Friday, July 8, 2011

I Married A Mobster: Episode 1 Sneak Peak- Cheryl Caruso

Cheryl Caruso sharing her story on the Mobfessional couch.
Discovery ID has saw fit to throw out a little bait.  We at The Mob Wives Blogspot are always willing to nibble on anything mob related.  As we've written before I Married A Mobster premieres next Wednesday, July 13.

The first mob wife up to bat is Cheryl Caruso.  She's a blond beauty today.  So I imagine she was a beauty yesteryear.  She appears until this very day well maintained.  We'll have to watch to find out if she's self-maintained or is Philly still chipping in for the lashes and manicures.  Within seconds, we learned Phil "Philly" Caruso is arrested on drug related charges & cloning of sell phones.  Cheryl shares she didn't know what was going on.  All she knows is her husband is wearing orange & she has two girls to take care of.  I don't mean to be mean.  But am I suppose to be a babbo?  When will a mob wife or side dish just step up to the plate and say, "I knew."  I get dating someone for several months and not knowing.  I do not understand marrying, living with, wearing furs, and making babies not knowing.  Before someone says, "You don't understand Mob Mistress."  Trust I very much understand.  Whether or not I fall for the, "I didn't know", I will be tuning in every Wednesday faithfully to watch various women reveal their stories of mob love & heartbreak.  Here's the video:

What was your take on Cheryl's claim to not knowing?  Did she know?  Or did she know without the details of her husband's printing business?  Excuse my language, I am a retired sailor.  Why have I seen the ugliest f*#$ing couch on Mob Wives and now I Married A Mobster insulted my eyes with a burgundy version?

Video credit: Discovery ID

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Chiara Soprano said...

It's very hard to believe she knew nothing, not even have a gut feeling something wasn't right. I mean it took till the last day of the trial for her to make a move? But that's her story and she is sticking to it.


I love your comments ladies & I still swear one of you must be one of us..You have way TOO much insider information!

Chiara Soprano said...

Welcome Veritas! I appreciate your comments. I can assure you we are not one of you, but after all the reading and watching and writing about mob wives, I personally feel like I fell into the "mob" LOL

jnettemarie said...

Pah-LEEZE, she didn't know? Of course she knew! And most women are involved on some level in thier husbands hustling ways. It's just that back in the day they didn't go after the wives like they do now. This women and Carla should work out together.