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"The Walking Dead: I Ain't No Judas" EP recap

Inside the prison, the crew regroups after a surprise attack by the Governor. Daryl and Merle have joined the crew. Rick and Glenn think that they should stay at the prison and Hershel disagrees. The crew is debating what the best course of action is. Merle is locked in a separate cell, telling the group they should’ve left when they had the chance and that the Governor probably has scouts set up along the road. “I ain’t scared of that prick,” Daryl chimes in. “You should be,” Merle replied.  “That truck through the fence thing? That’s just him ringing the doorbell!” Maggie yells that they should put Merle in a separate cell since it’s all his fault. Beth says it doesn’t matter whose to blame at this point and to just come up with a conclusion. Hershel says they can’t sit there and wait for more people to die. Rick storms off before Hershel gets up and yells at him to get back. He tells Rick that he’s slipping away and they all know why and understand; “You once said this isn’t a democracy, you have to own up to it! I put my family’s life into your hands….so get your head clear and do something!” Rick goes outside in a gated small area to check the prison. He takes out his binoculars and looks at the yards and in the woods….he thinks he sees something go behind a tree. Carl comes out. “Dad, can I say something and promise me you won’t get mad?” “I won’t get mad,” Rick replies. “You should stop….stop being the leader,” Carl explains; “Let Hershel and Daryl handle things…you deserve a rest.” Carl walks away, with Rick taking in what he just said.

The crew looking on....
Back in the Governor’s officer, Milton is filling out paperwork. “We have several people with chronic conditions…it gets us about 26…” “Include men and women over age 13,” The Governor demands. “That’s about 35-36 then,” Milton replies. “Make sure they all have sidearms and ammo. We’ll have Martinez train with them when he’s ready.” Andrea pops in the room and demands to know what happened at the prison. “You said no retaliation!” she yelled. “They shot us…I don’t know who these people were when you were with them but they’re bloodthirsty!” Andrea demands Milton if he knew. Milton said he didn’t know anything until this morning. The Governor warns Andrea not to drag Milton into this. “This is between you and me….” Andrea continues; “I am sick of the lies, and I’m not going to watch this town and my friend gun each other down….I don’t know what you’re trying to prove but enough is enough!” The Governor said it was too late. Andrea says she’ll go to the prison herself and needs one car. The Governor said the roads are blocked and it’s too dangerous. “Andrea, you go to that prison, stay there.” The Governor warns. Andrea walks outside and observes the guards are supplying equipment to the people. A woman is arguing with Martinez on how her son is only 14 and has severe asthma. “The Governor wants everyone with a gun in front of the town hall, now!” Martinez commands. The woman calls Andrea over. “They want Noah to fight,” The woman told her. “What fighting?” Andrea said to Martinez; “I thought you’re teaching these people to defend themselves?” Martinez tells Andrea to wake up and they will defend with an army.

Back in the prison, Rick commands Maggie “eyes up, head down,” as she takes her gun and goes on guard. Rick said the yard they once cleared is infested with walkers. The crew is debating what to do next. “We can’t access the field without burning through our bullets,” Hershel said. Glenn says that they are trapped with little food and ammo. “We’ll go through this again,” Daryl said. “That was before there was a rat in the nest!” Glenn spews back. “Merle is staying, he’s with us….get used to it, all y’all!” Daryl snaps as he walks away. Glenn and Rick argue about Merle living with them. Hershel tells them that not only does Merle have military experience but also has his loyalty to Daryl. Glenn still thinks of using Merle as a bargaining chip to trade off with the Governor in exchange for a truce. Back in Merle’s cell, Hershel hobbles in to talk to him. “You’re the farmer, Hershel.” “And you’re the black sheep, Merle.” Merle asks about his leg. Hershel said he was bit and Rick hacked off his leg to save his life. “He gave me more time with my girls and gave you more time with your brother,” Hershel said. Hershel pulls out a pocket Bible he found in a cell. Hershel admits to losing his way in faith and began quoting: “if you’re right hand defends you, cut it off, and cast it from you; word is profitable that one of your men lose…..” “And with that, their bodies should be cast into hell…Matthew, 5:29 and 30,” Merle finished: “Woodbury had a damn fine library…one of the only things I miss about it.” Merle explained that if the Governor returns, he will kill everyone one by one and save Rick for last. “This is who you guys are dealing with.”

Back in Woodbury, The Governor observes a small group of Woodbury citizens. Milton tells the Governor about an old woman: “This is Mrs. McCloud, she’s the one with the arthritis.” The Governor tells her “thank you dear, we’ll find another way you can help us.” Andrea chirps that Noah has asthma. The Governor asks him if he ever shot a gun. He says he had a BB gun but his mom took it away. “Then you’re going to learn from the best!” The Governor replies.

A new Merle?
Back in the prison, Carol walks over the Daryl’s cell. “Haven’t had a chance to say glad you came back!” Carol said. “To all this?” Daryl said. “This is our home,” Carol said. “It’s a tomb,” Daryl replied. Carol said that T-Dog said the same thing and she thought it was the same until Daryl found her. She also advises him that Merle isn’t good for him and to not let Merle bring him down because he’s come so far.

Back in Woodbury, Andrea demands Milton about whether or not that he knew about the prison incident. Andrea asks Milton to cover for her because the Governor can’t know about it. Milton says he doesn’t want to get involve and it’s not worth getting into. Andrea tells Milton Woodbury has turned into an armed camp with child soldiers: “is this what all your work is for?” she asks. “Please, help me get out of here! I can’t take a car, they won’t open the gate…I need to speak to Rick!” Milton says that it’s a betrayal. Andrea says it’s to keep the peace and prevent more people getting killed. Back in the officer, the Governor checks out his severely scarred eye. Milton knocks on the door and walks in. “You asked me to keep tabs on her,” Milton said: “she’s going back to the prison and has requested my assistance in escaping, her words, not mine.” The Governor tells him to help her. Milton asks if this is some sort of test. The Governor tells him to help her anyway and that he did good work on keeping tabs.

In the woods, Milton is hiding behind a tree, trying to bait a walker in with a pole “walker holder”. He calls for Andrea. As Milton holds him down, Andrea hacks off both the walkers arms. She then puts a rock under the walkers mouth and uses her boot to smash off it’s jaw. Another walker walks towards them before Andrea hacks it. Andrea grabs the walker holdin’ pole and uses it to defend her and Milton as another walker approaches. Tyrese jumps out and stabs it. The rest of Tyrese’s crew follow.

"Oh, that's naaastay!" (copyright Cleveland Brown)
Back in the cell, Michonne is working on her pushups and Carol is getting food when Merle takes a seat next to her. “Smart to stay fit,” he remarks. Michonne continues working out without saying a word. Merle continues that if they are going to be living under the same roof, that Michonne has to understand that Merle hunting her down was strictly business and he was just following orders. “Hmph, like a Gestapo?” Michonne asks. “Exactly,” Merle replies. “I’ve done a lot of things I’m not proud of, before and after…anyways, hope we can get past it…let bygones be bygones,” he says.

Back in the woods, Milton explains to Tyrese and crew that the walker bait was used as a tactic. One of Tyrese’s men asks if they have a camp. Andrea and Milton talk about Woodbury. Tyrese asks if they take people in. Milton says he will take Tyrese and the crew back to Woodbury and Andrea will go onto the prison. Tyrese asks Andrea if she needs an extra hand. “Nope, I’m good!” she replies and heads to the prison.
Taking a page out of Michonne's book
Back in the prison, Carl is using binoculars to help Maggie patrol. He tells Maggie there’s something “weird out there”. Maggie looks through her scope and sees that it’s Andrea. Maggie tells Carl to get Rick and the others. Andrea walks through the yard up to the prison gate in a sea of walkers. Rick and crew immediately run out, guns drawn, ready to attack. “Are you alone?” Rick demands. Andrea yells to open the gate. Daryl and Merle open the gate and immediately, Rick tells her to turn around, searches her and makes her kneel with her hands up. Andrea says she’s alone. Michonne is taken aback at the sight of Andrea. “Welcome back, now get up,” Rick tells her. Andrea walks in the prison cell and is greeted by open arms with Carol. The whole crew surrounds Andrea as Andrea takes in her new surroundings and the state of the group. She asks about Shane, Lori and T-Dog. The group remains silent. Hershel tells her that Lori did have a baby. “You all live here?” Andrea asks. She asks if she can go in. Rick refuses to let her in. “We had that whole yard and area cleared until your boyfriend drove through with a truck and shot us all up!” he exclaims. “He said you fired first!” Andrea said. “He shot first,” Rick said. The crew tells her he also shot Axel, whom they’ve come to like. Andrea says she didn’t know anything and as soon as she found about the shootout, she came to the prison as soon as she could. Andrea then storms to Michonne and asks her what she told the group. “Nothing,” Michonne replies. “I don’t get it…” Andrea remarks. “I’m the odd man out?” “He almost killed us and Michonne…” Glenn remarked. Andrea points the finger at Merle and how he almost beat Glenn to death. Andrea says she cannot excuse what “Philip” has done but Rick doesn’t want to hear it. “We’re going to kill him,” Rick says. “I don’t know how or when, but we will.” Andrea still thinks they can settle this. Merle says she should know better. Hershel asks Andrea about the possibilities of Philip negotiating. Andrea doesn’t know. Daryl chimes in that one of them will take out his other eye and that they are ready to take him down. Andrea tells Rick that if he doesn’t attempt to sit down with the Governor, she doesn’t know what will happen and the crew has already lost enough. Rick says that if she’s want to help, to help get the crew in and Rick storms off.

The once quiet prison yards filled up again
Back in the prison, Andrea is seething at Michonne and is accusing her of “poisoning Rick”. Michonne just said she was telling the truth. “I didn’t choose him over you, I wanted a life! You became hostile!” Andrea said. “Because I could see it,” Michonne replied; “you were under his spell from the moment you laid eyes on him…you still are…what about these people? I didn’t realize the Messiah complex was contagious.” “Go to hell,” Andrea said. “He sent Merle to kill me,” Michonne continued: “He would’ve killed you too if you came along with me. You chose a warm bed over a friend…that’s why I went back to Woodbury. Exposed him for what he is. I knew it would hurt you.” Andrea glares at her as she walks away. Andrea then begins breaking down.

Back in Woodbury, the Governor welcomes Tyrese and the gang to Woodbury and provides them fresh clothes, food and water but mentions that they need to keep the equipment and ammo to “gear up for war”. One of Tyrese’s friends noticed that the town recently took a hit. “It wasn’t by biters, it was by dangerous people out there,” The Governor remarked. “They came at us a few days ago.” Milton mentions that there were fatalities. The crew mentions they ran into a “whackjob at a prison”. “You saw him?” The Governor says. Tyrese said everything was okay until the “leader” came back and shoved a gun in his face. The crew tells the Governor how they found the prison and used it for shelter but Rick screamed at them to get out. The Governor suggests they get some rest and talk it over.

Back in the prison, Andrea walks up to Carol, whose holding Judith, to hold the baby. Andrea holds the baby in her arms and coos to her. “What happened to Lori?” Andrea asks Carol. Carol said Maggie had to do the C-Section and Carl had to shoot her. She also tells her about how T-Dog risked his life for Carol and that back at the farm, all hell broke loose when Shane tried to kill Rick. “But Shane loved Rick!” Andrea remarks. “Shane loved Lori,” Carol replied. Carol suggests to Andrea to give him the night of his life and while he’s sleeping, she can end his life. Andrea has to go back to Woodbury so she gets in a car and tells everyone to take care. Rick gives Andrea a handgun and tells her to be careful. Merle opens the gates so she could drive off.

A secret plan 
It’s nighttime in Woodbury when a vehicle approaches the guarded gates. One of the guards shines a light at Andrea and commands her to have her hands up. They notice it’s Andrea and let her in. Andrea walks back in the Governor’s room where he’s sitting in a chair. “I went to the prison. They’re broken, living in horrible conditions.” Andrea says. “Michonne and Merle there? Rick?” The Governor asks. Andrea says they are. Andrea said her coming back to Woodbury was her call. The Governor asks why. Andrea doesn’t reply. The Governor gets out of his seat and caresses her face. “It’s because you belong here,” he replies, embracing and kissing her.

Back in the prison, the crew are sitting and standing around a lantern. Rick comes out holding Judith. Beth begins singing a song. Rick walks up to Hershel and Daryl. “Some reunion, huh?” Daryl mentions. Hershel acknowledges they are on in a jam. Rick wants to go on a run and tells Daryl to stay and keep an eye on  Merle. Rick mentions that he’s very glad that Daryl is back but if Merle causes problems, it’s on Daryl. Rick wants to include Michonne and Carl in his run and gives Daryl the role of holding down the fort.

In Woodbury, Andrea is in bed with the Governor. She wakes up in the middle of the night, the Governor still asleep. She gets out of bed and grabs a knife. She tries to stab him but all she can do is stand and look at him, knife in her hand. She backs off and walks away to the window, pondering what she should do next. 

Jane's Notes: I need to keep this short and sweet because I have a little less time on my hands today than usual. 

Andrea needs to have a talk with Big Ang and the rest of the Mob Wives to discuss what loyalty is....let's just say if you looked up the word in the dictionary, Philip's picture won't be in it! I also think that Michonne knows how to give someone a verbal smackdown. I think Merle is cooling down a bit now that he's with his brother. Although it was interesting how he accepted Michonne's comment on relating him to a Gestapo and he didn't make a smart aleck remark on her race...maybe he knows she won't take kind to his racism the way he spewed it in Season 1? Maybe he's learned his lesson? I'm on the fence about Merle. 

I think next week though will be one hell of a sh*tstorm so I'm looking forward to it! :D 

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