Thursday, November 28, 2013

Mob Wives: Supertrailer & Thanksgiving

Are they some turkeys or what?
Plea, plea, plea, plea…. plea deal


What am I typing about? Oh yeah, Mob Wives season 4 which airs Thursday night December 5, 2013. Unlike previous years we don’t have to wait for the new year.  How about them turkeys?  VH1 was kind enough to drop the Mob Wives Supertrailer featuring the New Blood.

It seems Renee Graziano wants to take an axe to Natalie Guercio a.k.a. Princess Funeral Home’s neck. Angela Raiola a.k.a. Big Ang thinks Princess Funeral Home is out of control.

Big Ang with CHER hair in the MOBfessional.
Big Ang likes everyone.  We all remember her friends out of f!@#$ng control all Drunken Monkey season long.  We've seen her little sister get out of control on Twitterverse.  What type of out of control is Princess Funeral Home demonstrating?  Are we talking the dead rolling over in their graves type of out of the control?  Are we talking the dead snatching you bald from the grave type of out of control?  When I watch Big Ang declare someone is out of control, I NEED to see it for myself.  I ain’t going to lie folks.  Scandal trumps Mob Wives in my living room.  And don’t tell Chiara that I told you, but someone’s watching Sound of Music live with Carrie Underwood Thursday nights.  Have no fear, we don’t control your remotes, so please tune in to Mob Wives season 4 premiere @10 PM on VH1.  Chiara and I are just going to have to catch it the next day later on DVR.


What am I typing about?  Oh yeah the Mob Wives Supertrailer?
Alicia Dimichele
Alicia Dimichele appears to think Renee Graziano a.k.a. Crumb Killer is bumping her gums about her business.  One has to type appears because editing is infamous for making things appear one way when they are another…. long story.  Maybe another time when I am bored and in a very bad mood.

Princess Funeral Home shares she doesn’t think older Mob Wives are classy and that she is from Philly.  No sh!t, she’s from Philly really?  I had noooooooooooo idea.

Watch the super trailer for yourself:

Yes, the five Mob Wives are just one big clusterf@ck of Kumbaya.  Oh didn’t you love the sentimental Drita D’avanzo’s romantic call to Mr. D’avanzo, “I’m f!@#ing bent right now Lee, baad! You are going to have to bail me out…..”

What do you think about the Mob Wives Supertrailer?  Are you excited about season 4?

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Chiara Soprano said...

Loved the blog, plenty of turkey to go around, lol. Thanks for leaking the fact I will be watching The Sound of Music LIVE Dec 5th and catching the premiere of Mob Wives a little later. There ain't no way I am missing a LIVE performance of Carrie Underwood in a spectacular musical production this huge. However, I will make it my business to watch the premiere of Mob Wives and will give my two cents as usual. I watched the supertrailer a couple of times. There is plenty of action. They got Drita back into fighting mode. I hope they explain why these two Philly wives all of a sudden have a beef with our NY wives. I have plenty of questions and I will be looking for answers. Meanwhile, I see you started this blog with "plea deal" and now I have another question, what is that about??? I guess I will have to ask the "bird on the street?"

Anonymous said...

In Chiara's defense, it IS "The Sound Of Music" after all!! Uh oh...I feel a Mob Wives song parody coming on...nobody causes trouble like Duh-reeee-taaa! :P

Happy Thanksgiving!!! xoxo