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The Reunion show of Mob Wives is going to air on July 10th! I thought it would be fun to create a quiz out of things that happened in Season 1 to separate the die hard fans from the occasional viewers. I am a die hard fan, are you? Take this little quiz and see how you score. Have paper and pencil ready so you can write down your answers and compare them to the correct ones at the bottom of the quiz. Ready?

1. In episode 1, which birthday did Carla say she was celebrating?
a. Her 44th birthday.
b. Her 29th birthday.
c. Her 35th birthday.
d. She “di-ent” say which birthday it was.

2. Which item was hard to find for Drita to put in Lee’s package?
a. Pepperoni
b. Mozzarella
c. Ring Dings
d. Vanilla Coke

3. In what subject did AJ get a 75 and break the below 80 rule?
a. English, he is no Hemmingway!
b. Art, He is no Van Gogh!
c. Calculus, he is not a Rocket Scientist!
d. AJ never broke the below 80 rule!

4. In the “Mob Bust” episode, who goes to Renee’s house to show their support Renee?
a. Karen, she puts the fight at Carla’s Party behind them.
b. Carla, she skips the gym and hops over to Renee’s house.
c. Drita, she puts ON her shoes and runs right over.
d. Jennifer Graziano, makes a special appearance to comfort her sister.

5. What was Junior arrested for in the “Mob Bust?”
a. Loan sharking
b. Gambling
c. Drug Dealing
d. Money Laundering

6. Renee makes and breaks her dinner plans with…
a. Karen, for being related to a “rat.”
b. Carla, for inviting Karen to her party and not telling her
c. Drita, for disrespecting her at Carla’s party
d. Junior, for standing up AJ at the gym.

7. A jerk approaches Karen and Renee at the Z1 Lounge, Renee…
a. Hits him with her bag and calls the bouncer.
b. Calls Junior and tells him to get down there to defend her honor.
c. Calls 911 and tells them she is being harassed.
d. Tells Karen to give the guy a beating.

8. What event makes Drita’s birthday party so memorable?
a. The Chelsea Room, the atmosphere was spectacular!
b. Drita falls to the floor from drinking too much.
c. Renee tells Carla that her boyfriend is making moves on her.
d. All of the above.

9. When discussing her book with Drita, what does Karen call Lee?
a. A piece of sh*t, or “strunzo”
b. A loser with a capital “L”
c. A scumbag
d. A two-bit burglar

10. Before the fight between Carla and Renee about the boyfriend, what does Renee ask Carla?
a. Are you dumb or dumber?
b. Are you deaf and blind?
c. Are you that desperate?
d. Are you dumb or stupid?

11. What upset Renee more than the boyfriend’s inappropriate behavior?
a. Carla’s attitude that his “touching” was funny.
b. The fact that AJ saw his texts and heard him on speakerphone.
c. That she didn’t pull out enough of Carla’s hair
d. Carla was defending his behavior.

12. According to Karen, her issue with Drita was all about
a. The “friendship,” Drita should have called and told her she was dating Lee!
b. “Lee,” she dated him for seven years and a real friend should not date your ex!
c. Her “book,” who the hell is Drita to tell her what she can or cannot write in it.
d. The “picture,” it was really Karen and Lee’s so why is it hanging in her house?

13. At brunch, what do the other mob wives think of Renee’s announcement that Junior is staying at her house?
a. They are all happy for Renee and hopes she will be happy.
b. They have mixed feelings, if they can try to work things out, why not.
c. They are all against it, Junior has hurt her enough already.
d. They walk out without saying a word.

14. Karen is tired of living in her father’s shadow, what will she call her new book?
a. Living in My Father’s Shadow
b. Little Bull in the Shadow
c. Out of the Shadow Into the Light
d. Shadow of The Bull

15. Drita has a new “mob” at her house, were they:
a. rats
b. mice
c. raccoons
d. opossums

16. Karen gives Drita the first chapter of her book because, according to Karen:
a. She wants to rub it in that she can say whatever she wants about Lee!
b. She wants to show Drita she has nothing to worry about, Lee isn’t important.
c. She is showing off her writing skills.
d. She values Drita’s opinion of her writing.

17. Renee does some wardrobe styling on the show for which rap artist?
a. Ghostface Killah
b. 50 Cent
c. Lil Wayne
d. Jay Z

18. When do Carla’s twins find out Joe has been in prison for 5 years?
a. She tells them before the show airs, in case they hear it from someone else.
b. She calls Joe and lets him tell them over the phone.
c. She tells them before taking them to the prison to pick him up
d. She makes Joe tell them in the car on the way to the halfway house.

19. What huge secret came out about Lee in the finale?
a. He is coming home sooner than Drita thought.
b. He was cheating on Drita while he was home for two years.
c. He has been selling his packages to other convicts at black market prices
d. He is Rudy Giuliani’s second cousin.

20. What bomb did Drita drop on Karen before they came to blows in the finale?
a. She admitted she ratted Karen out to Lee.
b. She was “with” Lee while he was still with Karen
c. Karen f’ed Drita’s boyfriend while she was still with Lee
d. She tells Karen their friendship was over at the time she started seeing Lee

Correct answers: 1-c, 2-d, 3-b, 4-a, 5-b, 6-c, 7-b, 8-d, 9-c, 10-d, 11-b, 12-a, 13-c, 14-d, 15-c, 16-b, 17-a, 18-d, 19-b, 20-c


16 - 20 answered correctly means you're a Made Mobette: You are a die hard fan of Mob Wives!

15- 10  answered correctly means you are a Mobette Associate: You are doing pretty good, but pay more attention!

5 - 10   answered correctly means you're a Mobette Cugina: You are mobette wannabe and need to watch all 10 episodes again and read our recaps!

0 - 5     answered correctly means you are a bonafide Mobette Babba: There is no hope for you, you have shown total lack of loyalty and respect!
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Isabella Incarceracianelli said...

Die hard, it is!

Chiara Soprano said...

Congrats! Though I didn't doubt it Isabella!

Mob Mistress said...

Chiara all I can write is:


Chiara Soprano said...

Is that an insult? Hmmmmm????

Mob Mistress said...

No, it means you are fucking funny!

Anonymous said...

I missed #5 & # 17. I totally forgot Junior's crimes and know nothing about rap music.