Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago: Leah's Taylor St. WCIU Interview

Leah is as real as it gets!

Leah was recently at the Italian Fest on Taylor Street and she was interview by WCIU. It's a wonderful little video. Leah is relaxed and talking about the neighborhood she grew up in with her parents. I know there are a lot of Leah fans out there who will love watching this. Also, if you aren't following Leah on Twitter you can follow her @LeahDeSimone. 

We, at the blog, send our positive thoughts and prayers to Leah's mom in her fight against breast cancer.

Picture and video credit: WCIU


Vickie said...

What can I say? This woman and her Family have captivated my heart. I have always said LEAH is the real deal. What I have enjoyed the most is her heart, soul and spirit! Leah is natural and it comes across in every manner. All I can say anyone in her circle should feel priviledged. Love Leah, Wolf and Mom. The real deal!

Hey you said...

Leah! great interview, love the realness.

Anonymous said...

God, I fucking hate autoplay.

Chiara Soprano said...

I hate it too. I have to learn how to disable it.

Lenny L. said...

Awesome!!! Love my sis and Love you too Chiara for always giving a great article!