Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mob Wives: Season 6 Hot Bodies & Storylines

Hot, hot, hot . . .
and it's not summer any more!

I can't help but notice the cast of Mob Wives Season 6 and their hot bodies. Carla has always taken pride in her appearance and visits the gym every day. Apparently all her hard work is paying off big time. Just take a look at these recent pictures she tweeted out! I don't know anyone who wouldn't kill for that body.

Carla has always had a fantastic figure, there is no question about that. But now there are a couple of more additions to the cast who also have "it" and are flaunting it. There seems to be a new trend on Mob Wives this season! Check out these photos recently posted by Marissa Jade. 

Marissa is a model and these photos seem to be professionally taken. She is sexy. But, is she a mob wife? I haven't been able to find a connection, but after last season's fiasco with Natalie D and her "cousin," Frank "Frankie Flowers" D'Alphonso, you can bet the show is going to be more careful this time around. I did read some rumors that Marissa's boyfriend is allegedly a long time friend of Drita's husband, Lee D'Avanzo, and that they allegedly worked on the same mob farm team the "New Springfield Boys," but I can't verify that. No one on the show is talking. What else is new? So for now we will have to settle for rumors.

Meanwhile Carla and Marissa have been spending A LOT of time together, what do you make of that?

And then there's new cast member, Brittany Fogarty, who has big mob ties thanks to her parents John Fogarty and Andrea Giovino. There is a lot of history there and her mother has written a book about all of it called, "Divorced From the Mob," where she breaks her code of silence big time. You may want to check it out before season 6 airs in December. Brittany seems to be a model too and was recently on the runway during Fashion week. Check out her photos here Brit Fashion Week. And she has tweeted a couple of her own photos showing she leaves nothing to the imagination!

I wonder if male viewers are going to be able to pay attention to the storylines this season. Looks like they are going to be a be distracted. I read something about some of the mob wives going to Miami, maybe on a "girl's trip," so we could be seeing a few bathing suit scenes. Let's hear from the male viewers . . . what do you all think?