Monday, August 27, 2012

Mob Wives: Drita Reveals Season 3 Tidbits

Drita was recently interviewed on The Couch, promoting her new business venture “Just Me” cosmetics, and mentioning a few other tidbits. 

First she talks about Lee. She says they are “on good terms” and that he will be getting out of prison soon…as in six months. She plans to go see him soon. She is afraid that all of her old feelings may come back. Drita says, the fact is that he was unfaithful and she is trying to move forward with her life, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t still love him. 

Drita says she is at peace with Karen, BUT she says, “World War III is coming down with Ramona!”  That is what we can expect in season three.

Drita says she wants to move out of her house because it‘s filled with memories of Lee, but Aleeya is “Crying her eyes out” because she doesn’t want to leave her friends.  This will also be another issue addressed in season three.

Then Drita discusses her make-up line. She says she was always a makeup artist and worked at a high end department store for seven years. She says that experience helped her to learn what the every day woman wanted, and she developed her line to meet the needs of today’s woman. Drita says she wants to build an empire for her daughters and show them that it’s possible for a woman to be independent, strong and successful. Drita has a great message of young girls today, love yourself and be strong, you don’t have to rely on a man. “Just Me” cosmetics are currently being sold at the Staten Island mall, it will be available for sale on her website,, and she is currently looking for a storefront in the Staten Island mall. She says once that is open you can not only buy the make-up there, but have it professionally done and your hair styled.

I wish Drita all the best and continued success in all her new ventures! I guess crickets aren't all bad?

Be sure to watch The Couch because the Mob Wives are always dropping in to chat!


Anonymous said...

Ok I like the idea of her trying to show her girls about the good qualities, but she should have shown that throughout her stint so far on Mobwives! She is going from one extreme to the other here before our very eyes. I am all for moving forward positively, but I think she should address the young crowd that has looked up to her violent ways, and change that point of view!

mamaL said...

Just wondering if there is a way to find out where Drita got her new couch in her home?

mamaL said...

I like Drita's new sof. Can we find out where she got it or the brand?