Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I Married A Mobster: Linda Schiro’s Grocery Boy

Fruits and vegetables aren’t the only things that Linda hand picked at the grocery store. Lawrence Mazza, was a supermarket delivery boy who caught Linda‘s eye in 1978. Mazza was in college and worked in the neighborhood store. Linda told Greg about her attraction to Mazza and Greg gave her permission to pursue the boy, who later became a member of Greg Scarpa’s crew.

Mazza, who delivered the goods to Linda, who was 15 years older than he, began an intimate relationship that would last for years, until 1986, when he got involved with another woman.. Greg was fine with the relationship, as long as it was kept quiet between the three of them. Mazza remained a member of Scarpa’s crew until he was arrested and turned informant on him to the FBI.

Mazza, Colombo crime family associate, was called as a witness to testify against Scarpa in DeVecchio’s trial, the FBI agent working with Greg Scarpa. Mazza recounted his activities with the mob and what he knew of Scarpa‘s murders. When asked about he got involved in the mob, the mobster was reduced to tears. He testified that he was a student in John Jay College of Criminal Justice when he met Schiro. He had planned to be like his father, a FDNY lieutenant. He was so emotional the judge had to call a recess so he could compose himself enough to go on. Mazza told of how he met Schiro, delivering groceries to her home, and became sexually involved with her and eventually turned into a murderer for the mob.

Mazza had many derogatory things to say about his former “capo” Scarpa, including, “He was a horrible human being” and “[he was] a vicious, violent animal” who could have easily named dozens of murders that he had a hand in. Mazza worked very closely with him. Scarpa started Mazza out with small jobs and gradually gave him more and more responsibility. Mazzo admits to being the hitman for four murders. When he was arrested by the FBI, he agreed to turn informant.

Linda Schiro's episode airs tonight, Wednesday, July 27th, on ID at 10:30 PM. 

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Anonymous said...

I'm confused by this article,I thought Greg Scarpa was the informant?So Linda's boyfriend was too? Who did they testify against? If they were all turning on each other? I'm also confused over why Linda is Linda Schiro not Linda Scarpa? And why is it okay for Linda to have never left Staten Island but the mob was critical of poor sweet Karen coming back to the Island? it seems the Schirarpa women were actively involved with the federal informant position of Mr.Scarpa & Karen didn't have anything to do with her father's testimony.So why doesn't anyone in S.I. seem to care about her living there?

Chiara Soprano said...

Let's see if I can help clear things up. Greg Scarpa was a long time informant of the FBI, going back to 1962 when he was arrested and wanted to avoid prison. Larry Mazza also turned informant years later, against Scarpa. Linda never married Greg because he never divorced his first wife. Divorce is frowned upon by the mob. However, he did eventually move in with Linda and her children. As for your question about Karen, it's a damn good one. I wish I had an answer for that. The circumstances of Sammy informing was due to the fact that Gotti was framing him in his conversations to the FBI. Those tapes were played for Sammy and is what finally made him turn. Greg turned informant to save himself from doing time. He was working for the FBI for decades. It does make you wonder! Thanks for commenting!