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Big Ang: Recap “Big Time” Episode 106

Poor Kilo, misses AJ

We're a little more than halfway through season one of The Big Ang show and we learn that Big Ang has been dealt a little more than just some fun. AJ has been arrested and is in Rikers Island, dubbed as “the hell hole” by Big Ang. She’s worried if he's been eating. She's a wreck and wants  him to come home.

Kilo is always itchy and scratching

While AJ is at  Rikers, Big Ang is taking care of his dog Kilo. Kilo has allergies and is constantly itching. Big Ang is doing her best and complains that this dog is wrecking her house, there's dog hair everywhere, and on top of it all, Kilo is blind. Big Ang complains it’s just too much work. But we all know that Big Ang will do anything for AJ.

Big Ang hoses down pool area

Janine stops over and Big Ang is feverishly hosing the pool area. Her nerves are shot. She tells her sister that she feels like AJ took the life out of her. Janine says that AJ has been spoiled, Big Ang has given him everything. Big Ang says of all things, the one thing she doesn't want to do is visit AJ in jail. They talk about how their brother, Louis, and his wife, Mindy, were arrested when Mindy was 6 months pregnant. Janine remembers spending Christmas day visiting them. Big Ang says we use to do this shit, but she thought those days were over.  Big Ang tells us how Italian families stick together, especially a mother and a son. We don't doubt you, Big Ang! We see your love for AJ and know you will always be there for him!

Big Ang needs meat for her pot of sauce

Big Ang says when she's stressed, she likes to cook. She heads over to Bruno's Pork Store to pick up some items to make sauce. Oh no, I'm not going to go there again! No more of the “is it sauce or gravy talk?”! And please, no comments! LOL! She getting all of AJ's favorite foods. She rattles off her list to Dave. Okay so everything on Big Ang's list also goes into my gravy (did I just say that)? except one item. Baby Back Ribs. Interesting! Last, but not least, Big Ang asks Dave if she ordered  Pigs Feet and Dave says, "I can give you my foot." Big Ang says, "Yeah, I’ll give you my foot in your a$$.” Dave asks if he could be Big Ang's son for a little while. Big Ang gives a big smirk. She leaves and says, "Who makes sauce for $250.00? Most people spend $10.00.”

AJ explains his situation to Big Ang

Big Ang is at home nervously waiting for AJ to tell her what happened. When he arrives she tells him she missed him so much and is concerned what he ate. AJ says, a cheese sandwich. She says she’s been shaking and upset, she's been waiting like a loser, not knowing nothing.  AJ explained how he was charged with conspiracy. He tells Big Ang how he waited in Rikers Island and slept in his clothes. This is insane Big Ang says. AJ tells her how his lawyer tells him if you spend a few extra days I can get your bail lowered. AJ answers with a little fresh remark to his lawyer, "yeah whatever it takes," and Big Ang reminds him it's no joke. He tells her his lawyer told him to stay out of the neighborhood. So, he says he is going to go home tonight and pack. Big Ang is happy about that and tells AJ that the street life is not worth it. AJ says that he thinks he's looking at jail time and they are tossing around some big numbers. “OMG,” says Big Ang and she wants to throw up. AJ has to go back to court in a couple of days and Big Ang says there has to be a way to prevent him from doing jail time.

Big Ang is back to hosing and waiting for AJ to come back from Brooklyn with some of his things. Neil comes home and talks to Big Ang about AJ. Neil says he has to do something else with his life. Neil tells her he use to spend 2 hours in the bars and now he spends them in the gym. Big Ang is proud of Neil cause he stopped drinking, grew up and became a man. Big Ang tells Neil she wants AJ to do like she says, but not like she did. Neil is happy AJ is moving back. He'll have someone to hang out with and Big Ang can cook some more meals at home. Looks like Neil is there for the two of them.

Franky and Anthony are at the Drunken Monkey and Franky asks Anthony if he's tired. "Yeah"  Anthony says. Franky says, "What you get laid last nite?" Anthony says, "Yeah, I get laid every night." Excuse me, I have some advice for Anthony....later. Big Ang stops in after not being there for a while. Anthony asks her where she’s been and says that he's been calling her for 2 weeks. Franky says, if you're not gonna come in you should at least tell us. Big Ang explains she’s been swamped and things have been crazy. They talk about "Private Ryan," the new bartender who's dressed in camouflage. Both Anthony and Franky agree that she may be able to put out a fire in the woods, but not serve a drink. Big Ang tells them to be nice to her. They laugh and go on to discuss AJ, who Big Ang says is innocent, and then yells at Franky to get to work. Hey, he says, we were talking business. You can tell Big Ang cares for these 2 guys, she only  wants the best out of them and that's her way.

Janine is upset over AJ's news

Janine, Linda, Sandy the plumber and Lil Jenn take Big Ang to play pool to get her mind off of AJ. Big Ang requests table 13 cause that's her lucky number. They discuss AJ and say how they all made mistakes. Big Ang says it's been like torture waiting. Linda says AJ is a good kid and we all survived. Janine gets choked up and Linda  tells her not to cry. Janine says AJ is like her son. The girls attempt a game, a ball gets hit to the floor and Big Ang saves the night by saying, "lets's go have  a drink". I just love Janine. Her love for Big Ang is genuine.

While AJ is at court, Big Ang is home waiting. AJ's lawyer advised that it would be better if she didn't go to court because of her own circumstances. AJ comes home and explains to Big Ang  what happened. He says he is going into a drug program. He needs to get some help for himself. He has to leave tomorrow. Big Ang thinks it's too fast. AJ says it's an 18-24 month program. Big Ang thinks that is a long time. He explains that after 2 months she can visit and after 3 months he can visit. Big Ang is hopeful he can come home for Christmas. Big Ang says at least she will be able to sleep at night knowing where he is. She realizes the program is better than jail.

The episode ends as Big Ang says that AJ has to get his act together, listen to his mother and when he comes home, he's living with her until he gets married! Now that is one adoring mom!

Stay tuned next week when Big Ang and Linda take a Big Ride!

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Written by: Carmela Corleone

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Anonymous said...

Great recap, Carmela! :D

I don't know if it's just me, but before this episode, every time you'd see AJ, his eyes looked so dead, he was just so out of it. I suspected not only alcohol but maybe some marijuana use and prescription use too before he got popped for dealing cocaine and pills. This was the first time you actually got a good look at AJ's eyes and how he actually looked awake and alert.

I'm also curious at what program he'll go to?? I've never heard of a 18-24 month program but then again, they might run things differently in NY or it's a 2-3 months of straight housing with checking in with meetings in between?

I've seen a lot of posts about how many feel Big Ang is enabling AJ but coming from a Balkan backgruond, no matter how bad the men mess up, the women are somehow always behind them too. Must be a wierd cultural thing LOL