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"The Walking Dead: Dead Weight" Recap

Martinez, with the help of his campmates, brothers Mitch and Pete and Alecia, stumble upon the pit that the Governor and Megan are trapped in. Martinez drops a rope for them to climb on out of the pits. He asks the Governor if he's been on the run. Martinez includes the Governor and his new family into their camp, with the exception that Martinez is in charge. The Governor, Lilly, Megan and Tara settle in the camp, with the Governor playing a game of chess with Megan and bonding....

"Was your dad mean?" Megan asks. "Were you bad?" 
"Sometimes..." The Governor replies; "sometimes..." 
"Am I bad?" Megan asks. "My dad was always mean..."
The Governor comforts Megan: "You are good. Don't you forget it." 

Tara, Holly, and Megan...the new "family" (picture credit:

Megan, her mom Lilly and the Governor are inside a camper, with the Governor fixing a leaky roof. The Governor is dissatisfied with the RV's condition but Angela assures him it's the best they've had in a long time. The Governor then goes on a supply run with Martinez, Mitch and Pete deep in the woods. They then stumble upon a beheaded soldier tied up, with a cardboard sign that says "LIAR" on it. "Somebody pissed somebody off."

Back at the camp, Lilly is tending to Alecia's wound. Meanwhile, she strikes up a conversation with Tara; sparks fly between them as they talk about guns.

Back in the woods, they come across a cabin. They come across a random recliner in front of it with another decapitated soldier tied to it with a sign reading "rapist". On the porch of the cabin is another man that blew his head off with the sign "murderer" on it. He holds a picture of his family in his hand, that the Governor picks up. Inside the cabin, they can hear the thumps of walkers. The men sneak inside the dark cabin, with only a flashlight lighting the way. They sneak around before a walker gets behind Pete and grabs him. "Get off of me! Get off of me!" The Governor takes it out with his flashlight. Pete turns around and sees two walker heads biting at him. Mitch takes them out. Another walker grabs Martinez but again, the Governor takes it out.

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Later on, the men are enjoying a fire in the cabin when Martinez tells the Governor if it wasn't for Megan, he would've left him in the pits. Martinez says he notices a change in the Governor. Mitch comes back with a box of supplies and food. Mitch also found beers, which they all open up and enjoy. Pete wonders about the hell that went down in the cabin before they came to the rescue and everyone turned. The Governor warns them not to think too much about it. He then asks them about what happened when the apocalypse happened. Mitch was a tanker in the Army and Pete was in Ft. Benning. They asked the Governor what he did; "I survived," he simply replied.

That side-eye Martinez is giving the Governor is pricless...(picture credit: 

It's daytime now as Martinez, the Governor, and his "new family" all enjoy a picnic lunch with good food and beer. Martinez tries to tell them all about Woodbury, but the Governor cuts them off to put "the past in the past". The Governor goes back in the caper to try to fix the leaked roof. But Martinez interrupts and the two of them go on top of the camper to hit golf balls. Martinez is enjoying himself and his company. He opens up about life after Woodbury but before he could go on, the Governor hits him in the head with a golf club and tosses him over the camper. The Governor then drags him to the put full of walkers. Martinez tries to fight off but fails. He is then fed to the walkers. "I don't want it....I don't want it!!" The Governor screams.

A gruesome ending.... (picture credit: digital spy) 

Later on in the night, Lilly and Megan come back to the camper, with the Governor shaking in fear. He tells them that he had a horrifying night terror. The next morning, Pete and Mitch tell the crew they found the remains of Martinez in the pit after a night of "drinking and playing golf". Pete yells that he will be the leader for now, to the crowd's outrage. Tara mouths off when Mitch tells "the little bitch" to shut up. Things almost get confrontational. Pete says this is the way it'll be the next couple of days until something can be established. Pete, Mitch and the Governor go out in the woods. They stumble across a small camp; Pete thinks they should leave them alone with their supplies but Mitch and the Governor disagree. Regardless, Pete stands his ground and they let the campers be. After hours of finding just scraps of supplies, the Governor heads back to the area of campers...only to see they've already been killed off. Mitch was outraged that they missed their opportunity; Pete is more outraged that they were murdered. A man barely wakes up before Mitch stabs him in the head. The two "brothers" are like night and day, with Pete being "the good guy" and Mitch being "the bad guy".

The new "Lieutenant" 

Back in the camper, the Governor comes in and tells Lilly and Megan to pack their things immediately because they were heading out. The women are resistant but the Governor tells him it isn't safe. Angela wants to stay behind to be a nurse and Tara can't leave Alecia behind. The Governor takes Angela with Megan, Tara and Alecia out in the car in the middle of the night. They stop in their tracks as a mud pit full of walkers blocks their path. They turn around and go back to their camp. The Governor goes to Pete's amper and wants to "have a talk" with him. Pete jokes that he expected him to come but before Pete can talk some more, the Governor stabs him in the back...literally...and strangles him. The Governor than knocks on Mitch's camper, a gun pointed at him. Mitch asks for Pete. Mitch thinks the Governor will kill him now to avenge for stabbing the man back at the camp. The Governor explains how Pete was a liability because he was looking out others and always "doing the right thing"...and how that way of thinking would get everyone killed. The Governor talks about his childhood about how the Governor and his brother smoked their dad's cigarettes. The dad caught them and the brother took the blame for it all. His brother got beaten and so did the Governor, hence why the Governor doesn't believe that "heroes" can save themselves or anyone else. The Governor is now the leader and tells Mitch he won't have to worry about doing "the right or wrong thing" again. They will tell the camp that Pete died on a supply run. The Governor than drags Pete's dead body to a nearby lake and drops his body in it. do they stay alive underwater?? 

Now the Governor gathers the camp to talk about their next plan of action. The Governor spends the evening looking at a map, thinking while Lilly walks over. The Governor wants to find a better place; Lilly disagrees and then tends to his eye wound. Outside, Tara and Alecia are laughing at Megan, who wants them to play with her. She runs around inside camp but bumps into a walker. Megan hides under a camper as the walker tries to grab her. Tara tries to grab at the walker but fails. The Governor comes just in time to shoot the walker. The whole camp comes out and is stunned. The Governor then takes a small walk over to the see that Brian has revived as a walker and is wide-awake under water. The Governor then takes his truck out deeper into the spy on the prison. He sees Rick and Carl in the garden but another sight catches his eye...Hershel and Michonne out in the woods as well, laughing as Hershel gathers more plants.

The Governor raises up his pistol and aims....

Janes Notes: Okay, I might get shade for this but WHY MARTINEZ???? Yeah yeah, he may have had it coming but how can you WANT to throw this pretty face in a pit full of walkers?? Or at least knock him out cold before feeding him to them! Sheesh....

Now, onto the episode. I think the moment the Governor came across the beheaded soldiers and the two heads, is the moment he SNAPPED back from Brian to Governor. He tried so hard to escape his identity and destroyed Woodbury in the process but reality hit him in the face. He also realized he needed a new "Lieutenant" and decided Mitch was the best bet. Pete was more of a "Milton" and he knew he would eventually turn on the Governor because of his moral compass. 

So, big question now....ya think the Governor is going to pull the trigger? 

I say no because both Michonne and Hershel are super shart to the point tha they will move out of the way or turn to look his way. They both make a great duo and will barely escape from the Governor's clutches. 

What are your thoughts on this episode? And how the HELL can walkers be alive underwater??? 

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