Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Big Ang: Recap "Big Pride," Episode 109


Big Ang shows up at the Drunken Monkey with a blonde wig on. Doesn't anyone know it's WigOut Wednesday? She's annoyed cause there's no crowd and it's hot. She's sweating. Linda stops in and is also wondering where the crowd is. They go outside cause it's too damn hot to talk in the bar. As they are outside, Lil Jenn shows up with her wig. Yeah, it's just not on her head! There it is, a long flowy, curly wig coming out of her skirt. Lil Jenn says, “yeah, I guess I forgot to wax.” They talk about how Wigout Wednesday is not working and Big Ang says she's over it, it's a total disaster. It better get bigger, better and fast.

Lil Jenn stops by Big Ang's house where she is trying to look for an outfit to wear to a rooftop party in the city.  Lil Jenn takes a look at her closet and says it’s a hot mess. Big Ang says she needs to come up with some ideas for the Drunken Monkey. Lil Jenn suggests they put on their “drinking caps,” and brainstorm. Meanwhile Lil Jenn is upset how Big Ang's Gucci's, and Dolce Cabana's are being treated. She tells Big Ang she has to get rid of some of the clothes. Sharing is caring. Big Ang tries on a kimono,  who knows maybe Big Ang wore it while eating sushi one day. Big Ang then shows Lil Jenn a sex robe. A beautiful, bright red, see through robe. “Huh,” Jenn says, “don't you have to have sex to wear that?” I believe Big Ang said Neil never saw it. Actually, the tags were still on.

Big Ang goes to the “Gay Pride Parade” with Linda and she says she loves Drag Queens cause they are so colorful. She loves the fact they have an obsession with clothes and love to party. The atmosphere is so cheerful and that's how she wants it at her bar. She comes up with the idea of “Tuesgays” night at the bar. She discusses it with Anthony and he likes the idea too. Everyone is dancing and drinking. Of course Linda is up off the floor again and oops, then down on the floor. She's ok.

The next day Big Ang's brother in-law Dom drops off a restored zebra. It's not a zebra anymore, it's now a black stallion. Big Ang says it's been around and she got it from a strip club. It's moved from house to house with her. They say it had some plastic surgery and it must run in the family!  I wonder if we are going to see anyone ride it...hint, hint Linda!

Big Ang stops by her new store. It's currently being painted, glamour style. She wants it colorful and bright. She's ordering a hot pink leather couch and black patent leather chairs. She says she's going to do a lot more than spray-tans. She going to do hair extensions, eye lash extensions, make-up and have wine and cheese. Big Ang says there are 2 things she is good at: serving drinks and looking good tan! She says she has to learn how to do it, bring on the spray tan, bigger is better!

Big Ang goes down to the Drunken Monkey to tell Franky about her Tuesgays idea. She tells him about the drag queens and go-go boys. Franky tells her that they can do the bar up in a festive style and it's a great idea. Big Ang is happy because Franky is always there to support her.

Big Ang is home and ready to spray tan Franky with her special formula. She says Franky should be very concerned because she's never done this before. She gives it a go and Franky looks great! They check out the tan lines, I check out the boxers  and everyone is happy. Success!

Lil Jenn and Big Ang head out to sell some of Big Ang's clothes. She tells the shopkeeper how she paid $4000.00 for an item. She also has $600.00 leather pants. The girls agree that those pants had history. Most of Big Ang's items are expensive and the girl tells her it’s worth $760.00. She says Big Ang's cut is $350.00. Big Ang starts to get some anxiety. Lil Jenn says its just clothes. Big Ang says, “ok, Ill sell it,” but wants to look around. She sees some things and she says she loves them and she wants them. Lil Jenn calls her a sneaky bastard. She sees a pair of gold hot pants, but Lil Jenn talks her out of them. Who else can wear gold lamae hot pants!

Well tonight is the Tuesgays party at the Monkey. Two drag queens show up, Porcelain and Mimi, to give Big Ang a make-over. They love Big Ang's house and how it's decorated. They toast to glamour and beauty. They ask Big Ang how dramatic she wants her make-up and Big Ang says, “dramatic.“ She asks Porcelain how long it takes him to get ready in the morning, and he says not too long. Big Ang wants to know if he sleeps standing up and he says, “no, coffin style,” and does a pose. They do shots and it’s all just gaymazing.

Big Ang knows that it's gonna be a good night because she can even hear the noise out on the street. Everyone is waiting for her at the Drunken Monkey. The place is packed. Big Ang makes her entrance with a glitter dress and hot pink wig. She says she thinks she looks like a cross between George Washington and Diana Ross! It was a great look!

The drag queens show is a mix of some dancing, stunts and gymnastic splits. Big Ang is happy because everyone is drinking and spending money. Franky asks Linda if she would ever dress up like that, and she says no. They laugh. Franky coaxes her up on top of the bar, where she seemed reluctant at first, but there she goes, Linda is up on the bar and Franky is doing body shots. Linda's daughter is in the crowd questioning if that's her mother up on the bar-again! Yes, even Jaime knows her mom best! The night ends with fun by all. Big Ang says she'll dress up like that every Tuesday, if she has to.

We have only one more episode to go on the Big Ang show, which will end season one. There will be a season two for Big Ang. Check your local listings for when the finale will air.

Written by Carmela Corleone and follow me on Twitter @carmelacorleone

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