Thursday, August 30, 2012

I Married A Mobster: Toni Marie & Sharon Advice

Toni Marie Fappiano and Sharon McDonnell

I came across this short video on AOL this morning with two of the women from I Married A Mobster, season two. Even though the clip is short, I found it interesting. Toni Marie actually mentions Carla Facciolo in association with her husband, Mikey Scars. When I think back to all the time Mob Mistress and I spent looking for a definitive connection, some concrete evidence, so we could write a blog on that relationship ...I just wish we had Toni Marie's number back then! 

This season of I Married A Mobster looks very promising and is off to a great start. If you missed any of the episodes so far, check the program schedule of Investigation Discovery and see when they are being rebroadcast in your area!

NOTE: You know what I keep thinking? Why the hell would Mikey Scars cheat on Toni Marie with Carla? It's part the lifestyle? Carla sure didn't like it when the shoe was on the other foot and Joe cheated on her, did she? And, the only meal I have ever seen Carla brag about is her escarole and beans, her daughter's favorite. Toni Marie has posted a dozen or so delicious meals for fans to see. Oh well, I am going out to buy Toni Marie's books as soon as they are published. I hear she plans to write a cookbook and the story of her life. Do you think Carla will be in it? Stay tuned!

Picture and Video Credit: AOL's You've Got!


Anonymous said...

"Oh no, you di'in't!"

I was never fond of Carla. It's like she has no passion for life, no "zest", she just looks so dead in her eyes. Like a shell almost.

There's no arguing how self-centered she appears. Shit, when the whole Renee/Junior turned informant fiasco happened, even Drita put whatever beef had happened with their crew aside to show her support for Renee. It seemed Carla could give two fucks about Renee during that time. IMO, her and Joe deserve one another.

Chiara Soprano said...

Carla was my least favorite from day one, and remained that way. I dislike shallow people who lie and are full of themselves.

Anonymous said...

You know watching the last two seaons I always felt like Carla was an instigator with Drita and Karen. Yes they had issues before Carla but whenever Drita spoke about Karen to Carla, Carla never tried to diffuse the situation. I felt she kind of egged Drita on more. I don't know I just never liked Carla. She's very self absorbed and could care less about anyone but herself!