Monday, August 13, 2012

Mob Wives Chicago: Recap “Walk Away Renee” Ep 110

It's an emotional moment for Leah.

The day comes for Leah’s breast cancer walk for her mother. Renee and Pia show up first. Leah insists there will be no BS today. Leah wants them all to walk together. Nora and Christina are running late. Pia says she can ignore Nora. Nora is committed to being there for Leah. Renee immediately complains that she doesn’t want to be in the same group as Nora. Christina says Leah wants them all in one group, and they should be able to do this for Leah. Leah is feeling overwhelmed. She is walking in honor of her mother with her dear friends. Nora says Pia and Renee walk arm in arm like two lesbians…two nitwits. Renee can’t stand the sight of Nora or the sound of her voice. Pia and Renee lag behind the others. Christina and Nora think it’s bad of them not to show support to Leah. Leah says Pia and Renee disrespected her and her mother. She will never forget it.

Renee and Pia should have made more of an effort for Leah.

Pia and Renee go for botox. Pia needs a little before her photo shoot. Renee likes Pia because she is not a phony. She respects that. Pia also enjoys spending time with Renee. They both feel Nora said things to keeps them at odds with each other. They talk about why Leah and Christina don’t understand how badly Nora treated them. Renee thinks Pia should talk to Nora and get it all off her chest. Pia says she has tried this before and got nowhere.
Christina, Leah and Nora meet. Leah tells them her mom is done with treatments. Leah is pissed at Pia and Renee for going off on their own during the breast cancer walk. Nora is glad they are together because now the three of them can sit and have a normal conversation. Leah is annoyed that Pia and Renee have nicknames for each other. Pia calls Renee “Nee Nee.”  Leah and Christina want to know if Nora can talk to Pia and get answers as to why she hit her.

Great photo shoot, Pia!

Pia and Deanna go to the photo shoot. They will be taking professional photos of Pia, and Deanna tells her she has to look sexy and sophisticated. These pictures are what will get her ahead, they are everything. Pia struggles with all the posing, smiling and holding her breath. It’s hard work. Renee shows up and says Pia is awesome. Pia is now feeling more comfortable. She trusts Renee to tell her the truth. Renee is proud of Pia and says she has a big heart and is sweet. Pia appreciates Renee’s compliments. It builds her self esteem. This is Pia’s opportunity to turn her life around.

Leah and Christina go shopping. They are looking at dresses and Christina comments they each dress is made from different fabrics. She loves them. Leah tells her to ask for the designer’s card. She thinks Christina could make them. Christina asks for a business card and says she will call the designer. This may be a way for her to get back into fashion design.

Renee gets a visit from Dave, who moved out after the police incident at the store. They have a heart to hear talk. He didn’t like it that she brought her brother into their problems. Renee says her brother has always been there for her. She blasts Dave for not being there for her the past four years during her custody battle. He never even went to court with her one time. He says he gets it and understands. He apologizes. He says he avoids drama, but he should have been there for her. She doesn’t know how they can bounce back. He says he has a weekend trip planned to Boston, if she wants to go to try to work things out. He wants them to get away from everything. He tells he to think about tit and kisses her goodbye.

Pia and Bella get manicures. Bella is turning 16 and says she wants a car. Pia says she has saved her 11 year old car for Bella. Bella asks her about the photo shoot. She is concerned about what Pia was wearing, she thinks it’s revealing underwear. Pia says Bella’s approval is very important to her. She tells her the pictures were all done very tastefully. They will have to see how they turn out.

Christina's interview

Christina goes to see the designer of the dresses, Anastasia. She is very young. Christina tells her she loves her designs and wants to be an intern. Anastasia agrees to interview Christina and asks several questions. Christina is having a hard time answering. In the end, Anastasia agrees to give her a chance. Christina is excited to learn and start at the bottom.

Leah tells Pia exactly what's on her mind!

Leah is pissed and wants to meet Pia. Leah comes right out and says what is bothering her. She hates it when Pia calls Renee “Nee Nee.” She says it sounds phony, like she is kissing Renee’s ass. Pia says this sounds ridiculous. Leah says I’ll tell you what’s ridiculous, you and Renee disappearing in the crowd during the breast cancer walk. Leah wanted everyone together. Pia says what’s the problem, they showed up and walked. Pia asks Leah if she is going to talk to Renee? Leah gets even more pissed off because it sounds like Pia is implying that she is afraid to talk to Renee. No way is Leah afraid of anyone. She tells Pia she will talk to Renee. Things do not end well at this meeting.

Pia and Renee go to the store to shop for Bella’s birthday present. Pia calls Renee “Nee Nee” and then says she can’t call her that any more because of what Leah said. Renee gets pissed . Pia says instead of being jealous and getting angry, they should all be happy that Pia and Renee are getting along. Renee tells Pia about the issues between her and Dave saying she has enough on her mind without all this petty BS. Renee confides in Pia that she doesn’t know where her relationship with Dave stands, it’s at 50/50.

Christina and Nora meet. Christina tells Nora about her trip to the boutique and her meeting with the designer. She adds that she will be interning there 2 days a week. Nora tells Christina that everything is ready for the exhumation, they are just waiting for the permit. Nora says she is done with Renee, but will give Pia one more chance to explain herself as to why she hit her. If not, then she will be out of her life too.

Pia and Bella are at home when Deanna drops by with the pictures from the photo shoot. She pulls out several large photos, one at a time, and Pia is in shock. She never expected them to turn out so good. Bella really likes them and says they are tastefully done. Pia says she is doing all this for Bella. Deanna is glad that Pia is happy with the end results and says she will start using the photos to line up work for Pia. Bella thinks they might even be in magazines and she is so excited for her mom.

Renee packs her suitcase for her weekend with Dave. She feels she owes him this trip to see what might happen. At the same time she is skeptical because their relationship is hanging by a thread and it can’t be fixed in one weekend.

Leah and Pia meet again. Pia tells Leah she felt insulted the last time they talked. Leah says she is real and honest and says whatever she needs to say. Leah says things should have never gotten so heated between them. They were both off that day. Pia tells her that Nora lies about her and assassinated her character. Pia tells Leah she plans to meet with Nora to tell how offended she is by her remarks.

Nora and Pia get together. Nora’s objective is to find out why Pia hit her out of the blue. Pia wants to know why Nora keeps talking about her behind her back and calling her names. They sit down face to face and Pia begins talking. Nora immediately cuts her off. Pia says stop talking about me to people.

Nora asks why did you hit me? Pia says because you called me a whore and call me names behind my back. Nora says no, you hit me because you are afraid of Renee. Pia starts to answer and apparently her finger goes up in the air. Nora says she is walking out because Pia is waving her finger around, and then she does. Pia says she knew this wasn’t going to go right. Nora says Pia is a liar. Pia says she is done with Nora. Nora is pissed because Pia can forgive Renee after all the terrible things she said, but she won’t forgive Nora. At this point they are done with each other.


I’m dizzy from trying to follow all these one on one meetings this week. I would have preferred if they had been all locked up in one room and not let out until they settled their differences…oh wait, that’s called the Reunion Show, my bad. Anyway, I am trying to figure out how to lay this out without creating more confusion!

The Breast Cancer Walk.  Let’s begin with this event that has finally arrived. Leah has been going through a huge personal ordeal for months with her mother’s diagnosis and treatment. It’s been months. She mentioned it to me back before the show aired. All she wanted was the support of her friends and cast members on that day. They didn’t have to love each other, just put their differences aside, ignore each other and walk the walk. I don’t think it was a lot for Leah to ask at a time like this. Nora had Christina’s support and Pia and Renee had each other, so no one was an odd man out. But they couldn’t do it. I understand Pia and Renee’s issues with Nora and, under any other circumstances, I would not have agreed to be around her, but this was different. They made a commitment to be there for Leah, they knew what was involved and they should have put on a good front for her on that day. By backing away on their own, they made it obvious they didn’t want to be part of the group. I think that was wrong because this wasn’t about being with Nora, it was about supporting Leah and her mom. I found that to be disappointing. Leah handled it very well, and said what she needed to say to Pia, after the fact. I’m glad they worked it out too. I love Pia and Leah.

Pia’s photo shoot was amazing! What else can anyone say? The final product looked sexy and classy, just like Deanna said they would. I can’t imagine how Bella felt to see her mom transformed like that? The pictures made her look like a magazine model. They were so professional, if we didn’t know better we would have thought they were ripped out of a magazine. They speak for themselves and have lead to many opportunities for Pia, including the new deal with Cold Steel Vodka! To me it sends a very positive message out to fans of the show. No matter how difficult your life has been in the past, you can always turn things around and move in a positive direction. A great lesson for Bella to witness too.

The whole idea of Christina getting into fashion designing is great. It’s her passion in life and she should pursue it by all means possible. However, Christina’s meeting with the designer, Anastasia, seemed a bit contrived to me. Unless editing botched up the interview process, Christina was not well prepared to answer basic questions. I didn’t even see a resume. Anastasia look surprised by Christina’s request to intern with her, but the cameras were there shooting for a reason, right? I don’t know if this was done for the “show” or if it’s for real, but it struck me as scripted. More could have been done to make Christina better prepared for the interview. For example, in addition to a resume, I would have loved it if Christina had brought some of the designs she says she loves to sketch at home. Or better yet, Christina could have brought a dress she created herself. It would have given the designer an idea of her skills and potential. Still, I hope something comes out of it for Christina and that it opens doors for her in the fashion industry. I offer these suggestions to Christina for her future interviews and wish her the best of luck. “How bout that?”

Renee and Dave, what can I say? There is no passion there, period. I don’t think she will be ever able to get over the fact that he didn’t support her during her custody battle for Isabella. If you can’t count on your significant other to be there for you during hard times, why the hell do you need them at all? It seems that he is not only a silent partner in the business, but also in their personal relationship. A weekend away isn’t going to fix what’s broken. I’m not even sure couple’s counseling will work. It would depend on how serious they both are at working through their issues. The way Renee talks, it sounds like she is pretty much done.

I have to say, it looked like Nora behaved well on the breast cancer walk (except for the lesbian comment). I was glad to see that she kept her commitment to Leah despite her issues with Pia and Renee. However, when she gets together with Pia to talk about their differences, she doesn’t let Pia speak. The second Pia opened her mouth, Nora shut her down. Nora just wants answers, Pia was trying to give them to her, but Nora really didn’t want to hear the truth. The truth is Pia hit her because of the vile things Nora said. Nora knows better and she said them deliberately to hurt Pia. The words came first, Pia’s fist came a distant second. Pia overlooked Nora’s comments many times before she had had enough. What does Nora say about that? Nora says, if Pia can forgive the nasty things Renee said about her, then she should forgive her. That’s logic? It’s Nora’s logic. It’s not working. She can drown her sorrows in her new wine, The German,” very soon.

In wrapping up, I’d like to wish all the Mob Wives good luck. My prayers will continue to go out to Leah and her mother, for a fast recuperation and a good prognosis. I wish Pia continued success in her career off the show. She is off to a great start! I hope Christina gets the opportunity to live out her dream of working in the fashion industry, and I sincerely mean that. “How bout that?“ As for Renee, I think she already knows the status of her relationship, and she deserves better than she is getting. And Nora, best of luck with your wine! If there is a season two, you can tote it around everywhere you go, like Ramona Singer on Real Housewives of New York. You can watch RHONY and see how it’s done.

REMINDER: Next week, August 19th, is the scheduled finale of season one of Mob Wives Chicago. If you have missed any episodes and want to catch up you should try to do so this week. Remember that I spoke to Jennifer, while it was taping, and she told me it’s “on FIRE!” I can only imagine what the hell happens, but wild horses couldn’t get me to miss it!


Kel said...

Wow Nora is just not part of the normal world as we know it. She's wondering why Pia hit her?! She hit you because you verbally attacked her. The things you said to her make YOU look like trash. You're disgusting and have NO CLUE! You backstab your friends by insulting them behind their back and to their face. You wished for Renee to lose her daughter! What kind of monster are you to think that it's ok to assault people verbally and then wonder why you get hit. Nora, you're a psychotic bitch-- and that's using the kindest words I can find for you. She is absolutely insane, no wonder her family wants nothing to do with her. She lives in her own reality. She has no respect for others and is truly just pathetic to even watch. I hope they replace her because I truly cannot stand her. Aside from her daddy issues, what else does she have to offer to the show? She's boring and I feel sad watching her make an ass out of herself. Oh and for a college educated woman, your homophobic joke was really a new low even for you. Nora is clearly jealous of the relationship that Renee and Pia have developed, but oh well!! Get over it Nora, you had them as friends and treated them like dirt.

Hey you said...

The walk was good, kinda, better if they did really all walked together. I hope Leah"s mother is feeling better, prayers for them. Nora seems to be getting to know all the other women even though alot has been said and done. Christina, intership, excited to see some of your work. I hope things work out for Renee and dave. Pia make a great change in her career and i happy for her. The next episode looks intersting. The season seemed so short for MObWives Chicago, hopefully there will be a season two.

Anonymous said...

I think Leah felt that Pia was being phony not necessarily because of the whole "ReeRee" incident but because it looked to Leah that Pia and Renee were hamming it up to piss of Nora...and that was NOT the time or place to do it!!

As far as this Anastasia designer goes...idk...she kinda sounded like Ben Stein ("Bueller....Bueller"). Anyone eles think that?

And LOL @ "how bout that??"

Leah B said...

Has Season 2 been announced?

I am looking foward to the reunion.....

As for this episode Nora really just showed all her true colours talking with Pia, she asks for answers then everytime Pia tried to speak she gets shut down,
Pia waves a hand in the air and Nora goes off about fingers being pointed and walks out.....but interestingly....

Nora admitted outside to talking about Pia behind her back (so she knows she does it) the reason Pia can forgive Renee is because renee said it to her face plus they had just met.
Nora is suppose to be her friend and was saying it and behind her back not to her face.

Pia is a sweetheart i think..
Leah holds her own and says it how it is..
Renee needs to relax more...
Christine just pisses me off these days..
Nora is nuts.

Case closed

Reunion will be interesting and im enjoying chicago women i watch reruns of this on my laptop not staten island anymore...oh dear

Chiara Soprano said...

Season two has not been announced. I hope there will be one. Pia and Leah, as far as I am concern, are the cream of the crop. I get where they are coming from. The other three make me dizzy.

Deana3452 said...

LOL@ "makes me dizzy"...too funny. I can't wait to see the show next weekend with Nutty Nora sobbing in the back of the car.

Anonymous said...

I love Lea and Christina. They are so real and have feelings. Pia is a friend jumper. She couldnt wait to pick a fight in the gym with Nora and then run right into Renee's arms. That friendship is made with hatred for Nora. This is all Pia and Renee have and do is bash Nora. Both say they are over the Nora friendship -but take every chance to throw a jab her way. Grow up !! I liked Pia but she has sunk to a new level. I get it Nora, is off her rocker- but these girls have been friends for years, so pretty sure this is not something new. Renee manipulates others ( that skinny freaky brother) into doing her dirty work. Lea is right to be disappointed as Renee and Pia were so consumed with irritating Nora they forgot why they were actually at the walk. Or maybe the reason the real reason for going was to irritate Nora. Either way grow up girls. My vote keep Leah, Christina and Nora. Can Pia and Renee.

Anonymous said...

I think the same about the way Renee and Pia act, like they are doing it on purpose around the girls. Ummm that's what kids do in middle school to annoy other girls when they are mad, it's Childish!! Act normal and stop tryin to be all over each other laughing out loud and bein dumb so everyone sees you two, WHO CARES!! All these two do is Yap yap yap about Nora!! Who's got who on the brain?? EXACTLY!! Get over the Nora crap and quit already, can't stand to hear her voice, can't stand to look at her, that's all you two did was talk shit at the walk!! Way to be there for Leah!! Couldn't act like adults like the other women there and suck it up for a walk!!!! Sad, really sad.

Anonymous said...

Put yourself in her shoes saying that about her crying in the car. Have you had this happen to you before? Wouldn't you want to know what was going in with your own blood? You don't even know why she was crying, and you say that? Wow. I feel for your family if something happens. Shows how much u give a shit and how you would feel in a time like that. You hit no place for that comment unless you were in here position at that time. Sad

Anonymous said...


Deana3452 said...

I am not saying it is a good thing...what I am saying is, I would be willing to make a bet that it isn't going to be what we think. I don't think she's reacting to the whole father thing...I think she did something wrong and now is busted for it having to answer to authority. Of course the actual part not knowing where your father is is sad...but with authorities stepping in, it makes it look something else is going on. And you're right, I shouldn't call her "nutty" because it it more than obvious to me now that while, before, I thought she was just strange, I now believe something is actually wrong with her...serious mental issues...calling your "friends" whores and what not. Maybe bipolar or something.

Funlady28 @Tlkjustice30 said...

Have they filmed the reunion yet? I can't wait for that!

Anonymous said...

Sources close to the production say that there will NOT be a second season of Mob Wives Chicago. The women were too aggressive and got into too many physical fights. The crew hated filming and were annoyed by how the women acted.

Also, "Christina's party" was really a party thrown by the producers...not Christina. Y'all only see what the editors want you to see. At the end of the day, none of the women are exactly who they are portrayed as on the screen.

Leah = fame-seeker
Christina = boring
Renee = manipulative and money hungry
Pia = needs validation and is a ham
Nora = NOT a victim

Deana3452 said...

Oh, geez! I hope that isn't true!

Anonymous said...

I'm an African-American female who lived in Chicago for a good amount of time & I'm from Texas. I read in one of the posts that the women were too aggressive, and as a result, there will be no Season 2.

I learned quickly, as I befriended white women in Chicago, that they may be hell, but they bring hell with them! This is an expression commonly used among my friends in Texas that means we fight hard, but we love hard. I may fight with you, but if
you mess with anyone close to me... Expect an unleashing of the fury of hell! Being a Southerner, I used "y'all" as opposed to yous often. It's amazing, I could be two seconds out of a heated discussion with a friend & then, I'm standing outside a bar -
covered in drinks and punches, in Wrigleyville because someone had something mean to say & the same friends I just argued with, went into "protect the friendly, stupid girl who doesn't realize
they're laughing at her" mode -immediately. In Texas, even if you don't know why you're friends are fighting, you pick up the nearest Budweiser and help.

The moral is that people need to understand that protecting your friends, going through hell with them, having someone who cannot be 'turned' when your back is against the wall and will defend your honor
is priceless. This show shouldn't be cancelled because people need to know that these women
fervently believe these principles they speak of. I love MW, but I know the types of friends you meet in Chicago. This show could be epic.

Keep Renee, Pia, and Leah. Nora needs a Psychiatric assessment and Christina was too much of what we refer to as a "shit kicker" in Texas.

Chiara Soprano said...

Loved your comments Anon! I hope they are revamping the show or season two also. I saw a lot of promise for a hit!