Thursday, November 29, 2012

Mob Wives: Lee D’Avanzo Is Out Of Prison!

A very cozy threesome?

"When are you getting out of prison?", Drita said to Lee, "I need to know!” We all need to know! Every Mob Wives fan is waiting for the answer to the question, "Is Lee D'Avanzo out of prison?," and we have it! YES! Sources tell us that Lee is not only out of the slammer, he is currently in a half-way house.  After hearing this news I went directly to the Twitter accounts of Drita and Big Ang and this is what they had to say that night…

Now Big Ang tweets that she went out to dinner with the "girls" on Monday night at Ponte Vecchio, on Fourth Avenue in Brooklyn, and Drita was emotionally exhausted? So, what if it wasn't the "girls" she was out with? What if Big Ang was really out with Drita and Lee? And, maybe spending time with Lee, after all these years, was emotionally draining and stressful for Drita? Well, if you know me, you know that's how my mind works. Chirp, chirp!

Thanksgiving at the Detore's, Dominick and Janine

I shared my speculation with Mob Mistress and this is what she had to say: "Maybe it was the girls because we know that Brooklyn is Carla's vagina's old stomping grounds. I can't confirm it because the people who can verify it aren't really talking to me right now. With the addition of a new mob wife, lines are being drawn, and Big Ang seems to be making a statement that she is ALL Team Carla, having Handy Man over her house and posing up a storm with him. By the way, Handy Man is also known as Derek Rodriguez. It's public information and anyone can do a quick Google search and see what a great guy Mr. Rodriguez really is. It's been fun, Chiara, but I have important shit to do packing."  And with that she was gone! 

Team Carla???

Well it sure it sounds like I am on to something to me. You don't have to be the FBI to figure it out. I wish they would have tweeted more, but I get the feeling that "Mob" Productions would have whacked their little, exquisitely manicured, fingers off. Nevertheless, we must be grateful that they can't silence our sources who are the singing canaries of some of our best blogs!

Lee and Drita "once upon a time"
Will there be a sequel?

Are you wondering if Drita will soften up and give Lee another chance? She had been adamant about moving on with her life after season two, but now that she is face to face with Lee, will she be vulnerable to him and her emotions? I imagine it's going to be a harder decision now that he is actually out of prison and back in all their lives. Stay tuned.

Now what does this mean for season three? Well that remains to be seen. When Joe came home we got to see him interacting with his children and Carla. Will Lee want to be on the show too? Will they be able talk him into it? I don't know. But what I do know is that our readers have always been very intrigued by the men in the lives of Mob Wives and are especially curious about Lee. He could be a real ratings booster for the show!

Tell us what you think of this newest development!

Picture credit: Cast members Twitter Accounts


Anonymous said...

I don't know where to begin. I will start with Lee. I hope he gets a chance to watch MobWives seasons 1 and 2 so that he can make a more informed decision as to the green screened woman he married. If he is ok with it, by all means I hope they get back together as they deserve each other and it saves innocent people from dating each of them. I would advise Lee to wear protection if they get back together in "that" way

Derek "Handyman" Rodriguez. I am hoping he never appears on screen and that him and Carla live miserably ever after. I read about his arrest and failed attempt to have his 8 plus year sentence reduced, it seems he first said he understood charges and accepted plea deal then he realized it may not have been a good deal so he represents himself saying he had "ineffective counsel". A TYPICAL Flip Flopping move, hence they deserve each other.

Finally.. I know that Big Ang has always played the part of Switzerland and stayed neutral to any fighting between all of the ladies so I am curious as to WHY all of a sudden she decides to align herself with Carla and Drita. I do have some theories but I won't elaborate as I need more time to digest all of this.

Anonymous said...

Chiara, i believe you might be onto something here. Drita and Carla on my time line alot more...annoyed.

Deana3452 said...

I am sorry--"on to" what? That he is or isn't out of prison? Bureau of Prisons has him listed as assigned to: CCM NEW YORK
100 29TH STEET

Not sure if that means an actual facility or just the address of an organization that arranges halfway housing.

Chiara Soprano said...

No. That Big Ang was really out with Drita and Lee...not just "the girls"

Anonymous said...

Call me behind times, but I just watched my very 1st episode last night. I was instantly hooked. I am on season 1 yep, season1 thanks for hulu. I may be a little behind as of right now, so far I admire Drita, for leaving her family to marry the man she loves,and if her actions were not real she would be one damn good actress. I mean, she barely knows her husband he has been locked up so much. I thought it was "ballsy" for Karen to come around, and I thought the girls handled that well. Carla, she just seems so old school, in your face mess wit me and I ll make one call. I love her attitude, personality,and she is my fav by far. (wth have i been? I knew nothing about this show! I will be watching each single one until im all caught up. Love n peace.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or does anyone else notice Carla right up close & a tad too smiley in these pics as she's snuggling Lee????? HOLY CRAP would Drita flip if Carla were after him.....but that's what I'm getting from these photos. My gut has always said 'Don't trust Carla.' She's in Luv with herself & any man to her is fair game!

Crisina said...

Lee was released from prison on 3/23/12. Not sure why the show is trying to say Drita went to see him in October with the girls.

Anonymous said...

Thats not Lee in those pics w Carla lol

Mob Mistress said...

We know it's Derek Rodriquez, Carla's boyfriend.

Lee is in the last picture.

Anonymous said...

The show isn't saying she went to see him I'm October. What we're seeing now is all from last year and the year before....smh.

Anonymous said...

I am glad for both Drita & Lee, i hope everything works out for the two of them. I hope she can trust him inspite of that infidelity thing? And taking your daughter with you while you do that infidelity thing? So i hope the trust factor is there.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about Carla she is just a self righteous self serving bitch!!!! Love Drita and Big Ang,!!!!!! Keep it real ladies! Peace

Anonymous said...

This show is awesome good to see strong independent women on tv I love drita she's amazing and a great role model and big ang is like the godmother she's lovely but in any case you put bitches in a room and shit will start sometimes certain girls talk them self's up on the show and they look tragic as for lee goes good luck to him and hope her stays out those little girls are beautiful and deserve their dad and drita deserves to be treated alot better they are all awesome and make my life a little happier for an hour a week so cheers ladies ox