Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago: Ottavio Volpe, Renee’s Ex-Husband

Ottavio Volpe, the facts

Renee Fecarotta’s ex-husband, and Giana’s father, Ottavio Volpe, is someone who has many of our readers curious. Ottavio, 53, is an alleged illegal Italian immigrant who is serving a life sentence at Terre Haute, Federal Correction Complex in southern Indiana, approximately 185 miles from Chicago. He was convicted of a 1997 murder with another man, Anthony Carcione, in New Port Richey, Florida.

We have heard on the show that the murder was brutal and involved a robbery. The details of the case come from a US Court of Appeals document and reads as follows.

The case involved the home invasion, robbery and murder of an elderly woman, Jean Schwarzkopt, age 78. In late 1996 or early 1997, Ms. Schwarzkopt met Mr. Volpe in his business establishment, La Cosa Nostra Bakery, in New Port Richey. When Mr. Volpe saw the lady’s eight carat ring and realized she was wealthy, he worked out several plans to rob her. His plans failed. He then allegedly contacted associates in Chicago for help.

After a few contacts he was referred to Anthony Carcione, who allegedly had a history of violent crime. Carcione flew down to Tampa, Florida and was picked up by Volpe. The next day, Carcione showed up at the victim's door with flowers, pretending to be a flower delivery man. Once she opened the door, he hit her in the face and continued to beat up the elderly woman, breaking her nose and fracturing her cheek, neck and rib among other things. He then duct taped her from head to toe and shoved a silk flower down her throat. He taped her mouth shut. The woman suffocated from the bleeding caused by her injuries. Volpe picked up his accomplice after the robbery. Carcione had her purse and several items of jewelry.

The diamond ring was allegedly purchased by another mobster for $22,000 which was divided as follows: Carcione got $10,000, another go between man got $8,000 and Volpe got $4,000. (Different accounts give different figures).

Volpe agreed to testify against Carcione and avoided the death sentence in exchange for life in prison. He was sentenced in 2002. To learn more about the case, check the link below.


jackie said...

The man who killed that women sounds like a fuckn monster. Not that it's rite,Renee's ex wanted a robbery 2take place not a murder.He even testified against the asshole who killed that poor women.Thats just my opinion

Anonymous said...

Both are sick fucks. I don't care if Octavio didn't committed the murder, he KNEW the kind of people he was dealing with or he wouldn't have contacted an associate to begin with.

No wonder Renee wants to keep Giana away from him...I would too and wouldn't even give him the time of day to talk to him.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

He actually got life plus 20. I think his sentence was too harsh

Cassidy said...

^5 Jane Doe. I agree, Volpe knew what kind of "help" he was getting. Plus the crime was planned by him. Regardless of his testimony he's a con. Simple as that.
My heart goes out to his daughter. That poor child has suffered enough.

Anonymous said...

He admitted to buying the flowers and duct tape, in which he was also on camera doing, he got $4000 and tried several times to rob her before, he recruited help from chicago not to simply rob her he wanted her dead and even picked theguy up after he killed her do you think anyone is going to admit to planning a murder? do you really believe he only intended to rob her which may I add IS A BAD MAN TO BEGIN WITH so by his own accounts he is a bad man. When someone dies as a result of a felony in which YOU caused it is murder. Only he knows but Giana and her family is saying he is INNOCENT umm sorry but admitting to rob a elderly lady is NOT innocent. Open your eyes and mobwives is starting to sicken me because they act like mobsters which means they glorify killing and are making a buck off the victims of violence. Those victims families by noras dad and rest must be PISSED as I would be, its sick.

Mob Mistress said...

"He actually got life plus 20. I think his sentence was too harsh"

Oh yes Jean Schwarzkopt's last moments were a walk in the park. He was the catalyst for an elderly woman's death.

Anonymous said...

YES!!! @MobMistress if it wasnt for Ottiva that poor old woman wouldnt of died at all, he is the one who planned, recruited and had bad things, horrible bad things happen to her all for 4k?? And he ADMITTED to it. He deserves life. Too harsh, I BET they wouldnt say that if it was her mom, people downplay things because they are followers and like a reality tv person, it is crazy. Did you hear how he talked to renee on the phone? Said something like putting her feet in cement shoes or something , she said horrible things too but I get having to deal with a scumbag con man all your life and having people tell YOU he isnt a dirtbag. Tell that to the old lady in Heaven now who had her finger cut off and a silk flower shoved in her mouth with duct tape across her mouth so she choked on her own blood and died. Smh.. "he got too much time"

Anonymous said...

Guys, riddle me this. Renee and Giana are going ape shit on Chiara....yet on the show...Renee talks to Ottavio on the phone about how much of a conman and scumbag he is, he's a deadbeat and is a horrible, awful man, etc. etc. Then Giana is claiming his innocence. Yet anyone who watches the show can easily look up Renee's ex.

Renee is doing EVERYTHING she can to prevent Giana from associating with her father and yet on the tweets, Renee seems to side with Giana (whose siding with her father) on the twitter tirade.

Now Giana is telling you what to do? If she looked at the blog posts, she would see that there are plenty of articles that have been posted related to the show and the mob. The sources are always credited so it's not like you're making this up.

Honestly, my mind is so boggled by this buffoonery 0_o

Chiara Soprano said...

Jane Doe you have me baffled too with your riddle. If I wrote lies they came from the US Court of Appeals Document from this link Very easy to find online. I've written about everyone else's husband and father, why not him? As you say, they brought him up, got readers and viewers curious, and I provided a service by giving the details. Renee said he was involved in a brutal murder and I gave the details as to how, when, where and who else was involved.

Chiara Soprano said...

PS Guess what else their tweeting did? Boosted the hits on that blog and gave it more attention than ever. Nice going.

Susanna said...

First of all THANK YOU Chiara for posting this. It's a bit of a funny coincidence, but I had already researched Volpe about a week ago, after hearing details from Renee on the show about why he was in prison. All I had were keywords (Volpe, woman, robbery, bakery) and up it came. So anyone can find it.

I have to say that what Giana should be doing instead of going around and attacking anyone with anything negative to say about her convict father, is to find herself a very good therapist.

I know from what I speak.

My father was incarcerated as well, for bank robbery, he drove the getaway car, and my mother lied to my brother and I about it for many years. I didn't find out the truth until I was seventeen. I was devastated.

Also devastating was that by the time I found out, he was dead. He'd been let out of Leavenworth Prison and deported home to his native country, where he was shot dead in the streets, trying to rob somebody else.

I lived with pain, guilt and anger for many, many years. Only recently coming to terms with it all with intense therapy, that saved me.

I wish the best for Giana. And I also wish that she and her Mom would put away their anger and guilt long enough to focus on healing.

There is nothing more traumatic for a young woman, struggling for her own view of herself, which is usually reinforced by her father, than to find out he's incarcerated.

I wish them all peace.

Chiara Soprano said...

Susanna I too wish them the best and I think your advice is better than any I could give because you've been in a similar situation. And yes anyone can find it, it's all over the internet.

Nisha Keys said...

I just saw Renee's tweets. Is she fu$kin serious??!! She has been screaming all season about what a bad guy this is but now he's not?! I think her bubble eyes have caused a strain on her brain.

Chiara Soprano said...

Funlady, you would think I was doing her a favor pointing out his history so she doesn't have to. Go figure? By the way, if they hadn't brought him up I wouldn't have known who he was.

Susanna said...

Hi Chiara, I wanted to add one more thing that I forgot to include in my earlier post to you.

Renee's reaction fits with the kind of reaction a woman may have when she's had a husband become incarcerated. There are several responses -- but Renee's fits right in with what I experienced from my own mother (minus the extreme anger), and that is embarrassment.

Renee has acted so angrily towards an ex-husband who will be incarcerated for the rest of his life, AND at you and others who dare to talk about his crime and imprisonment, out of guilt, shame and embarrassment.

My own mother made my entire family take a vow of Omerta when it came to my father. No one, not a single Aunt, Uncle, even my beloved grandparents ever uttered a single word that my father had been involved in a bank robbery, and that he'd been subsequently incarcerated and deported.

It was her hiding these things from my brother and me, that lead to the absolute shame and confusion I experienced once I found out the truth, at seventeen.

For years, my mother lied and told us that my father had "gotten sick and went away." In my heart, I knew she was lying. But I never questioned her. My therapist asked me why I didn't. I still don't know. Maybe I was just too afraid of the answer I'd get. I think in a way, my mother was trying to protect us. But mostly, I believe she was horribly embarrassed and ashamed of my father's crime. No one ever got arrested in my family -- let alone, went to prison.

I was EVEN MORE embarrassed and humiliated when I found out that my ENTIRE FAMILY knew and said nothing. The scars of all of that are still there, some thirty-plus past the time I found out the truth, and that's even with therapy.

I truly believe that Renee was trying to protect her daughter, by not admitting what her father had done to put himself in prison. The problem is that Giana doesn't trust her mother about this entire topic because she has lied to her in the past.

Volpe, meanwhile, is enjoying starting trouble between mother and daughter from his prison cell. He wants so much to be the victim in this, it's killing him.

It's easier for Giana to get angry at her mother. The ONLY WAY that Giana can cope with her father's incarceration is to turn him into a victim and her mother as the bad guy.

As I said to you earlier, I hope they each can find a very good therapist, as I was blessed with, who helped me get through all of it. Giana is a beautiful girl, and the last thing I'd want for her, is to end up like me, living for thirty years with the scars of the sins of my father, and my mother's attempts to cover it all up.

I LOVE your blog and read it every day, and I will continue to! Thank you so much.

Chiara Soprano said...

Susanna I think your comments were very interesting and ring true to me. Renee has serious trust issues and it looks like Giana may be headed down that path too as she doesn't know who to believe. It must feel unsettling to think you've been lied to by everyone in your family, including your mother. How do you trust anyone? I hope you are being helped in dealing with your personal situation. I appreciate your taking the time to comment and hope you continue to do so in the future. Thanks for your support too!

Anonymous said...

Are u kidding? Too harsh!!!!! This ELDERLY woman would NOT have been murdered if he didnt call these people there. How about working for a living instead of robbing and killing? Just a thought....Pure evil. Id say ANYONE would want him to get death penaly if that was done to their grandmother. How disgusting

Anonymous said...

AGREE!! its so very disgusting that anyone, including his own family wouldn't say that it was planned and evil. They ALL shoukd have got the death penalty. They deserve it

Anonymous said...

What I do not understand is that the other day giana tweeted vh1 how dare you make my dad look like he is a monster, but on that episode it was her telling the story about her dad???? How did vh1 make him look bad when SHE WAS THE ONE who told the story?? Am I missing something? Did they play a volpe story afterwards? Because she was the only one telling what happen.

Anywho, I am no follower and I will follow whom I choose and even those who stick up for renee and giana against this site, still have that common sense voice in their ear telling them what is right, most choose to ignore it and get brown poop on their nose from kissing butt, but hey! Im no brown noser. I LOVE this site!!! and with RETWEET it all day everyday!! lol mobwiveschicago must be new money, they dont realize that it is the FANS and bloggers who determine if you get a season 2 or not! DUH!! Iyiyi

Leah B said...

I undestand why Renee is angry with the whole situation of her daughter and ex...
She raised her daughter financially, emotionally and physically all those years and its hard work and stress and sacrifice but she did it and a good job as Giana has turned out a lovely girl...
Then your daughter that you do all that for starts visiting the scum father who has never been and will never be there for her and attacking her mum about the stories!!!
Giana should be defending her mother to her father about the fact that she has been a good mother and continues to hekp and support her! period. case closed

Anonymous said...

I don't know how anyone can say his sentence was TOO harsh. Are you kidding me. An elderly lady spent the last moments of her life literally choking on her own blood, a silk flower that had been forcefully shoved into her throat, and could do nothing to save herself. Can you imagine the horror of knowing your going to die, feeling the terrifying panicked feeling of suffocation and the pain from her injuries, and your literally taped like a mummy - head to toe - making it impossible to do anything other than wait for it all to be over. That's harsh. No one should experience that and it is because of him that she had to. Whether he just wanted to rob her and intended no injury, does not relieve him of his role and accountability. That poor woman would have never encountered the psycho who brutally murdered her, if it wasn't for Renee's ex-husband. The decision to call in a violent thug from Chicagk to assist him was his and his alone. He is the catalyst. If I light a small fire and those flames grow and consume a whole house, I am responsible. I may have only intended to start a small fire but I got more than I bargained for. If I hadnt sparked the flame, the house wouldn't have burned. He deserves the sentence he got.

Anonymous said...

I just need to say, that I was more than a little disgusted by Giana on the show. While it is natural for anyone to want to know their parent, it is unnatural to defend such a heinous crime. Can you imagine the pain and sheer terror that was inflicted upon that poor woman? I am sorry, but I do not give a rat's tail what Giana feels about her father - he is a monster who deserved the same fate! The entire world (herself obviously included) would be better off without him in it. With all of her ranting and raving, I am beginning to fear that she may share some of his traits - seriously!

jenloy said...

Well said he should have been executed as well