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"Paranormal Witness: Deliver Us From Evil" Episode Recap

The following events occurred in Kokomo, Indiana between 1980 and 1997.

The God-fearing Brock family recently moved into a new home in Kokomo, Indiana. The family consisted of husband and dad Roger, Brock, mother and wife Ann, twin sisters Lisa and Lana and brother James. The girls especially idolized their father for his happiness and compassion. “We understood God through watching our father,” the girls said. Roger felt a calling to relocate the family to Kokomo to commit to ministry at the local church. As they moved in, Roger’s project was to build a big bookshelf that ended up being too tall for the books he had from his seminary days. The books were very valuable to Roger but he was having trouble with the shelf. Roger began hammering the ceilings and walls, making sure that the bookshelf fit just right. It took all night, but he succeeded. The next day, Lana went to the kitchen to wash dishes when she heard a “very strange noise coming from the living room”. She went in the living room and saw that one of the books was hanging halfway off the bookshelf. Lana pushed it back in. This time, the book flew off the shelf, to Lana’s shock. Lana slowly bent down to pick up the book and place it back in the shelf. “There was no reason for that book to be off the shelf,” she said.

During summertime in Indiana, the summers were hot with temperatures in the hundred degree range. One night, when the girls were sleeping in their bunk beds, Lisa woke up on the top bunk and noticed that it began to get strangely cold in her room. She woke up her sister after she saw something on her wall. They both looked and saw swirls of frost and snowflakes on the wall. The girls were beyond startled as it was June. The girls brought in their mother for her to see…but by then, the snow and ice was gone.
The girls were studying one day when James came waltzing in with one of the girls’ pink and white rollerskates off. One of the girls demanded that he take the skates off and when she went to get the skates off a mischevious James, they all the sudden heard a “deathly moan”. It came from under the floor. The girls knew that it couldn’t be James. The moan grew and “vibrated the floor”. It felt like an earthquake. It stopped for a moment but started back up again…the shaking and the deathly moan and growl. The twins and James ran out of the house and refused to go back in until their parents came home. Ann knew something frightened them badly. Roger approached the house bravely as Ann, the girls and James stayed behind. Roger tried to logically explain that it may have been an animal or something else. The girls adamant in talking to her father about the suspicious…and evil activity…but he would dismiss her.

That same night, Lana tried to sleep but was awakened by a “scratching noise” coming from the glass of the window. Lana thought it was a bush rustling or cable wire hanging in the side of the house….
“I saw this hideous face like it was going to come through the glass,” Lana described. “I couldn’t say anything or breathe….”

When the parents heard Lisa’s screams, they rushed to their room and looked out the window. There was no one there. Terrified it was a predator, the predators called the cops. The cops came out, thinking it could’ve been a stalker or a peeping tom. They couldn’t find traces of footprints or fingerprints at the scene. Meanwhile, Lana felt she was still being haunted but couldn’t prove it…

On a brighter note, Lana and Lisa were baptized in the Baptist Church, symbolizing their lifetime of fellowship and faith. Both of the girls were dunked into the water as part of the baptism ritual.
Excited and happy at this milestone in the girls’ lives, the family returned home in a very good mood…until they couldn’t literally get in the house. Roger tried pushing the door in but had no success. The door was sealed shut. “Something large was blocking that door….” Roger asked James to go around the back of the house and to see if he could climb through the back window and then open the front door. James tried crawling through a pane of glass to get in. James climbed in the house successfully but was stopped by something….

James found the bookcase laying in front of the door and after his initial shock wore off, he moved the shelf aside and opened the door. The shelves and the books were scattered all over the floor, the pages ripped out. What was odd about the whole scenario was that only the bookcase was affected and thrown around. The whole family was in shock. These books were the foundation of the family’s faith and just like the books, their faith began shattering at this unknown, evil activity.

“Dad tried to act like nothing happened,” Lisa remembers. “Dad…whipped around and told us that it was a demon.” Lana remembers as well: “My protector finally acknowleged it was a demon…my dad couldn’t deny that something was going on anymore.” Ann actually felt a sense of some relief knowing that it validate what the girls were experiencing. Roger decided to have the house blessed by a preacher from their church. The preacher was going to go from room to room and recite blessings. As a family, they bowed their heads and prayed. The family was very hopeful that this will end.

The first couple of days after the blessing, everything seemed to have returned to normal. James was home one day, sick on the couch as the girls were at school. He then heard “footsteps walking in the attic”. James knew that no one was there. They were heavy footsteps. James got up from the couch and walked around, trying to figure out what it was. James got a flashlight and boldly climbed up the latter to the attic. As James looked around the attic, he couldn’t see anybody. But then…..

Ann was at work when she got a frantic call from James. Ann rushed home immediately to see what was wrong. “James was crying, he was scared,” Ann remembers when she first saw him. Ann and James were waiting for Roger to get home so he could investigate. Roger went up to the attic himself. He couldn’t find anything there.

 The family was growing more miserable at this unseen problem. Lana felt that the situation just escalated after the preacher came in. She would come home from school and would feel a sense of “heaviness” overcome her. James came out of his bedroom one morning and he heard a sound and looked up at the ceiling. They saw a pair of scissors stuck on the ceiling just above the area Roger would sit and read his Bible every day. The kids became terrified that they would be attacked. Roger continued reading his bible as Lisa looked on. She then heard a thumping noise. The ceiling above Roger crashed right on him. Lisa frantically rushed and cried out to her dad, thinking he was killed. Roger wasn’t moving. Lana rushed over to see what had happened. Roger began slowly moving but was bleeding profusely. “My dad was under an attack.” Not only was he under attack physically but also against his faith. Roger and his family sought the answers in their faith but couldn’t find the right answer. The family continued to pray to find answers.

One night, Roger prayed with the girls before they went to bed. That night, the girls went to sleep when they woke up at 3am and heard a knocking sound. Lana said it sounded like her father’s knock. So Lana opened the door, expecting to see her father but no one was there. The knocking happened again and once again, Lana opened the door but saw nothing. Lana walked around the house to see what was there. Everyone was asleep. But Lana became scared and believed that something was stringing her along. Since she found nothing, she went back to bed. But she was awakened again to the sound of footsteps against the carpet. Lisa heard it too and “felt Lana’s fear”. The girls began frantically praying as the footsteps grew closer…
“It’s teeth were like animal’s teeth…it suffocated me. I couldn’t scream.” Lana said.

“I wanted to jump down so bad to help her but I couldn’t jump out of her bed, I was frozen,” Lisa said.
Finally, Lana was out of it’s grasp and began screaming. The family dog came to rescue Lana. Both parents frantically walked in. Ann rushed to Lana’s comfort while Roger looked on. The family noticed that Sam was gone and out there. “Whatever was in the room had to have taken my dog and thrown him out the window,” Lana explained. Roger rushed out to find Sam in horrible pain and suffering. “He was shaking, trembling…something had terrified him badly,” Ann said. “This was the last straw, we wanted it out of the house,” Lana said. Lisa wanted out of the house. The only way they could get out of the house if they were to get married. Lana married her high-school sweetheart, with Roger’s blessing, and escaped the house. Lisa married within the same year for her “freedom” to get out of the house. Whatever was going on in the house had drastically changed Roger. “He wasn’t the same man…he used to be strong, a very charismatic man…he lost a big part of himself,” Lisa said about Roger. A frustrated Ann had enough. They all wanted to start over and make a new life.

Four years later, the house was burned to the ground. In 2005, Roger passed away. The family blames the evilness in the house for Roger’s deteriorating health.

Picture Credit: Syfy

Jane's Notes: was definitely an episode that packed a lot of punch. But...this one seemed so mind-boggling. I don't really know what to conclude in this one but there's an interesting article about the home and how it could've been possible that a murder took place there. If a murder did happen, that could certainly explain a lot of the activity. Evil spirits? Maybe. Demonic? Dunno. But the ice, the roof, the book tossing....I still really can't wrap my head around it, to be honest. I wish they went more into the possibility of a murder though. It's a case that just seemed so out there, you know? What do you guys think?