryl replied. Merle is getting on Daryl for helping strangers out of the “goodness of his heart” and possibly being killed in the process. “There was a baby!” Daryl finally yells back. “Oh! So otherwise, you would’ve just left them to the biters?” Merle asks. “Man, I went back for you! You weren’t there!” Daryl strikes back, referring to Atlanta. “I didn’t cut off your hand either, you did that…and you asked for it!” Merle laughs about Daryl and Sheriff Rick and drops a bomb: “you didn’t tell Sheriff Rick we were planning on robbing the camp, did ya?”. “It didn’t happen…” Daryl replies. Merle smirks: “because I wasn’t there to help.” Daryl snaps: “Like you did when we were kids? Who had who then? You lost your hand because you were a simple-minded piece of shit!” Merle grabs and tears Daryl’s jacket, revealing a back full of scratches and scars. Merle is taken aback. “I didn’t know he…didn’t mean…” he starts saying. “Yeah you did, he’d do the same to you, that’s why he left first.” Merle responds: “I had to man, I would have killed him otherwise….where are you going?” Daryl walks away from Merle. “Back where I belong!” Merle yells at Daryl that he can’t go with him. “I tried to kill that back bitch, and that Chinese kid!” “He’s Korean!” Daryl replies. “I may be the one walking away but you’re the one that’s leaving…again!” Daryl takes off in the woods, leaving a stunned Merle.

Back at the prison, Glenn is walking to the truck when he’s stopped by Hershel calling him. “You’re not going back to Woodbury, are you?” he asks Glenn. “How can you possibly go out there by yourself?” “I can’t just sit on my hands!” Glenn says. Hershel reminds him of what happened last time Glenn tried to take charge and it got him and Maggie nearly killed. “You’re saying it was my fault?” Glenn asks. “No…she’s one of the two people most precious to me in this world and I trust you with her life…I still do. This rage is going to get you killed,” Hershel warns. Glenn tells him that Daryl is gone and Rick is taking a trip to crazytown. Glenn still goes in the truck and drives off. Hershel notices that as Glenn is driving off, Rick is still wandering around outside the prison gates. Back inside the prison, Beth walks into Maggie’s cell with Baby Judith. Beth asks Maggie to help her feed the baby so she can cook for her father. Beth teaches Maggie how to properly feed her (enter tender music).

Maggie ready to take action
Outside the prison gates, Rick is still wandering around when Hershel calls out to Rick from inside the prison yard. “You know I wouldn’t hobble all the way down here if it wasn’t important…are you coming up soon?” Hershel asks. Rick doesn’t respond. “Glenn is on a warpath. He’s a smart kid but he can’t fill your boots. I’m afraid he’s reckless. We need you now more than ever.” Rick responds coldly; “if you’re so worried about him, then leave yourself.” Hershel asks “what are you doing out here?” “I’ve been….I’ve got…stuff out here…. Rick replies. Hershel asks him how much longer does he need. “I don’t know,” Rick mumbles. “Anything I can help you with?” Hershel asks. Rick stares at Hershel and walks up to him. “I saw something….I saw Lori…I’m seeing Lori…um…I know it’s not really her….but there’s got to be a reason….it’s got to mean something.” Hershel asks if it was Lori on the phone. Rick said it was her, Shane and the town. “You see them now?” Hershel asks. He tells Rick he’s looking for something. But Rick said he’s waiting for “something, an answer”. Rick knows it doesn’t make sense but in time, something would reveal itself. Hershel tells Rick to come inside the prison to get rest and that Rick isn’t in a safe area. “I can’t…” Rick replies and walks away. Hershel looks sadly on at Rick. Michonne is looking on too.

Michonne ready to strike!
Carol and Axel are watching Rick from the prison walls. Axel asks Carol about Rick. Carol tells Axel that she can’t blame him. Axel explains how he saw many people in prison “just crack”. “I think I’ve gotten better on the inside, things made more sense, you know?” Axel explained. “There were rules, life was more simple.” Carol asks if Axel misses his brother. Axel jokingly replies “hell no, he had a real money problem; he didn’t lend me any!” Carol and Axel laugh but their moment of joy is cut short when Axel takes a round to the head. The Governor has arrived….The gun shot wakes Rick up out of his trance. Rick is taking fire from Martinez and takes cover. Hershel falls to the ground. Carol hides behind Axel’s dead body and Carl and Beth run for cover. Michonne shoots towards the Governor. There’s a mystery guard taking shots from the tower too. The two crews ensue in gunfire. There is a moment of silence. Maggie runs out with extra firepower and the shooting begins again, with Maggie taking charge. Carol grabs a gun from Maggie. Rick and Michonne take shots at the Governor and Martinez. A vehicle is heard from the distance and coming closer to the prison. A big orange and white van breaks through the prison gates and parks in the middle of the field. Rick crawls up to the gates. Michonne takes cover behind a bus. Hershel is still lying in the field. The back of the van opens up a gate as a herd of walkers pour out in the prison yard…where both Hershel and Michonne are. A mysterious shooter pops out to take more shots. The firefight begins again and Rick yells at Hershel to get out. Martinez tries to sneak in shots at Rick. The Governor stands on, watching the battle and taking out a walker or two himself. Walkers keeps pouring out of the van. Maggie finally takes out the guard at the tower. The walkers are closing in on Rick. Rick shoots a few rounds but is out of ammo. Walkers are growing larger by the numbers as the gunfire attracted them to the prison. Hershel gets out his gun and takes shots at the ones coming towards him. 

The Governor gathers his guards and they drive out to leave the weakened crew to fight the walkers. As the Governor drives off, Glenn drives past him just in the nick of time. Carol, Beth, Maggie and Carl go out in the yard to take out the walkers. Michonne gets out her blade and goes on a slashing spree. Meanwhile, Rick is held against the fence by two walkers when an arrow shoots one in the head. Merle and Daryl join the crew. Glenn gets out of the truck as he and Michonne help carry Hershel back in the truck. Glenn drives the truck back inside the prison and secures the gates. Daryl, Merle and Rick are still outside the prison killing walkers.They see walkers are still in the prison yard. The prison yard full of walkers stands between Rick, Daryl and Merle and then Carl, Maggie, Hershel, Glenn, Carol and Michonne. Unfortunately, one of the prison gates is open and walkers sneak inside the prison…but with Rick being the leader, this war isn’t over…

Jane's Notes: Oh goodness, where to begin? I had some "I was RIGHT!" moments but also had some not-so-right moments. I did NOT see Daryl and Merle saving the strangers coming. Nor did I see a retaliation so soon. I figured Rick would go back to the telephone booth. And I yelled out a NO when Axel got shot. At this point, I'm not really sure the road the show/story is going and I'm sure the creators purposely gave that feel to the viewers (that are like me and don't know what happens in the comics). Will the group disban and will one after one be killed off? Is there any hope for civilization in mankind? Will any sort of order be restored? 

Andrea ONCE AGAIN proves that she is not the brightest crayon in the box and, ONCE AGAIN letting the male anatomy of the Governor cloud whatever common sense and judgement that girl once had. Yes, the crew accidentally left Andrea behind at the farm. But she's also alive because of Rick. She's also alive because of Michonne. Is the Governor that great in bed that she has to STILL trail him around? I would've said "Eff this!" and gone on to the prison. Maybe bring Milton along. Or even better, SHOOT the Governor. Andrea reminds me of that chick whose only your friend when she's single but as soon as she gets a taste of a salami sandwich, you never hear from her again. Anyways, was that her or another girl that was the mystery shooter driving the van? I don't think it was her but I'm wondering if anyone else caught that....

I also don't get the Lori thing. I honestly don't. Yes, her and Rick were married and have a child but RIGHT before the zombie apocalypse, they didn't know if they even loved each other. THEN Lori has a bit of Shane's salami sandwich, Rick comes back, Shane goes maniacal and it causes A LOT of tension among the three. Lori was always trying to chime in with whatever decision Rick would make. So why the lovey dovey, tender apparition scenes all the sudden? I would get it if Rick and Lori were still in the honeymoon phase. But last time I checked, their relationship was very strained. But I think when you put the couple's history aside, the apparitions offer a tender, almost light moment in a very dark story. So it's 50/50 with me. 

Speaking of ghosts, I really like how this show is adding a bit of ghoulish "spice" to this! I WOULD comment on Daryl and how we are kindred spirits....and I'm starting to believe even more so after my giddy, ghoulish heart laid my eyes on this gem; 

No words necessary. 

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