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Mob Wives: Mob Wives: Reunion Show Recap

As you would expect, the four Mob Wives rehashed all their issues from season one. The biggest issues being Renee and Carla’s feud over her boyfriend (see Mob Mistress’ Blog for his picture!) and Karen and Drita’s issue over friendship versus Lee which led to the finale “rumble on the rooftop.”

This was the first time the four mob wives were meeting since the finale and Karen says she still has issues to address with Drita.

Wendy wants to know what they think about Italian Americans feeling disgraced by the show. Karen said, it’s not about Italian Americans, it’s about me. Drita said that she just didn’t get it, she is just living her life. Renee said nothing about the show is scripted regardless of what Victoria Gotti, Jr. thinks and says.

The issues comes up that Renee did not welcome Karen back to Staten Island when she came back because her father Sammy was a rat. Renee says she thought Karen was “brazen” to return, but now she has tremendous respect for her because it took a lot of courage for her to come back.

Renee and Jennifer Graziano’s father, Anthony Graziano, does not speak to either of his daughters because of the show. Sammy Gravano calls and talks to Karen and she says he doesn’t like the fact that people judge her for the things he did.

What about Lee? Lee is doing his second stint in prison during his 11-12 year marriage to Drita. He has been incarcerated 8 years total so far. They discuss his cheating on Drita and Drita sheds some tears, she is obviously still hurt. Seeing her tears makes Wendy a little teary eyed too. Drita says that she and Lee are no longer speaking. She went to a lawyer, but she is looking at all her options before doing anything. She did confront the woman he cheated with on the phone. Renee adds, Lee is an asshole and she has complete compassion for Drita.

Drita just wants to date normal guys. Everyone laughs. Karen says normal guys are too scared to come near them.

This brings up the topic of infidelity and the mob mistresses, more popularly known as the “goumadas.” Renee says they are whores, they date married men because they want to be connected to someone in the mob. Carla adds that she found out about Joe cheating on her while he was in prison. That’s when she decided she wasn’t waiting for him any more. Of course the question of Carla’s boyfriend comes up and she says she isn’t with him any more. Carla says, “We won’t be seeing him.” (However, if our readers are interested in seeing Carla’s boyfriend I refer to yesterday’s blog below: Carla’s HANDy Man or click here Carla's boyfriend ).

This leads to a big discussion and clips from the show about Renee and Carla’s fight over the boyfriend. Carla says Renee could be perceived as being jealous because she keeps bringing up the boyfriend. Renee says she has nothing to be jealous about. She doesn’t like him. (After what I have seen and read, I have to agree with Renee, sorry Carla).

Carla still insists that Renee was never touched by the boyfriend, he told her so. Renee doesn’t like being called a liar, she is getting more and more upset. Even Karen speaks up and says that he also touched her inappropriately. Then Drita says he touched her too, but it was right in front of Carla and she saw it. Carla says she never saw him touch Renee or Karen and she is still friends with the boyfriend and will defend him. Karen recalls Carla saying that she can’t control her boyfriend when he is drinking and he is very “hands on” with people. Drita says, maybe he doesn’t remember what he does when he drinks?

Renee is getting more upset and cannot understand why Carla continues to defend him tooth and nail over this. It happened. Carla says she laughs things like this off. It is obvious that Carla is not going to believe Renee, so out of total frustration, Renee swears on her son’s eyes that the boyfriend touched her. Carla says, “He never touched your ass!” Renee counters with, “You’re right, it was worse!” Then Renee adds, so you believe him, he is a liar. You are pushing it calling me a liar [Carla] after I swear on my son. Carla says, “That’s your opinion!” Renee responds, “It’s not an opinion you moron”
It’s a fact, it happened! Dumb and stupid!

Then Renee yells to Carla, “You ain’t nothing, but a ‘filler’ b*tch!” (In this battle of words, in my opinion, Renee wins hands down and I believe the boyfriend touched her. A mother does not swear on her child over a lie, period end of story!)

Renee walks off the stage visibly upset over the exchange and we take a commercial break.

When we resume, Wendy asks Renee what part of the body the boyfriend touched, but Renee declines to answer.

On to the ongoing drama between Drita and Karen. Drita says she never thought to call Karen to tell her she was dating Lee. Drita did apologize to Karen for hurting her feelings during season one, but nothing was really resolved. Karen went to speak to Drita to tell her, face to face, that she was hurt about Drita not calling when she started dating Lee and she had to hear it from someone else. She still considered Drita a close friend at the time. Drita, on the other hand, felt that Karen moved on with her life with someone else, she was pregnant and moved to Arizona, and they didn’t keep in touch. She felt the friendship was over.

The “book” drama. When Karen handed Drita the first chapter of her book, Drita says she didn’t know what to think or what was going to be in it. Karen says the first chapter was just about her childhood, growing up as a kid with her father. They exchange a few words about who was attacking who all season.

Then we get to the rooftop showdown. It was nasty and we get to see new footage of what happened after the fight. Drita and Karen get separated. Drita and Carla go over to the other side of the bar. Renee takes Karen outside and puts her in a car.

Drita explains why she feels things got out of hand. She says Karen got up into her face. She had disrespected her and her family all season. Drita blacked out and went into fight mode. She says she doesn’t remember much, but Karen says she remembers everything.

Drita feels bad about the way she reacted and says, “It should have never happened.”

Karen says Carla was laughing during the fight. Carla says that was just a nervous reaction, she didn’t want them to fight.

Drita says that Karen hooked up with her boyfriend while she was with Lee, but Karen was not her friend at the time. Karen says this is not the first time Drita has “hooked up” with a friend’s ex, she did it to her best friend. Drita gets angry and tells her to leave it alone, she knows so much and just leave it alone. I took it as a threat that if Karen kept talking about Drita’s personal life, Drita was prepared to drop some dirt on Karen’s.

Renee says Junior is gone from her life and she is putting one foot in front of the other. She has someone nice she is seeing right now. They have been friends a long time and there is potential there for a new relationship.

They discuss Renee’s prior surgeries, she has a cute nose, she had a breast reduction at 18, liposuction after she had AJ. She won’t go to the gym because she can look like Carla and Drita 48 hours after the swelling goes down. She is going back to doing wardrobe styling again.

Karen is still deciding about whether to move here from Arizona. Her daughter, Karina, is spending the summer with her and they will see how it goes.

Regrets of the season?
Karen wishes things had gone differently with Drita.
Renee wishes she had lost weight before the season started.
Carla regrets the argument with Renee over the boyfriend
Drita regrets the fight with Karen on the roof and, if she could go back in time, she would have called Karen about Lee.
Carla wants Renee to say she regretted their fight. But, Renee says she doesn’t regret the fight with Carla, but didn’t want it to happen!

I think this was a perfect way to end a great season. The women all had a chance to revisit their issues. However, it still seems to me that these problems will carry over to next season. For one thing, Karen still has most of the book to write and who knows what she will want to say about Lee when she gets to him? Nothing she has to say will sit well with Drita, who keeps thinking of her daughters and doesn’t want them hurt. As for Carla and Renee, how can they repair their friendship? Carla still doesn’t not believe Renee. Renee isn’t going to get over being called a liar after she swore on her son to show Carla how serious she was that the boyfriend touched her. I think both these issues will rear their ugly heads next season, one way or another. Season two is scheduled to start airing in November, as far as we know. We will keep you updated on the lives of the Mob Wives between now and then, so come back for new blogs daily.

P.S. We will be covering Investigation Discovery’s, I Married A Mobster, starting this week. The show premieres Wednesday night, July 13, at 10:30 PM. There are a few blogs already up and more to come shortly.

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