Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mob Wives: Supertrailer & Thanksgiving

Are they some turkeys or what?
Plea, plea, plea, plea…. plea deal


What am I typing about? Oh yeah, Mob Wives season 4 which airs Thursday night December 5, 2013. Unlike previous years we don’t have to wait for the new year.  How about them turkeys?  VH1 was kind enough to drop the Mob Wives Supertrailer featuring the New Blood.

It seems Renee Graziano wants to take an axe to Natalie Guercio a.k.a. Princess Funeral Home’s neck. Angela Raiola a.k.a. Big Ang thinks Princess Funeral Home is out of control.

Big Ang with CHER hair in the MOBfessional.
Big Ang likes everyone.  We all remember her friends out of f!@#$ng control all Drunken Monkey season long.  We've seen her little sister get out of control on Twitterverse.  What type of out of control is Princess Funeral Home demonstrating?  Are we talking the dead rolling over in their graves type of out of the control?  Are we talking the dead snatching you bald from the grave type of out of control?  When I watch Big Ang declare someone is out of control, I NEED to see it for myself.  I ain’t going to lie folks.  Scandal trumps Mob Wives in my living room.  And don’t tell Chiara that I told you, but someone’s watching Sound of Music live with Carrie Underwood Thursday nights.  Have no fear, we don’t control your remotes, so please tune in to Mob Wives season 4 premiere @10 PM on VH1.  Chiara and I are just going to have to catch it the next day later on DVR.


What am I typing about?  Oh yeah the Mob Wives Supertrailer?
Alicia Dimichele
Alicia Dimichele appears to think Renee Graziano a.k.a. Crumb Killer is bumping her gums about her business.  One has to type appears because editing is infamous for making things appear one way when they are another…. long story.  Maybe another time when I am bored and in a very bad mood.

Princess Funeral Home shares she doesn’t think older Mob Wives are classy and that she is from Philly.  No sh!t, she’s from Philly really?  I had noooooooooooo idea.

Watch the super trailer for yourself:

Yes, the five Mob Wives are just one big clusterf@ck of Kumbaya.  Oh didn’t you love the sentimental Drita D’avanzo’s romantic call to Mr. D’avanzo, “I’m f!@#ing bent right now Lee, baad! You are going to have to bail me out…..”

What do you think about the Mob Wives Supertrailer?  Are you excited about season 4?

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to DonDig, Joshy, Hey You, Tweet, MobBaby, Vai, Ms. Foster, Syl, Mrs. Mazzone, Polar, The Rose Mother and ALL OUR READERS, Mob Wives present and past**waving to Karen, Love, Ramona, Pia & Leah**  and the women from I Married A Mobster especially Andrea, Love again, Dion, Cheryl.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"The Walking Dead: Dead Weight" Recap

Martinez, with the help of his campmates, brothers Mitch and Pete and Alecia, stumble upon the pit that the Governor and Megan are trapped in. Martinez drops a rope for them to climb on out of the pits. He asks the Governor if he's been on the run. Martinez includes the Governor and his new family into their camp, with the exception that Martinez is in charge. The Governor, Lilly, Megan and Tara settle in the camp, with the Governor playing a game of chess with Megan and bonding....

"Was your dad mean?" Megan asks. "Were you bad?" 
"Sometimes..." The Governor replies; "sometimes..." 
"Am I bad?" Megan asks. "My dad was always mean..."
The Governor comforts Megan: "You are good. Don't you forget it." 

Tara, Holly, and Megan...the new "family" (picture credit:

Megan, her mom Lilly and the Governor are inside a camper, with the Governor fixing a leaky roof. The Governor is dissatisfied with the RV's condition but Angela assures him it's the best they've had in a long time. The Governor then goes on a supply run with Martinez, Mitch and Pete deep in the woods. They then stumble upon a beheaded soldier tied up, with a cardboard sign that says "LIAR" on it. "Somebody pissed somebody off."

Back at the camp, Lilly is tending to Alecia's wound. Meanwhile, she strikes up a conversation with Tara; sparks fly between them as they talk about guns.

Back in the woods, they come across a cabin. They come across a random recliner in front of it with another decapitated soldier tied to it with a sign reading "rapist". On the porch of the cabin is another man that blew his head off with the sign "murderer" on it. He holds a picture of his family in his hand, that the Governor picks up. Inside the cabin, they can hear the thumps of walkers. The men sneak inside the dark cabin, with only a flashlight lighting the way. They sneak around before a walker gets behind Pete and grabs him. "Get off of me! Get off of me!" The Governor takes it out with his flashlight. Pete turns around and sees two walker heads biting at him. Mitch takes them out. Another walker grabs Martinez but again, the Governor takes it out.

Picture credit:

Later on, the men are enjoying a fire in the cabin when Martinez tells the Governor if it wasn't for Megan, he would've left him in the pits. Martinez says he notices a change in the Governor. Mitch comes back with a box of supplies and food. Mitch also found beers, which they all open up and enjoy. Pete wonders about the hell that went down in the cabin before they came to the rescue and everyone turned. The Governor warns them not to think too much about it. He then asks them about what happened when the apocalypse happened. Mitch was a tanker in the Army and Pete was in Ft. Benning. They asked the Governor what he did; "I survived," he simply replied.

That side-eye Martinez is giving the Governor is pricless...(picture credit: 

It's daytime now as Martinez, the Governor, and his "new family" all enjoy a picnic lunch with good food and beer. Martinez tries to tell them all about Woodbury, but the Governor cuts them off to put "the past in the past". The Governor goes back in the caper to try to fix the leaked roof. But Martinez interrupts and the two of them go on top of the camper to hit golf balls. Martinez is enjoying himself and his company. He opens up about life after Woodbury but before he could go on, the Governor hits him in the head with a golf club and tosses him over the camper. The Governor then drags him to the put full of walkers. Martinez tries to fight off but fails. He is then fed to the walkers. "I don't want it....I don't want it!!" The Governor screams.

A gruesome ending.... (picture credit: digital spy) 

Later on in the night, Lilly and Megan come back to the camper, with the Governor shaking in fear. He tells them that he had a horrifying night terror. The next morning, Pete and Mitch tell the crew they found the remains of Martinez in the pit after a night of "drinking and playing golf". Pete yells that he will be the leader for now, to the crowd's outrage. Tara mouths off when Mitch tells "the little bitch" to shut up. Things almost get confrontational. Pete says this is the way it'll be the next couple of days until something can be established. Pete, Mitch and the Governor go out in the woods. They stumble across a small camp; Pete thinks they should leave them alone with their supplies but Mitch and the Governor disagree. Regardless, Pete stands his ground and they let the campers be. After hours of finding just scraps of supplies, the Governor heads back to the area of campers...only to see they've already been killed off. Mitch was outraged that they missed their opportunity; Pete is more outraged that they were murdered. A man barely wakes up before Mitch stabs him in the head. The two "brothers" are like night and day, with Pete being "the good guy" and Mitch being "the bad guy".

The new "Lieutenant" 

Back in the camper, the Governor comes in and tells Lilly and Megan to pack their things immediately because they were heading out. The women are resistant but the Governor tells him it isn't safe. Angela wants to stay behind to be a nurse and Tara can't leave Alecia behind. The Governor takes Angela with Megan, Tara and Alecia out in the car in the middle of the night. They stop in their tracks as a mud pit full of walkers blocks their path. They turn around and go back to their camp. The Governor goes to Pete's amper and wants to "have a talk" with him. Pete jokes that he expected him to come but before Pete can talk some more, the Governor stabs him in the back...literally...and strangles him. The Governor than knocks on Mitch's camper, a gun pointed at him. Mitch asks for Pete. Mitch thinks the Governor will kill him now to avenge for stabbing the man back at the camp. The Governor explains how Pete was a liability because he was looking out others and always "doing the right thing"...and how that way of thinking would get everyone killed. The Governor talks about his childhood about how the Governor and his brother smoked their dad's cigarettes. The dad caught them and the brother took the blame for it all. His brother got beaten and so did the Governor, hence why the Governor doesn't believe that "heroes" can save themselves or anyone else. The Governor is now the leader and tells Mitch he won't have to worry about doing "the right or wrong thing" again. They will tell the camp that Pete died on a supply run. The Governor than drags Pete's dead body to a nearby lake and drops his body in it. do they stay alive underwater?? 

Now the Governor gathers the camp to talk about their next plan of action. The Governor spends the evening looking at a map, thinking while Lilly walks over. The Governor wants to find a better place; Lilly disagrees and then tends to his eye wound. Outside, Tara and Alecia are laughing at Megan, who wants them to play with her. She runs around inside camp but bumps into a walker. Megan hides under a camper as the walker tries to grab her. Tara tries to grab at the walker but fails. The Governor comes just in time to shoot the walker. The whole camp comes out and is stunned. The Governor then takes a small walk over to the see that Brian has revived as a walker and is wide-awake under water. The Governor then takes his truck out deeper into the spy on the prison. He sees Rick and Carl in the garden but another sight catches his eye...Hershel and Michonne out in the woods as well, laughing as Hershel gathers more plants.

The Governor raises up his pistol and aims....

Janes Notes: Okay, I might get shade for this but WHY MARTINEZ???? Yeah yeah, he may have had it coming but how can you WANT to throw this pretty face in a pit full of walkers?? Or at least knock him out cold before feeding him to them! Sheesh....

Now, onto the episode. I think the moment the Governor came across the beheaded soldiers and the two heads, is the moment he SNAPPED back from Brian to Governor. He tried so hard to escape his identity and destroyed Woodbury in the process but reality hit him in the face. He also realized he needed a new "Lieutenant" and decided Mitch was the best bet. Pete was more of a "Milton" and he knew he would eventually turn on the Governor because of his moral compass. 

So, big question now....ya think the Governor is going to pull the trigger? 

I say no because both Michonne and Hershel are super shart to the point tha they will move out of the way or turn to look his way. They both make a great duo and will barely escape from the Governor's clutches. 

What are your thoughts on this episode? And how the HELL can walkers be alive underwater??? 

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Mob Wives: "Mob Wives" Song Parody

Please sing to Royals

"Mob Wives"
The song parody by Chiara

I've never seen a mob hit in the flesh
I learned about the lifestyle in the movies
And I'm proud of my blog's ip address
In the blogging world, no post code envy

But every scene's like:
Gold chains
Fighting in the bathroom
Black eyes
Trashing the dining room

We don't care, we're bloggin’ shows with our team

But Mob Wives’ like:
Back Stabbin’
Diamonds with the Feds
Brass Knuckles
F*ckin’ Crumbs
Toy dogs on a gold leash

We don't care, we not part of this mob affair

And we'll never be Mob Wives (Mob Wives)
It don't run in our blood
That kind of life just ain't for us, we crave a different kind of “buzz”
Let me be your blogger (blogger)
You can call me Queen “B”
And people I'll blog, I'll blog, I'll blog, I'll blog
Let me write this reality

My friends and I cracked the Omerta code
We keep askin' for an invite to the reunion party
But everyone who knows us knows
That we're fine at home, we didn't come from money

But Mob Wives’ like:
French Tips
Fighting on the roof top
High heels
Cruising at the dress shop

We don't care, we're just bloggin’ shows with our team

But Mob Wives’ like:
Fur Coats
Watching that timeline
Toy dogs on a gold leash

We don't care, we aren't part of this mob affair

And we'll never be Mob Wives (Mob Wives)
It don't run in our blood
That kind of life just ain't for us, we crave a different kind of “buzz”
Let me be your blogger (blogger)
You can call me Queen “B”
And people I'll blog, I'll blog, I'll blog, I'll blog
Let me write this reality

ooh ooh oh ooh
We're better than we've every dreamed
And I'm in love with being Queen

ooh ooh oh ooh
Life is great without a care
We aren't caught up in your mob affair

And we'll never be Mob Wives (Mob Wives)
It don't run in our blood
That kind of life just ain't for us, we crave a different kind of “buzz”
Let me be your blogger (blogger)
You can call me Queen “B”
And baby I'll blog, I'll blog, I'll blog, I'll blog
Let me write this reality.

P.S. You better hope Mob Wives starts very soon or you may have to suffer through more of these!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Mob Wives: New Blood Video Season 4

Crumb Killer versus Princess Funeral Home
New blood, new blood, new blood, new blood, new blood and on and on and on and on.  Are we watching Dracula or a tampon commercial?


The VH1 gods were kind enough to give us a 30 second deeper look in the vintage Mob Wives and the new Mob Wives this upcoming season.

“Touch me!...”  Who know Natalie Guercio a.k.a. Princess Funeral Home was so kinky!  Click play to watch the video below:

Drita D’avanzo is the best thing about this video.  Love her or strongly dislike her, she said in true Drizilla fashion, “I know that violence is not the answer.  But, yes it is.”
Violence is the Answer

Big Ang’s look says it all.

It looks like Staten Island may not be feeling the new Philly ladies.  We all have to tune in season 4 of Mob Wives to see how all this unfolds.  December 5 is the night Mob Wives New Blood premieres.  I don’t know how I feel about this new Thursday night airing.  What’s your first impressions of the new Mob Wives?  We also have a new poll up so please vote!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mob Wives: Why Isn’t Karen on Season 4?

Meanwhile Karen has a new hair extension line out called Tresses
CHECK OUT her website @

The question every fan would like the answer to…why isn’t Karen Gravano going to be on Season 4 of Mob Wives.  I have been patiently waiting and searching for some explanation from VH1 or even Jennifer Graziano, executive Producer and long time friend of Karen. No explanation has been forthcoming except that the show needed some “new blood” to keep it fresh. I don’t know why the “new blood” couldn’t mix with the “old blood,” but now maybe there is at least one reason.

The reason is “bad blood.” This bad blood is the result of past mob history involving Karen’s father, Sammy “the Bull” Gravano and Edward Garafalo, father in-law of “new blood” mob wife, Alicia DiMichele, from Philly. According to reports, Gambino family boss, John Gotti, allegedly ordered a hit on Edward Garafalo Sr. back in 1990 and it was carried out by underboss, Sammy Gravano. The mobster who has been charged with committing the hit, along with two other men, is Daniel Fama. Compounding the seriousness of the murder for authorities is the assertion that Edward Garafalo Sr. was an informant who was allegedly killed so he could not testify against the mob. Fama contends he was never aware that Garafalo was an informant.

Now, it is being reported that Sammy Gravano is prepared to testify on behalf of Fama, saying John Gotti ordered the hit on Garafalo for various reasons, none of which included Garafalo’s cooperation with authorities. Thanks to Sammy’s willingness to help, Fama is now out of prison on bail. This is surely not sitting well with Alicia’s husband, Edward “Tall Guy” Garafalo, Jr. who is currently sitting in a prison cell himself since 2010 for several of charges, including pension embezzlement. (Alicia is awaiting sentencing on similar charges.) I imagine “Tall Guy” would like Fama to be punished for killing his father and cannot be too happy that Sammy is intervening on his behalf.

This may be the reason that Alicia’s husband allegedly wanted her on Mob Wives, so that she could reveal information that might impact Fama’s trial. At the same time it appears, from what I heard Karen say in an interview last month, that “Tall Guy” had something to do with Karen’s not being on season four of Mob Wives. From what I read between the lines, Karen seems to feel that Garafalo would not let his wife be on the show if Karen was going to be back this season. Karen believes that the Garafalos want to tell a one-sided story to the public. Her absence from the show makes it impossible for Karen to refute anything Alicia says this season. It seems that Alicia’s storyline is so compelling to producers that the “powers that be” decided it was better for the show to have Alicia on rather than Karen. However, I think it would have been wiser and more fair to have them both, don't you?

So 23 year old mob history has now become current events. Old blood plus new blood equals bad blood. This is just a small sampling of tons of information currently on the internet, you just have to Google the names. Since Karen will not be an active part of the storyline this season, I will be taking a lot of what happens with a, a box of salt.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mob Wives: "New Blood" Song Parody (Blurred Lines)

New Blood
By Chiara Soprano

Please sing to Blurred Lines

Everybody get up, WOO!
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey

If you don't know what I'm trying to say
If you aren't on the same page
Maybe I'm going deaf
Maybe I'm going blind
Maybe I'm out of my mind

Ok, Mob Wives' a hit
Watched it for three seasons
Their feuds all had their reasons
Now there's New Blood
Just let me tell you
hey hey hey
You need some history
hey hey hey
It ain't no mystery
And that's why I'm gonna watch

New Blood
I gotta see it
I gotta hear it
I gotta write it

It's 'bout New Blood
Can't let it get past me
Might make me spastic
Talk 'bout bein' recasted

I'm not sure 'bout New Blood
I gotta watch it
I gotta hear it
I gotta write it

But it's New Blood
It might not grab me
It might get nasty
They might get at me

What do they make reality for
When you got the Old Blood
Why do we need New Blood 
It was the hottest show on VH1
I was so lucky, I am a blogger
What rhymes with blogger?

Ok, Mob Wives' a hit
Watched it for three seasons
Their feuds all had their reasons
Now there's New Blood
Just let me tell you
hey hey hey
You need some history
hey hey hey
It ain't no mystery
And that's why I'm gonna watch

New Blood
I gotta see it
I gotta hear it
I gotta write it

It's New Blood
Can't let it get past me
Might make me spastic
Talk about bein' recasted

I'm not sure 'bout New Blood
I gotta watch it
I gotta hear it
I gotta write it

But it's New Blood
It might not grab me
It might get nasty
They might get at me

One thing I ask of you

Lemme be who you come to for mob wives news
From Staten Island to Philly, boo
I've a blog, but it ain't so bad as true
So, hit me up when you passin' through
I'll give you a story big enough to read between shows
Read on 'em even when you havin' lunch
I mean, it's almost unbelievable
Honey you not there when I'm
At the pc typin' and when I'm askin' why
Nothin' like the last season, when Love was in too
When she threw a punch and pulled hair for you
So I'm just watchin' and waitin'
And I salute the New Blood pimpin'
Not many viewers can avoid this pimpin'
I'm a nice blogger, but don't get confused, I keep it real!

So get a snack
Get down
Get up
Hey, Watch it first, watch it first
What, you don't like changes?

My peeps, can you breathe?
I got this show covered
I only work for me
Old Blood to New Blood

No more waiting
Cause the PR's spinnin'
It's a new beginnin'
We never asked for

New Blood!
But now we got it
Even if we don't want it
We gotta watch it

It's 'bout New Blood!
Can't let it get past me
Even if I'm spastic
Cause the show's recasted

I hate these blurred lines!
I gotta see it
I gotta hear it
I gotta watch i

But it's New Blood!
It might not grab me
It might get nasty
They might get at me

Everybody get up
Everybody get up

Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey

Now I know it's not perfect but, if the shoe fits, a mob wife is probably wearing it.

Blurred Lines:

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Mob Wives: An Original Rap Song

Droppin' Like Flies 

By Chiara Soprano

Mob Wives, Mob Wives
Droppin' like flies
I tell no lies
Ask the wise guys

First there's four
Then one mo'
An' then one mo'
Comes through the door

Oh hell no!
One got to go
And then three mo'
Hit castin's death row

Mob Wives, Mob Wives
Droppin' like flies
I tell no lies
Ask the wise guys

It's 'bout the money
It's 'bout the greed
It's 'bout the lying
It's 'bout past deeds

It's 'bout the fightin'
It's 'bout the brawls
It's 'bout who got 
The biggest set of balls.

Mob Wives, Mob Wives
Droppin' like flies
I tell no lies
Ask the wise guys

Where's the loyalty?
Where's the respect?
Where's the family?
What'd you expect?

It's 'bout the Benjamin
It's 'bout the bling
it's 'bout the bank account
Cha ching, cha ching

It's 'bout designer shoes
It's 'bout the drama
It's 'bout the clothes
Watch out for the karma

Mob Wives, Mob Wives
Droppin' like flies
I tell no lies
Ask the wise guys

Monday, November 18, 2013

Mob Wives: Natalie Guercio Calls Renee Graziano a Coke Whore?

“You new bitches always want to try somebody?"
I am just the messenger.  I could be interpreting this all wrong.  However, I believe the Mob Wives of season 4 are already slinging ziti at one another.


Natalie Guercio a.k.a. Princess Funeral Home tweets

…. and continues:

Even Karen Gravano thought something was interesting:

Now the word on the street is many of the Mob Wives have toyed around with white lines.  I wouldn’t know.  I’ve never done a line with any of them or anyone else.

The veterans of Mob Wives are Renee Graziano, Drita D’avanzo and Big Ang.  Could Natalie G. be tweeting about Big Ang?  Well her baby sister is tweeting the New Blood duo:
Kumbaya let’s be friends….

So I do NOT think they are tweeting about Big Ang.  Have I mentioned I am obsessed with Big Ang’s CHER hair?

I thought maybe they’re tweeting about Drita D’avanzo.  You all know by now I am NOT a fan of Mrs. D’avanzo.  Not to worry she doesn’t care and neither do I beyond this blog.  Whether Drita does or ever did lines? Only her nose knows….

The alleged COKE WHORE also apparently resembles the Grinch.  So considering I am not a MENSA member or anything I came across this:

I know. I know. I am such an asshole!

Now I think Renee Graziano is an attractive woman.  But that big smile and eyebrows kinda…. Never-mind you all come to your own conclusions and opinions on who Natalie Guercio and Alicia Dimichele were tweeting about.  I am hoping season 4 isn’t another rough season for Renee Graziano.  She has been through it season after season after season hasn’t she?

An allegedly botched life threatening plastic surgery, an ex-husband being an informant and then dealing with an addiction.  Renee Graziano is an one-woman living walking eyelash batting soap opera.  And she’s still looking good:

Only the mob molls wives know for sure who they are tweeting about.  None of us watch Mob Wives for the niceties or proper etiquette.  So December 5 is around the corner and I have a feeling it’s about to go down.  Oh Mob Wives season 4, where is Karen Gravano?!  Renee I hope Big Ang & Drita got your back.  Cause Princess Funeral Home seems to be trying to bury you on Twitter.


Did I tell y’all Mob Wives season 4 THERE WILL BE BLOOD!  It’s music time:

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Mob Wives: New Blood Season 4 Promo

Natalie Guercio and Alicia DiMichele
My free time is limited.  As true Mob Wives fans, I know you already know the New Blood Mob Wives names Alicia DiMichele and Natalie Guercio.  Chiara blogged about Alicia DiMichele years ago here.  I caught a tweet from Renee Graziano the other day mentioning a Jerry Capeci article which may fill you in on what to expect for Mob Wives season 4.

What I’ve heard is one of the new Mob Wives has beef with Karen Gravano.  Something about an assassination…blah, blah, blah.  You know typical Mob stuff.  Karen’s daddy staged a hit on her father-in-law ordered by John Gotti.  Why the beef?  Aren’t folks suppose to follow orders?  Isn’t gambling, extortion, murder, theft, beatdowns, goumadas and all that prosciutto what everyone signed up for or born into?  Considering Karen Gravano won’t be part of season 4 I hope I don’t have to hear about the beef.  Frankly it would make ZERO SENSE to hear about it if Miss Gravano is not a cast member.  Was she even married to Edward “Tall Guy” Garofalo, Jr. back then?

Jane inspired me to type something nice; they are pretty.

Here’s the longer version of the promo:

I am loving Big Ang’s hair.

I imagine the Mob Wives New Blood is to transfuse excitement and new life into the successful VH1 series.  A thought crossed my mind.  Yes, I know it rarely happens.  Anyone remember The Grim Reaper a.k.a Greg Scarpa?  Well he was given a transfusion of new blood and ended up with HIV/AIDS.  Excuse me for typing out loud.

Have a great weekend!  Oh yeah and Mob Wives season 4 premieres on December 5th.  It’s a Thursday folks.  Churches across the nation are surely celebrating.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Mob Wives: Season 4 New Blood Promo

I guess this is 2013’s version of Three’s Company.
Eeerrrrrrrrrrr where oh  where do I begin?

**put head down & giggles**


I see Renee Graziano a.k.a. Crumb Killer.  I see Drita D’avanzo a.k.a. one half of Dumber & Dumbest.  I see Angela Raiola a.k.a. Big Ang.

I do not see Ramona Rizzo.
I do not see Love Majewski.
I do not see Carla Facciolo.  Ding Dong the Itch is Dead thanks to antibiotics.
I do not see Karen Gravano.


Watch the promo for yourself:

I can own I am a little salty as in a Saltine Cracker.  I just lied I am way salty.  Yes, I can still watch Renee Graziano cry, yell, laugh, make me laugh, cry and yell some more.  I am just not coping well with Karen Gravano missing from Mob Wives.  I am sure she’ll survive and strive.  I’m just not excited as I have been about upcoming seasons of Mob Wives.

**looking for my hater hat**

And the New Blood promo sucks.  Renee, Drita and Big Ang look very lovely in black, studs, heels and a display case of make up.  It’s still flat, excluding Big Ang’s mini blimps.  I am loving Big Ang’s CHER hair.  I don’t even care to know who is driving the classic Mustang.  Did I mentioned earlier that I was looking for my hater hat?

Maybe Mob Wives season 4 will surprise me.  Maybe I’ll love it and have to incinerate my hater hat.  I’ll keep my toes crossed with hope. Let us hope we are treated to Lana Zancocchio.

Monday, November 11, 2013

"The Walking Dead: Internment" EP Recap

Hershel, Glen and Sasha are trying to revive Henry, one of the victims in isolation. Sasha is left in charge to help revive Henry as Glen and Hershel do cell checks. They find one patient dead. Instead of killing on sight, Glen and Hershel hoist his body on a stretcher and take him in a private room, but not before Lizzy sees what the men are doing. Hershel assigns Lizzy the simple task of reading a Tom Sawyer book. Glen and Hershel take the man in a private room. The man begins to wake up and Glenn ends it.

Its nighttime and Maggie checks in at the window. But Hershel shows up. Maggie wants to see Glenn but Hershel tells her he needs to rest to get better. Maggie insists on going inside to help but Hershel isn't having it. Hershel asks about Beth. Maggie is still insisting on helping Hershel but Hershel is standing his ground because people are going to die and turn...and someone will have to take care of it.

Rick returns to the prison and Maggie helps open the door. Maggie is happy to see Rick but is stunned that Carol isn't with him. Rick tells her that she was the one who killed Karen and David. Rick explained that Tyrese would return and if Carol stayed, it wouldn't have been pretty. Rick then asks what Maggie would've done. Maggie agreed with Rick's decision. But before they can discuss it, Rick makes Maggie promise not to tell anyone and that he'd be back to help her fix the fence. Rick goes back inside and finds Carl. Carl is okay and wants to help Rick. Rick tells Carl to stay on guard. Hershel checks on Doctor Caleb. Caleb has hit a high fever and his eyes are red. He refuses to look at Hershel and tells him to move forward and to save the other victims who have a chance at living. Hershel tells him he is not going to give up. But Caleb is fading; he tells Hershel he has more IV bags and that he also brought in a shotgun with rounds in case things got really bad. He also told Hershel to keep each cell door shut. Hershel finally shines the lantern against his face and see's Caleb bleeding out tears and more blood from his mouth.

As Hershel checks the cells, one patient passes out and dies in the middle of the cell. The others come out of their cells to see. Hershel tells everyone to get back in their cells. Sasha gets out the stretcher but Hershel tells her to go back in her cell and rest. Hershel takes the patient to a room where no one can see, covers the body and head and stabs him. Rick calls out to Hershel to ask him if it's okay. Hershel suggests that they take out the bodies to burn because "that's what its come down to". Yet Hershel still doesn't want anyone to see the harsh ends of the sick lives. Rick commends Hershel for him being the solid, saving figure in the isolated unit. Rick then explains to him what has happened to Carol. Hershel checks the cells and notices that Sasha has passed out. But not before not closing the cell of a dying patient that has revived....

Hershel is kneeling down besides Sasha, who just woke up. She passed out from dehydration. She confesses to Hershel she thought he was an "idiot dying old man" for going inside the isolation cell. Hershel jokes he'll take it as a compliment. Sasha laughs that she wouldn't be alive if "he wasn't so damn stupid". Meanwhile, Glen is trying to keep Henry alive and applies CPR but it is hopeless. Glen tries calling for Hershel but coughs up blood and stumbles down. Hershel continues closing the cells and checking on people. He checks on one patient; his friend, whose awake, tells Hershel that he will watch him sleep. Shit then hits the fan as Henry wakes up and the other female walker attacks Hershel. The man alive in the cell opens up and shoots at the female walker but not before his dead friend revives and attacks him. Meanwhile, Lizzy is trying to guide a walker Henry in some sort of trap. The woman walker is still alive. Rick and Maggie hear the gunshot from the man; Rick tells Maggie to go help Hershel while Rick goes to grab Carl to help him hold the logs up for the fence.

Back in isolation, Lizzy trips and Henry traps her but Hershel grabs Henry and throws him over. Hershel tells the kids to stay in their cells. Hershel then goes to Glen and tells him to hold on. Maggie is desperately trying to break in the door with an axe but with no luck. Hershel calls on the doctor but the doctor has turned. Hell is breaking loose. The fence outside the prison has broken down. Carl and Rick run to safety in the prison tower. They go in the courtyard but they continue to run as walkers start breaking down the fence to the courtyard. Rick and Carl load up on guns and ammo near by. Rick tells Carl that he can either shoot or run. The fence breaks down. Walkers are coming in by the dozens. Rick and Carl open fire.

In isolation, Hershel loads up the rifle and is drawing in the walkers in the cell. Maggie shoots down the open window pane as Hershel shoots the walkers. Hershel then goes to Henry, who still has to respirator around his mouth. Hershel bravely wrestles Henry for the respirator. A determined Maggie aims right at Henry. Hershel successfully grabs the respirator as Maggie leans Glen over on the side. Maggie holds his arms down and Hershel shoves the respirator tube down his throat. Glen finally has air in his lungs.It quiets down. Lizze walks out of the cell, asking him if it's all over. "I hope so, honey," Maggie replies.

Back outside the courtyard, Rick and Carl stab the walkers that haven't been shot in the head. Even better news is that Daryl, Michonne, Ty, and Bob return.Ty rushes to the isolation cell to see Sasha. Fortunately, Sasha is still alive. Ty holds onto her close. Bob follows Ty and is assisting Hershel in giving Glen medicine. Hershel sits back in the cell where the dead doctor is in. Hershel pulls out his Bible and begins sobbing.

It's the next day as Michonne is loading up the bodies on a trailer. Rick walks out in the yard as Carl catches up. They walk to the crops. Hershel walks out and tells Ty and Daryl that Glen is doing okay and that he'll be okay. Daryl asks about Carol. "She's okay, just talk to Rick about it," Hershel replies. Hershel asks Michonne if she's heading out. Michonne smiles and asks "you want to come?" "Hell yeah!" Hershel replies. They get in the jeep with the trailer.

Rick and Carl are checking out the plans and snacking on some green beans that they grew. Rick and Carl walk back up to the prison with their new snacks, content they overcame another the Governor watches on in the distance just outside the prison...

Janes Notes: Wasn't this episode NUTS?!?!?! 

First of all, I don't know about you but I think Rick let Carol go for her own safety because if she came back and it was somehow discovered that Carol is the killer....awww hell, the prison would break loose. 

NOW I was on Facebook and there was one theory that really stood out to me...that Lizzy was the one that actually killed Karen and David. I thought that was so out there until I noticed Lizzy was casually playing footsies in the puddle of blood. Another one said it was Maggie because of the comics. Maybe it can be Beth, the one that they least likely suspect. Who knows. While the show has followed the comics to a point, there have been some monkey wrenches thrown in. 

Now these are my predictions and feel free to add in yours because all these theories and predictions have been excellent! 

  • Carol didn't kill Karen and David. She's covering for someone to save the group. 
  • I think either Lizzy or Beth killed Karen and David because 1. they would be the least likely suspects and 2. you know those quiet ones...
  • Bob is going to help bring the group down. Dude is a ticking time bomb.
  • I don't think we're going to see the Governor on the offense....yet. I think throughout the seasons, we will see Carol trying to make it on her own and then we will see the Governor and how had survived the days after the fall of Woodbury. 
  • The prison group, the Governor and Carol will all merge towards the end of the season. 

Picture Credit: AMC,, Walking Dead Wikia
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