Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mob Wives: Adding Victoria Gotti, Jr. To Cast

Could Victoria Gotti Ever be in Mob Wives?

Very early on in our blog, one of our readers questioned why Victoria Gotti, Jr. was not included in the cast. And recently, there has even been some discussion that a new mob wife might possibly be added to the cast. So, it seemed like a good question to me and I thought I would address it. Victoria Jr. was, up until the Mob Wives show premiered, the most well known mafia princess of our time. She is the daughter of John Gotti himself, the notorious boss of the Gambino crime family, dubbed the “Teflon Don” for escaping convictions and the “Dapper Don” for the expensive clothes he wore. Victoria Jr. even had her own reality show for a period of time, “Growing Up Gotti.” So why wasn’t she selected for the show?

Well, after watching the show and reading a lot of background information on all the families, it would appear to be impossible for Victoria Gotti Jr. to have even remotely been considered for the show. If you have been reading our blog and other articles, you may have come to this conclusion yourself.

If you recall, in the early episodes, Renee was not happy with Karen’s return to Staten Island because her father was a “rat” and Renee’s father taught her that breaking the code of Omerta and snitching, was the biggest violation of the rules of the mob. Renee was told to cut off all contact with Karen because Sammy “The Bull” became an informant for the FBI against John Gotti. This is true even though Gravano was a member of the Gambino crime family and Anthony Graziano was allegedly a member of the Bonanno crime family according to federal authorities. Being a “rat” transcends family affiliations.

Karen has revealed in interviews that John Gotti was often a guest in her home and, in fact, he was present at her Sweet 16 Party, making the event all the more memorable. So the Gravano family and the Gotti family were not only connected by the same mob family, they also seemed to associate on a personal level as well.

Sammy, who was the “Underboss” of John Gotti, was eventually was convinced by the FBI, to testify against Gotti, when they allowed him to listen to tapes of Gotti allegedly talking to authorities and implicating Sammy in various crimes. Sammy’s testimony at Gotti’s trial, lead to Gotti’s conviction and life sentence, and Gotti eventually died in prison.  Although Gravano is the one always referred to as a "rat," in his interview with Diane Sawyer, Gravano did make it clear that John Gotti was in fact "snitching" to authorities about him in order to protect himself.  This is what ultimately provoked Sammy to testify against him.

Given the history between Karen’s father, Sammy Gravano, and Victoria Jr.s’ father, John Gotti, it is highly improbable that the two women could ever work together on any project. Even if their families celebrated or socialized at one time, the day Sammy turned on Gotti had to be something the Gotti family could never forgive or forget.


What if Victoria joined Mob Wives? What would that episode look like?

Maybe something like this….

Renee’s House (doorbell)

Renee: Hi, Victoria what brings you to Staten Island from Howard Beach?

Victoria: I’m looking for a nice place to live. My neighbors are sick of my kids growing up Gotti there.

Renee: Well I’m surprised you picked this area because you know Karen lives here now.

Victoria: Karen Gravano? Are you f--king kidding me?

Renee: No, why would I kid you about that?

Victoria: Her f--king father ratted on my father!

Carla’s House: Carla on phone with Drita

Carla: Hi Drita, guess what? Renee texted me a minute ago, Victoria Gotti is at her house.

Drita: Yeah? What’s up with that?

Carla: I don’t know, but I’m thinkin’ I should call Karen and tell her to meet me there, and then I won’t show up.

Drita: But Karen ain’t gonna be happy to see Vic there.

Carla: Exactly, there will be a f--king war. That’s payback for Renee invitin’ Karen to her house for dinner and not tellin’ you about it. And pay back for Karen for disrespectin’ you and Lee with her book.  I'll bet she puts Lee D'Avanzo's picture in it!

Drita: Yeah, they did do that. She better NOT put Lee's f--king picture in her book!  Tell me what Karen says because I NEED TO KNOW, and I ain’t talkin’ to that b*tch after all her talk about a f--king timeline, that ain’t my timeline!

Carla: Ok talk to you soon.

Karen’s Apartment (phone rings)

Karen: Hi, Carla, what’s up?

Carla: Renee invited us over for coffee, I told her I was about to call you, so I would let you know. Can you make it?

Karen: What were you calling about?

Carla: Oh, ummm, Drita was telling me she is sorry she overreacted at the restaurant, she was upset about other things, and I wanted to see how you were feelin’ about it. (Damn I a good liar!)

Karen: I don’t know Carla, is Drita going to Renee’s too?

Carla: No, I just got off the phone with her, she has a thing with Aleeya.

Karen: Ok I’ll meet you there in 30 minutes.

Carla: See you there. (Dials Drita’s number)

Drita’s House (phone rings)

Carla: Just got off the phone with Karen, it’s on and poppin’ in 30 minutes.

Drita: I wish I had a f--kin’ front row seat.

Renee’s House (doorbell rings)

Renee: I have no idea who that could be, one minute Victoria.

Renee opens door…Karen walks in.

Renee (surprised): Hi Karen, I kindda have company right now.

Karen: Yeah I know, Carla right?

Renee: No, not Carla, Victoria Gotti. (Victoria enters room, sees Karen)

Victoria: You B*TCH! Your father snitched on my father!

Karen: You don’t know what the hell you are talkin’ about! YOUR father snitched on my father b*tch!

Victoria: He did not, my father would never RAT on anyone. You’re a crazy b*tch!

Karen: Oh really? Well he ratted on my dad to the Feds, and he threw him under the f--kin’ bus to save his ass.

(Renee confessional: “I’m so glad I got a front seat for this, I hope they don’t break anything.”)

Victoria: My father was the one thrown under the bus by YOUR father the RAT! Just look up your father’s name on Google and all you see is “RAT” “SNITCH” “INFORMANT” B*tch! The whole world knows what your father did!

Karen: You don’t know what the f--k you are talking about. Your timeline is off b*tch. Your father talked to the Feds FIRST and they had him on tape. Then the Feds played the tapes of your father snitching on my father for my dad. That’s when my dad decided he had to save himself from your backstabbing, double crossing, snitching, rat of a father. GET YOUR TIMELINE STRAIGHT!

Victoria lunges for Karen and grabs her hair. Karen screams and grabs Victoria’s hair. Renee removes her precious vase from the coffee table so it doesn’t get broken, then runs for cover in her spandex. Renee tweets “Huge fight in my Living Room, minime-mobettes, Karen and Victoria Gotti, hair everywhere!”

Carla reads the tweet says “No, she di-ent!” and calls Drita.

Drita’s House (phone rings)

Carla: Just saw Renee’s tweet, it’s goin’ down at Renee’s!

Drita: (laughs) Payback for Karen and I didn’t even have to take my shoes off!

Renee tweets again: “AJ walked in, saw the fight, filled a bucket with ice cold water and threw it at Karen and Victoria; FIGHT OVER!”

Stay tuned next week for more drama!

That’s how I would script it, if I had my way, in a perfect Mob Wives world! Let me know what you think? Did I get it right? I need to know!

Picture credit: VH1 and New York Daily News

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Mob Mistress said...

I got to get myself together before I comment on this one. First, Isabella with her Dritapotamus and now you with the 'What if' episode breakdown.

My stomach hurts.

Chiara Soprano said...

LOL, sorry. I tried to warn you you might die laughing so read at your own risk. I thought it would be good for fans suffering withdrawal from the show tonight. Sounds like you enjoyed it!

TexMex said...

OMGosh, that was Freakin' hilarious! I almost wet my pants laughing :)
"Carla: Just saw Renee’s tweet, it’s goin’ down at Renee’s!" Priceless...
Chiara, you have a wicked sense of humor, and I'm loving it!!
Thank you!

Chiara Soprano said...

Tex, thank you, and I was happy with the way it turned out, I am still laughing at it myself!

Isabella Incarceracianelli said...

That would mean there was a fight at Renee's and Renee would tell everyone, "It happened in front of MY SON!!! MY SON!!!" But leave it to that level headed AJ to fix things. I wonder, in your script, what would happen if he di-ent.

Chiara Soprano said...

LOL, Isabella, very good point! It had to end somehow, thank God for AJ and his quick thinking!

Anonymous said...

great script, i couldn't stop laughing. you sure got them girls down to a T; keep it up, we'll need another script pretty soon!

Mob Mistress said...

I agree Anonymous Chiara had them down to a T! This is one of my all time favorite posts.

MelindaEvette said...

Too funny. Good job!

Funlady28 said...

Freakin hilarious! Love it.

Anonymous said...

YEEAAH, a beat down, lol, thats really funny lady

ascopes80 said...

why does anyone watch this show? Mob Wives is a joke...those women are a disgrace and using infamy to make money. And why are they exposing themselves? I'm sure there are people who want to harm their families but there they are showing off their houses and exposing their children...what great role models. As well, mobsters tend to keep a low profile so again they are a disgrace to their own kind. Lastly, when their husbands or fathers or whoever the hell they're related to get out of prison I'm pretty sure they'll want to go back to their normal lives of crime but their wives decided they wanted some glory. This must be a great show for the mob task force...mob wives takes reality tv to a whole new garbage level.

Mob Mistress said...

I watch because I find the show entertaining. End of story.

Moving along what exactly are they exposing. In what way do you find them disgraceful. I have to admit if one or two of them were my offspring I'd cringe. However, they are not.

Are they showing off their houses? Have you seen the deeds? How are they exposing their children? Are not they women who by blood relation or poor decisions caught up in the lifestyle. When should their children be expose to the truth?

Are you pretty sure, do you know these men and what's going on in their minds?

Lastly, reality televison often isn't the creme de la creme of television. However, it can be interesting and a load of laughs.

Thank you for reading and commenting.

Anonymous said...

I am a Drita-Carla and, if V. Gotti joined the cast, her fan too. I cannot stand Karen and can do with or without Renee's drama and crying and raspy voice. I hope they add Victoria Gotti. She would give the show an extra added "boost", and I don't mean with a punch in the face just for entertainment. I was a fan of "Growing up Gotti" - loved it and loved her. I will keep my fingers crossed.

Anonymous said...

i enjoy watching the show, some people ask y we watch this show, well its just like asking why have u ever watch a true movie that invoves the mob. like scarface, or lucky chances, the god father, or gotti, etc. its interesting and history. i love this post. they have them ladies down to a "T". lol it was funny and thats probably how it would go down.

chicana said...

It would be something if Victoria Gotti would appear but it would mean WARbecause og Karen on the show in the beginning it should of been Victoria and not Karen. And of course if it would happen belive me it's war but than again they need to tame that bitch Karen she knows she is still mad at Drita because of LEE.

Kimstar2 said...

I would love to see Victoria Gotti on the show. I think it is time for Karen to go. She has changed quite alot since season one. Not for good either. I love all the girls and Renee is my favorite. By the way - Ascopes... why would you even post on here..I would assume you are a closet mobwives fan yourself in reality!!

Anonymous said...

I say in with Victoria Gotti..out with Karen and Ramona...

Mob Mistress said...

I wish Vitoria Gotti continued success. I just didn't care for Growing Up Gotti nor her brief appearance on Celebrity Apprentice. I like Mob Wives with Renee, Karen, Bigg Ang, Ramona, Carla & Drita. I don't have to like each member to love the show and it's dynamic.

Anonymous said...

love it love it love it funny as hell and omg drama drama drama

Anonymous said...

You were spot on for Drita! Good job!

Sara Zapata said...

Great script!! I was watching it play out in my head as I was reading it! I think you're spot on if that was ever to happen!

Anonymous said...

Great!I just I just love it!

KellyanneK said...

I would love to know the truth about who the rat was, and I would love to see Victoria Gotti on MobWives.

usmc5821 said...

Someone Lied, John Gotti was not snitching to the Feds about Sammy. The Feds played tapes of wire taps on which Gotti was thinking about putting a contract on Sammy because he was beginning to lose trust in Sammy's loyalty to him.

Chiara Soprano said...

Thanks for your comment, but this is what I have read many times "When Gravano heard the tapes where Gotti was badmouthing him Gravano flipped for 50% he was almost sure he was going to turn to the FBI but he was having second thoughts. But when Gotti was trying to let Gravano take the fall by claiming Gravano had run wild and started whacking people on his own accord Gravano decided to break Omerta and flip." from different sources.

maharet1965 said...

That was Fricking HYSTERICAL !!!!!!!

Chiara Soprano said...

I am so glad you enjoyed it Maharet

Melissa said...

Bravo Chiara, Great-funny script! I have been interested in this mysterious life style "Mafia" since watching the Godfather. I read every book I could get my hands on about John Gotti and Sammy Gravano. When I heard there was going to be a show called "Mob Wives" I was really interested to see it, I call Mob Wives my guilty pleasure. It is entertaining and if people find it such a disgrace, why watch it. I agree with Mob Mistress, I like the dynamic of certain cast members, that does not mean I am rooting for them, or even like them, but they make the show fun to watch. I do think Drita is a flip flopper, but I am going to miss her next season, she gives the greatest quotes. I would like for Ramona to come back, she is the real deal and a fire cracker! I did not like the altercation between Carla and Love, but I also think Love would bring something unique to the cast. Anyways, great script, I laughed the whole way through!