Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mob Wives: Mob Wives vs. I Married A Mobster

Women associated with the mob on television was strictly taboo not too long ago. Now we have two series running back to back on the air: VH1’s Mob Wives and Investigation Discovery’s I Married A Mobster. What is the difference between these two shows?

After watching two episodes of I Married A Mobster, and all ten episodes of Mob Wives, I am prepared to give my answer to that question. The only thing the shows have in common are that the women have some connection or ties to the mob, otherwise, the format and genre is totally different.

One is a reality based show, the other more of a documentary. In Mob Wives the cameras follow the women’s daily lives and record any drama that is going on at the time. They really never speak of anything related to the mob, name names or divulge crimes. They are concerned with living their lives today, under the stigma of being associated/related to mobsters and coping as single mothers while their husbands and fathers are doing time. It’s really very similar to the Real Housewives reality shows, but much more action packed. The arguments on the Real Housewives never rises to the level that it does in Mob Wives. They have petty arguments that they tend to beat like a dead horse and never get over. I don’t have the patience to watch any of the Real Housewives regularly, to be honest. I may catch a show here and there, but get turned off at their childish, spiteful behavior. In Mob Wives the arguments are much more intense and can get very physical. No one walks off in an insulted “huff.” You never know what is going to be said or what will happen next, but you do know they are not going to divulge any insider mob information.

I Married A Mobsteris a whole different show. They invite mob wives and mistresses to speak in great detail about their mobsters and lifestyles. The women speak freely and candidly about all the mob crimes they are aware of: things they have witnessed and heard, crimes they themselves have had a hand in, details they have been told by mob members. Nothing is off limits. It’s shocking really, considering the code of silence that has been a long tradition of the mafia. In addition, the show provides four reenactments of specific events being discussed by each of the women in each episode. Pictures and documents are provided to further give credibility to the stories we are watching. It doesn’t hurt that Lorraine Bracco narrates parts of the story either. Her well known, unique voice brings back images of her character, Dr. Jennifer Melfi, from The Sopranos…always the voice of reason. Unlike the Mob Wives, we do not get much of a glimpse into what the women are doing today, it’s their past that is focused on. And, we don’t get too invested in any one woman because we only get to see each one for one 30 minute episode. We can appreciate their stories for what they are and then move on to the next woman.

Trying to compare the two shows is like comparing apples to oranges really. They are both different, but they are enjoyable and entertaining each in their own way. And one thing is for sure, we are getting a great education in the mafia by those who know!

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Mob Mistress said...

Mob Wives really grabbed my interest. The four women if nothing else are entertaining w/ drama & humor.

I Married A Mobster is informative entertainment. You get a glimpse of the lives the women lived once upon a time. And what afforded them the luxuries & what the lifestyle cost them in the end.

They're definitely not competing against one another for an audience. As the Mob Wives season came to an end, I Married A Mobster season began.

I enjoy both show for different reasons. I do think the IMAM's production team and Discovery ID made a mistake going with 30 minutes episodes. 23-25 minutes of these ladies lives doesn't even began to scratch the surface of what they lived through.

Chiara Soprano said...

I agree, the less than 30 minutes devoted to each one is barely enough to introduce them. Andrea Giovino and Linda Schiro are two that I have researched and they could fill up books with their stories. Maybe if the series is successful and renewed, they can rework the show and bring back those with much more to tell.

Jennifer Dailing Waite said...

I love Discovery ID. As opposed to true crime journalism like Forensic Files, they've taken it to a whole new level. They really delve into the psychology of crime, and they do it in really creative ways.

Lorraine Bracco's narration is also relevant because she played Mrs. Henry Hill in Goodfellas.

Harleys Angel said...

I love both shows and Lorraine Bracco is great. Whenever I hear her voice I think of Good Fellas even when she played Tony's psychiatrist. I am missing my girls thou on VH1, even Cruella.


I agree with all of you ladies 30 mins is not long enough so they have to cram alot of things together to make it all fit & There really is no comparison between the two shoes it really is apples to oranges.I feel like we're just keeping the wives audience warm for them & I think it was a great placement that both shows are airing at seperate times.


I said shoes instead of shows!! a lil spell correction couldn't hurt or offend. embarassed