Friday, July 15, 2011

Mob Wives: Blackout or Excuses?

One of our favorite readers Gabrielle pointed out something in the comment box.  The jest of her comment asked, how could Drita claim one minute that she just blacks out?  Yet when Carla was being called out for laughing @ the Drita & Karen's rooftop mayhem, Drita D'avanzo chimes in with details.  Frankly, I didn't catch what Gabrielle did.  So just as I was about to recap the premiere of VH1's Famous Food, I decided to watch part of the Mob Wives Reunion yet again.

In fairness to Drita of Mob Wives fame, I did not see what our beloved reader saw.  Instead, I simply witnessed Drita cosigning that Carla did not want to see them fight.  Carla Facciolo would never want that to go on.  That's the interpretation I walked away with from that segment of the Mob Wives Reunion.  Just around that time Chiara linked me to a VH1 clip.  I watched trying to see what Chiara wanted me to see.  I obviously missed it.  However, I did want to watch the next clip.  The additional footage of the aftermath of the rooftop rumble.  Well surprise, surprise Gabrielle is on to something.

I watched Drita telling Carla details of the fight.  Excuse me, but how in the hell do you know that Karen tried to kick you in the face if you quote blacked out unquote?!  Thank you Gabrielle & Chiara for triggering me to look once more into the blackout excuse.  Watch for yourself and click the comment box to share whether or not you believe Drita blacks out.

It just confirms my opinion of Drita D'avanzo's Mob Wife persona.  She does a lot of things for television in order to garner a fan base.  Drita is skilled on a mediocre level of fooling many of her fans. (coughs)  She makes a lot of excuses for her violent or shady behavior.  So none of you misunderstand me, I am not buying that bullshit salon story on how she found out Lee D'avanzo was unfaithful.  The story makes no f*cking sense.  If one reads her interview she mentions she received a phone call and the woman knew too much information.  Mrs. D'avanzo is a likeable character.  She's easy on the eyes, funny & feisty.  I have to admit she's almost as good as Renee Graziano in the game of reality television.  Both women have dynamic personalities that viewers find hard not to tune into.  I just would like Drita to get her excuses right or own her actions.  Love, like, dislike or abhor Drita D'avanzo she makes for have to watch reality television along with the other fabulous Mob Wives.

Earlier we had a post up with a link to Hollywood Life.  Here's what the (planning on being cordial) Mob Wives told Lindsey DiMattina, read here.

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The Underboss said...

I totally agree that Drita puts on for the show. I remember all the facts when I beat somebody's ass. I caught that she said that she was being kicked by Karen in the reunion show. Unless Drita thinks that she is channeling Bruce Banner she remembers.

Mob Mistress said...

Oh my God, you did not just write,

"Unless Drita thinks that she is channeling Bruce Banner she remembers."

I am dying laughing over here. Mr. Banner was logical. She thinks she's The Hulk.

Gabrielle said...

WOOOOOW!! My very own post, well along with Chiara! lol I came on just to check the comments to see if someone else caught it and I got my own post, how special am I!! lol Thanks Miss. Misstress! I still like Drita, I don't think she was right about getting with Lee, I also don't like the fact that she kept bringing up Lee and making it seem like Karen was the one making it an issue but I still feel that no one should be cheated on once they make that walk down the aisle. The blackout thing just seemed too iffy to me.

Chiara Soprano said...

The tape doesn't lie, Drita remembered more than she said. I don't think she "blacks out" as much as she "sees red"

Harleys Angel said...

OOOOOhhhhh Boy! Better go wipe the egg off my face Mistress.

Karen and Drita should be ashamed of themselves. Whatever happened in the past is done and a long time ago. They are fighting an unwinnable fight and its hurting their children.

Drita obviously doesn't like to accept responsibility for her actions and uses """Blackouts""" as her excuse for fighting. Which is total Bullshit! If she is blacking out she needs to go to see a doctor and find out why before she physically hurts someone and goes to prison. Her daughters need a mother not a warrior.

Karen is no better. LET IT GO NOW! Either that or profess your undying Love for Lee. Because if you don't love him or want him, LET HIM GO!

Mob Mistress said...

Why do you need to wipe egg off your face?!

I don't get the let it go part for Karen. I don't know how many times she has to say it. It's not about Lee. Drita has tried to make it about Lee. It's simply Karen saying, "Drita we were friends. You lived with me. You knew the deal. Why didn't you just call me?"

It's the same thing I'd want from any of my girlfriends. The difference is I didn't sign up for a show where they'd be in my face on occasion. I've watch Karen attempt to put it out on the table and Drita bring up Lee. I've seen Karen give Drita a copy of a chapter in her book. So Drita could read it, get an idea what the book is about and address any issues she might have with it. I saw Drita acting courteous, receptive and interested in the reading it when Karen was sitting there in her face.

Later on, it's a whole different Hulk & dance when Carla is with her.

Harleys Angel said...

I like Drita on the show but if she were a friend of mine I'd probably give her an ultimatum either get help for your anger or I'm gonna have to walk away. Like you would with a friend with addiction. Until Gabriella pointed out her little blackout cop out I sympathized with Drita. NOW not so much. Hence the wiping of the face.

The thing is Drita is never going to acknowledge any remorse for the situation because obviously Drita doesn’t ever accept any responsibility for anything. Which is why she likes to say “Oh, I blacked out and don’t remember”

Karen is so intent of getting this apology. Karen has known Drita for a very long time, she should know like I just discovered Drita’s inability to accept and own her actions. It started to make me think, maybe the reason Karen is so intent on getting this apology is that she still has feelings for Lee and is displacing her hurt and anger on Drita. It's common for women to say "i hate him and would not want him back" but in their hearts still love them and subconsciously want them again.

I would not ever want to see a friend who did this to me…Let alone want an apology I would never accept. I would walk away. Maybe not in the most ladylike way, but it would be addressed and that would be all the closure I need.

Anonymous said...

I think Drita blacks out when she first goes at someone. With your adrenaline going its easy to be swept away in the moment and lose control. I'm sure she remembers some of the fight and after, but most likely in flashes.

Mob Mistress said...

My issue with Drita is the same I would have with anyone in my life. Own your actions, so we can move on whether friend, foe or indifferent.

It's one of the reasons I like Karen very much. She owns her actions.

I have an excellent meter on people. I've read lie after lie from Drita's body language, eyes and excuses. I find it insulting for her to attempt to play the Mob Wives viewers dumb with her 'I just found out Lee cheated when I went to the salon.'

You as I have witnessed her calm to raging mad persona. If she had found out the way she said, she would've been in HULK mode. When have you witnessed her logical? When have you seen her empathetic?
Even when Karen voiced you were my friend, you could've called me. She got defensive and said, "You were in Arizona." Later on, she huffing and puffing about that she'll never apologize for marrying Lee and having her girls. No one is going to disrespect her family.

What the f*ck is that, Karen never asked her for an apology for marrying Lee or having her girls. She said, "You should've called me to let me know."

It's my opinion that Drita's pride doesn't allow who to own when she is wrong. She rather buff up her chest and fight when she is called out on her behavior.

Several sources have made it clear to me that though Drita is very well liked, she is not trusted by many.

We agree on one thing: Karen should move on.

Drita has shown her true colors. Frankly, if I were Karen I would have no interest in Karina socializing or being friends with Aleeya. Aleeya seems like a delightful and wonderful child. But if I can't trust someone, I don't allow my children around them. My child would not be allowed to go over to Drita's house or anywhere near the woman.

Anonymous said...

"It's one of the reasons I like Karen very much. She owns her actions."

If Karen owned her actions she would not have let her father and brother do jail time for her in Arizona. Tells me a lot about her character. Drita is the real deal.

Anonymous said...

A blackout is a phenomenon caused by the intake of alcohol in which long term memory creation is impaired. Blackouts are frequently described as having effects similar to that of anterograde amnesia. 'Blacking out' is not to be confused with the mutually exclusive act of ' passing out'. Research on alcohol blackouts was begun by E. M. Jellinek in the 1940s. Using data from a survey of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) members, he came to believe that blackouts would be a good predictor of alcoholism.

Alcohol and long-term memory
Various studies have proven links between general alcohol consumption and its effects on memory creation. Particularly, these studies had shown that associations made between words and objects when intoxicated are less easily recalled than associations made when not intoxicated. Later blackout-specific studies have indicated that alcohol specifically impairs the brain's ability to take short-term memories and experiences and transfer them to long-term memory. This was shown by the ability to recall associations made while intoxicated being affected over time; it is strongly indicated that memories can be easily recalled for 2-3 minutes before the permanent inability to recall them in the future.

Mob Mistress said...

"If Karen owned her actions she would not have let her father and brother do jail time for her in Arizona. Tells me a lot about her character. Drita is the real deal."

You think Mr. Gravano took the rap because he was innocent? LMAO! He cooperated to save his wife & daughter.

How is Drita the real deal? The woman lies over and over again. She contradicts herself. If that's the real deal to you, enjoy and inhale her dishonesty as if it's the best ice tea in the world. It's no skin off my nose. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I was just saying if Karen really "owned her actions" then she would have owned up to the crimes she did and sat in the cell with her father, brother and boyfriend!! But instead she went and worked at a strip club...right great role model!! LOL

What did Drita lie about?? She already apologized to Karen once. Then she disrespected Drita in her own house talking about "riding her husband" and other things. Sorry, but I would be mad at Karen too for doing that. If anything Karen owes Drita and her kids an apology.

Mob Mistress said...

Sorry try again, I've read the court papers. Mr. Gravano, his son and David were guilty. Karen owned up to her part in it. However because Sammy the Bull cooperated she and her mother were given a slap on the wrist.

Who wrote anything about Karen being a great role model? I never did. Doesn't mean I can't appreciate what I see of her on the television screen.

My declaring that Karen is a great role model would be equal to the Drita fan calling Mrs. D'avanzo classy.

First, I suggest you get your facts straight when you debate with me. Karen did not say she was riding Lee when she was in Drita's home. She said it during one of the interviews where we never hear the questions asked. Moving along, Drita is the one who started in with the Lee bullshit; telling Karen what he thinks of her, that he doesn't want to be in his book and his physical threats. Karen responded as most would, "Lee is a scumbag."

The D'avanzos don't get the pass of I can say whatever I want about you but you cannot say anything about us.

Moving along Drita lied about the timeline, the salon discovery of Lee's cheating, hair pulling and keeping her legs closed. Have a good night!

Harleys Angel said...

Annonymous, this is like say alcoholics are not responsibile for their actions because they drink.

I am very familiar with recovery. I like Drita but if I were her friends she would get an ultimatium...and Drita need help for her anger and by what your saying alcohol.

Anonymous said...

Where are your "facts" that Drita was lying about the Salon and her timeline with Lee?? You were there at the time? Nobody really knows what went on so don't make it up and call her a liar. LOL!

Look, I enjoy this blog very much and think you do a great job. I just don't get the hating on Drita thing that goes on here. Have a good night.

Mob Mistress said...

"Where are your "facts" that Drita was lying about the Salon and her timeline with Lee?? You were there at the time? Nobody really knows what went on so don't make it up and call her a liar. LOL!"

I do have the facts that will be in a future post. I just don't pull shit out of the air because I don't like a television persona. I share my opinion, build my sources and then triple check the facts.

I can call her liar on the strength of her contradicting herself on the show. Unless she's drinking a lot the definition of blackouts doesn't even describe what she's experiencing.

She keeps claiming she never said anything bad about Karen. But I saw her spewing negative things about Karen on more than one Sunday. I also recognize and witness Karen spewing negative things about Drita. I love watching Karen. But I have no delusions nor do I feel the need to pretend Karen is a golden child.

What's so hard about owning up to you talking shit about someone? I choose to blog my opinion based on what I see per the show, researching, sources and then cross checking and confirming information.

I don't hate Drita. I don't know her to hate her. However, she reads dishonest to me for 9 Sundays straight. And I don't have to dumb down or play nice because other's like her television persona.

I am not the only writer on this site. Each writer here has the ability to write their Ode to Drita blog whenever they like.

I also posted a bloggers wanted entry awhile back. You are more than welcome to submit your Pro Drita blog and I'll post it.

Anonymous said...

I never wrote the comment about drinking and blackouts. That was another person. I think I need to get a blogger account lol.

I appreciate your response and your opinion. Its funny how we both watch the show and see different things. I see Karen as dishonest and a trouble maker. I don't see Drita like that at all.

I look forward to seeing your upcoming post on Drita. I hope you have good named sources if you are going to accuse someone of that, not just Joe Blow that works at the deli. It would be nice if you could get a direct quote from Drita for her side of the story to be fair.

Thanks for the offer to write on the blog! I might just take you up on that someday :)

Mob Mistress said...

"I appreciate your response and your opinion. Its funny how we both watch the show and see different things. I see Karen as dishonest and a trouble maker. I don't see Drita like that at all."

We just see things differently. It's all good.

I know who my sources are but I'll never name them or I'd have no sources. And no they are not the Deli guy. LMAO!

Chiara's with Drita interview will be up in a few minutes. I opted out of the opportunity due to my unflattering opinion of Drita. I wanted her to have a positive interviewing experience as the other Mob Wives.

You're welcome. And look forward to your pro Drita submission.

Anonymous said...

they are just renee lovers on this blog. i bet u will never see them dig up dirt on her. hey mob mistress, why dont u interview drita and ask her about all these so-called facts u have confirmed!! so what if the salon story isnt true, maybe she doesnt want to say how she really foound out, isnt that her decision? it is her life and her marriage. fact is he did cheat and she did file for divorce, thats all we really need to know!
do u really think every reality/housewives show is pure facts?? if u do, then u are delusional!!!!

Harleys Angel said...

No I don't this this is the "I Love Renee Blog"

And I like Drita I just hope she gets some help for her anger issues. I also think she needs to own up to her own actions as well. The first step in recovery is admitting to yourself there is a problem whether it be drug, alcohol, food, anger, addiction is addiction is addiction...As a friend I would tell that to her face.

Looking forward to your post about Drita, She's taken a beating the last few days.

The Underboss said...

Actually I do not like any of the women. I do not know any of these women to like or not like. I write whatever I feel like writing on this blog. The amazing thing is that I have my opinion and everybody has theirs. The way you express yourself is through your opinions. But women do not use logic when they argue so you can argue all night long and both of you have points. I think you fail to realize that this blog has been going on for a few months. I can think of the evil eye tattoo is positive pro Drita blog. Another is the sexy pics blog. Each women has been discussed. I think we try to give each side of the women. Drita has setting personality whether it is real or just for the camera I would not know because I have only the show to base my opinion on. I hope you write the pro Drita blog because I would love to read it. Btw I will not argue with you because you are entitled to your opinion. I hope you keep reading and commenting. You can always use your gmail account so that you are not posting anonymously. We love all of our readers because you push us to get more blogs up. Have a great day. Hopefully it is sunny and not too hot where you are. It looks like the clouds are where I am.

Anonymous said...

i thought this blog was supposed to be about the show and what we see on the show and i enjoyed reading it when it was that. now its become investigating into all of their personal lives, including things that they chose not to share on the show.
and as far as karen and drita, karen came back and was all fine with drita when renee wanted no part of her. as soon as renee welcomed her, then she started her shit with drita. so it seems drita was only her friend at her convenience, so im siding with drita on this one!!

Mob Mistress said...

"i bet u will never see them dig up dirt on her. hey mob mistress, why dont u interview drita and ask her about all these so-called facts u have confirmed!!"

You don't know any of us to tell what we haven't dug up on Renee Graziano or not.

"so what if the salon story isnt true, maybe she doesnt want to say how she really foound out, isnt that her decision? it is her life and her marriage."

So what if I choose to blog about the fact that the salon story is bullsh!t? What I write isn't that my decision? Isn't this my blog and my hobby?

"fact is he did cheat and she did file for divorce, thats all we really need to know!"

Fact is he isn't the only one who was unfaithful. Fact is I don't really need to know anything. Whatever Drita D'avanzo does good or bad isn't going to rain on my parade. However, she signed up to expose herself and her lifestyle. I watch. I research. I blog.

"do u really think every reality/housewives show is pure facts?? if u do, then u are delusional!!!!"

You are the one who takes issue because I blog my opinion based on what I see on television, interviews, and research. If I choose to reveal the truth about Drita, Carla, Renee or Karen that's my call. There is nothing delusional about that. I hope you have a wonder weekend.

Oh and by the way I do love Renee Graziano. However, this is not a 'I Love Renee' blog. We written negative things about her too.

Mob Mistress said...

This blog has always gone beyond the show. And this blog entry is very much about the show and what Drita said on the show. We've always research and exposed not so pleasant things about the women & their family members. When I don't enjoy something I stop doing it. We appreciate our readers. But I don't want anyone to waste one second of life clicking on this site if they don't like our content. My suggestion to anyone is if you don't like this blog, do NOT visit it.

When one signs on the dotted line in the entertainment industry and puts their life out on front street; some people have questions. I am one of those people. Though I am a fan of the show & the Mob Wives themselves doesn't mean I have to inhale lies or untruths. As a viewer I can research and blog about it. If you choose to just take their word for everything, GOOD FOR YOU. How I choose to address it, is my call.

Your opinion is an interesting one that thousands of people agree with. I don't. But I see how you would have that opinion and you could be 100% right. However, I have a different opinion.

By the way Chiara did a wonderful pro Drita interview it's up now. Funny how those defending Drita's right to be dishonest, not liking my stance or this specific entry don't take the time to acknowledge the interview.

Anonymous said...

mob mistress got her clown on in this thread. i like drita but mob mistress got a point. ilike the blog.