Friday, November 22, 2013

Mob Wives: New Blood Video Season 4

Crumb Killer versus Princess Funeral Home
New blood, new blood, new blood, new blood, new blood and on and on and on and on.  Are we watching Dracula or a tampon commercial?


The VH1 gods were kind enough to give us a 30 second deeper look in the vintage Mob Wives and the new Mob Wives this upcoming season.

“Touch me!...”  Who know Natalie Guercio a.k.a. Princess Funeral Home was so kinky!  Click play to watch the video below:

Drita D’avanzo is the best thing about this video.  Love her or strongly dislike her, she said in true Drizilla fashion, “I know that violence is not the answer.  But, yes it is.”
Violence is the Answer

Big Ang’s look says it all.

It looks like Staten Island may not be feeling the new Philly ladies.  We all have to tune in season 4 of Mob Wives to see how all this unfolds.  December 5 is the night Mob Wives New Blood premieres.  I don’t know how I feel about this new Thursday night airing.  What’s your first impressions of the new Mob Wives?  We also have a new poll up so please vote!


Chiara Soprano said...

So after watching this a couple of times it looks like Drita still will not fight and Big Ang never fights, so it's Renee against New Blood?

Anonymous said...

Renee should fight one of her other personalities yawn

Anonymous said...

I say give it a chance..last 3 seasons bin blood is a good thing

Anonymous said...

Lookin foward to new season bring on the new cast keeps it interestin