Saturday, July 9, 2011

I Married A Mobster: Andrea Giovino’s Story

Andrea Giovino’s story, “Working Mom,” is due to air on July 20th at Investigation Discovery. She is one of the wives in their new show, “I Married A Mobster.” According to Andrea, she was an active part of the mob, participating in illegal activities. She was given a choice of either going to prison or becoming an informant, she chose the later. Her crimes consisted of loan sharking and money laundering. However, she was well known enough for John Gotti to comment, “She's got more balls than some of the guys that are around me."

The Feds had enough evidence on Andrea to build a strong case, one that might get her a 10 year prison sentence. She says a lot of what she learned, she learned as a child from her mother, who also did some work on the side for the mob. Her mother even encouraged her to marry a mobster. In their world, mobsters got all the respect and had all the power. So Andrea married a drug runner and had four children. But her life was far from peaches and cream. There was always talk of violence and stories about people she knew getting killed.

She talks about her friendship with John Gotti and from what she knew of him, he was a “gentleman.” She says in 1992 the Feds had her phone tapped and got evidence on her for participating in drug distribution, marijuana and cocaine in Brooklyn and Staten Island, along with her husband and brother. Though she feels she could have dealt with being in prison, she turned informant because she had her children to raise. This required that the government move her and her children to an undisclosed location because she had started receiving threats against her life and she refused to enter the witness protection program.

Her objective in telling her story is to inform the public of all the pain, suffering and heartache this lifestyle brings to a family. Sure she misses the material things that the lifestyle was able to provide, but she has come clean about her past and now her priorities are very different. She currently lives in Bucks County, Pa and has written a book called, “Divorced From The Mob.” 

To read many more details of Andrea’s story, click on the following link, it’s a very good read. The Two Mobs by David Kohn @ cbs news . 

Check out Andrea's website; where she's written an honest, heartfelt letter about her life.

Picture Credit: ID, Andrea Giovino website
Video Credit: Better, The Secret Lives of Women

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