Tuesday, August 14, 2012

I Married A Mobster: Toni Marie Fappiano's Preview

We have been talking about season two of I Married A Mobster for some time now. Well, the new season starts on Wednesday, August 15th. There will be two episodes aired, back to back. The first episode, "Breaking Bulger," will air at 10 PM ET with mob wife Lindsey Cyr telling the story of James "Whitey" Bulger.

Toni Marie Fappiano's episode, "Scarred For Life" airs at 10:30. Toni Marie was married to Michael "Mikey Scars" DiLeonardo for many years. They had a son together. Mikey was a member of the Gambino crime family and has a long history of crime and cheating. We have done several blogs on him, all of which you can find using the search feature on the right hand side of the blog. One of the woman Mikey cheated on Toni Marie with was none other than Carla Facciolo. He is the man Karen referred to as her "uncle in the life" when confronting Carla on the Mob Wives Reunion Show of season two. It's a small mob world.

Check out the preview and be sure to tune in tomorrow night for the first two episodes of I Married A Mobster. Trust me, you won't regret it.

Picture Credit: Toni Marie's Twitter Account
Video Credit: Investigation ID


Anonymous said...

I've actually never seen this show, save for bits and pieces on Youtube...I have some checking up to do!

Leah B said...

This looks good and because its the people that were there that are talking you know its fact not made up drama..
As for karen saying that about carla on the reunion show i lost so much respect for karen when she did that.

Its a dog act to rat out someone especially on national t.v...
It was not her place to say anything about that topic true or not true

Unknown said...

The show was great,the premiere party was better & Toni Marie is a doll (as real as they come) As for the 50yr old mannequin flipping her hair nervously? you reap what you sew& when you've sewn deep enough to leave scars well kharma's gonna have one hell of an upper cut in store for her!

Anonymous said...

Who is doing the narration for this show now? Didn't it use to be Lorraine Bracco? I'm not sure I care for the new voice. It's a bit jarring but I loved both episodes.

Hey you said...

Normally id say i liked it, in this case nothing that happen to Toni Marie was good exccept for starting over, It was interesting episode, also like the Love hurts and Ebony and Ivory episodes.