Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mob Wives: The Twitter Drama Never-ends

One of the Mob Wives biggest fans is a woman I affectionately refer to as "The Rose Mother".  She took issue with Carla's Sunday night attack on Renee Graziano.  She had one rose for Mrs. Hot Coochie.

B. had this to say, "I love Mob Wives.  Attacking someone when they're down & dealing with a disease is disgusting.  Carla had no regard for what Renee & Big Ang are going through.  What insensitive person attacks a person calling them a junkie at the table of a mother whose son is in rehab?"   As you can read B. a devoted Renee Graziano fan was not a happy camper.

I am just a viewer who chooses to share my take on a blog. You like it.  You don't.  I'm great with my take on things.  I've been salivating for season 3 of Mob Wives.  Truthfully with the exception Pia Rizza & Leah DeSimone & occasionally cray cray Nora, Mob Wives Chicago made me miss Mob Wives even more.  I couldn't wait to see the original crew once more minus Drita D'avanzo.  Some seem to have the inability to understand it's not her bravado that irks me.  It's that it reads totally inauthentic to me.  If you love Drita and would like to use her freshly removed tampon to stir your hot chocolate, I'm happy for you.  We'll just have to disagree.

I didn't miss Big Ang either.  However, that's because we were treated to the entertaining Big Ang Show.  Big Ang, Janine, Anthony, Frank and her cray cray friends were fun to watch.  They were like Jersey Shore with one foot into the old folks home.  My favorite of the show was Janine Detore.  She had plenty of sense, organized and looked out for her over the top older sister.  Janine was the grounding force of the Big Ang Show.  She has since caused me to reevaluate my assessment of her. Janine's irrational Twitter attack on Chiara threatening her with a beating & asking if she had a death wish over the following sentence:

"By the way, I wonder what Big Ang thinks of her new best friend’s thoughts that addiction is not a disease, since her own son, AJ, is in rehab?" ~ Chiara

.... was a tad too much, no?

*scratching head*

I get Mrs. Detore loves her sister Big Ang, nephew A.J. and her entire family.  Yet, last time I tuned into VH1's Mob Wives & Big Ang Show his drug related arrest & sentence to rehab was INCLUDED in the episodes.  It wasn't a secret.  It was also reported in several news papers.  Big Ang also discussed it during interviews.  Big Ang & A.J. are too sane adults who decided to appear on a national television show.  By the way, I don't hate anyone.  I may not like the character I view on the small screen.  Frankly beyond watching the show & blogging about it, I DON'T GIVE A F*CK.  Chiara would've been well in her right to report Janine's behavior.  Yet, we laughed and laughed and laughed.  We're still laughing weeks later.  What the f*ck is so offensive about what Chiara wrote?  Janine's over the top reaction made absolutely no sense.  It still makes no sense.  I'll have to chalk it up to a major lack of reading comprehension or a strong bond with Carla Facciolo.  By the way, if you think I'm leaving something out you can read Chiara's original post here.

*still scratching head*

Blog Flash: I created this site.  It is my business.

*takes deep breath and laughs*

I imagine Fashionista's tweet placed an exclamation mark on our Twangster experience:

Moving along to the scene that had many Mob Wives' fans boiling as if a pot of sauce.  Carla "Hot Coochie" Facciolo kicking Renee Graziano when she was clearly down.  From the opening scene, most of us knew JustJenn Productions & VH1 had heard the viewers loud and clearly, "We are tired of the Hurricane Karita!" We witnessed the Karen Gravano vs. Drita D'avanzo for two seasons.  Many of us were ready for the production Gods to move the f*ck on already with that storyline.  They did.  Many of us thank them.  A few of us were still hoping to see a Pay-per-view event with the respective parties in their corners.  Yes, I know I need to get over it.

At the top of the episode 1, we learned Drita once ran a dirty beach.  How the f*ck do you run a beach?  More importantly how old was she, 15?  And Carla had her sights set on outing Renee's drug addiction.  Renee isn't the only one having prescriptions filled.  I will digress for now.

Many of us have to own the over the top drama of Mob Wives is entertaining including the feuding.  Some of us would not tune in if it were drama free.  So naturally the next move would be a fresh new Mob Wives' war.  We have it with Renee & Carla.  I agree with a commenter. If Renee Graziano can call Carla Facciolo a whore, surely Hot Coochie can call her a junkie in return.  Yet, allegedly f*cking married man after married man isn't an disease that I know of.  You know what?   Let me google 'Hubby Fuckeritis'.  Yep, I was right.  It's not a known disease.  I think attacking anyone over an illness or disease is extra low.  I get Carla may be accustomed to getting low.  They say it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks.  For some I think it should be, "Old bitch taking applications for new dicks tricks."  I have to share the former filler mob wife believes she's given Renee Graziano a storyline:

Type about delusions of grandeur.  I'd like to thank Jennifer Graziano and her production team for a fabulous premiere episode.  I truly enjoyed it.  Tune in every Sunday @ 8PM to catch one of the best reality shows on VH1.  You can follow "The Rose Mother" on Twitter by clicking here.

Picture credit: Speaking Roses & Twitter


Chiara Soprano said...

Well I just read this and you sure captured all the drama in a nutshell and served it up on a silver platter! As always, love your writing style!

Anonymous said...

to me carla was not attacking all drug addicts. she was stating that the reason renee always has issues with her is because of her problem. to be honest when i first heard months ago about renee going to rehab i felt bad for her until i read that the cameras would be filming her. IMO, i don't think anyone who truly wants help would want to be filmed during that process. i think that the ladies don't really have any story lines going on and they are using whatever they can!

katiek said...

We have come to expect not only the weekly drama, but for ,"yous", to dissect it all for us less then literate S.O.B.'s as well! I was and am still a huge Carla fan (yeah, and what?!?), BUT her use of that ,"J", word, well it was under the belt...BIG DISAPPOINT MAMMA! I should think that she will re-evaluate her choice of words when publicly outing a person about a disease, something Renee SURELY DIDN'T CHOOSE FOR HERSELF in the future...I sure hope so! I am so sorry that there was a Twangster attack (LOVE that wrd) about the whole episode/blog fiasco...hell, I doubt that Ms.DeTore read the dialogue fully, something I always seem to do on Twitter...don't feel too offended, bloggers take a ton of flack, and y'all(yous, I should say), always do a fine, arbitrative job, IMHO...I love this blog, I love the show, and I will close with that! Glad to hear Renee went for help about the pill situation...I had something very similar happen(advanced breast cancer, subsequent addiction to painkillers), and I feel for her tremendously...when some Dr is handing you something that takes away severe pain, mental, AND physical in both mine, and Renees case due to the incarnation of her beloved father, after less then a year of freedom, PLUS Jr's betrayal, I mean, WTF? some $hit is too much mentally, and if a pill makes it all go away, then we take it...I happen to be,"Team Everyone"! Don't care much for Ramona, but its all good, she didn't do something to me personally, so I will keep an open mind! LOVE ur blog once again!


Anonymous said...

Holy shit! WTF is up with Ang's sister? Taste of notoriety has someone bugging! And if Ang cares at all about fan perception, she would put that dog on a leash.If it weren't for blogs like this or the fans, Ang would have nothing to be on tv for. Having family act that way is absurd and unnecessary and frankly, Im pissed that someone threatened Chiara like that. I and many others asked the same damn question! Carla runs her mouth like that and they still hang with her? WTF is wrong with people? To me that is the same as her calling Ang's Son that.

Chiara Soprano said...

Great comments. Thanks for reading and supporting the blog. As you can see, my comment was not disrespectful or made with bad intentions.

Anonymous said...

I have to respond regarding Carla attacking Renee. Carla, by her own admission, had a boyfriend while she was married to Joe and he was incarcerated. If you'll cheat on your own husband, you will likely cheat with someone else's husband.

The only thing Carla has going for her is physical fitness. Is she educated? Does she have a career? Her conversations always revolve around men/who she is screwing and name calling. The bitch should pray that Mob Wives airs in 3D just once so she can add 2 more dimensions to her credits.

I wouldn't allow Carla around anything of mine with a penis because she is too hot below the equator. I don't know anyone who has reason to be jealous of her. She is a ball of overconfidence. But Carla's wakeup call is soon to come.

As for Carla calling Renee a junkie, that was uncalled for. If Renee is addicted to prescription pills, anyone with partial vision in one eye can see why. Strained relationship with her father, paired with a cheating, lying, stool pigeon of an ex husband. Add to that an elective surgical procedure that almost cost Renee her life. Not to mention that Renee's son has NO respect for her and all the respect in the world for Junior. Renee's son, father and ex break her heart daily, and when you add physical pain and suffering, I can see why she leaned on prescriptions to escape her pain. That's not something to trivialize.

What is Carla's excuse for being an infidel and a homewrecker? She is going to drag that wrong woman one day, and she'll end up in a ditch, waiting to be identified. You cannot screw with other people's lives and families the way Carla does and expect to prosper. My 2 cents.

Chiara Soprano said...

The last anon, that was a very well written analysis of the situation. I wish i had thought of some of that myself! Great comment.

Anonymous said...

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't Carla say she worked at some kind of "juice company"? We know Renee has jail mail/mob candy, Karen has her spa and books, etc.

As for Janine, WTF was that shit about??? Did she interpret it wrong or confused it with something else?

Mob Mistress said...


I believe she was a MonaVie Representative.

Anonymous said...

OMG! Called Renee out on her drug abuse. Don't get mad at Carla cuz Renee is "high" It is not Carlas fault. She newer said anything about Angelas son! Quit cottleling Renee! She needed help! I callec my Sis out the same way ! She got help. That is the main thing! So her feelings got hurt along the way, SHE IS ALIVE & THAT MY DEARS IS ALL THAT MATTERS!