Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Big Ang: Jimmy Fallon, Engagement Ring & MORE

Big Ang's new engagement ring!

More than halfway thru season one of The Big Ang show, and we have already learned that there will be a season two! What is the big draw behind Big Ang? How has she come this far in such a short time? She surpassed the popularity of reality stars in the shortest time. There is more talk about Big Ang than there is about Kim Kardashian lately. Or is it just me because I sit on the sidelines and fumble through twitter, reading the large fan base of tweets from Big Ang, her crew and her family?

For one, this light-hearted show makes all of us smile. We can throw away our troubles for a half hour and put tomorrow on the back-burner. After 5 episodes of hosting the biggest of parties, Big Ang was thrown a curve ball. AJ got arrested and is currently attending a drug-rehab program. We watched Big Ang throw back drinks like I throw back coffee, and try to deal with the reality of her son. I admire her honesty and her being so up-front on the subject. Big Ang tells us how it was back in the day and how she never wanted her children to follow in her footsteps. Her success today will pave the way for a better future for her and her family. Sometimes reality TV can be the best therapy. I congratulate Big Ang on all her endeavors.

She recently opened up a store in Staten Island called "Big Ang Secrets." The store sells makeup, hair extensions, does organic spray tanning and, from what I've been told, has  a lot of bling. The store will have a grand opening on September 7th.

What's next for Big Ang? Well, a book is in the works, for one. Her book is titled "Bigger Is Better" and comes out on September 10th. Big Ang says she will also do book signings.

So cheers to a woman who's learned from the past, tells it like it is & lives it like she can!
Below is a clip from the Jimmy Fallon Show. Big Ang shows off her new engagement ring. I just love it! Bigger IS Better!

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Written by: Carmela Corleone
Picture & Video Credit: NBC


Chiara Soprano said...

I'm happy for Big Ang, if she is happy, but I just have to say that there is no way Neil could have purchased that size diamond ring, even with credit...unless it cubic zirconium or rented.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have any clue which cigarillos (cloves?) Big Ang is smoking?

Love this blog! Thanks for all your hard work.


Anonymous said...

Great post, Carmela! What I'm having a hard time with as far as MW Chicago goes is A LOT of denial. Yet with Big Ang, she's upfront about what her family did, about what she did and how she recognizes those mistakes. I can't hate on that at all. Best of luck to her, for sure!

Carmela Corleone said...

Chiara- I guess Neil had to work alot of overtime hours to get that ring! I've yet to see it in person but when I do...well-I'm going to ask to try it on-lol!
Evie-I will see about the cigs. I haven't idea.
Jane-That's why Big Ang is a BIG FAVORITE! she's not hiding anything! Her past is her past, her future is her future and she's going to enjoy it to the max!
Thanks everyone!