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"The Walking Dead: Say The Word" Episode Recap

The episode opens up in the town of Woodsbury, where the people of the community are celebrating with drinks, food, and good times together. Milton brings Andrea a cold drink, who finds the cold drink to be quite a treat she hasn’t enjoyed in awhile. Milton indulges to Andrea that the governor used the generator they have to turn on the freezer for ice.  Michonne is being her usual self and observing the community get-together from a distance, not exactly joining in on the festivities as her suspicions of Woodsbury continue to rise. Meanwhile, the governor is in his office listening to soft music and brushing a girl’s hair. He accidentally makes a cut into the girl’s head and the girl growls….only to find out it’s not a human girl but a walker girl. Trying to comfort the girl, the governor restrains her and puts a cover of her head. “Daddy still loves you,” he tells her while giving her a kiss on top of her head. He looks out the window and sees that Michonne is watching his every move.

Michonne following her intuition of Woodsbury...
Back at the prison, Rick is holding his newborn baby in his arms, but instead of celebrating, he is in a state of shock over the loss of his wife. Daryl waves his hand in Rick’s face, trying to get his attention. Hershel then demands to see the baby and so Carl grabs the baby and gives it to him; “good news is she’s healthy but she needs formula,” Hershel observed. Daryl takes charge and decides to go for a run when Maggie and Glenn agree to tag along. Daryl advises Beth to keep a look out for Carl and Rick. While that is happening, Rick takes a hatchet and storms into the prison. Daryl takes the bike and says he‘ll only take one person along with him. Maggie says she’ll go and even though Glenn objects at first, he reminds her to stay safe. Daryl and Maggie take off.  Inside the prison, Rick goes on a killing spree on the remaining walkers as revenge for the death of his wife.

Maggie and Daryl (who can rock a poncho like no other)

Back in Woodsbury, the Governor holds a speech and recalls about when they first arrived in Woodsbury with eating nothing but saltine crackers and spam. But he celebrates how far the people and town of Woodsbury have come to create something that people can call a home; “we raise a glass to us!” The town cheers on and applauds. The only one not present is Michonne, who sneaks in a room which turns out to be the governor’s room. She takes her katana that had been in the glass case since her arrival to Woodsbury. She observes a picture of his wife and child. She then sees a notebook and opens it. She comes across a list of names, with the last name being “Penny”. She then sees pages and pages of drawn out lines. She goes into a room where she hears a noise so she takes a knife to pick the door. But she stops when she hears the Governor, Merle and Milton walk in. Governor and Merle tell Milton to lighten up but Milton is concerned about the resources being used for the community’s festivities because he had been working on an experiment. Milton wants to postpone ‘tonight’. “How long do you need?” the Governor asks. “10 days” Milton responds. But the Governor objects and tells him to start the experiment in the morning. The men leave. Michonne snuck out the window and goes in the back part of the building. She finds locked up gates, shackles and bloodstains; but to top it off, she hears the snarling of walkers.  She finds that a small amount of walkers are locked in a cage, waiting for a sign of human flesh. She takes a tool she finds on the ground and breaks them out. She equips her katana where she slaughters them and finishes them off with a look of satisfaction on her face. A woman walks out, finds Michonne and drops a pail….

Say "cheese!"
Michonne is sitting in a room guarded by Merle when the governor walks in holding her katana. “Do you get off on that?” he asks her. “Poking around other people’s things?”  Michonne responds, “People with nothing to hide don’t feel the need to say so,” Michonne replies. The governor tells her that everyone has a secret or two under their belts. “Like Penny?” Michonne fires back. “You know I loved her….” The Governor responds. “Bet you say that about all the girls….” Michonne said. The governor claims to Michonne that she has the wrong idea about the Governor. He mentions that Michonne wants to leave but Andrea wants to stay. “I was about to give you your sword back because you fit in,” he tells her “we’ve enjoyed having you.” The governor suggests that he keeps her “little outburst” a secret and that he will have her join the research team and Merle would take care of her. Michonne immediately grabs her katana and points it straight to the governor’s neck. Michonne, not saying a word, backs up and leaves the room with her katana. Merle comes back in, wondering what happened. The governor chuckles: “she’s full of personality!” The governor asks for Andrea for the research team. 

Back at the prison, Glenn is outside the prison gates and begins digging a grave. Axel and Oscar come up to him; “we got the walkers spread out…need help?” Axel asks. Glenn ignores him. ”Your friends are good folks,” Axel responds.  Oscar offers his condolences and mentions that Glenn is fortunate to have so many good people on his team. Hershel observes them conversing from a distance Glenn tells Oscar and Axel to get the shovels and to Oscar and Axel and to start digging. Glenn walks up to Hershel and asks about Rick. “He’s still inside,” Hershel replies. Glenn confesses that he wished they had killed all the prisoners outside when they had the chance. “Oscar and axel seem like good guys,” Hershel tells Glenn. They begin to talk about T-Dog; “He was a good guy. He was the best,” Hershel recalls “but if he hadn’t closed that gate…” “It could’ve been Maggie!” Glenn interrupts.

Michonne in her element
Back in Woodsbury, Andrea comes inside a room to the governor’s demand. The governor asks her about Michonne. “Why would you have captive biters?”  Andrea asks. The governor tells her what happened with Michonne and the sword. “She wouldn’t do that unless she felt threatened,” Andrea tells him.The governor is suggesting to get rid of Michonne because she makes people “uncomfortable”. Andrea goes into the room where Michonne is and tells her that they have to talk. Michonne commands that they have to go. Andrea is telling Michonne how safe and comfortable it is in Woodsbury and how they aren’t being forced to stay like prisoners. “You can’t leave unless they make you!” Michonne replies. “You’re not making sense!” Andrea tells her. Michonne says they need to leave but Andrea wants to give the place a try. Andrea said Michonne was sabotaging everything but MIchonne is fully convinced “this place is not what they say it is.”

In the prison, Glenn is inside looking for Rick.  He sees a hatchet at the wall…and he sees rick arming it. Glenn walks up slowly to Rick and tells him that everyone is worried about him and that he needs to come out. Rick slowly turns around and seems to be in a state of bewilderment. Glenn continues to attempt to reason with him. But Rick throws Glenn against the wall and continues back deep in the prison. 

Outside in a rural area, a military truck backs up. Merle, the Governor, Milton and another man go into a rural area where there seems to be a large, shallow ditch. The truck that pulls up a net full of captured walkers, much to Merle and the other mens’ delight. “Don’t kill it yet!” Milton suggests “there’s something different in his eye…”  They lift down the walkers and capture them with rope around their neck attached to a pole that the men are holding. Merle pushes a walker down while Milton unhooks a tooth from a walker.  

Daryl, along with Hershel, are taking the lead of the crew as they help keep the new addition to the crew alive
Maggie and Daryl go through a residential house and go through the backyard where there’s a playground. Maggie breaks a window and climbs through while Daryl looks outside. She notices two crib beds and colored children handprints on the wall. She sees she’s in a baby’s room and immediately opens up a drawer and grabs whatever baby items she can get. Daryl comes in and they sneak around to investigate the place. They go in a kitchen where they hear rattling. They open up a closet where the sound is coming from…….it’s a possum. Of course, Daryl shoots it and chimes in with “there’s dinner!” Maggies opens another cabinet and finds the perfect item: powdered baby formula.

Back in Woodsbury, the festivities continue. Merle catches Andrea and Michonne leaving  and asks why they are in a hurry. Merle, being the charming Southern gentleman he is, tells them “ya’ll are breaking my heart running away like that! It’s almost curfew, I have to arrange an escort.” Merle shrugs and tells them to wait a second while he talks to one of the guards.  Andrea walks over to Merle and tells him they are free to come and go. “Nothing personal but you’re going to have to step back,” Merle demands. “There’s always a reason why we can’t leave!” Michonne objects. Merle, seeing how much Michonne wants to leave, suggests they find shelter before nightfall. Merle opens the gate and allows them to go. “This was all for show,” Michonne remarks bitterly. “Close the gates!” Andrea demands. Andrea and Michonne have an arguing match. “We held our own for 8 months! I’m so tired and I don’t think I have it in me for another 8 months!” Andrea argues. “This place is a refuge and a place like this is what kept us going!” Michonne just flat out asks her if she’s coming or not.  Andrea begs her not to give her an ultimatum, shadowing the ultimatum Andrea was faced with back in the CDC with Dale. Michonne begins walking away, muttering “you just slow me down anyway….” Michonne begins walking away as Merle closes the gates on her. Andrea looks out and watches her disappear.

Andrea is sitting on a bench when the Governor joins her. “Sorry things didn’t work out with your friend,” The Governor tells her, “Weird to lose someone by their own choice. Thought those days were gone…” The governor then offers her a drink to help her feel a bit better. Andrea and the Governor walk away together.

Back at the prison, Daryl and Maggie are riding back when Oscar and Axel distract the walkers on one end so Maggie and Daryl can get back in safely. Oscar closes the gate once they enter. Back in C-Unit, Carl is holding his crying baby sister when Daryl and Maggie return. Carl gives the baby to Daryl. Daryl feeds the baby with its bottle of formula, rocking and soothing the baby. The baby calms down immediately (meanwhile, Jane’s is going into a major fit of “awwwwwwws” and exploding puffy hearts). “She have a name yet?” Daryl asks.  Carl was thinking of naming her Sophia. “But then there’s Carol and Andrea….Amy….Jackie…Tricia…..or Lori…I don’t know” Carl suggests, shrugging his shoulders and shook up as he remembers the women in the group that have been lost.  Daryl playfully calls the baby “lil ass kicker” and continues rocking the baby. 

Within the prison, Rick goes in the room where he sees puddles of blood, brain matter, a knife….and one round. He’s in the room where Lori had her final moments of life. He finds a trail of blood that leads to a walker with quite the full belly; Rick puts the barrel of his gun in the walker’s mouth and blows it’s brains out. He then slashes the walker’s stomach. 

Merle showing off
Back at nighttime in Woodsbury, there’s a big bonfire with loud rock music playing in the background. Andrea and the governor sit up on bleachers with the rest of Woodsbury. The crowd is roaring and cheering (save for Milton, who seems less-than-thrilled). Spotlights come on and walkers are in the center of it all, chained up as Merle and two other gentlemen antagonize them as the crowd chants what at first sounds like “mur-der, mur-der” as Merle shows off with a one-hand pushup. Andrea is stunned at what’s she is seeing. It turns out to be a brawling, UFC-style match but instead of an octagon, the fighters are surrounding by chained up walkers yearning for human flesh.  The fighter hits Merle and leads him to the walker. Merle kicks the walker with both feet. The more the men fight, the closer the walkers become to the fighter. At this point, Andrea is sickened at what she is seeing and asks the Governor what this is all. He says that this is the way for the people of Woodsbury to “blow off steam”. “You go for a jog to blow off steam!” Andrea angrily says. “This is sick!” The governor confesses to her its staged and its all for show for the crowd. “This is your reason for keeping walkers around?” Andrea demands. The governor still is convincing her it’s all staged. “You’re teaching them that walkers aren’t dangerous!” Andrea argues. “We’re teaching them not to be afraid,” the Governor responds. 

Back outside the prison, Daryl walks over to three wooden crosses. He pulls out a beautiful white flower and places it on the cross marked for Carol. He touches the cross before walking away…Back inside the prison, Rick Is propped up against a wall, dazed, as the sounds of a baby’s cries and an alarm clock fill his head. But a telephone in the room ringing wakes him out of his daze. He slowly walks up to the phone and picks it up. “Hello?” he asks….. 


Jane Note’s: Before I begin, let me make note of a few things. AMC did an awesome interview with Michael Rooker (Merle Dixon) about playing Merle, a little history behind his prosthetic hand and the infamous fight scene with the walkers.

Also, for those of you who have a Facebook because everyone does (except for my parents, my dad is technologically challenged and still listens to cassette tapes while my mom just doesn't understand it), check out "The Walking Dead" Facebook game. I played it this week and it's actually pretty fun! I know a game is fun because I when t at the kitchen table with the laptop because I'll either 1. slam my hand 2. yell back at the computer or 3. mutter to myself strategies and my folks will wonder what the heck I'm up to. 

I was also watching David Letterman earlier tonight when Letterman talked very briefly about "The Walking Dead" and talked about how this last episode left viewers in suspense;

Now time for some personal commentary! I was so anxious for this episode after last week's fiasco of an episode. It was interesting how fans felt (according to a poll taken by AMC) that Rick should go on a walker killing spree...the fans know the characters well! I didn't expect too much of Rick except blowing off steam...but what happens next? Whose the mystery person calling him? I had a flashback to Season 1....when Rick was ready to give up all hope, he got a call in from Glenn and he saved Rick....which made Glenn a valuable member of the crew. Will the same thing occur now that Rick has once again suffered a loss and this mystery person will help keep him going? We shall see......

As for Michonne, I'm glad homegirl branched out on her own. I'm starting to LOVE Michonne more and more each episode. Growing up, I always idolized femme fatales and Michonne fits under that category of a woman that can kick ass and take names. But what's next for Michonne? Will she mysteriously disappear the way she mysteriously appeared? Time will tell. In the meantime, I think over time, Andrea will regret staying behind Woodsbury....speaking of Woodsbury, what is up with the Governor?!? I don't know what to make of him. There's the scene with the heads-in-aquarium, shooting out a whole military squad and using walkers for entertainment. I can't fault him for keeping his walker daughter since Hershel kept a whole farmhouse full of his family members. But is he just a complete sociopath or is he just lost and unsure what to make of the whole apocalypse? Who knows.....

Oh and that fight scene with the walkers? I have to admit, it was pretty damn badass! Michael Rooker, the stunt actors and the production team did a fantastic job capturing the scene. I enjoyed it!

As for Carol...My personal prediction is that she is alive and is somewhere hidden within the prison, which is still full of walkers. I don't think she got killed off.

Last but not least....the hardcore, badass Daryl showing his soft, protective side...I can go on and on but I'm going to post a picture my friend Johnny sent me on Facebook that sums it up;

My friends know me too well....

Jokes aside, the more I watch this show, the more I'm so into it so I'm very grateful to recapping such a fantastic show! I may not be able to watch it immediately on the dot at 6/9PT on Sundays but I watch it as soon as I get home on Sunday night regardless and I'm on Twitter at the same time so don't forget to follow and catch some more of my twitter shenanigans and commentary! 

Picture Credit: AMC 

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