Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mob Wives: Turks & Caicos Mobbed!

Rita Hayworth back in the day.
Recently, a couple of Mob Wives beauties vacationed in Turks & Caicos.  I imagine the ladies needed a getaway before Mob Wives season 2 began filming.  Carla Facciolo & Drita D'avanzo a.k.a. Drila took the kids along too.  I have to be honest if I ever vacation in Turks & Caicos, I'm not bringing the kids.  Though I have tons of respect for these ladies for doing so.  They could've easily dropped off the kiddies at the grandparents' digs.  Yes, I know we're usually rough on Drila around here.  But hey, it's our perspective.  At least when we see good in them we blog about it too.

Carla giving us a Rita Hayworth pose.
Carla and Drita played in the sand with all of the kids.  They even went down enormous water slides.  Big kids they are I tell you!  The children were Big Willies ordering virgin Pina Coladas & Shirley Temples up a storm.  Man, I want to be a kid again.  The mothers got their grub on during their all inclusive 6 day vacation.  You think if I blog a little nicer around here,  they'll take me next time?  Please stop laughing at me.

Where is Turks & Caicos?  It's southeast of the Bahamas.  Typing of the Bahamas, I could sure use a Bahama Mama right about now.  A Mike's Hard Lemonade just may have to due for now.  Back to T & C it's a string of islands with a long rich history including various cultures & people.  Long ago the islands were stripped of their population thanks to slavery.  It was also once a popular hideout for pirates.  I think in the 17th century it was repopulated.  Is repopulated a word?  Sorry, if it isn't.  I am just to sick & tired to give a d@mn right now.  I know you comprehend what I am trying to type. 

Aleeya & Giselle are their mother's favorite girls in Turkey 'n' Cakes.
The Mob Wives Blogspot truly hopes the ladies and their offspring had a good old time.  Drita shared on Twitter that Giselle asked, "Can we go back to Turkey n Cakes tomorrow?" after returning to Staten Island.  I have to admit that tickled the sh!t out of me.  Whatever I think of Drita, I have to admit she's doing something right.  The little we see of her girls they seem like wonderful children.

They live the life don't they?  I am not writing that they don't have normal ups & downs in life.  I am not writing that they are not allowed to travel and enjoy other luxuries.  As I've written before with various families & single parents worrying about childcare; buying their children shoes and/or putting food on the table it's hard for many to identify with the Mob Wives.  Their lives seem to have problems.  But I don't see a lot of struggles beyond them getting along.

P.S. Miss Carla Facciolo be getting fiesty with me!  I love it.

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Photo Credit: Carla Facciolo & Drita D'avanzo


Chiara Soprano said...

That is really a Rita Hayworth pose! I love your PS line Mob Mistress, but surely no one would get fiesty for being compared to Rita?

Harleys Angel said...

My richie rich cousins use to go to beaches in Turks. It's not cheap but very family oriented. Me and mine go to Punta Cana, The TJ Maxx of the Islands. LOL

But seriously, they couldve used their VH1 salaries to pay for this trip. It's not like they went to Fiji they went to the carribean. And I've accepted the fact that the struggles of these women don't include utilities bills. They stuggle with buying last seasons Louboutins instead of this seasons Prada.

And of course the whole Rita comparrison is quite amusing. THE BROAD OF FRAUD is once again posing like a childless, soulless, icy princess. As Drita poses as the proud Mama with her little tigress'. Hmmmmm....