Monday, August 20, 2012

Mob Wives: Anthony Graziano Sentencing Today!

Ronnie Graziano with her daughters Renee, Lana & baby sis Jennifer front & center.
Many of us are fans and/or viewers of Mob Wives the VH1 hit series.  I do not condone crimes.  I do not glorify crimes.  What I do is blog about a show I watch and the women & men connected to their lifestyles.  I admit to watching Mob Wives each Sunday & enjoying it.

I hear what all of you hear about Anthony "TG" Graziano.  I read what you read about the alleged mobster.  I don't know Mr. Graziano nor do I know his crimes.  Of course, if he wasn't affiliated with the lifestyle we all wouldn't be tuning in each week to watch Renee Graziano in action season 1 & 2  of Mob Wives.

Everyone is grown.  Everyone knows the deal.  Yet, I've had the pleasure of sporadically chatting with Renee Graziano.  I can't help but have love for the lady with her all over the map emotions & out of this world humor.  There is also the creator & executive producer of all things Mob Wives & Big Ang.  I like baby sister's gumption & stealth intelligence. Then there is Lana Graziano Zancocchio spelling her last name almost gives me a stroke each & every time the oldest of the siblings who has remained behind the scenes.  Lana has a robust personality which is only matched by the wonderful recipes she shares with me on occasion.  I think of the women who love Anthony "TG" Graziano so very much.   He will always be their father first; daddy!  Of course their wishes is for their father to be home.  How can they not hope his sentence will be the mininum? 

As a spectator, I get the flip side.  You do the crime; you do the time.  Sentencing is done!  Mr. Graziano was sentenced to 19 months which is the minimum sentence with 8 months already served.  So it appears he'll be a free man in June 2013!  For more information, READ HERE.

On another topic is there no Mob Wives Chicago Reunion?  What the hell is that all about?  I say give Nora extra security and let's do this!  Then again the women of Mob Wives Chicago held their own reunion of sorts on Twitter.  I got to admit it's cost effective.


Chiara Soprano said...

I am glad the sentencing is over and the judge showed compassion for Mr. Graziano's health. Hopefully he will be back with his family soon. I see that Renee looks so much like her beautiful mother. Love that picture of the Graziano ladies.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

CRAP, my computer spazzed and comment was deleted :/

Anyways, I'll repost; it's been a fascinating experience watching the Graziano women be so open with their lives and what they endure during these moments in their lives.

It's also neat that Renee is willing to share her photos to the blog too!

Gina DeMambro said...

i dont believe a fuckin word of this!!!