Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Mob Doctor: Complications

This is only the sixth episode??  GASP
It feels like just yesterday I was dreading a new episode of The Mob Doctor.  Oh, that was yesterday.

Well, last night's episode started with NO FLASHBACK and NO DUMB VOICEOVER.  Could I really be so lucky as to have a Levine-less American Horror Story episode back to back with a flashback-less Mob Doctor?

Grace is walking out to the parking lot, and Franco is standing there.  She says she is too tired to help him, and whoever he has should just go to the ER like a normal person.  Franco apologizes, and Moretti pops out and kidnaps her.

We flash back to six hours earlier.  This flashback doesn't offend me (as much).  The doctors are preparing for some presentations they are doing.  A swimmer named Casey comes in, she was hit by a speedboat.

Constantine is working on coercing a politician named Spence to change his vote on the gambling ordinance.  He only needs one more vote to pass it.

Grace goes into the waiting room, and the guy who hit Casey with the speedboat is waiting there for her.  He is pretty upset by what happened, but if he's looking for a shoulder to cry on, it won't be Grace's.  Maybe she can give him some morphine to stop the tears, I don't think she'd have a problem with that.

Moretti, meanwhile, is determined to get Constantine today.  I can tell because he says today like 10 times.  Franco is all like, to be clear, you mean kill him, right?  Well Moretti thinks that's pretty darn suspicious.  If there's one thing the mob hates, it's being clear.  And if there's one thing they love, it's video poker machines.

Casey wakes up from surgery.  She says she has no recollection of swimming, and in fact, she HATES swimming, almost as much as Moretti hates being clear.

Constantine got Spence to change his vote on the gambling ordinance, so everybody is celebrating and gets an extra thousand dollars for the week.

Now we're back to the beginning.  Moretti dumps Grace in the trunk.  She's surprised to see Moretti alive, on account of having seen him get killed and all.    Moretti thinks that Grace set him up, and now he wants her to get Constantine to come out to meet him, so he can "get" him.  Not sure what he meant by that, he wasn't very clear.

Casey insists that she doesn't swim, and the guy who hit her with the speedboat insists he is taking care of her dog.  I feel like I'm not spending enough time with the patients to actually care if they live or die, but oh well.

Grace calls Constantine and lies saying she can't keep treating patients in alleyways and pet stores.  She needs a facility and some supplies.  She knows a guy who's selling stolen stuff for $20,000.  Constantine says ok, I'll send someone with the money.  But Grace is like, no, it has to be you, but doesn't really give him a good reason, so yeah, he's suspicious.

Brett asks Ro what she knows about Franco when Casey starts coding. Brett has to intubate her, but he struggles with it.  He's not a pro like Dr. Robert Chase: Intubator Extraordinaire.

Grace starts talking to Franco.  She tries to call Constantine to let him overhear their conversation but she has no service.  Franco catches her, and does nothing?

When Casey is intubated, Dr. White finds worms in her lungs.  Gross.

Olivia and Brett present their case from last week with the two boys.  Oh maybe they'll wrap up that storyline and tell us which of the parents had that genetic disorder called DYSTONIA, thank you very much.  Oh they're not going to mention that?  Ok.  Brett realizes Grace is set to present next and she hasn't shown up yet.  He tries to stall to buy her some time, but he's just being redundant so they tell him to knock it off.  Grace misses her presentation which Dr. White finds UNACCEPTABLE.  If that's unacceptable, I wonder what word he would use to describe knocking a patient out so you can give them a heart transplant they didn't consent to, intentionally almost letting someone die from internal bleeding, or leaving work every 4 minutes to do something for the mob?

Grace and Franco are still talking.  He didn't learn his lesson from last time, and she clocks him in the head, and then escapes.  She tries to run but Moretti sees her.  He starts shooting at her and hits her in the leg.  Grace finds somewhere to hide, but Moretti's goons are in hot pursuit.  Even though she is bleeding uncontrollably, she manages to not leave a trail of blood, so they can't find her.  She's just that good.

She finds some pliers and sterilizes them with gasoline??  And she pulls the bullet out of her thigh.

Dr. White tells Casey she has tapeworms and she probably got them from her dog.  Her hand starts shaking so they get her a CT scan and find a cyst of tapeworm eggs in her brain.  Ew.

Moretti still can't find Grace, prompting him to say, "What is with this broad, she's like a freakin Houdini or somethin?"  Indeed.

Grace manages to call Constantine right as he pulls up to the lot, and warn him about Moretti.  Constantine pulls away in time and then gets Grace to the car.

Dr. White and Brett perform surgery on Casey to get the cyst out.  If it ruptures, Dr. White says she will die.  It's touch and go, but ultimately the get it out.  I guess Casey will be ok.  Who cares though?

Grace is back at home and is oddly sentimental about her bullet.  She wraps it in a scarf and puts it in a drawer.  Brett calls, because she has been missing for 8 hours, NBD.  She's like, oh I was with Nate, but Brett knows she's lying.  They need to talk but Constantine shows up at the door and she has to go.  Constantine came to tell her that Franco and Moretti drew blood and they started a war.

I think my feelings for this show can be summed up by the fact that my sister told me it got picked up for a full season as a prank and I almost cried.  I'm basically counting down to the 13th episode at this point, which feels like a long way off.

Is anyone else out there watching this show anymore??

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Chiara Soprano said...

I am watching it and the main reason is so I get all the humor in your blogs. I love your sarcasm! I agree the show leaves a lot to be desired and we can only hope it gets better. If it's any consolation, they will probably take a break for the holidays and we will get a few weeks off, lol