Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Mob Doctor: Turf War

Pew pew pew
It's the 7th episode of Mob Doctor which means we're over the hump!  But there's still 6 more episodes left.

Couldn't go two in a row without these horrible flashbacks, so we learn that when Grace was a kid, there was a desk drawer that was off limits.  But one day she decided to sneak into it and she found a loaded gun and started playing with it.

At home, Grace is treating her bullet wound.  She calls Nurse Ro, who says Grace has been out of work for 3 days in a row.  Grace asks Ro to bring her some medical supplies, and Ro says Grace needs to be resting, not treating her "off the book" patients.  Grace is still obsessively looking at the bullet and moving it from place to place, so surely it will become a plot point later on.  Maybe it will become a much larger plot point than we could even imagine, like these video poker machines, and the bullet will get mentioned in every forthcoming episode.

Moretti is trying to get his business back from Constantine.  He meets with Titus (alias Uncle Eddie, alias Professor Professorson), the guy from several episodes ago who started all this video poker machine mess.  Moretti wants his deal back but Titus said he already gave the deal to Constantine and no one wants Moretti back.

One of Constantine's guys, I want to say Gio, drops off 6 pizzas for Grace in case she gets hungry.  Grace tells Nate she can't fake the flu much longer.  Nate breaks down and apologizes for getting Grace involved with this mess.  It's times like these I wish I knew what exactly Nate had done to get Grace involved in this mess, and why is Grace involved in this mess? But then I quickly stop caring, and just look forward to the day when I don't have to think about it.

Moretti's guys break into Constantine's warehouse where he keeps the video poker machines.  PSYCH!!  That's just where he keeps the empty boxes.  Plot twist~  Constantine is a hoarder and he had plans for those boxes.  Just kidding, Constantine knew they were coming and set them up.  Everybody gets shot.  One of Constantine's guys even shoots into traffic, hitting an innocent bystander, Paige, in the head as she is driving by.

At this point I want to point out that the guy who shoots Paige has a recurring storyline in this episode about the fact that he took a woman out on a date and spent a lot of money on it.  It is brought up on two occasions.  Why?

Ro drops the stuff that Grace asked for off at her house, noticing the mafioso type standing guard by her porch. She sees Grace's gunshot wound and gives her a little talking to about it.  Then Ro gets a call about some gunshot patients so she goes to the hospital.  Grace says she's coming with her, and magically painkillers cure her limp.  Somehow she gets past the guard.  It's not addressed how.

At the hospital, they are treating Paige and Gio for wounds.  Paige was shot in the head and abdomen, and she starts seizing.

When Moretti finds out there were no gaming machines in the warehouse, he's all "Whaddya mean no gaming machines??"  He wants to know how Constantine could have seen them coming, and he suspects Franco.

So Grace calls Nate to check in on him since she knows what went down in the warehouse.  Then she talks to Paige's mother and tells her there is bleeding in Paige's brain, and there are two options: remove the damaged part of her brain which will leave her disabled, or give her medication, which, if it doesn't work, she'll die.  Her mother chooses the medication.

The cops come to investigate at the warehouse.  Constantine says he don't know nothin about no break in.  He's just a normal dude, trying to run a normal, run of the mill, *legitimate* video poker machine business, just like anybody else.  The detective doesn't get anywhere with that, so he goes to visit Gio in the hospital, which Grace discovers.  Then Grace talks to Gio and Ro catches them.  By the way, am I sure his name isn't Gino?  No, I'm not.  So Ro wants to know what's going on with Grace, but of course, she doesn't have anything to say.

Brett runs into Grace and asks if she really had the flu.  Does he really need to ask?  She pulls out her tired "Nate is in some trouble" act.  Brett wants to know what's going on, but Grace gets a code on Paige and runs out.  Paige is brain dead, I guess, but Grace tries to revive her.  I don't know why I'm bothering to talk about this medical B-plot because, as always, it goes no where, so I'll just stop here with that.

Constantine walks into a diner where Moretti happens to be.  Constantine tells him to keep his hands on the table.  Constantine says he wants Franco, and Moretti says he wants everything north of Madison.  They go back and forth, until Constantine sticks a fork in Moretti's hand.  There must be a Constantine flash mob in the diner because no one bats an eye at this.

At this point, Franco and one of Moretti's other guys get into a fantastic argument about whether or not the sandwich Franco is eating has provolone in it.  It lasts, I kid you not, like an entire minute.  If there was a Mob Doctor spin off called "Franco and this Other Guy Argue About Whether this Sandwich has Provolone in it Or Not," I would happily prefer to watch that show.

Brett and Dr. White check Gio's x-ray and find that the bullet they left in his leg went into his blood stream.  Take a guess at whether this actually matters by the end of the episode?  Spoiler alert: no.

So Brett and Grace talk, and he says he needs to know more of what's going on with her or else he can't keep doing this.  Honestly, I'd be surprised if Grace cares because they hardly spend any time together nor seem to have ANY chemistry.

Dr. White says maybe they can find out who shot Paige when they send the bullet inside her to the crime lab.  The bullet currently inside her is from Constantine's doofus who splurges on dates.  Grace, with Ro's help, swaps that one out for the bullet she's been saving in her underwear drawer.  The cops then arrest Moretti for Paige's murder because the bullet came from his gun.  I am SUPER SURE they didn't find any of Grace's fingerprints on there, because why would they?

Grace tells Constantine she wants him to take care of Paige's mom now, and Constantine says fine, and also, Grace is a real natural.

In the flashback, Grace discovers that the gun, which she assumed belonged to her father, actually belonged to her mother.

And in a shocking twist, Franco is revealed to be an undercover police officer. He wants to go in deeper, but the detective says now that Moretti is in jail, his assignment is over.

UGH.  This show is exhaustingly dull, even when it isn't so bad.  I just don't understand anything about it.  Glad to be over the hump!  What did you guys think?

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Chiara Soprano said...

I enjoy your recap more than the show and I understand it better too. The plot twist on Franco is probably due to the fact that we don't want to believe that Grace would fall for a mobster...and FBI agent is a much better choice for her. But now what? She is doing all sorts of illegal things! Is he going to protect her?

SWPants said...

I don't feel that the gun being her mother's has any sort of significance...other than the fact that everyone has secrets they hide from others.

I thought Brett & Grace had chemistry at first but now it's not there. I feel bad for Brett with all her secrets, and I think he should dump her. Hell, I think she should drop the whole surgeon act because she clearly can't balance that with her other life.

For some reason, I missed Franco being an undercover cop. Either my DVR cut out early or I was just zoning. It is an interesting twist.

Do we know if there will be a season 2?

Mama Mia said...

No season 2, as far as I know. The ratings are abysmal.