Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I Married A Mobster: Joey Scarpa, Linda Schiro’s Son

Joey Scarpa was the beloved son of Linda Schiro and Greg Scarpa Sr. and sister of Linda Scarpa.  He was murdered a few months after his father died of AIDS in prison. Joey was reportedly killed by a friend, Vincent Rizzuto, over a drug deal.  His death was tragic and devastating to both his mother and sister.  Her story is being featured tomorrow night on Investigation Discovery at 10:30 PM ET.

Joey, like his older brother Greg Jr.,  looked up to and respected his father.  But, Joey was also a rebellious teenager and often didn’t agreed with the things his father asked of him. Joey’s best friend was Patrick Porco. The two boys grew up together, almost like brothers. Patrick spent a lot of time at the Scarpa home.   Both Joey and Patrick starting selling drugs on the street, mainly marijuana and cocaine. Actually it was quite a bit of cocaine. Linda and Greg both worried about Joey’s safety, he was only 17 at the time. Joey and Patrick got into a dispute with a dealer from another crime family, Domenick Masseria, and ended the argument with the alleged killing of Masseria. Greg was very worried for his son’s safety and sent him away, while he tried to negotiate with the other family to save Joey and Patrick’s lives.

According to a 2005 affidavit, sworn to by Sandra Harmon, author of Mafia Son, Linda told her that Greg got a call from FBI agent DeVecchio, telling him that Patrick was going to snitch on Joey about Masseria's murder. Greg Sr's focus was on killing Patrick to protect his son.  He needed Joey to help him with his plan.   Joey never believed his friend would rat on him and protested. However, in the end, at his father's insistence, he went along with his father’s orders. But, the guy who was ordered to whack Patrick had car trouble that day and Greg told Joey he had to go do the job himself. Joey went with his friend John, to take care of Patrick, but when he came home he was inconsolable and sick with grief. Greg wanted Joey to attend Patrick’s funeral, but Joey was too upset to go.

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For the entire affivadit of Susan Harmon: http://www.mafiason.com/AFFADAVIT.pdf


Lindsamaria Scarpa said...

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Anonymous said...

I feel for you Lindamarie. We all suffered a great loss because of your grandfather. I lost my brother Patrick who didn't even have a chance to know his nieces or nephews or to even start a family of his own. There are sooo many fictions to the so called facts that are written about the relationship between my brother and your father. Were they friends, yes. Were they childhood from that grew up together, no. They knew each other from the neighborhood. Was my brothers murder a result of a rival drug dealers murder...absolutely not. That decent young man Dominic Masserria murdered on the steps of Guadalupe church on that halloween night was no drug dealer. He was a random boy in the wrong place at the wrong time. Its so sad how people are mis informed. Your father was a young kid when I met him just barely 16. He was shy to the extent with a beautiful smile. Unfortanitely your grandfather turned him into the man he became. All and all that does not take away the wonderful father and husband he was to you and your mother. The reputation, the clout, the streets and the Scarpa name is what ruined him and your family. Go forward in life and make him proud of the beautiful woman your mother raised you to be.
Lori Porco

Anonymous said...

Domineck masseria was not a drug dealer . He was a very nice young kid!! who would never harm anyone .. THATS THE TRUTH