Monday, August 6, 2012

Big Ang: Recap “Big Bust” Episode 105

Big Ang says good bye to Little Louie before surgery

Last night’s episode starts off with Big Ang's furniture finally getting delivered. She got a couch reupholstered in black patent leather and studs. Yes, you heard me. an array of silver studs! This couch is sleek! Big Ang and Neil are putting items in place. Big Ang got a white rug that she says feels like cotton & silk when you walk on it. Neil warns her that Louie may pee on it. And, in Neil’s defense, we've all seen Louie do that quite a few times already! Neil is helping her as she directs him. “Okay,” Neil says, “you're the boss, whatever you say.” She also bought some things for AJ's room, with the hope he moves back home.

Big Ang goes down to the Drunken Monkey and meets with her bartender, Margo, who she's been friends with for 28 years. Margo wants to discuss the 3rd annual Atlantic City trip. Big Ang says she loves spending time with her patrons. She’s looking forward to having some fun. They both say that last year they came home penniless, and Margo says she had to put aside $13.00 just to get back over the bridge! They talk about how last year everyone got crazy and somebody got naked and was walking up and down the aisle. Big Ang says that was very scary. Are we all are having a visual here?!

Next stop, before the trip, is Bay Street Animal Hospital where Big Ang brings Little Louie to get neutered. She says he's been a terror cause he still has his balls. Dr. Cohen assures Big Ang that Louie will be ok and he's not taking away his manhood, just removing his testicles. Hmm.. really? Big Ang says last time she had a Pomeranian and took him for surgery he didn't wake up! She’s worried about Little Louie. Big Ang waits out the surgery and when the nurse brings Louie in, while he is still knocked out from the anesthesia. Big Ang looks upset and thinks Louie looks dead. Little Louie ends up okay and Big Ang takes him home.

Brooklyn corrupts AJ according to Big Ang

Big Ang goes shopping with AJ. Her baby. She asks AJ what he's been up to. He says you know, summer, parties, naked girls. Big Ang doesn't like what she hears and thinks Brooklyn is corrupting him. She wants to wait for the right moment to ask AJ to move back in with her. She tells AJ about the AC bus trip, and thinks maybe, if he sees how much fun Big Ang is to party with, he'll move back home. She tells him there's gonna be fun, drinks, bagels and we'll even tell jokes.

So they all go meet for the party bus to head to AC. They meet at the Drunken Monkey where they discover the window is broken. Big Ang says it's typical to the hard-ons that hang out there on Saturday night and it's not going to ruin her trip! Actually, I don't think anything makes Big Ang mad!

All aboard the Big Ang Express to Atlantic City!

On the bus they go. Margo announces that Big Ang is gonna read the rules. "No Rules," Big Ang exclaims! Are there ever any rules with Big Ang? So we have the bus crew and, from the looks of it, I can identify Sandy Stitches, Sandy the plumber, Franky, AJ (who by the way ends up in quite the sleeping mode), and a new hottie whose name I learned is Anthony. You know me , I'm always scanning the room, but in this case - the bus. There's a guy named Lil David helping everyone to it’s party atmosphere. Everyone is drinking and having fun. Franky and Sandy Stitches exchange kisses and they reminisce about the hot tub scene. Franky tells Sandy he's gonna ride her all night. Sandy wants to know how much she needs.  AJ puts in his two cents and tells her he's Franky's pimp, not to worry. Sandy asks for the 40 stitch discount, because that's how many stitches she got when she feel out of the hot tub. Gotta love this woman!

Partying, drinking and dancing on the bus!

They reach AC and everyone is very excited. They play roulette and Franky's rubbing Sandy's stitches for good luck. Big Ang, AJ and Franky are outside hanging out on the boardwalk and that's when Big Ang breaks it to AJ that she wants him back home. She wants to keep an eye on him. “No way,” AJ says, “he'll lose his freedom.” Franky says he lives home with his parents also, and it’s tough. But Big Ang doesn't like AJ living on 13th Avenue in Brooklyn cause she knows the area and it's nothing but trouble. Big Ang tries to convince him by saying she'll make his food, do his laundry and make his bed. “Ah,” AJ says, “I'll think about it.” They go back into the casino, to their last table, to beat the odds and Franky says, “Hey, maybe I'll move in with AJ and we can be room mates.” “No way,” Big Ang says, “Two gigolos in one house? I don't think so.”

They leave AC and Big Ang says everyone is whacked and I'm pretty sure broke. She says they must continue the party. AJ goes back to dozing and Big Ang tells some jokes. They stop at a rest stop and some cowboy on the bus pees on the side of it!  Big Ang decides the hell with him, he's not coming back with us. Can you imagine she says, he took out his “schlang.” Here's another visual guys. So they make it back to Staten Island with enough money to get over the bridge this time. Big Ang tells her asparagus joke one last time.

Little Louie is home and Big Ang is nursing him back to his old self. She' s happy that at least Little Louie listens to her, but AJ never does. Little Louie's temperament actually seems a bit better.

Big Ang is upset to hear the news of AJ's arrest.

Linda stops over to talk to Big Ang. They discuss the news that AJ got arrested. Big Ang is upset and says that's why she wants him back home. Big Ang says he's in Rikers Island, and Linda calls the place a dirty piss hole. I'm sure that's no lie. They talk about how AJ made a mistake and how he's been spoiled. Linda says he wears $50.00 underpants. The bail was set at  300 thousand dollars and they were waiting for another bail hearing to get it lowered. Big Ang says she's been there and done that. She's not proud of her past, but wants her kids to do as she says, not as she did. She is going to stick by her son just as her mother did by sticking by her brothers. And, as soon as AJ gets out, all the decisions will be hers. He's not going to act like a wild man cause she's done with that.

Well this sums up the AC party bus trip. Another fun day out for Big Ang and her crew.  Unfortunately, this week it gets a little real for Big Ang, as she faces some trouble with AJ. I hope the best for Big Ang and AJ through this situation.

Stay tuned next week for another episode of Big Ang, following Mob Wives Chicago. on VH1.

Written by Carmela Corleone

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Great job Carmela. You recapped it so well that one would not have to watch.. but Im sure everyone still does anyway. We can always count on nothing but laughs with Big Ang. Its a nice way to finish out a week filled with stress. "Everyone Loves Big Ang" I can say that I sure as hell do !

Anonymous said...

You forgot about the "Louie is calm and listens now, I know some men that need to be castrated" comment LOL!