Sunday, July 10, 2011

Mob Wives: Who is Carla Facciolo's Handy Man?

Once upon a time Carla Facciolo's HANDy man.
WARNING:  Do not look into a mirror in the powder room @ a local New York club and chant, "HANDY MAN, HANDY MAN, here's a bottle of rum, come smack my bum."  This guy may very well show up and grant your chant.

Recently I interviewed Carla Facciolo of Mob Wives.  It was a pleasant surprise.  I liked the woman I chatted with on Thursay.  She was charming, sweet & funny.  Mrs. Facciolo reminds me of the many woman I have liked throughout my life.  Yet for one reason or another we just never became friends.  During interviews, I never try to be combative.  However, this time Drita D'avanzo came up.  Most of you know how Drita of Mob Wives' persona doesn't gel with me.  I bring this up with Carla, hoping to get some insight on the actions that irritate me.  For every negative point I made, Carla countered a positive one on her Mob Wives friend's behalf.  We called a truce @ the end. I was standing my ground.  And Carla was sure in the hell standing hers in regards to defending her friend.  Not that Carla particularly cares, but she earned my respect in spite of our not seeing eye to eye.

Well I don't know about all of you.  However, I can write out loud for Chiara and I that we were dying to get a look @ Carla Facciolo's boyfriend.  So the first thing we had to do was push our various resources & sources.  I doubt you'll be shocked to find out that Carla's boyfriend & her husband Joseph Ferragamo resided in the same prison.  Joseph Ferragamo was inmate #70880-053.  Carla's boyfriend's inmate number was 61188-053.  Word in the neigborhood is that Carla's boyfriend (now ex) was /is allegedly a part of Lee D'avanzo's gang the Springville Boys.  Surprise, Suprise!

We like many of you wanted to see the guy accused of slapping Renee's undeclared body part & Karen's back side.  On the record, I believe Renee Graziano 100%.  I believe Karen Gravano 100%.  I believe Carla wants to protect him and everyone else to let it go.   I also believe Drita D'avanzo knows the truth.  Her chiming in during the Reunion clip that it may have to do with his alcohol intake spoke volumes.  Several trusted sources revealed that he is a groper.  He didn't grab my ass is all I know for sure.  By the way he's going to need both his hands and a couple of his buddies' hands to get a good hold on mine.  At the end of the day, I get loyalty.  However, in my home loyalty never had anything to do with lying.  Oh yeah, we know his name too.  But I decided to be nice and not reveal it.  Trust I know it and a whole lot more.  Let's hope he learns to keep his hands off of those not interested in experiencing his touch.  Though I don't think he was coming on to either Karen or Renee, it's fresh.  Playing, instigating and/or flat out drunk is no excuse for disrespecting personal space.  Here's his picture:

The alleged groper of Mob Wives season 1
Don't ever write that I don't do nothing nice for The Mob Wives viewers.  Well at least Carla dates nice looking guys.  Is that her hair in the photo?

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Jnettemariee said...

Not my type, babyfaced men are not my thing. And after doing my own snooping he's even less appealing. Hope Carla is careful with this guy and not have him around her kids.

Mob Mistress said...

He is not my type either. However, I think he's a good looking guy. Now his record and the word in the neighborhood who he is, a WHOLE DIFFERENT BALL GAME.

To Various Commenters: We know his name. However I made an executive decision not to post his name. You can keep on typing his 1st & last name, until you are blue in the face. We will continue to delete it.

Anonymous said...

They only thing I am surprised about is that he is a former inmate too. Gee whiz come on Carla. Break the cycle!

For the record, I also believe Renee and Karen. Carla does deserve better. By the way her ex-husband is a handsome man before prison and after. (+:


Anonymous said...

now i can see what renee's real problem is.....she is so jealous!! carla gets these hot men and she couldn't catch a fly!!!!

Mob Mistress said...

Why would Renee be jealous? I personally thing Hector aka Junior is attractive. Her mystery man is equally attractive.

Renee is attractive. There is no reason for her to be jealous of any of the ladies of Mob Wives.

Anonymous said...

shes attractive with how much plastic surgery??

Mob Mistress said...


You all kill me with giggles. I have to thank you. Renee is attractive. I've seen older photos of her.

She wanted her nose done. Okay. I thought she was attractive before the nose job. Joan Rivers isn't attractive in my opinion before or after plastic surgery.

So the fact Renee Graziano decided to have some work done on herself doesn't alter my opinion that she is an attractive woman.

I still see no reason for her to be jealous of any of the other ladies.

reneegraziano said...

i just had e comment on this post 4 the simple reason that my x husband or and man i date is very good looking matter of fact gorgeous!!!! jealous is something i'll never b i dnt have 2 and as far as being jealous over derick i wldnt date him dead i knw him and i was taught at a young age if u lay down w dogs u wake up w flees... oh let me address the plastic surgery comment i have only had my nose done alittle botox and thats it so if u dnt knw wht ur talking about ur etter off not commenting....