Thursday, November 1, 2012

American Horror Story: Asylum Recap- Nor'easter

Hurricane Sandy blew through last weekend, and this week's episode of American Horror Story "Nor'easter" was  probably the bigger disaster.

It started out in 2012, exactly the same as the last episode, to the point where I wasn't even sure I was watching the new episode!  I had to watch Bloody Face stab Adam Levine all over again!  Is this how Ryan Murphy plans to keep him in the series??

Bloody Face breaks down the door to the room where Teresa is hiding, and is about to kill her when Leo rallies his strength and knocks out Bloody Face using his one remaining arm.  Then Teresa is able to stab him, but I'm sure he's not dead because no one ever dies in this American Horror Story.

As Teresa and Leo try to escape, there are now two Bloody Faces, and one shoots Teresa and Leo.  Probably still not dead.  It turns out these two Bloody Faces are just dumb kids, but they notice that Leo is missing an arm, and the real Bloody Face approaches them.

In the 60s, Sister Mary Eunice brings Sister Jude the mail, which includes an old newspaper from 1949 which reports on a missing girl... the one Sister Jude hit with her car that night.  So apparently that flashback last week was supposed to be 15 years ago.  Maybe next week Ryan Murphy will give us a flashback to Sister Jude's childhood, and she'll still be played by Jessica Lange.

Later, Sister Mary Eunice comes in wearing "Ravish Me Red" lipstick, saying she thinks someone is watering down the Communion wine.  Sister Jude says she doesn't imbibe and tells Mary Eunice to wipe the lipstick off her face.  Sister Mary Eunice says the lipstick is actually for Jude, it was a gift from Dr. Arden.

Dr. Arden tries to deconstruct the chip he found in Kit's neck, but once he splits it into pieces, it just reassembles itself.  Dr. Arden shows Kit the chip and thinks Kit is a plant in Briarcliff.  Dr. Arden is a nazi and thinks he's being spied on.  An American Nazi.  Yes.  I guess if he were just a deranged doctor he wouldn't be much different from Dr. Charles Montgomery from last year?

One of the patients, known only as "The Mexican" is onto Sister Mary Eunice and knows she's possessed.  Sister Mary takes care of that problem by stabbing her in the neck with a pair of scissors, in fairly gruesome scene.  She dumps the body and sees the creature.  She tells Dr. Arden she's worried about the creatures in the storm and in the winter.

Lara speaks to Dr. Thredson and asks him to get a message to Wendy.

Shelley asks Grace and Kit if she can escape with them.  She wants to go to France where she will be accepted.  She thinks Grace should understand since she's from there, but Grace says they left when she was a child, but her mother always made them speak French.  Congrats.

Sister Jude gets a call from the girl she killed.  She finds her broken glasses on the desk, and then drinks the Communion wine that Sister Mary Eunice left there earlier.  Then she goes to introduce movie night to the patients.  They are going to watch "The Sign of the Cross," which is entirely inappropriate and it makes no sense why she would have chosen this movie, except that they keep talking about how all the Christians get eaten.  Sister Jude declares that she heard that Charles Laughton was an "enormous whoopsie."

Dr. Thredson tells Lana that he tried calling Wendy but couldn't get through, so he went to her house, where he found blood on the carpet.  Let's be real, she's probably not dead. Thredson suspects that it is consistent with Bloody Face, but Kit has been at Briarcliff.

Grace, Kit and Shelley slip away during the movie to try to escape, and Lana follows after them.  Grace doesn't want her to come along, but Kit says she can.  Shelley says she will distract Carl, the guard, and she will follow after them, but if she doesn't make it, she wants Lana to write an article that will reveal everything that goes on at Briarcliff.  Shelley starts to follow after them, but she runs into Dr. Arden instead.

Meanwhile Sister Jude runs into a FREAKIN ALIEN.  Can we stop this??  I feel like I'm watching Sesame Street trying to figure out which one of these things is not like the other.  Between serial killers, Nazis, a possessed nun and aliens, I couldn't tell you.

They wait for Shelley as long as they can, but then escape into the Nor'easter.  They celebrate a bit too soon, because they quickly find a piece of what I think is "The Mexican's" skull.  Eh, she's probably sill alive.

They get a glimpse of the creature and run right back into Briarcliff.

Dr. Arden has changed his mind from the last episode and is ready to get it on with Shelley.  Well.. let me not speak too soon.  He acts like he's ready, but Shelley says she's not in the mood.  Dr. Arden says she's always in the mood and he starts to attack her.  She screams rape, but he says no one will believe her.  She laughs at his apparent shortcomings, which enrages him and causes him to knock her out.

The Briarcliff staff notice that some patients are missing.  Although Kit, Grace and Lana are soaked and muddy, Sister Jude blames the escape on "The Mexican," "the deviant" (Shelley) and "the pinhead."  Not sure I get that.  No, in fact, I'm positive I don't.  I thought Sister Jude was lying, but then in the next scene Dr. Arden tells Shelley everyone thinks she's one of the ones who escaped.

Speaking of the next scene, Shelley isn't dead, OF COURSE.  Dr. Arden says he "clipped her wings" also known as, cut off her legs.  He didn't even do it evenly.  That's the least he could have done.

This show keeps getting more and more ridiculous!  The next two episodes are titled "I Am Anne Frank" part 1 and 2. I'm bracing myself... I expect to be outraged.  What did you guys think of this one?

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Chiara Soprano said...

I love your hilarious commentaries throughout the horror. I am a little disappointed you didn't write up the scene with the young blonde nun and the doctor. She came on to him like gangbusters and I'd love to know why?

Mama Mia said...

she's possessed, that's why lol

The Underboss said...

This has to be the most sinful tv watching ever. I have liked Nip/Tuck and the first season of Glee. I even enjoyed the first season of this series but it seems as if some thing of a coherent storyline is missing. Having watched all of his series ican tell you that many times he gets sidetracked and can figure out how to fix the season. This season may get better but I doubt it.