Thursday, November 15, 2012

The Big Ang vs Janine Meatball War!

Let the games begin! 

A few weeks ago I was happy to find out that I was selected to attend the meatball war between Big Ang and her sister, Janine. I guess there was so much talk about it that VH1 decided to actually air it. It ended up being a great idea because Aidell’s Meat Co donated $5000.00 toward Tunnels to Towers for Hurricane Sandy relief. So it looks as fun was had by all and it was for a great cause.

Carrie and the judges

The sisters showed up at Guy's American Kitchen in NYC for the ball-off. Carrie Keegan, host of the Buzz, was there to cheer them on. In the kitchen we watch as Big Ang and Janine mix up almost similar ingredients to their meatball mix. I can understand this because my siblings and I make the same base meatball recipe too, and someone always claims theirs is better than the others. The girls get their hands dirty and Big Ang claims its hard work! Carrie comes to her rescue with a drink. There's some Italian music playing in the background to set the mood. Carrie asks Janine how the Meatball contest came about. Janine says that she invited some friends over and Big Ang says, “ Okay, I’ll come over and cook. Lil Sis says she doesn't need Big Ang to help her cook, and then Big Ang tells her that her meatballs are better than hers. So that was the start of the ball war.

Janine is not crazy about Big Ang's recipe

The balls are ready for judging

The girls joke back and forth as the balls hit the frying pan. One of the funniest parts is when Janine takes a bite out of Big Ang's meatball and spits it out! Ha! They really can’t taste that different ! The girls plate up their balls and the judges come to do the ball tasting and judging. Seth Levine and Michael Ferraro, two foodies, give the balls a taste. 

The Winner!

They discuss their decision and the winner is....Janine! She's happy and gives Big Ang a big hug.  I guess Big Ang has a big hand cause she may have lost due to the extra toss of garlic in her mix. Thanks to Big Ang and Janine for taking something fun & turning it into helping people. Great job girls !

Prize winning check for Sandy relief fund!

Written By: Carmela Corleone

Picture & Video credit: VH1

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