Friday, November 2, 2012

"Cancer Is Reality" Bronx Fund Raiser!

"Cancer is Reality" is something we have all learned in our personal lives. I doubt there is anyone among us who hasn't been personally affected by this disease, either we have had it or have a loved one who is or has gone through it. Just last week I lost someone close to me to this disease. No one is immune. 

I am happy to promote events that raise money for this cause. On November 15th there will be a fund raiser sponsored by Krunch Time Fitness, Chip's Gym, and held at LCG Cigar Company (La Casa Grande) at 2344 Arthur Avenue in the Bronx, owned by Paulie Cigars. 

Several reality stars will be there, including our Chicago Mob Wives Leah DeSimone and Nora Schweihs, as well as Mama's Boys Chip and Giovanni. I see Teresa Giudice's husband, Joe, will also be present, if you are a fan of Real Housewives of New Jersey. And, I am told the couple of the bottom are Gigi and Carmine, from Jerseylicious. GFella is an Italian hip hop/rap artist.

As we all know, Leah's mother has been battling breast cancer for several months now. Leah said on Facebook:  "I will be attending a Fundraiser in Bronx, New York, "Cancer is Reality" ♥ Help fight like a real women would ♥ my heart to all the hearts of survivors and currently battling this dirty Bitch ♥ " Spoken like a Mob Wife! 

I hope you will mark your calendars and attend this event on November 15th, which is for a great cause and, at the same time, meet with some well known reality stars.

Picture Credit: Leah's Twitter

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