Friday, July 15, 2011

I Married A Mobster: Cheryl Caruso 'Wised Up' Interview

Cheryl Caruso, today
Interviewing can sometimes be quite interesting.  Sometimes the interviewer has a preconceived notion of who they are about to interview.  Sometimes they have no clue.  After I watched the premiere episode of 'I Married A Mobster', I think I had a good grasp of who I thought Cheryl Caruso was as a woman.  I was pleased when I was right on the money.

How are you doing today Cheryl?
I am good Mob Mistress.  It's crazy around here.  There is so much excitement and commotion going on.

Okay, well let's get started.  What was it about Phil that drew you in?
He was such a romantic.  He wrote me such beautiful love letters.  Phil wined and dined me.  I can hear the smile within her voice. Whenever, he would come to pick me up he'd be playing Michael Jackson's I'll Be There.

Cheryl Herrmann during elementary school
Oh my God that is too cute!  How didn't you know Cheryl?
I was young and naive.  I understand many people will continue to think, 'She had to know!'  The reality is I did not know.  I was spellbound.  I was mesmerized.  I came from a single parent household.  My mother worked hard.  We lived from paycheck to paycheck.  I wasn't raised in the lifestyle.  None of my friends were in the lifestyle.  How was I to know?  We dated for 3 months.  He proposed and I was caught up in planning a wedding for the next 9 months.  We get married.  Then I am pregnant for eight months and a newlywed.  Our marriage was wonderful.  I was happy.  We had a baby then two.  The bills were paid.  He got up every weekday morning and went to work in a suit.  I visited his printing company.  I thought he was a businessman.  He never gave me a reason to doubt him.

Are you telling me you absolutely did not know?
I did not know.  Phil told me nothing.  I grew up in Long Island, not Staten Island.  Phil said he would take care of everything.  He did until the bottom fell out.  I loved Phil with all my heart.  I trusted him.

Fair enough, you know I dated someone connected.  I did not know.
Really?! So you understand where I am coming from!

I do.  More than I care to share.
It was devastating wasn't it?

Yes, I felt like someone had kicked me in my throat.  Enough about that, where are you today as mother and business woman?
My girls are 18 and 20.  My baby is about to join her older sister at the university.  I am so very proud of both of my daughters.  When I look at them all the devastation and jobs were worth it.

Do you worry about them falling for a wise guy?
No, they are very smart.  They aren't naive as I was once upon a time.  We've talked.  I don't have any fears that they'll fall into the lifestyle.  I want them to reach for their dreams.  All I want for them is to live happy lives.  Maybe they'll marry doctors, lawyers, or businessmen.

Cheryl you do mean legit businessmen right?  We both laugh. 
Yes Mistress!  Whatever, their mates' occupations I want them legitimate & legal!

Ms. Caruso's Talero Tequila
Let's get back to the other part of my question earlier; what business ventures are you currently involved in?
Well I partnered with a spirit company.  Together we've developed Talero tequila it's 100% organic.  It's a luxury tequila.  Do you like tequila?

I wonder who told this woman about my table dancing days in an orange bikini in Cabo San Lucas?  Yes, I am a tequila strumpet.
Well I'll send you a bottle!  You'll love it.  I promise.  It has notes of white pepper and citrus.  It's very velvetly with a light taste of spice.  The finish is smooth.

My mouth waters.  I silently pray she sends me two bottles.  Thank you, thank you Cheryl!  I would enjoy that very much.  I know they are rushing you.  Let me ask you one last question.  Why do I Married A Mobster?
Dan Pearson one of the executive producers happens to be a good friend of mine.  We've known one another for years.  He knows my life.  He witnessed me from my naive days to my finding out the truth to who I am today.  He told me that I had an opportunity to tell my journey.  At first I was a bit hestitant, but I feel my sharing my story is finally closing that chapter in my life.  It's addressing all those who assume I did know.  My story is an example to women whatever situation you may find yourself in, we have the strength to get out of it.  They have the power to get out of a bad situation.  Phil was very good to me.  However, keeping me in the dark was ultimately devastating.  I've moved on.  My children are happy and healthy.  I am healthy and happy.  It wasn't an easy road for me to get to happy.  But I did.  I want people to know it's not an all glitz & glamour lifestyle.  It's very destructive.

Thank you so very much Cheryl for your time!  You know when your episode ended. I was like, "Is that it?"  I wanted to watch more of your story.
She laughs. Oh thank you!  I am glad you watched and enjoyed it.  It's quite a story.

Yes it is.  I am glad you made it to the other side.  Bye Cheryl.
Bye Mistress!

Whatever your opinion, at the end of the day Cheryl is adament she didn't know.  Phil "Philly" Caruso confirms he never told her a thing.  I don't know too many marriages which can last without communication on such an important issue.  I wish Cheryl Caruso all the success in the world with Talero Tequila and any other business endeavors.  Discover what Talero Tequila is all about by clicking here.

We hope you tune in with us each Wednesday to watch I Married A Mobster on Investigation Discovery @ 10:30 PM Eastern/Pacific.  For all those who haven't a clue what channel to tune on click here.  Look out for the Drita D'avanzo of Mob Wives interview with Chiara soon.  Oh and we have a new blogger on our volunteer staff Harley's Angel, she's feisty & jaded.  She'll fit right in.

Off topic:  My son just said, "Mother, I love you.  You are a shooting star to me."  I am sitting here with tears running down my face.  Lawd hammercy this kid is going to get every nickel & dime out of me.

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Harleys Angel said...

Good Interview Mistress! She seems very very smart and resourceful.

Anonymous said...

MM I love this site. I really enjoy all the bloggers, information and interviews. I even watched the movie A Prophet thanks to this site. I did watch Married a Mobster. It's good, again due to this site.

Anonymous said...

Great interview!! I enjoyed the show, but just wish it was longer.

Mob Mistress said...

Thank you to both the Anonymous commenters. Cheryl was extremely easy to interview.

We are glad you enjoy the site. I wish the show was longer. I have looked into several of the women. They have the potential to carry a series and/or movie.

Harleys Angel said...

I agree too that the show should be an hour long. 30 minutes isn't enough to give an accurate portiat of thier story. This genre would make a great documentry with many wives from all back grounds. Even different Citys and different cultures. Italian, Russian, Korean, Pegans, Hells angels...

The Underboss said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
The Underboss said...

It would be interesting to see it longer and more cultures. But I am not sure if you have ever seen gangland. It discusses the gang culture and there are many similarities between gangs and the mafia. Especially the structure of their organization. It details every gang that has some storied history all over the country.

Mob Mistress said...


Mob Mistress said...

Petite Pkg~

We received your comment. However, we don't get down like that. I am not a fish. So I am not taking your bait. You have an issue with Cheryl, you be a stand up woman and tell her what you need to face to face.

Our site isn't for your personal beef or agenda.

petitepkg said...

Fair Enough ,

Thought you would be interested in knowing the FACTS - when interviewing and presenting this women as an upstanding citizen with a "business venture"
As it effects YOUR business.

Check it all out for yourself.
She was swimming with THOSE "fishes" because she is one of them, not some poor victim.

And Everything I said- I have no problem and have told Cheryl "sherrie" myself.

Not a clear picture of a MOB wife- but not to blame you... she is good at deception. And she fooled you.

Harleys Angel said...

What's up with Petite Pkg? I'm curious, if she has an agenda then I agree she should be gone. But if she has information that can been be verified thru reputable souces then I'd like to hear what she has to say.

I had a hard time believing her and her story didn't really add up. But there's 3 sides to every story, His, Hers, and the Truth. So if she isn't the innocent she professed to be on ID then she should be exposed.

The Underboss said...

Why does she need to be exposed? It is a person's opinion. I am sure you can find a laundry list of things that these women have done. I find it funny when people end up of tv they become targets. I hate the word haters but maybe it is a case people hating. I really do not care that much. She was connected to the mob and she did bad things. Who cares? Well obviously we do and the readers do. There should be line that is not crossed.

Harleys Angel said...


Hey Boss, We all have our little dirties we keep hidden under the bed and I'll be the first to admit my halo hasn't always be the shinnest.

But when you decide to share your story and present it as truth there needs to be some accountability. Why shouldn't she be called out on it if what she said wasn't true? Are you saying its okay to lie? This program is a dramatizaton of facts! The facts don't change and opinions aren't facts.

If you don't want your dirties out for all the world to see, DON'T GO ON TV. And if you do, be prepared to back up your story.

This women didn't "end up on tv" thru no faught of her own. She choose to do a documentry style program about her life in the mob.

I don't know if she lied or not at this point. But if one women on this program is allowed to get away with lying than why should I believe any other women in this series. Why would ID run a show based real stories if there's no truth to it?

Mob Mistress said...


You really are out of the loop on this one. The comment has nothing to do with the show.

Discovery ID goes through great lengths to verify the women's stories.

Harleys Angel said...

Mistress, You're right I am confused. My response was to the validity of Cheryl's story. I watch the show and her's is the only one that just didn't ring true to me.

Underboss asked why she needs to be exposed if it's just some other persons opinion. I can agree with that everybody's got one. But if Cheryl didn't present the truth and Petit has verifiable info then I'd like to hear it. If Petit just talking trash than Cheryl has nothing to hide or worry about.

Veritas Cosmetics said...

We all need to remember that as women firstly we should support each other not air our jealous personal grievances aired on this site. I found this site to be well written,articulate & factual not a bitchfest & as far as I'm concerned ir you have a problem with someone you take it to them & not too a public forum!! now shoo fly shoo theirs real women having real talk on this page.Women that dont hide behind anonymous..Now what?

Harleys Angel said...

You say it Women, Loud and Proud!

Thanks Verita for reeling me back in, and being the voice of reason.

Mistress, As always I trust your good judgement and I'm gonna take the episode at face value.

Petit, I appreciate your wanting to expose Cheryl if she is in fact one...I don't know. But this is not the place to do it. What ever your issue is with her do what you need but remember Karma will bite-cha in the ass.

Now off to Happy Hour...Cheers ladies and Gents I'll toast all you fine people with a dirty martini, and 2 olives.

Veritas Cosmetics said...

I'm going to share with you a little known fact which will air in my episode anyone of the women on any of these shows can be faced with child services,not only while they are with "mobsters" but years later, in my own case it was my step children that they threatened to take 20yrs later!You need to recognize that when you lay down with a man that has ties to the mob you become part od his world & I give credit to Cheryl Caruso for protecting her children (which are not children), get it straight they are 18 & 20yrs old. so now petite package,now that you are faced with the adults Cheryl has raised & the readers now know we rent talking about babies here.Now I wonder what your axe to grind is? Sounds to me like yet anothe disgruntled baby momma for Philly. Just as I,Andrea,Cheryl & Mrs.Fama were forced to accept the consequences of our choices so are you!

Harleys Angel said...

I don’t know what you mean by disgruntled baby mama or how kids were even brought into this. And “we parent rent talking about babies here”? What is rent. I’ve never hidden behind anonymity. I am not far removed from your own world. My father was not in the mob; he was a high ranking member in another club in Philly as well as my Uncles and rubbed elbow with the guys in S. Philly. My childhood was at times violent, and chaotic. Children and Youth paid visits more than once. We weren’t abused, but my father raised us in his world. At 19 I was married by 24 I had 3 kids, they are 18 and 21 and 24. I lived what I knew until I knew better. When I was 30 I got divorced and worked my ass off to give my girls a different life as dad sunk deeper in addiction when not locked up. It’s insulting to assume you know anything about me or imply I don’t know what I’m talking about.
I started watching Mob Wives because I thought the women would be more relatable to my own situation. It didn’t but I loved the show. ID’s program gives a truer perspective and it’s encouraging to me to hear your stories. I may not be on TV or gotten as far as some of you but I own my story. I have nothing to hide. There is a difference between being a victim and playing the victim card. I have to live with the consequences of my choices every day, but I do it honestly. And if you’re a fraud or I have reason to question what you’re telling me. I’m gonna call you out on it. I don’t know this woman, but I do know her type. If I’m wrong, I’m sorry. But if I’m right, shame on her. It will someday bite her in the ass.

Mob Mistress said...


V's comment wasn't directed towards you.

Harleys Angel said...

Mistress, I knew it was directed at me. Did I take her the wrong way? I hope she has a better understanding who I am from my post. She is right, we need to be supportive and not tear each other down.

LOL, finely figured out "rent" aren't. OHHHH I get it, this trick Petit brought of child services further up. OK, makes more sense. I don't know either but it seems you guys do them on some level.

I've had people think they know me and my family my whole like because they knew of my family. This was the reverse and I hope Verita sees that I'm in the circle looking out, not in.

Mob Mistress said...

The comment was NOT directed towards you. It was directed towards Petite Pkg.

I have been talking to the individuals it concerns because there is more than one comment involved.


Harleys Angel said...

Oh, silly senstitive me. I'm going to go quietly and find something new to post about rh.

My apologizes Verita, carry on...I saw my name and jumped on the defense like a crazy lady. I'm working on my issues and with any luck the zoloft will kick in soon. Carry on...

Love Majewski not just an urban legend said...

Dear Harley the name is actually "Veritas" it is the Latin term for truth.No need to apologize you are just as entitled to an opinion as anyone else,whether I like it or not I will take it into consideration,I'm not always right myself & mistresses writings have taught me to observe people from a different p.o.v.& sometimes it'll help you understand the other side of the argument.
Now that I cleared that up,my rent was meant to be aren't Im just a lousy typist! My point was this women is expressing deep concern for these children/kids/babies & what readers do not know is that they are 18 & 20!!
What mistresses pointto you & to me was that we need to act not react! the author was dogging Cheryl & using your site as a schoolyard to be a bully.I love Cheryl & her kid (only met one so far) so I ran in swinging without thinking.
When I spoke to Cheryl she laughed & laughed ,knew exactly who it was & was only concerned about personal info like her hometown,kids names or whereabouts being given out.She had no interest in even hearing what was written & was grateful that I always protect her but told me not to get myself so mad about it the jealousy is obvious as the nose on my face.
Having worked with Cheryl I will tell you 2 things:

#1 She is way better looking in person (id wanted us to look like we had been thru a hard time,so pics werent edited lighting wasnt optimum )& they kept Cheryl seated because had she stood you wouldn't believe how awesome her body is!
#2 She really is that sweet & soft spoken & kind,She is not a street girl & She doesnt have a nasty word to say for anyone..ever.

Oh & one more thing she has SOLE custody of the now adult children,you ladies go thru great lengths to air the truth & if someone comes in here lying it cheapens the experience.

Thank you ~L

Harleys Angel said...

Thanks Veritas for getting back to me. I don’t know Cheryl except for what I saw in 30 minutes on TV. I do feel bad for being so judgmental about someone I only saw for 30 minutes on TV. But as a viewer I can only comment on what’s shown to me.

We are all beautiful women but more than that we are survivors. Whatever agenda Petite had this is not the place for it. I wish Cheryl all the best and hope she finds this post. From what you say she sounds like a good person.

Just like Sands through the Hour Glass…These are the days of our lives
Hugs, Harley

Love Majewski not just an urban legend said...

I like that ending & you're right this is no place for it but now back to the Mobwives the original reason we are all here!Jimmy Falon just had viola Davis on & she said how much she loves the mob wives & Drita is her favorite she cant wait for season 2 & she imitates Drita it was great!