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Mob Wives Chicago: Leah Meets Big Ang

Big Ang and Leah DeSimone

I love Twitter! Thanks to Twitter I can better keep tabs on what is going on with all of our favorite Mob Wives. On Wednesday and Thursday some of the wives were talking about Big Ang's trip to Chicago. They were excited about meeting her. One of the wives is Leah DeSimone. Leah has been supporting her mother through her battle with breast cancer and had to take her to the doctor yesterday. Leah tweeted she hoped her mother would be feeling well enough to meet Big Ang...and her prayers were answered!

Big Ang and Jacquie

Of course we are keeping Leah's mom in our thoughts and prayers throughout this ordeal. We know, if she is anything like Leah, she is going to kick cancer's ass! And, not only did Leah's mom get to meet Big Ang, but her father, Wolf, did too!

Wolf and Big Ang
Wolf looks a little smitten!

Leah managed to spend time with Big Ang for both nights and I was glad to see her having a little fun and relax because she has been under a lot of emotional stress. Leah tweets, "I had the time of my life!"  Maybe Leah can fly in for season two of Big Ang and be on an episode or two? I know New York would absolutely love that!

And for Leah fans who do not have twitter accounts, I managed to find a picture of Leah, as a child, when she was really "daddy's little girl." How cute is this?

Wasn't she adorable?

Picture Credit: Leah DeSimone's Twitter

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Paranormal Witness - EP 204 Recap

Dybbuk/ דיבו  - A malevolent or demonic spirit in Jewish folklore

Kevin Mannis is an owner of an antique store in Downtown Portland and collected small, unique items that he could retail. The best place he said to find them was at garage sales, state sales and auctions. He went to a family garage sale to search for more lost treasure for his store. Some of the items that intrigued him were a steamer trunk, a sewing box, and a wine cabinet and so he purchased them for his shop. The wine cabinet turned out to have belonged to a grandmother who was a Holocaust survivor. One woman saw what he purchased and said "I see you bought the Dybbuk box”. Kevin, being Jewish himself, knew what the term “Dybbuk” meant and explained it was a term used to scare children (“don’t do that or the Dybbuk will get you!”). The woman said they never mentioned about the box and whenever they did, the grandmother would spit between her fingers three time and said it was never to be opened. The story, in Kevin’s opinion, was just another piece of Jewish folklore. 

Kevin and his haunted discovery
Kevin went back to his shop with his new treasures and took them down to the basement. He examined the box and noticed a brass hasp with brass padlock on the wine cabinet. Kevin used a screwdriver to bend the hasp of the lock. When he did this, the doors opened by themselves. He figured it was a mechanism. A couple items were inside; there were 2 pennies from the 1920s, a candlestick with a “fat pear shaped body”, a small wine goblet and a statue out of granite that had "Shalom" carved into it in Hebrew, along with 2 locks of hair. Kevin figured they were items kept in there for sentimental reasons and didn’t think much more of it. Jane, one of Kevin’s employees, took over the shop one day while Kevin left the shop to run errands and left the box in the basement. While Jane was cleaning up the basement, she felt a sense someone was watching her. She explained she’d been in the basement many times but never felt anything like that until then. The phone rang and Jane picked it up. During her call, the light she switch she turned off turned back on. She heard what she described as glass breaking. She saw a chair fall in front of her. Panicked, Jane immediately called Kevin and was yelling at him to come back. Kevin picked up and she told him it heard like someone had a baseball bat and breaking glass and other items. When Kevin suggested she call the police, the phone call died. Kevin was scared to death for her and assumed it was a burglar/robber. Kevin went straight to the store and into the basement. He noticed the rod iron gate was locked which was odd because he didn't lock it. He opened it up and turned on the lights. He flips the switch and the lights wouldn't go on. So he got a flashlight. He noticed that all the light bulbs in the basement had been broken. He noted there were ten 4-ft flourescent fixtures and they all were broken. When he finally found Jane, he saw she was extremely upset, cursed at him, and left the store. She never came back. At this point, Kevin didn’t know what to really make of the situation. 

On October 28, 2001, it was Ida’s birthday; Ida was Kevin’s mother. Ida came into the shop quite early before opening. She sat down on one of the pieces of furniture in the shop as Kevin presented her with a birthday gift. It was the cabinet. Ida was rather perplexed at the gift and mentioned she had received strange gifts in the past but nothing like this….she actually felt the box “stare” back at her. Kevin went to take a phone call, leaving Ida alone with her gift. Ida inspected the box when the doors of the wine cabinet opened up by itself. “It was just like a cold breeze coming out...I can't describe it,” Ida recalls “It felt just pure evil.” Ida immediately began to feel numb and terror take over her body. “I couldn't run away or get mouth contorted and my eye pocketed. I knew I was having a stroke!" Ida then wondered if she would take one more look at Kevin before she passed on. She sincerely felt she was dying. Kevin then came back to his mother to immediately find out she was suffering a stroke. He called the paramedics and when they arrived and were checking on her, Kevin noticed a look of pure terror in her eyes. “She was pleading to say something, to get something out" he said. Ida wanted to desperately tell him to get the box out. “If it did me a stroke, what would it do to him?” she explained. 

Paramedics rush to the aid of a terror-stricken Ida
Thinking back, Kevin sheepishly explains, “Maybe I should’ve picked a better gift. I never thought that it was something more than a small box!” Kevin immediately knew that all the events that occurred to Jane and his mother were stemmed from the box. Kevin then sold the box to an old couple, thinking he got rid of it. But time went by and he found it at the front door of the store with a note on it saying “there’s an odd darkness to it”. Frustrated that the box was back in his possession, Kevin stored it in a storage unit. But then, Kevin began having reoccurring dreams that he described as “being with someone that was pleasant to me…” But then, this pleasant person he was with would slowly morph into what he describes as “the most gruesome, evil looking hag that he ever seen”. That hag would then begain beat him. When Kevin woke up, he realized he was covered in bruises. It happened every single night. That moment, he knew that the box was cursed and wanted to get rid of it. Kevin decided to sell the box on Ebay and didn’t forget to disclose the experiences that happened to him when he had the box. Kevin was hoping that someone who dealt with the Occult would see it, purchase it and properly dispose of it. 

*             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *             *

It was the year 2003 in Kirksville, Missouri when Brian and his roommate Sam, both college students, saw a post on Ebay of a haunted box and how the owner was experiencing unusual, dark phenomena with it. Brian didn’t want to spend money on something that could possibly be a hoax. Sam thought differently and ended up purchasing the box. Brian would come to find out about this about 3 weeks later when in the middle of June, Brian came home after lunch and opened up the front door which went into the living room. The living room had a stench of urine and in the middle of the living room was a boxed ripped open with packaging peanuts everywhere. Brian was infuriated over who could make such a mess and who would urinate in the living room. Brian goes in the kitchen and sees the wine box on the table. Brian later on laughs that Sam purchased it. Sam, amused by the supposed “haunted” box, slept with the box in his room. Sam recorded his experiences in a personal blog. About 2 weeks passed and nothing happened so they put the box in the middle of the living room. One night, the boys were throwing a party and Sam and Brian were joking to everyone how it was haunted and decided to open it in front of everyone. Brian and Sam open it and jokingly stick a girl’s arm in it. The girl became very upset and was concerned for her safety. Brian and Sam just laughed it off. But what would happen afterwards was no laughing matter. 

You know this won't end up well....

Brian and Sam began experiencing unusual things with electronics. Their laptops would crash, along with the Xbox, toaster, TV, and watched. Brian would see one of the roommates at school have unusual bloodshot eyes. Dozens and dozens of bugs were crawling all over the living room, the bathroom sink, the wall and the mirror. Over the summer and into the fall, Sam became much more reserved. It went as far as his hair falling out.  Sam put the box on Ebay and wanted to get rid of it. 

It was February of 2002 when the box eventually caught the attention of Jason Haxton, who was the director of the Truman State University’s Museum Osteopathic Medicine. Jason was always on the lookout for objects he could figure out and solve like a puzzle. Jason would read Sam’s personal blog regularly and became fascinated with his experiences with the box and wanted to buy it. The bid for the box went from $45 to $280. Jason’s expensive bid sealed the deal. 

Jason examining the box
When the box arrived, Jason took it up to his office after campus closed down for the night. Jason was very aware about the illnesses and infections that seemed to occur to people who were in the box’s presence so he put on gloves to make sure when he touched it, he wouldn’t get contaminated. He then examined it and detected a “glow”. The “glow” was detected candle wax dripped down on the box. He felt it was a box used for rituals. The moment before opening the doors, Jason wondered what would happen if he opened the doors...but when he did, he felt nothing and wondered about the artifacts in the box. He figured it was just a box full of historical, sentimental pieces. But within days after Jason’s inspecting the box, the museum was thrown into a whirlwind of chaos. Computers were crashing and valuable information and data were being lost. The light bulbs around the box begin to burn out. The staff felt a decrease in energy and felt sudden illness. Jason then knew he had to take the box out of the museum. Jason locked it in the trunk of his car. Jason didn't want to take it home but he felt he had no option as it was affecting the livelihood of the staff. That night, he felt restless but eventually fell asleep; he would have dreams of old women and their face would dissolve into these "ghastly injuries" as if the face was being torn and ripped. Jason would go back to sleep and it would happen again. Jason would wake up and his eyes would be bloodshot red. Things in Jason’s life were taking a turn for the worse. One night, Jason and his son were watching TV when all the sudden, his son calls for him. Jason and his son see what Jason describes as a “misty, black flame…this black mass". Jason had already explored the scientific side of the box and still couldn't find the reasoning behind it all. Jason felt if this box had something trapped and he released it, he felt he had to seal it back in. Jason had property he had rented and took the box over there. He felt the basement area of this property was the best place to isolate the box away from everyone, from him and his family. 

Jason took a warm bath, hoping to relieve his body of whatever it was that attached itself to him as a result of the box. Meanwhile, his wife was doing the laundry downstairs. All the sudden, Jason felt something tear inside of him and a "jelly substance" like mucus came out of him. It was something he didn't recognize and Jason was in disbelief. At this moment, outside the bathroom door, his wife is yelling at him about poison ivy and the jeans she just washed. Jason opens the door and discovers his wife is covered in “watery blisters with blood broken” out all over her arm. Jason needed to find the owner of this box and resolve this issue. Jason contacted Kevin back in Portland and Kevin picked up the phone, only to hang up because he somehow knew it was about the box. The phone rang again and when Kevin picked it up, Jason urged him to talk to Jason. Within a few minutes of talking to Kevin, Jason knew he wasn’t alone in his experiences with the box. Jason and Kevin decided to team up and figure out how to dispose the box. 

Seeing red and dead....

The next day, Kevin drove back to the house where he purchased the box at the garage sale. When Kevin knocked on the door, the woman opened the door, and Kevin explained he needed to get information on the box. The woman demanded him to leave. As Kevin was ready to walk away, an old woman appeared at the front door and told Kevin “I know exactly why you’re here.” Kevin turned around and felt the old woman was drilling him with her eyes. The old woman’s name was Sophie, the cousin of the grandmother that had passed away. Sophie invites Kevin in the house and tells him the history of the box. Sophie explains that the grandmother’s named was Havala and tells Kevin the story of Havala and the box. Sophie and Havala lived in Poland prior to WWII and at the time, conducting seances was all the rage and acceptable among most. Havala made an ouija board out of woven cloth with the alphabet and numbers stitched in. She used a pendant to conduct the seances. During a seance, Havala and other women present contacted a spirit that started asking them to bring them over to the dark side, as if the entity wanted to take one of their souls. The women devised a ritual where they would be able to trap this entity in a box. Once Jason was informed of this story, he felt it was all true. “It was just too impossible to makeup,” he said. Jason then contacted a few Rabbis to get information on the best means to seal away the spirit and the box for good. The box was sealed away in a secret location and since then, no demonic activity has occurred….yet…..

Jane’s Notes; As far as scare factor goes, I still think last week's episode took the cake. But as far as subject matter goes, this episode has been the darkest as it covers demonic activity, which is something that can become very dangerous and as you can see, life-threatening. In my personal opinion, Ouija Boards are bad, bad news and during the Victorian era, seances and other forms of divination were very popular worldwide so what Havala participated in wasn’t unusual at the time.As for Jason Haxton, it was interesting to see that he noted that the box was used for “rituals” before finding out it was a box that was used in a séance. Personally, I liked Jason’s account of the story because while his occupation involves scientific research, he also seemed open-minded about the fact that whatever had happened could be paranormal and he was not afraid to admit that he misjudged the power of the box. I found a link that was from the Truman State University’s blog about the box and the media attention it has received. The link can be found here.

I also noticed on commercial break, there were trailers for the movie “The Possessed”. When I first saw the commercial awhile back, I rolled my eyes (no pun intended) and figured it was another hyped up Hollywood film taken from true events and overdramatized. Actually, the movie “The Possessed” is based off the cases surrounding the Dybbuk box;

A young girl buys an antique box at a yard sale, unaware that inside the collectible lives a malicious ancient spirit. The girl's father teams with his ex-wife to find a way to end the curse upon their child. (IMDB) 

I’m not usually one for hyped up, over-dramatized Hollywood horror movies but after finding out this disturbing information on the story surrounding the Dybbuk box, I might just have to take a peek at it and  view it for myself (with someone else with me so I have a lap to jump on during the scary parts…any volunteers?). Overall, even doing this recap, looking up more info on it and knowing what I do know now about the Dybbuk box (something I never heard of before) was slightly disturbing. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go to Church, bless myself with holy water, then go home and put on “Big Ang” for some comedy relief! 

Picture Credit: Syfy, IMDB

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I Married A Mobster: Toni Marie & Sharon Advice

Toni Marie Fappiano and Sharon McDonnell

I came across this short video on AOL this morning with two of the women from I Married A Mobster, season two. Even though the clip is short, I found it interesting. Toni Marie actually mentions Carla Facciolo in association with her husband, Mikey Scars. When I think back to all the time Mob Mistress and I spent looking for a definitive connection, some concrete evidence, so we could write a blog on that relationship ...I just wish we had Toni Marie's number back then! 

This season of I Married A Mobster looks very promising and is off to a great start. If you missed any of the episodes so far, check the program schedule of Investigation Discovery and see when they are being rebroadcast in your area!

NOTE: You know what I keep thinking? Why the hell would Mikey Scars cheat on Toni Marie with Carla? It's part the lifestyle? Carla sure didn't like it when the shoe was on the other foot and Joe cheated on her, did she? And, the only meal I have ever seen Carla brag about is her escarole and beans, her daughter's favorite. Toni Marie has posted a dozen or so delicious meals for fans to see. Oh well, I am going out to buy Toni Marie's books as soon as they are published. I hear she plans to write a cookbook and the story of her life. Do you think Carla will be in it? Stay tuned!

Picture and Video Credit: AOL's You've Got!

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Big Ang: Recap "Big Pride," Episode 109


Big Ang shows up at the Drunken Monkey with a blonde wig on. Doesn't anyone know it's WigOut Wednesday? She's annoyed cause there's no crowd and it's hot. She's sweating. Linda stops in and is also wondering where the crowd is. They go outside cause it's too damn hot to talk in the bar. As they are outside, Lil Jenn shows up with her wig. Yeah, it's just not on her head! There it is, a long flowy, curly wig coming out of her skirt. Lil Jenn says, “yeah, I guess I forgot to wax.” They talk about how Wigout Wednesday is not working and Big Ang says she's over it, it's a total disaster. It better get bigger, better and fast.

Lil Jenn stops by Big Ang's house where she is trying to look for an outfit to wear to a rooftop party in the city.  Lil Jenn takes a look at her closet and says it’s a hot mess. Big Ang says she needs to come up with some ideas for the Drunken Monkey. Lil Jenn suggests they put on their “drinking caps,” and brainstorm. Meanwhile Lil Jenn is upset how Big Ang's Gucci's, and Dolce Cabana's are being treated. She tells Big Ang she has to get rid of some of the clothes. Sharing is caring. Big Ang tries on a kimono,  who knows maybe Big Ang wore it while eating sushi one day. Big Ang then shows Lil Jenn a sex robe. A beautiful, bright red, see through robe. “Huh,” Jenn says, “don't you have to have sex to wear that?” I believe Big Ang said Neil never saw it. Actually, the tags were still on.

Big Ang goes to the “Gay Pride Parade” with Linda and she says she loves Drag Queens cause they are so colorful. She loves the fact they have an obsession with clothes and love to party. The atmosphere is so cheerful and that's how she wants it at her bar. She comes up with the idea of “Tuesgays” night at the bar. She discusses it with Anthony and he likes the idea too. Everyone is dancing and drinking. Of course Linda is up off the floor again and oops, then down on the floor. She's ok.

The next day Big Ang's brother in-law Dom drops off a restored zebra. It's not a zebra anymore, it's now a black stallion. Big Ang says it's been around and she got it from a strip club. It's moved from house to house with her. They say it had some plastic surgery and it must run in the family!  I wonder if we are going to see anyone ride it...hint, hint Linda!

Big Ang stops by her new store. It's currently being painted, glamour style. She wants it colorful and bright. She's ordering a hot pink leather couch and black patent leather chairs. She says she's going to do a lot more than spray-tans. She going to do hair extensions, eye lash extensions, make-up and have wine and cheese. Big Ang says there are 2 things she is good at: serving drinks and looking good tan! She says she has to learn how to do it, bring on the spray tan, bigger is better!

Big Ang goes down to the Drunken Monkey to tell Franky about her Tuesgays idea. She tells him about the drag queens and go-go boys. Franky tells her that they can do the bar up in a festive style and it's a great idea. Big Ang is happy because Franky is always there to support her.

Big Ang is home and ready to spray tan Franky with her special formula. She says Franky should be very concerned because she's never done this before. She gives it a go and Franky looks great! They check out the tan lines, I check out the boxers  and everyone is happy. Success!

Lil Jenn and Big Ang head out to sell some of Big Ang's clothes. She tells the shopkeeper how she paid $4000.00 for an item. She also has $600.00 leather pants. The girls agree that those pants had history. Most of Big Ang's items are expensive and the girl tells her it’s worth $760.00. She says Big Ang's cut is $350.00. Big Ang starts to get some anxiety. Lil Jenn says its just clothes. Big Ang says, “ok, Ill sell it,” but wants to look around. She sees some things and she says she loves them and she wants them. Lil Jenn calls her a sneaky bastard. She sees a pair of gold hot pants, but Lil Jenn talks her out of them. Who else can wear gold lamae hot pants!

Well tonight is the Tuesgays party at the Monkey. Two drag queens show up, Porcelain and Mimi, to give Big Ang a make-over. They love Big Ang's house and how it's decorated. They toast to glamour and beauty. They ask Big Ang how dramatic she wants her make-up and Big Ang says, “dramatic.“ She asks Porcelain how long it takes him to get ready in the morning, and he says not too long. Big Ang wants to know if he sleeps standing up and he says, “no, coffin style,” and does a pose. They do shots and it’s all just gaymazing.

Big Ang knows that it's gonna be a good night because she can even hear the noise out on the street. Everyone is waiting for her at the Drunken Monkey. The place is packed. Big Ang makes her entrance with a glitter dress and hot pink wig. She says she thinks she looks like a cross between George Washington and Diana Ross! It was a great look!

The drag queens show is a mix of some dancing, stunts and gymnastic splits. Big Ang is happy because everyone is drinking and spending money. Franky asks Linda if she would ever dress up like that, and she says no. They laugh. Franky coaxes her up on top of the bar, where she seemed reluctant at first, but there she goes, Linda is up on the bar and Franky is doing body shots. Linda's daughter is in the crowd questioning if that's her mother up on the bar-again! Yes, even Jaime knows her mom best! The night ends with fun by all. Big Ang says she'll dress up like that every Tuesday, if she has to.

We have only one more episode to go on the Big Ang show, which will end season one. There will be a season two for Big Ang. Check your local listings for when the finale will air.

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Real Housewives of New York: What The Hell Moments, S5E13

The Pirates of Penzance? NOT!

Last night five of the women finally made it to St. Barth’s without Aviva and her leg. It was a snooze fest. I think they tried to manufacture some drama here and there, dangling carrots so to speak, so we will tune in for the next two St. Barth’s episodes. Count me in. I am there for the stupidity and there is always plenty of that. Meanwhile, I am going to pick apart this episode like a turkey carcass at Thanksgiving.

The show literally starts off with a “BANG” when Heather runs into a glass door and is worried she broke her nose. She had a pretty bad nose bleed. I never noticed her nose was so big before. Maybe it was swollen from the “blow?” I’ve never seen glass that was so clean it was invisible. I guess she didn’t break her nose after all because there was no doctor on the scene to check it out. 

The "ladies" are all have a nice meal when someone mentions the damn toaster oven and a new shouting match starts. Why the hell take a vacation and pack your issues to bring with you? The stupid toaster oven shoot is over and done with, but one good thing came out of this argument, another quip from my favorite, Carole. She says, “This is the most talked about toaster ovens in the history of non-existent toaster ovens.” Wait a minute, is Carole saying there is no “toaster oven” and this venture was all fabricated for the storyline? You have got to love Carole!

Carole and Russ just can't wait to sneak away!

Although this is an ALL girls’ trip, Carole is allowed to have her boyfriend, Russ, join her because she doesn’t see him often. Unlike Aviva, who was practically forbidden to bring Reid because it’s an ALL girl’s trip. Carole always does and says what she wants and Russ gives her the perfect excuse to leave the craziness and slip away. Thank God for Russ.

LuAnn was with Tomas,she says in French!
No? Really? Only everyone on the island knows it!

And the What The Hell Moment is when LuAnn apparently hooks up with Thomas, the French looking "Johnny-No-Depth," for a night of passion. I guess Jacques isn’t all he is cracked up to be, eh? One night away and the mouse is already in play! Better put those baby plans on hold. OR, if there is a baby down the road, I would tell Jacques to get a paternity test. LuAnn lies about bringing home a man, when it’s clear to everyone (especially Heather and Carole), the eye and ear witnesses, that she did. Carole heard them and quips, that she heard two male voices and one of them was LuAnn’s!  LuAnn says she brought home a group, but only two voices were heard. LuAnn says the group was Italian, but Carole clearly heard them speaking French. Also, did LuAnn not think that Jacques would see this episode? I’ll tell you what I think. If LuAnn is really with Jacques at all, because I don’t trust BRAVO not to arrange a “relationship” for the sake of the show, then perhaps they also “created" this rendezvous with the pirate? And, another What The Hell Moment is when LuAnn tries to cover her tracks by making a call to warn “Thomas/Johnny” not to say anything about last night. Do you mean to tell me that these world traveled women, aka Sonja, Heather and Carole, do not know enough French to decipher what she was saying? Especially when she threw in the words “group” and “Johnny Depp,” into her French conversation?  The lengths BRAVO will go through to create “reality!”

A What The Hell revelation comes out last night! Carole is supposed to have dated George Clooney! She confirms this by saying he was a good kisser. I can’t find any evidence to back up this claim, but I doubt George Clooney is thrilled about being associated with this show. On the other hand, I’m sure Carole didn’t complain about being associated with George Clooney. That’s one rumor I wouldn’t mind being started about me either.

Sonja and the "butler" cuddle a lot

Then, as though we could avoid it, Aviva calls and happily announces she is joining the “girls” because she “misses” them. She’ll be flying down with Reid. This sparks all kinds of nasty conversation amongst the prima donnas, Sonja and Ramona, that Reid is going to ruin the dynamics of the group. Poor Reid. The nicest cast member who doesn’t stir up shit every time his face hits the camera. Why pick on Reid? Carole has Russ, LuAnn has Johnny and Sonja is after the butler and Johnny. Of course this is another set up for the drama unfolding next week. Stay Tuned for Aviva and Reid against the world.

Carole's ass deserves a mention

P.S. Let’s not forget Carole’s wine dispenser/Pez dispenser metaphor or her great ass, which she was hoping would trend on Twitter last night!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Big Ang: Recap "Big Ink," Episode 108

It's all about the BIG photo shoot!

Big Ang is home stressing over Neil procrastinating on everything that he does. She's upset the chandelier has been lying around and she can't take it anymore. And most of all, she inherited a psychotic dog Kilo. Neil says he is going to take care of the dog for AJ. Big Ang says Neil and AJ have a good relationship. Me and Neil, not so good, he gets on my nerves. Big Ang complains to Neil about her birthday present, the one she never received.  She says she wants her present. He reminds her about the present he bought her on Valentine's day. Disgusted  she says, “what was that about 5-7 months ago?” Neil tells her about getting a tattoo. He says, he knows how she likes guys with big muscles and tattoos. She says, well you don't have either. He says he may get a tattoo of her. Now you’re talking. Big Ang's face lights up and she thinks it's a fabulous idea! He says what should I get? A portrait? Big Ang says, a tattoo of me, the whole body naked! I have to get the perfect, perfect picture! It’s all about me! Neil asks if he is going to take the pictures, but Big Ang says she'll take them. 

Big Ang and Janine go looking at a place for a spray tanning business. Janine says she likes the location and Big Ang is already “all in.” I wonder to myself how many times Big Ang goes “all in” in Texas Hold-em because she has to or because she just loves the phrase? Big Ang says this will be her 4th business venture. She owns the Drunken Monkey, she had another bar in Staten Island, and years ago she and her sister owned a party place called, “Imaginations.” Unfortunately, it didn't do too well because they were always hung over. The girls love the building and the layout of this store.  Big Ang is imagining mirrored lips all over the walls. She says she wants it and she wants it right now. She comes up with a name “Big Ang's  Secrets.”

Big Ang is home and gets a call from AJ, finally. He says it's his first time he can use the phone. AJ tells her that it's very strict there and the food sucks. He says he is working with a crew doing some maintenance. Big Ang reminds him not to get too friendly because that's when you start breaking rules. Big Ang asks when can she see him and he tells her about family day. She asks what she should bring him and AJ says to bring lots of food. She tells him about Neil’s tattoo idea and AJ asks her to take a picture of Neil's face for him. 

Big Ang is at the Drunken Monkey and orders a stoly chocolate covered strawberry with a splash of club. I had to put that in because I want to remember to order it next time I'm there. She tells the guys about her idea of the spray tanning business. They think it's a good idea and Franky offers to be her first customer. He says that Big Ang can spray tan the F*** out of him. Franky, watch what you wish for! Anthony is quite concerned and asks Big Ang "what happens if a guy comes in like “regular,” gets tanned, and then he comes in again like aroused? He'll be  two-toned! Then the girl will be like what’s that…a slinky?” Ah...Anthony, the things that interest you! Big Ang continues to tell them she wants to take spray tanning to the next level. She wants to serve sangria. She then tells them of Neil's idea of getting the tattoo and the photo shoot. Anthony wants to know if he can look at the pictures. Big Ang gives a shrug  and assures Anthony there is only one of her. And yes readers, there is only ONE Big Ang! 

The pot's not BIG enough!

Big Ang is cooking up a storm for AJ's visit. She makes a pot of sauce (cause that's what she called it) and realizes it's not fitting. So she transfers it into another pot, one that is similar to the size of a pot that can steam 20 lobsters at a time. Lil Jenn comes by to help. She's very interested in rolling the meatballs. Big Ang says she needs supervision cause “that girl can start a fire!” She tells Lil Jenn that she's going to see AJ and that she'll be able to spend 5 hours with him. Lil Jenn finishes rolling the meatballs and puts them in the already lighted oven. I guess Big Ang forgot to supervise that part. Lil Jenn tastes the sauce and raw meatballs and asks Big Ang if she'll divorce Neil and marry her! Big Ang gives an eye roll and thinks about it for a minute. Lil Jenn then tells Big Ang “the last time I saw your mother she was smoking a cigarette, drinking and wearing a bra. Big Ang says, “I don't wear a bra.”

Looks like this pot will do!

Big Ang goes to Emerald Studios for her photo shoot. She explains that she wants the picture to look like a pin-up. Big Ang gets a little nervous and goes outside to smoke a cigarette. Yeah, in a hot little leopard print robe. She does a few poses, looking very sexy. The photographer asks her to move the boa away from her neck, and Big Ang seems apprehensive but does. She then does a back shot wearing a purple thong exposing the lips tattoo. At the end Big Ang is loving the whole idea! She says Penthouse Centerfold here I come. I, myself, was wondering if there is an invitation out there from Hugh Heffner yet. 

Big Ang is talking to Janine about her visit with AJ. She tells her she cooked all the food and there were 200-300 people there. Janine asked if she spoke with any counselors and Big Ang says yes, one, and he said that AJ was doing  good and making progress. Big  Ang tells Janine about Neil's tattoo idea. She tells her it will be a naked  picture of herself. Janine says, “kiss my ass Neil.” Janine says Big Ang thinks the tattoo is a way of showing her Neil loves her. She says if he wants to do that he should get another job. Big Ang says Neil is big talk no action, and she'll die if he really gets it. He's a big baby and he can't take any pain. They say he's not the sharpest knife in the draw. Big Ang says he's not even in the draw, Janine says he can't find the draw. Poor Neil! 

Big Ang takes Neil's hand, awwww.

Neil and Big Ang show up at the tattoo place. It's Neil’s first tattoo and Big Ang says he can't see it until its finished. She tells Neil no peeking, which really wasn't that hard because Neil was grimacing through the whole session and his face was red-hot. He told Ang, “you’re face is killing me!” and  Big Ang says, “yours has been killing me for 5 years!” Big Ang took a picture for AJ and then asked the tattoo artist if he can go even deeper. Watching Neil stick it out, Big Ang realizes she gives him a hard time. She says he has a big heart. She goes over to Neil and holds hands with him. It was a moment. Well, maybe a few seconds! But she did show him some love! 

Big Ang needs a new tattoo, BIG LIPS!

She decides she is bored and gets a tattoo herself. Gee, I wish I can make such quick decisions as Big Ang! She ends up getting lips tattooed on her back, between her shoulders. She loves it and she says it's “very big!” Neil's tattoo is done and it is striking. It looks just like Big Ang! She admits she looks pretty hot and says Neil may not buy me lavish gifts or diamonds, but getting a permanent tattoo is priceless. I'll say it is! 

Neil's BIG, new BIG ANG tattoo, on his leg!

They leave and Big Ang asks Neil if he's addicted and he says, “maybe one more.” 
That ends a fun episode of Neil's love for Big Ang. I'm still curious about the gift. I think there may be one coming. 

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P.S. While Mob Wives Chicago has ended and Mob Wives NY will resume in a few months, why not take some time and read some past  blogs here on the site.

Written by: Carmela Corleone

Mob Wives: Drita Reveals Season 3 Tidbits

Drita was recently interviewed on The Couch, promoting her new business venture “Just Me” cosmetics, and mentioning a few other tidbits. 

First she talks about Lee. She says they are “on good terms” and that he will be getting out of prison soon…as in six months. She plans to go see him soon. She is afraid that all of her old feelings may come back. Drita says, the fact is that he was unfaithful and she is trying to move forward with her life, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still love him. 

Drita says she is at peace with Karen, BUT she says, “World War III is coming down with Ramona!”  That is what we can expect in season three.

Drita says she wants to move out of her house because it‘s filled with memories of Lee, but Aleeya is “Crying her eyes out” because she doesn’t want to leave her friends.  This will also be another issue addressed in season three.

Then Drita discusses her make-up line. She says she was always a makeup artist and worked at a high end department store for seven years. She says that experience helped her to learn what the every day woman wanted, and she developed her line to meet the needs of today’s woman. Drita says she wants to build an empire for her daughters and show them that it’s possible for a woman to be independent, strong and successful. Drita has a great message of young girls today, love yourself and be strong, you don’t have to rely on a man. “Just Me” cosmetics are currently being sold at the Staten Island mall, it will be available for sale on her website,, and she is currently looking for a storefront in the Staten Island mall. She says once that is open you can not only buy the make-up there, but have it professionally done and your hair styled.

I wish Drita all the best and continued success in all her new ventures! I guess crickets aren't all bad?

Be sure to watch The Couch because the Mob Wives are always dropping in to chat!

I Married A Mobster: Toni Marie's 4 Star Kitchen

Toni Marie Fappiano from I Married A Mobster
"Scarred For Life"

Investigation Discovery has already aired Toni Marie's episode, "Scarred For Life," on August 15th. You may still be able to catch her episode because ID rebroadcasts them. Check their program schedule.

My agenda today is not Toni Marie, the ex mob wife, but Toni Marie the Italian Chef! There are days I will be reading or chatting on Twitter and, all of a sudden, Toni Marie will post a picture of the dinner she has made for her husband. She has my mouth watering for a delicious dinner, but all I have are my lousy chicken cutlets waiting for me. I whined so much about my cutlets that Toni Marie graciously shared her recipe with me. I will be trying it out soon. Meanwhile, she puts all my dinners to shame. Still, I love looking at her delicious meals, all of which look like they came out of a Four Star Restaurant and not somebody's kitchen. I vicariously enjoy them as I envy her husband. Toni Marie has plans to write a cookbook too. I hope in the not too distant future! Guess who will be first in line at her book signing? You look at the following pictures and tell me you will not be standing right behind me waiting to buy yours!

Bolognese sauce & Rigatoni


Portobello Mushrooms

Sausage and Peppers


Chicken and Artichoke Hearts

Fresh Mozzarella & Basil

A "quick" dinner
Shrimp and Broccoli

Steak Pizzaiola

Not only is Toni Marie a fantastic cook, but apparently she is also an excellent photographer. When I questioned her, she modestly says she took the pictures with her cell phone! Imagine what she could do with professional equipment?  From the pictures, it seems to me, her favorite ingredient for every recipe is "love."  She always has me wondering what "WE" are having tomorrow night? 

Picture credit: Discovery ID and Toni Marie's Twitter Account @ToniMarieRicci  Follow her, she is an absolutely lovely woman.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago: Production Theory, Rumors or Fact?

UPDATE: This is a hoax. It was the work of an individual named Jeff.

Recently an alleged member of Mob Wives Chicago production team reached out to us.  Whenever this happens I get all warm & fuzzy inside because it's usually the good stuff.  An added bonus is they tend to be articulate & refrain from telling us what & how to blog.  They're always smart enough to realize we don't give f*ck what they want.

The informant makes it clear he/she is not a final decision maker.  We are one of three sites he admits to monitoring.  I have a feeling Hollywood Life & Reality Tea are the other two.  The sources goal is either to make us look like complete jackasses, piss off Jennifer Graziano and/or give the Mob Wives Chicago fans & viewers some logical tidbits of information to quiet the social media hysteria running amuk.  We will never truly know.  However, we decided to give you the juice our way.

When you see ... I've omitted information out of respect for certain individuals & the process.  My site, my call and I'm good with it.  If you are not, I suggest you refrain from reading any further.  Everything in orange is the informant's words, not mine.

We were told there were some major obstacles in casting Mob Wives Chicago.  With Mob Wives Jennifer Graziano knew all the players & the dynamics.  She knew who was who on & off paper.  Mob Wives Chicago was a different story.  The informant shares, "With the anchor Mob Wives, we had all the information needed to cast women that were relevant and definitively connected to the "mob". The creator had extensive life knowledge of the people involved and was therefore able to confidently cast those women with an understanding that their stories, connections, and ongoing lifestyles would stand the test of not only the viewers, but perhaps more importantly, the "mob" itself, NOT THE CASE in regards to MWC."

The source also claims there was a direct linkage to "The German" through a family member of one of the Mob Wives of Staten Island.  The other Windy City mob wives were in production's radar by research, inside calls & contacts.  The informant shares, "The problem with that was that the show had already been pitched, accepted, and slated for a season and time slot. This created a scramble to cast the show and begin production."  

The informant confirms Nora's claims that she is the one who recommended Pia for the show.  Additional research confirmed Pia's legitimate connections to The Outfit.  Production learned her ties ran much deeper than they believed originally. Pay-dirt!

He/she believes production's 1st misstep was the casting of Christina Scoleri.  I laugh learning this & think, 'Tell me something I don't know.'  He/she states Christina didn't have a job & could meet time requirements.  Christina's father could only be confirmed of having a criminal record. The source continued, "... it was evident that he was a petty thief. This guy may have grown up around and had conversations with "mobsters" but he was not connected to the "mob" by any stretch of the imagination. She claimed that he was a thief and a fence for the "mob". ANYONE who knows anything about the "mob" can easily tell you that the "mob" needs no fence. If they want electronics they don't ask a small time crook to break into cars or homes as his record reflects. The "mob" will roll the whole G*d damned store or better yet, hijack the ship the goods are sailing in on! Needless to say, Christina Scoleri perpetrated a fraudulent story and is not connected with the "mob" by any means whatsoever.  She was actually the last one of two to even be offered a contract as we saw this train wreck coming long before it happened. Our original intention was to only allow her on the show part time, as a supporting cast member. What changed that was Christina's desperation to remain on the show and increase her role, and with it, her paychecks. She was willing to do anything..... regardless of friendship or how it would look for her public image.  Anyone who wonders what I'm talking about with this, just remember how no one could make any sense out of her antagonizing Pia and Nora in the pilot episode nonetheless physically fighting with Pia. She would do anything the production team asked her to do. She had no morals, no loyalty, and no concern for her image. While she served our intended purpose for the season, it is the unanimous view of all involved that she is of no use moving forward. She has no story, she has no connections, she had no job coming into MWC and rest assured she no longer has a job with us either. I mean seriously, the franchise is called MOB WIVES and that denotes an affiliation to the "mob", either directly or through their saturation in the lifestyle. Christina Scoleri has neither."  One has to love the loyalty aspect of people. Go Mob Wives Chicago!  Let's all say ouch together.  Here we go all together 1-2-3:


Christina recommended Leah in order to have a friend to defend her & someone in her corner. "Leah was cast after heavy lobbying by Christina.  Her father, Wolf was a pleasure to work with (as was her lovely mother).... What made a strong case for Leah were her characteristics. We knew that a strong faction of viewers would fall in love with her and we were correct in that assumption. Unfortunately, not enough people tuned in each week for Leah to develop into quite what we expected her to. We like Leah. Everybody wants her to stick around. We are trying to figure out in what capacity...
Renee Fecarotta with Jennifer Graziano

Renee was cast based on her family ties through her uncle for the most part. We dismiss previous claims from a relative that her connection to her uncle is bogus. Believe me we do our research. Any claims that Renee had nothing to do with her uncle are born of personal resentment and do not reflect reality. She also has other "mob" connections, some of which were explored during filming, such as her ex.  Renee has tested well and we have very strong positive feedback on her which gives us many reasons to want to continue working with her. More on that later.

Okay it's later:" Wow this individual has a sense of humor too! The source goes on to tell us Mob Wives Chicago will not be having a reunion, which everyone including Leah's hair knew.  He/she goes on to explain, "... we do not need to rehash much of the failed.... relationships that have caused this show to be more of a hindrance than a path to success for the franchise. This show is NOT done, but this cast as you know it is toast. Christina is axed, bottom line. She has no story and has been an embarrassment on social media. Leah is likely to be a part of a season 2 or other avenues we will explore. Specifically, these avenues will be travelled by Renee and Pia. Aside from Season 2 of MWC, we have options with Renee in regards to Eye Candy (the people love it). We can make a show based entirely on her connections, Eye Candy, and her family life. Viewers loved Renee and we will continue to capitalize on her success."  The source made it clear it's his/her opinion about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in regards to Ms. Fecarotta.

Sidebar: I have to share I think Renee Fecarotta is a great find for reality television.  She's not my cup of tea per her judgmental ways and attack mode switch on camera & online.  Online she attacked Big T telling him never to contact her daughter again.  He denied ever contacting Giana.  Giana asked her mother to stop.  She did finally!  Weeks later,  Renee attempted to correct Underboss over his parody.  Yes she's a genius.  Then eventually Renee & Giana went full on Twitter attack when we posted about the saint of all saints Octtavio Volpe.  What can I type?  The apple don't fall far from the tree.

The source continues, "Nora is finished. While she was amazing in terms of being completely volatile and provided plenty of comedic relief, she was a terror to work with. Constant whining, endless issues, and a healthy dose of no one having any idea what she was even thinking half the time have left everyone (well almost everyone) with the resolve to end her story and with it, her tenure on MWC. This is where many of you get the notion that the show has been tied up, because we provided an epilogue for Nora's plot-line. Notice however, we really only tied up Nora herself. She's gone, at least in any major capacity moving forward." O-M-G no Nora, how in the hell are we going to do The Battle of the Eyes Two?!

Back to why you're reading, "Pia on the other hand has actually exceeded our expectations. Our viewers loved her. We expected her to be a hit among males, but in actuality Pia tests strongest among females. People look up to her. This is in part due to her story on the show, but more so due to 2 other factors: her accomplishments career wise while the show was airing and after, as well as her being the only star to remain positive on social media. She ignores vulgar displays and talk on Twitter when under attack from Nora and Christina. You know who else was great at that? Drita D'Avanzo and Karen Gravano. "  Now I don't know how long this individual has been on Twitter.  We all know DriZILLA has lied time & time again about us being Ramona & Karen or Karen & Ramona running our site.  And Karen has gone HAM a time or two on Twitter.  I admit neither of them took it to the beyond bitter & dumb levels that Christina did.  So kudos to Drita for now being my second to the least favorite mob wife.  She's moving on up!  The source goes on to share their opinion that image is everything.  They also share we may be seeing a friend of a cast member become a mob wife in the future.  The woman tested very well and her mob ties are indisputable.  They also share we may or may not get to see more of Giana Volpe.  Oh boy I just can't wait! [insert eye roll]
News Flash: Your father plead guilty. It's public record. Thank you!

The source finally wraps it up with the following, "I hope this insight can be of use and relief to at least some fans of MWC and Mob Wives franchise. We understand the need for a better time slot and a better season period aside from summer. This is not by any means an easy issue to resolve. We do take into consideration the competition that this show was up against in season one and will look to slate it better upon its continuation. I mean seriously, the Olympics, Big Brother, BET Awards, Yankees-Red Sox games, and other award shows made it extremely difficult to find our viewer base. Just trust that we know what we’re doing here. We’re pretty good at producing great shows around here. We all know we fell short with season 1 of MWC, but we WILL get it right. Trust."

I don't trust anyone besides Chiara & Underboss.  I don't know this individual from a roach on a food truck.  Hell do I think this is real? Yes.  Would I bet my last $5 bucks on it? No.  I will share the individual is quite astute with great organizational skills when writing.  They suggested we take this information with a grain of salt.  I decided to eat a donut & fart instead.  Let's all hope this information is legitimate and there will be a season 2 of Mob Wives Chicago.  I did try to reach Jennifer Graziano for comment twice.  Neither time did I have a chance to question her about this information.  However, that broad don't be giving up nothing anyways!  *shrugs* She is a busy lady, oh well.